Saturday, October 31, 2009

Zombie fun was planned for today, but rain ruins everything.

Madeline and I were at the mall food court, except it was really nice, like hard-wood floors and walls and candlelight, but it had the same crappy food. I wanted some cheap Chinese food, so I went to grab some from the same place Madeline had gotten hers. I ordered a cup of orange chicken, but the guy said they were out of orange chicken. They actually had no more Chinese food, and only had steak. Steak with feta cheese and tomatoes on it. But dammit, I wanted Chinese food. Madeline pointed out that there were 2 other cheap Chinese places in this mall, but I was already seated. Besides, we didn't have time, we had to go to a party.
There was some kind of festivities at St. Peter's. But then zombies attacked. So we escaped to someone's house. I ran into a closet to put on my zombie costume so I could pretend I was a zombie so they wouldn't bother me, but the closet I ran into had glass doors so everyone could see me changing anyway. I put on my costume and went outside. Mary Marguerite got a picture of me acting like a zombie.

Friday, October 30, 2009

SATs? Really?

I was walking down the path from Seaco to the mailroom with Meredith and some guys that I didn't recognize but were part of some sports team. One of the guys tripped on the stairs, fell down onto the sidewalk and broke his face. Like his jaw split in half. There were vicious seagulls around that would attack anyone with an open wound, so that guy was descended upon immediately. I had a small cut on my chest, though, so I was attacked by a seagull too.

Next dream I was at my house playing piano. My father came home and asked me about some schoolwork thing. My SAT scores were brought up for some reason, and he was like "You can do anything you put your mind to, why were yours lower than your sister's?!" and got all mad. "I should take that nice laptop I bought you away from you!" I replied "Ugh, Dad, sometime I just want to - ". The parents thought I was threatening them and got even more angry. Mom said "Don't you threaten your father!" I wasn't threatening them. I explained that I was going to say something about breaking my cheap laptop in half just to spite them. My laptop is not cheap, btw, the laptop in the dream was a small black thing that looked like a plastic toy. The parents locked me in my room and left the house.
Meanwhile, Madeline was having a party downstairs. I could hear them in the kitchen, the only guest I can remember is Greg, but you know, the whole crowd was there. After a bit Madeline came upstairs and unlocked my door, and graciously offered to drive me somewhere. I declined, as I had just gotten a call from Mrs. Dale asking if I was available to babysit.
So I went over there, but there were like 20 kids. I had Meredith come to pick me up in that car that she has, because she totally has her license, and we went to a park. We left the kids on the playground and went exploring in the woods and along a small creek. After a bit of that we came across a small theater and went in. The inside looked kind of like the lobby of the Dorsey Medical Center combined with Dodd Auditorium. We found that the show playing was the Rocky Horror Picture Show. We took seats in the front row, next to my lab partners from first semester biology last fall. I complained about these seating arrangements for a while, Meredith argued with me, then I told her I'd been attacked by a seagull, then I woke up.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

German literature.

We don't have a real German class today, we're going to be given an in-class assignment and we're allowed to use our texts and our dictionaries.
We were sitting in the classroom, waiting for our assignment. Well, I was waiting, everyone else seemed to be working on something. I asked what they were working on, and the one dude in the class showed me a sheet that he'd apparently given them that described a paper that was to be turned in today. I hurriedly started writing it down on notebook paper, hoping that would be alright. I manage to finish 2 pages before he's arrived to give us our in-class assignment. He comes in, collects our papers, but doesn't give us the assignment. He just remarks on how big my dictionary is and leaves. We wait another 20 minutes or so, we're all talking and complaining about this and the class in general, when Reece comes in to give us our assignment, which is a crossword puzzle about Metamorphosis.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fun electives or electives that might be useful?

I was at the computer at home, looking at classes, having the same discussion with Adrienne and Stephanie about next semester's classes. Adrienne was taking more German and doing quite well in it. At some point our location changed from the computer room to a submarine, but I don't remember when. Stephanie kept saying I should take useful classes, Adrienne said I should do whatever I want. I of course kept insisting that I could afford to take meaningless electives next semester. Adrienne pointed out that I need to make the decision by tomorrow (today) at 3:15. Dream me started panicking. Then Erin made some loud noises and I woke up.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


There was a party on an airplane. Well, the inside was a hotel-like place, more like a B&B as far as the style, but huge. The outside was an airplane. The party was the "Playground Prom". I was upset because it seemed Lord Blace was taking Blackfox to the prom and not me. So I retaliated by dancing with everyone except him. And drawing avatars of me dancing with everyone except him. Reece was very apologetic when he saw these, so I forgave him. We went upstairs to make out, but my sister, my mother, and some other playgrounder I don't remember, kept coming upstairs and calling for me. And then I had to go to the bathroom, and then the party moved into Reece's room and we had to hide, and THEN the plane landed bumpily and beds and food were sliding around and a bunch of people got injured, so basically no making out with Reece.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

White floor and sea-green walls. Like the color scheme of Mom and Dad's mac.

Ok, so we were making a movie of a book, but we were having lots of problems with equipment, and whenever I was done animating something happened that would delete at least some of my progress. This was very frustrating. After many mysterious clues, included a cardboard sign with the word "FISH" on it in big letters, and finding a Ken doll on the stairs, we solved the mystery. Turns there was this actor that kept sabotaging our set because he didn't get the lead role. The director, a very small and loud man with squeaking voice and a huge mustache, was shouting about how he wasn't surprised.
We went to the man's house for more evidence. But he lived right above the apartment I lived in. Our apartment was very interesting. All of the walls were a sea green color, and instead of a small cluster of rooms it was a straight line of rooms and hallways that took up one side of the building. The last room was mine, it was a little smaller than the others and had a white carpet, a white lofted bed in the corner and a HUGE computer with a tablet and nice sound equipment. I saw that my cell was on my bed and put it in my pocket and began to work on my animation. A few minutes later I heard loud and angry parents enter the main room shouting about cell phones. I took a look at my phone and noticed it was on "alarm only". I'd missed 3 calls, 2 from each of my parents and one from the Cerwonkas, of all people. As I looked at it I saw a notification on the screen, like the one I'd get if someone had sent me a picture message, except instead of a circle and the word "connecting", it was a picture of a churning ocean and the words "preparing to land." Then I was on a wooden boat with a stereotypical bearded fisherman in a yellow rubber jacket.
Then I woke up.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


The only part I remember was having a tick on my eyesocket. Gah.

OH, and then when that part was over we went to a breakfast party, "we" being Mer and Erin and MK and my mom, and there was cake, and that blueberry thing that TITUS brought on Saturday, and I was like "WHAT SHOULD I HAVE?!" And then we sat around and discussed... something, but there was cake.