Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mixing up my wizards.

First dream, Reece texts me and is like "I'm sick and unhappy", so I decide to buy tickets to take a plane to TX, visit for a few hours and then come back in time for work. I have enough graduation money left to do this. I buy the tickets, get on the plane and it takes me about 5 minutes to get there. I'm surprised by how short the plane trip was, so I determine that I must have fallen asleep.
Now I'm at DFW. Reece doesn't know that I'm in Texas, and I want to surprise him. So I ask a nearby person with a laptop how far it is to his house. The guy uses Google Maps, I look at the distance and decide that it's not too far to walk. I'm unable to print the directions out, though, so I get horribly lost. I end up at a bus stop, talking to the people there, trying to find directions. One of them suggests I just get a taxi, I decide that that's the best idea because I have to be at work in 4 hours and if I want to see Reece at all before I have to get on the plane home I can't waste my time walking. I ask anyone if they have the number for the taxi service, no one does. One guy tells me to press #4 to call the information line. I try to, but my phone is out of battery and can't handle calls. I decide to suck it up and text Reece and try to get a ride. I send him a "Guess where I am!"
Then I wake up, thinking "I'm at home in my bed because of course taking a day trip to Texas makes no sense and I was dreaming."

Next dream, Harry Potter has died and is running around as a ghost. He visits the Dursley's, but only Petunia can see him. He talks to her about Godric's Hollow. She says she's never visited Godric's Hollow because she's worried her sister's ghost will appear around there and bother her. She waves at Harry and says "Of course it doesn't matter, because you've shown up at my house. If she'd left a ghost she would have visited a long time ago." Harry leaves and goes to his parents' old house, sees the memorial that's there but does not see any other ghosts. He is disappointed.