Monday, May 31, 2010

This one inspired by Moon.

Andrew Ballard and I were taking a trip to the moon. He had to build the moon base, and I had to build the vehicles, entirely out of legos and glow sticks. My moon buggy had a functional microwave and minifridge, and guns that shot lasers and fire. So of course I used it to attack Andrew's moon base. With the help of the armies of Halloween.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Castle inspired.

There was a murder. A girl had been killed, and Mer, Reece and I had to find out what was up. We went to this big party at a hotel, and there were all of these rich people that we talked to. Sadly, I don't remember much of this part except that most of these interviews took place in a teeny-tiny cramped diner attached to the hotel. We eventually ended up getting a confession out of one of the old rich dudes.
Now for the parts I remember. The hotel had 3 floors, and my family had a room on the middle floor. Madeline and I wanted to go swimming, but were prevented from doing so, because the rich guy's family inhabited the entire bottom floor of this hotel and they were pretty angry at me. So I went up to the third floor, but the grieving family of the girl were on that floor, and I didn't want to talk to them. So our only option was to take Ralph for a walk and go swimming in the lake. We didn't want to go all the way around the lake, so we instead took Ralph around to wear the campfire is. The little pond in that area was completely clear, and they allowed swimming there. But there was a party going on, and a band next to the water. I'd let Ralph off the leash as I usually do, and he joyfully ran up to the band members and knocked them all in the water. I decided to avoid this confrontation by going up the little path at the side of the campsite, that leads to a neighborhood. But the forest was filled with people shooting off fireworks, and that was pretty dangerous. Ralph didn't like that at all.
Then I woke up.

Friday, May 28, 2010

I spent yesterday evening catching up on Sluggy Freelance.

Readers of my dream log, I would like to show you, a new blog of mine. I will continue to update this of course. Starting now.
First part of the dream, I made my facebook relationship status "married", and didn't specify who. My mother left an angry comment asking when this happened, and why didn't I have a ceremony because I have some relatives who would have liked to attend such a thing.
Second and far more interesting part of the dream. Mom, Dad and I were on our way to Fredericksburg, but instead of using a car we were using a time travelling device similar to Captain Jack's in series 3. There were goons chasing us, Hereti-Corp-looking-goons, but not Hereti Corp. I'm pretty sure they were actually Cyberdyne, but it was never specified. We stopped on an outcropping of rock outside of a cave in this huge canyon filled with waterfalls. It was a man-made platform, we could tell because there was a metal door in the back of the cave, and windows in the rock.
We went inside and sat down next to a window. We could still see the waterfalls, and the sun came through the window even though we couldn't see it through the top of the canyon. My mother found a book of piano songs, and started complaining at me about how she never hears me practice because the volume is always down too low. Also, this book was all arrangements of pop songs and no pretty music. I pointed out some songs that were pretty. The book also had an arrangement of "American Idiot" in it.
I went back outside and looked off the edge of the cliff. I looked to my right and saw 3 Evil Corp goons riding on the back of giant flying insects, heading straight for the platform on which I stood. They landed, and one of them took off her sunglasses, revealing her identity as none other than Meredith Roane! The other two were Erin and her sister. Mer pulled a gun on me and said something along the lines of "TIME TRAVELLING IS AN ILLEGAL USE OF EVIL CORP TECHNOLOGY!" I ran back inside to hide with my parents. My father stalled a different group of Evil Corp goons by telling them we hadn't been time travelling. I complained that it's never easy to get down to Fredericksburg.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ghouls and NCIS

There was a small closet located where Cyrus' cage is in the computer room. Well, it was the computer room, except instead of a computer and Ralph's crate there was my bed. And instead of Cyrus' cage, there was the small closet. It had a light shining through the crack in the door, but it had always been there, and I had never opened it. Then Meredith came over, and asked what was in the closet. I was a little puzzled, and said that I didn't know. So she climbed over the mound of junk that was in the way, and opened the closet door.
There was a little tunnel, like the one in the Coraline film but less well-lit. As we peered through the tunnel, a door on the other end opened, and a ghoul appeared. Now I don't know what a ghoul really looks like, but this was definitely a ghoul. It had a stretched-out elasticky face, like that in Munch's "The Scream", with sharp teeth and spiky hair on it's head and on the back of it's hands, which looked like rubber except for the rather horrifyingly sharp claws. It didn't look very threatening at the moment, though, it just looked at us, blinked and shut the door. We shut ours, and a second later we heard loud cries, a lot of them, from the other side. I'd never heard sounds coming from the closet before, but now I could. There was a "thunk" sound, and we heard one of them running down the tunnel toward our door. Meredith and I scotch-taped it shut. The light on the other side was brighter than it ever had been, so we covered the crack in printer paper to dull the light.
I called Dad and told him we had ghouls in our house. He sounded more frustrated than scared, and asked us what we'd done about it. I told him we'd taped the door shut, and he said that he'd look into it when he had time.
I had to sleep in the little room that night, and I really didn't want to. My father told me to suck it up, nothing would come through the door. I lay on my bed for a while, the light was very distracting. I was suddenly overcome by a feeling of dizziness, and I sat up. Meredith was sitting there, looking at me. After a few seconds of her looking at me in a kind of creepy way, I remembered that in the Dresdenverse ghouls could take human form. I asked Meredith to prick her finger so I could check that her blood was red. She did, and she was genuine. She told me that my father had given her a number to call.
In the morning, there were a bunch of guys in uniforms out in the backyard, doing what guys in uniforms do when they are in your backyard, talking into walky-talkies and looking at blades of grass and stuff. Also, Gibbs from NCIS was there. He gave a little speech about how to deal with ghouls, I don't remember it, but it amounted to arming ourselves to the teeth and charging through the tunnel.
We came out on the other side into a square concrete room, with a large pit in the center and a door on the other side. And the pit was filled with ghouls, who began to scramble out and charge at us. The pit must have been bottomless, because they kept coming. We were able to keep them back with gunfire, though.
Then I woke up as the battle really began.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fairy tale meets Dollhouse.

