Saturday, June 26, 2010

Video game-ish

I was walking Ralph around the neighborhood. I walked him up Century Drive to Centennial Lane without realizing that he didn't even have his leash on him. There was no sidewalk, and Centennial Lane looked like Jefferson Davis Highway, so we were going to have to be super careful. On the corner of Century and Centennial, instead of that large wooden sign with Century on it, there was a really steep grassy hill, with a house on top of it. "Mound" would be a better word than "hill". It was very smooth and round, and the grass on it was very green. Some guy, an old man, came down the hill holding a yellow leash with black and white paw prints on it and offered it to me. I accepted, and he walked with me some of the way, asking me if I was back from school, what my major was, etc. We had to walk single file next to the road, there was no sidewalk and the ground on the other side of the curb was outrageously steep. I was walking faster than he was, and was a few feet ahead of him. He said something about the road we were walking on. I didn't hear him because of the traffic, so I asked him to repeat. He said something like "you young people never listen!" and disappeared. I was concerned because I still had the leash he had lent me.
The hill on the side of the road suddenly turned flat, and the houses were now on level with the street. I turned onto a little road to get off of the highway. There was a blue fence with a hole in it next to the first part of this path, and Ralph went right through the hole in the fence. I followed him into a backyard that looked similar to ours, but the house was very different. Ralph bounded right up the deck and went inside. I was slightly horrified and went after him.
The room we went into looked like the front room of our house, with all of the old lady furniture. There were some ladies in there with other dogs. Ralph greeted the dogs, the women offered me tea. I noticed that all of the other dogs had eyepatches. Ralph had an eyepatch too. He was also limping a little, so I looked at his feet. One of them had a ridiculously huge splinter in it, probably from bounding up the deck, so I removed it.
Then the world sort of reset, like this was a game and someone had turned the console off and on again without saving.
I was back at my house, and decided to walk the dog. Mom went with me this time. The first part of the dream, up to the old man's disappearance, happened again in fast forward, because I knew what I was doing this time. Like it was a game. I listened to what the man said about the road this time, but I can't remember what he said now. But then the road turned into a tube, a tube with an open top like a halfpipe. It was on an incline, and it twisted and turned like a waterslide. Instead of water, it was filled with mud, and it was about as wide as Centennial Lane. We all slid down this thing on our feet, we had to take our shoes off. Ralph was ok, amazingly, but Madeline (who was there now) fell down several times. At the end of the pipe, it turned into a video game. This time I was playing it.
There were train tracks, and I had to line them up correctly, and fit cars together, as they sped by. And if I pressed the wrong combination of buttons the tracks would fall away completely and there would be a horrible crash. All of this was happening in front of me, with real trains, but I was controlling it. Certain cars would win you points and such. Then a little while later, instead of a car I got an L-shaped tetris piece, and was very confused. The track fell away, and then I woke up.

Monday, June 21, 2010

A trippy dream while napping.

I took an afternoon nap from 1:00 to 3:00. I woke up around 2:25 and tried to force myself back awake, but I decided I could sleep the full two hours, because after all, Meredith wouldn't come back til 3 anyway. So I fell back asleep, like a log. I hadn't slept well the night before.
Then I had a funky dream. You can tell, because I'm here.
In my dream, I forced myself up, and walked groggily to the kitchen for something cold and caffeinated to wake me up. In the hallway, I began to fall asleep again, and fell to the floor. I couldn't get myself back up. I tried to move, and found it impossible. I thought it might be some kind of weird seizure.
But then I "woke up" again. Once again, I forced myself up, this time heading over to my computer. I stopped at the desk chair, and had to hold it to keep from falling to the floor again. Then suddenly I was standing next to my bed, looking at the space between my bedside table and my bed, wondering why it didn't look like the floor. It turned sideways, the room sort of melted and I realized I was still lying down on my bed, and the reason the floor hadn't looked like the floor was because I'd actually been awake for a while and was looking at the wall on the opposite side of the room. This revelation caused me to wake up for real, and get myself out of bed.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Not as friendly as Kevin.

