Wednesday, June 25, 2008


First part, I was in the same classroom that my sociology class was in, the big table was still in the middle but we were sitting at desks places around the table, facing the whiteboard instead of the table. I'm in the very back, center of the table. Ben was there, on the side, and directly across from him on the other side was a girl who decided in the middle of class to start singing show tunes. The professor just allowed this. Ben decided he wanted to sing too, he was singing blues in a gravelly voice, but the professor got angry with him. I remember thinking "Why do I defend this guy, he's such a pain in the neck." just before I stand up and yell at the professor about allowing the girl to sing, but not Ben. This is a sociology class, so she gives a lecture on feminism. Then the dream changes.
My family and I are wandering around the streets of Fredericksburg, looking for some magical drama center (probably has something to do with the search for a magic box for the buffy musical). We're walking through a building, a very narrow old building. We walk around a corner into this really small cramped hallway. Madeline's opening little secret compartments and peering inside them about every 3 feet. We enter one of them and look around. There are people inside sitting in a circle and reading books. They look at us and are like "What?" So we leave and go back to the hallway. Madeline stops looking through secret compartments, so I start doing so. Opening the doors is surprisingly difficult, so they slow me down and the rest of my family gets ahead of me. They reach the end of the hallway and turn right. I eventually reach the end, look to my right and see a short staircase, with a door on top and 3 really dusty smaller doors, similar to the secret doors, but now we're in full light so they're not really secret. I start opening them anyway, and this random guy comes around the corner and says with a smirk on his face "Hey Emily, you know that the drama room is through the door at the top, right?" Turns out we were in Dupont the whole time. I look around, suddenly realize that we're outside, and I can see Pollard, Melchers and the library right there. >=/ Falsehoods!I go inside. I'm greeted by this Asian chick and a nondescript skinny guy. They lead me through another door into this GINORMOUS hall, like the size of the Great Hall in the HP books. But it looks just like the staff dining room at Seaco. The food they're serving is infinitely better, and wider in variety. I see my family at a table, grab food and eat it.
THEN (I slept in, this dream is long.) the Asian chick decides we should go exploring. We go into this other room. It's large and painted a weird pink/orange color with yellow trim. The ceiling is lined with spiky things that look like needles, and the skinny boy tells me that the drama room we're looking for is through this trapdoor by the ceiling (WHAT'S WITH ALL THE DOORS?!) that none of us can get to. A ladder appears and I climb up to it, pull a needle out of the ceiling and try to pick the lock. The same guy before who pointed out the door says "This is easier." and hands me the key. I though "Who is this guy? He must be Obvious Solution Man."I open the trapdoor and finally reach the room. I go back, tell my family, they're overjoyed. I grab a cookie from the table and then I wake up.GEEZ.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Indiana Jones!

Ok, so these evil people are chasing us, I think it was me and my cousin. We go into this hotel, and get a room in the basement. Our room has a secret compartment that leads down to this dungeon sort of thing with a big stone statue in it, and this giant stone coffin in the middle. We open the coffin, and it has a wooden bottom. We think that's weird, but then we find a keyhole, and it's another secret compartment. We have to go back to the front desk to get the key, a little gold key. We open it, and it's completely empty. My cousin is like "Haha, those evil people chasing us won't get the treasure." We exit that room of the dungeon and go down this hallway, all dingy and old, like the church basement in the 3rd Indiana Jones movie except without the rats and the sewage. We find another room, and while it's still part of the dungeon it's filled with office furniture, and my aunt is there sitting at her computer. I use her computer to check my email, yahoo answers and GITP and my aunt tells me "You're going to have to leave, or those evil people will catch you!" We never learn anything about the evil people, but they were probably the nazis from the third Indiana Jones movie. Suddenly there's this creepy little girl, dressed in a white gown, who can't talk but knows where we're supposed to go. She guides us down the passageway, jerking her head and pointing, all of this is in complete silence. We reach a room that has another big stone statue in it, and we have to somehow crack the statue open. We keep trying to accomplish this, when the evil people catch us and are like "We'll let your family go, but you, we're gonna kill you." So I'm tied to the statue and they're shooting at me, but none of the bullets are hitting me, they all keep bouncing off the statue. Suddenly my father is there, with my uncle, and they're all trying to free me. The little ghost girl has vanished.Then I wake up, exactly an hour before my alarm goes off, and I was sleeping in the same position I was in tied to the statue.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Of all people, Hugh Jackman?

The first part had a dystopian future setting and a flying car, but I don't remember the rest.The second part Hugh Jackman (why?) had given me a book with a red leather cover and it was a book that had all these spells in it, and I would wave my hand over something and say a word and whatever the spell was for would happen. And for some reason I was the only one that could do this. I used healing spell on this cut that I got during the first part, and then I used a spell that made this tiny spot appear on my palm, and whenever I put my hand under a light source the spot would turn into this big burning hole and I had to remove it from the light before my hand disappeared completely. Someone I know, I think it was a teacher of mine, came and lectured me about using a spell I didn't recognize. I was like "But I don't recognize any of these!" and then I woke up.