There was a prince who was about 10 years old. To prove him a worthy heir to the throne, the king would erase part of his memory once a week, and he would have to use hints provided by his mother and sister to figure out what he can't remember. If he didn't remember, he would be put to death. His sister would always mislead him, but his mother always helped him. His mother had magic powers and a spellbook.
That is all I remember.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Surely epilepsy is useful somehow.

I finally got Giant to hire me, because for some reason they wanted to hire someone with epilepsy. After announcing that I had a job, the Ballards and my parents came to the Giant and started celebrating by drinking champagne.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Urgh. Don't remember much.

So, first of all, Reece came to visit me at school. So all of us and our boys were hanging out, and Mary Katy. We decided to go get some fast food. We ended up at a MacDo. They were only selling large fries, nothing else, and we didn't know why. But we ordered some.
As we were hanging about in the parking lot as us sketchy college students are wont to do, when we were attacked by some random people. We later learned that they had eaten food from the MCD that wasn't fries, and had been possessed by aliens. We had to stop the aliens by building a space ship out of the VA hall fountain.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

So no LIBS101 dream.

There was a flood on campus. The water was a little over 5 feet high I think, about as high as the windows of bushnell. Erin and Matt and I had a rowboat, and we were floating outside Meredith's window yelling at her to hurry up. But she had 30 minutes to go, because she and Titus were in the middle of making brownies. We were all like "BROWNIES?! BUT IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD!" But they had to finish. Then I realized that I hadn't unmade my bed, or packed any of my stuff. So I climbed through the window and started doing those things. Then I remembered that I'd taken a picture of our empty room, so why wasn't all of my stuff packed? I decided it didn't matter and kept packing.
Then I woke up.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Clearly Death Class had an effect.

Herr Rotter wanted to take Death Class on an excursion to this giant cemetery in California. I was late coming out of my classes, and missed our ride to the airport. I called one of the girls in the class and she said she had my tickets, I needed to get to the airport before 4 though. I called a few people, asking for a ride, but they all said no so I had to walk. There was an airport in College Park, so it would be no problem. I started the walk along college avenue, which was a straight shot, but really really long, and it passed some sketchy areas. It got dark when I was only halfway there. I got a call from the girl who had my tickets, she said I'd missed the plane and I'll have to make it up over the weekend. Disappointed with myself, I turned back.
My phone started buzzing in my pocket. I looked at the caller ID and of all people it was Faith Zhang, from high school. I answered it, but got no response so I hung up.
I was walking on College Avenue, but the graveyard from William Street was on my left, where the school should have been. I looked across the street and saw Meredith and Erin and Matt, (Matterinedith?) and ran over to meet them. They took me to this building I didn't recognize. We went inside it, and Erin led us to this one room. Behind the door was a lever, which would cause some of the ceiling tiles to come down and form a door in the wall. Outside the door was a beach.
We lifted the lever and closed the door to the beach. Then we turned around and found a dragon sitting on the opposite end of the room. It was large and green and sitting in that way that dragons do. It told us we had a job to do, and we had to go back out to the beach.
We went through the door. I looked around and found that I recognized this spot, and it wasn't far from the beach entrance to the house we usually rent. The sky was gray, it looked like the sun might be coming up but it was difficult to tell because it was cloudy. I found my family, the whole beach crowd, wandering around on the beach looking for something. My father told me and my friends to pick up driftwood, because we were building a fence. I asked where and why, and he pointed out at the ocean. It looked like the ocean, and acted like the ocean, but it was a field, covered in skeletal ghosts. Only some of them looked like pirates. They had a leader who wore a black cloak and had a sword (not a scythe!). We were building a fence along the shore to keep them away, and we seemed to have their approval. It was pretty easy work, though the skeleton in the cloak kept glaring at us, and wouldn't let us stop. There was a line of smaller ghosts directly on the border, keeping us working. The sun didn't rise, and no one else came out of the beach.
Matterinedith and I were building toward the door where we'd come in, hoping to escape. The guy in the cloak told us to stop building right across from that door. That seemed suspicious. I'd called my cousin Reilly over at some point. We bolted for the room on the other side.
Of course, there was a dragon on the other side. He was red now, instead of green. He looked at us with a bored expression on his face, and set the lever on fire before we could close the portal. The skeleton in the cloak glared through the portal at us with red eyes, and a few of the smaller skeletons rushed at the door, and then I woke up.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Irgendwo in Afrika