First, Meredith had befriended this giant Kevin-like bird. He was frightened of me, and convinced that I would hurt Meredith, so he attacked me every chance he got. Luckily for me he couldn't fly, so I was able to save myself by sitting at the top of a pit while he ran around at the bottom.
I was preparing to go to the party today, but suddenly there was a scheduling conflict, as Meredith was performing in a play at 1:00. So I got excited about that, I'd get to put on a dress and everything, but then I told my mother about that and she was very frustrated, because I would have no way to get to the party. Something was arranged so that Madeline would pick me up when the play was completed, oder was, and I went to see Meredith. But the entire performance was just this one guy sitting on a stool with a guitar. He wasn't playing the guitar or anything, he was just talking to the audience. He started talking to me about my epilepsy. I noticed that he was missing half of his face. I felt incredibly awkward, and overdressed for this occasion.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Art class on my mind.

So, I was on a field trip with Di Bella and my art class. We were going to New Jersey. Or so I was told, we didn't actually go to New Jersey, we went to a theme park, and rode on a roller coaster. Then we went back to the bus. We started driving through this city, we were stopped by slow traffic. I saw Mel outside, and she saw me, and waved frantically to get me to come outside. Luckily the bus stopped shortly, and I walked over to where I saw Mel, outside this spooky old house. Mel was trying to find some people, and some other people were after her, but she didn't know who. We were looking through the house, and we passed a rack of clothing. I started looking through the clothes and found a key in the pocket of a shirt. There was a guy who'd been helping us, but he just laughed and told me the key was poisoned and I was going to die a slow and painful death just by touching it. He opened a door behind him and let in some bad guys. I grabbed Mel and we ran towards the other side of the room we were in. The only other exit was a window. The window had a lock on it that the key probably fit. My steps started faltering before I could get to the window as the poison started working. Then this random dog that had been helping us took the key in its mouth and unlocked the window for us. Then the dog disappeared. Mel was also nowhere to be found.
I jumped out the window, expecting to fall at least a story, but I landed on my feet in a sort of dingy basement room. The rest of my art class was there, at long tables like the ones in Melchers, and they were drawing. I started drawing what had happened to me, and Di Bella came over and told me that it wasn't 3D enough and I could fix it by doing X, Y, and Z.
THEN, Meredith came by and we left together. My parents were going to take us out to dinner at Chipotle. I dragged Meredith to Joann's Crafts so we could apply for jobs. I talked to a few employees until I found the hiring manager and asked her whether they'd seen my previous application. They said they'd be happy to hire me, but they didn't have a position for two people. Meredith said she didn't need a job. She was kind of angry at me for dragging her, because she didn't live here anyway, of course she couldn't work here.

At some point Mer and I got back on the bus with Di Bella, and we ran over Sarah Palin.

Monday, June 14, 2010


So, I was talking to my parents about how I wanted a new phone. My mother had gotten a droid, and she said she'd trade phones with me. They didn't want to pay the Verizon people any fees to transfer my numbers and pictures and such over to Mom's phone, so I had to email all 180 of my pictures and copy all 26 of my contacts manually. What a pain.
Then in the evening was a dance. It was a "big deal" dance, in the way that prom is a "big deal", so Meredith convinced me to go. I used my new phone to take a picture of my dress, which was this heavy red velvet thing that looked like it came from the Society for Creative Anachronism. Because it had. Mer and I both borrowed dresses from the SCA and we didn't have to pay for them. Erin, meanwhile, did not want to go to the dance. She had read about a different activity happening at the same time in Randolph, one that involved babysitting puppies. So she and Matt went to that.
The "dance" took place in the room in Melchers where I'm taking my design principles class. It seemed much more like the Elizabethan feast, as we were all seated, but Mer and I were the only ones dressed appropriately for the Elizabethan feast. And the lights were down, and dance music was playing.
As we were sitting there, we were attacked by vampires. And werewolves. Sadly, Robert Pattinson was there, and a throng of girls ran at him and practically begged him to bite them. There were frightening Dracula-type vampires too. The werewolves were much more typical, but small. Meredith and I just walked out of the room in disgust, mostly unharmed, but I got nipped in the elbow by a wimp of a werewolf. Mer told me to wash out the bite or I'd become a werewolf, so I did. In the bathroom I met Erin Kenderish (she's in my art class) who informed me that the bites from the monsters weren't at all contagious or dangerous, not even the vampire bites.
Upon leaving the bathroom, I found myself not in Melchers, but in the basement of Randolph. I looked around for our Erin, but didn't find her. Outside in the parking lot behind Randolph, I met Sunshine, who said I should check her room. I checked our room in Randolph and our room in Bushnell before I remembered that we live in the apartments now. Erin and Matt were in our apartment, playing with puppies.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I've been sleeping late.