I was in German Film class, and we were watching Nirgendwo in Afrika again. Except the main character had an obnoxious comedy-relief sister. And the quiz we took afterward was in Swahili, and was about pirates.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

If you combined Hogwarts with one of those TV government buildings.

I was in the business classroom. We'd had homework to record a dream, if we'd had one about the Dresden Files. I hadn't printed one out. I went up to professor Cunningham and asked if I could print it out and give it to him later. He said "Has there ever been a time when I've let anyone do that?" I told him that I had logged my dreams, they were just online. He relented and said I could email him a link to one of my posts.
I left the room and found myself in a series of plain white hallways arranged in an incomprehensible maze. Like Melchers, except more sterile. I had to find a computer so I could email my dream log to the professor.
I wandered through the halls, and passed a few classrooms. Then I came to a big wooden archway, with some ornate carvings. Through it I saw a huge room with a red carpet, and chandeliers and what looked like stage props scattered around. Some hamlet-lookalikes were fencing with sharp rapiers, rather intensely, while a director-looking-guy said "Hey, you're not supposed to actually kill each other!" In other parts of the room there were other drama students acting, and on a stage at one end were some inexplicable gymnasts (now a band name.)Directly across from the archway in which I stood was another door-less wooden archway. I started walking across the room to get there. The director guy yelled at me to get out of the way, drama students only, and the guys with the swords looked pretty angry, so I ran across.
The room on the other side was an immense hallway. The ceilings were incredibly high, like in the red-carpeted room, and I couldn't see either end of the room. The hallway was lit only by large, cathedral-style windows on the wall across from me. The light rather dim despite their hugeness, I suppose it was late evening.
I was still looking for a computer. The only piece of furniture in this huge room was a fest table. Some girls were sitting on the table. They looked like athletes, and one girl was on the floor next to the table stretching. One of them looked at me and told me I couldn't wear shoes in here. I took off my sandals and put them next to the table. I asked them if they could tell me where I could find a computer, because I needed to email my professor. The same girl nodded at a door to the left of the archway. I hadn't noticed it, or probably hadn't even been there. I opened the door and found nothing but a broom closet. When I closed the door again, I found that a computer had appeared behind it while it was open. It was one of those crappy XP computers you find in the Washroom, but I wasn't too picky. I navigated to my dream log, found one of my better Dresden Files dreams, and sent it to my professor.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dammit, Jim

So I was still at school. And I had a huge test for DS106. I hadn't studied for it, and it included such topics as feudal Japan and the linguistics of the German and Danish languages. And this was exceptionally bad, because I got an F on the first DS106 exam, and a D on the second. The class had a blackboard now, and I checked the grades section. The entire blackboard page seemed to be hand-written on the screen, and I had Fs in all of the assignments. I was very confused, as I'd been told I had at least an A-.

Digital Storytelling keeps showing up in my dreams! I blame the fact that this dream log was mentioned in that class. And the blackboard bit is because I've been checking it hourly for my German grades.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


I "woke up" cuddling Reece. He was looking at my wall and examining my posters with interest. I gave him a kiss and went back to sleep.
Then I "woke up" again, looked at the clock and saw that we were late for our big important meeting! I didn't know what the big important meeting was about, but it sure was big and important. I met up with my cousin Reilly and her mother to go there, and Erin and Meredith of course came with me. Madeline too, I think.
We wandered through the halls of this hotel, looking for the conference room. It looked like Dodd auditorium. As we got there, some old guys were leaving. We'd missed the meeting entirely. We went to the post-meeting reception dealie and got some food. We listened to the people talking, trying to figure out what we missed. Everyone seemed to agree that whatever the main speaker guy had to say, he was completely nuts and this would destroy us all.
We found out that the guy was giving a second presentation in about 5 minutes, so we rushed over to catch that one. The guy it turns out was a completely mad scientist, probably based on The Merlin from TDF. He wanted to create lightening from the moon to destroy every volcano on earth, and this would somehow destroy all of the vampires.