First, I was attending a family dinner. It wasn't my real family, it was a bunch of people who according to dream logic were my family. A few of my uncles were plotting to kill me and my parents and a few other relatives for some monetary reason. So we had to run. There was a chase scene through a train station. We fooled the bad guys into going on a train in the opposite direction of the train we were on, but we abandoned one of my cousins (or half cousin twice removed or something, I kept calling her my cousin and being corrected) at the train station. I was very worried about her. The train we were on looked like the metro. The entire family (which was a huge amount of people) was bunched into 4 seats at the end of the train. Yet there was enough room, it was kind of like Mr. Weasley's car.

Then I woke up, looked at my clock, and found it was only 10:20 AM.

Next dream. My parents weren't willing to drive me back to school, so I had to take a bike. But first I had to pick up a bunch of neighborhood kids and take them to their schools, on my bike. My bike had a sidecar, so it was ok. But the first kid I had to pick up was an hour and a half late. I spent the whole time sitting in front of his house. I considered riding around the neighborhood for a bit, but then I didn't. Finally we left. We passed a lake and a few high schools before I realized I was completely lost and didn't know how to get to this guy's school. Then we met some other dude who offered us a ride in his car. We took it. My bike broke as we put it in the back seat.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Die Toten Hosen and Castle.

The dream started with me sorting through my clothing, and finding that I had 2 Die Toten Hosen t-shirts. I was surprised and a little annoyed, as I had just bought some t-shirts online the day before. I put one on and went downstairs (despite the fact that I was in my room in the apartment, there was a downstairs). I had just met my parents at this fancy place, to prepare for a party-type thing. We were in a garden, and in this garden was a large pool with a fountain in it. It was covered in ants. I had to take a can of Raid and get rid of them all. When I was done, the pool smelled like ant poison and it was disgusting. Without transition I was inside, in a kitchen similar to Erin's in Yorktown, and spraying the kitchen counters. My mother was in the other room, talking to someone I didn't recognize about how I couldn't do anything right. I got really annoyed and punched a hole in the wall. Mom yelled angrily that she of course was joking. I went to play the piano to let off some steam. I found some sheet music for "Hier Kommt Alex" and decided to learn it, since it matched my t-shirt. My sister came in (we were in my living room at home now) and started lecturing me on how to deal with the parents.
There were other bits about the FBI lady from the episode of Castle I watched last night, but I don't remember them.

Monday, June 7, 2010

This probably has something to do with William Street.

So, I was in a lecture class, and I was warned that aliens could possess anyone, and one of my friends might even be possessed. After the lecture I needed to head to Niebuhr's German Civ class. But then I looked in the mirror and found I had grown a mustache and I needed to shave it off before anyone I knew saw it. o_O The buildings were ridiculously far apart in this dream. I had to get on a bus to get to Combs from Monroe. The bus dropped me off at the Fred stop on double drive, which was inconvenient for me since double drive in this dream was an incredibly busy street, and there was no crosswalk. Also, while Combs was only a half-mile walk away, Bushnell was 2 miles from both Combs and the bus stop, and I lived there. I also had to be at class in 3 minutes. I was kind of stressed, and complained about this to some girls on my bus, who turned out to be possessed by aliens and attacked me. While I was fighting them off, a crowd gathered around and laughed at my handlebar mustache.