Sunday, January 31, 2010


I was in another room I don't recognize from life but can't adequately describe... there were stairs leading down and no windows, so it must have been a basement. The ceiling and floor were white, the walls were a seafoam green like those hallways at Centennial. There was a number of people on the floor above me. I decided to not go up as these were people I didn't want to talk to. But they came down to the basement eventually. I was shunted off to a side room, where I found that my father had bought an iPad. I started mocking him for it, saying it was just an oversized iPhone and such, and he got angry at me for telling him what he should and should not purchase. Reece showed up, and we went back to the side room. This woman comes in a while later and tells us that my mother wants to take Reece clothes shopping and we need to go see Avatar again before it leaves theaters, and we had to go see it in 3d.
So we went off to the mall. Mom had no idea where to buy a 22-year-old male clothes, so we wandered around. Reece had no thought on the matter for some reason. I jokingly said we could take him to Forever 21 and he gave me a look of "I will never talk to you again."
Then we go to the theater to see Avatar in 3d. The movie changed a lot since I saw it in 2d. This time the blue space elves were pink and green, the floating islands were still there but they were over an ocean, and the main characters were not marines with their heads inside a machine but 4 dragons, all of which looked like Charizard in different colors. Their team of wacky misfits featured a seagull and a penguin, both of which fell into the ocean never to be seen again. When they did, since the movie was in 3d, the splash of water flew out of the screen, and there was a swarm of bees at one point (go figure).
We exited the movie and Reece gave me a look of "I will never let you take me to a movie again."

Thursday, January 28, 2010


I was in this room filled with plants, a greenhouse-looking place. Not normal plants, but those wacky multi-colored Harry Potter fantasy plants. It had multiple rooms, like a Home Depot greenhouse. I walk walking among the aisles in one when I heard the sound of running in the other. Running on two feet. I looked up to check it out when suddenly two wolves burst through the door. I had no time to notice the incongruity, the wolves started chasing me up and down the aisles, snarling. I passed an orange-and-yellow-striped plant that tried to catch me and I tried to knock it back toward the wolves but failed. They chased me to the door that in a sensible hardware greenhouse would lead back into the store. But instead, it led to this canal in a tunnel, sort of like a sewer but luckily not a sewer. I fell in. The wolves disappeared when I went through the doorway, I didn't hear them leave but of course I was trying to swim. A fisherman-type guy in a yellow raincoat floated by on a tiny little fishing boat. As he passed me, he took the hood off of his coat, tossed it to me, and yelled back "It'll help you hide from the wolves!" I climbed up the side of the canal and put the hood on. It looked very silly, but I took his word for it and went back into the greenhouse. There was an area in the corner to my right and on the opposite side of the room where a cash register would be. That entire wall was glass and looked out to the other room. I went over there and sat on the chair behind the counter, looked over the trees on the other side of the wall to survey the other room. I saw the two wolves running through the aisles, up and down and up and down until they were right next to my window. They peered in, and I heard them talking.
"There's something on the other side of the glass."
"I don't see anything." said a more feminine voice.
"I can smell something."
I sat perfectly still, knowing that invisibility would accomplish very little if these wolves could smell me. They rounded the corner and looked right at where I was sitting. The female one looked at me and said "What is a deer doing here?"
"And why is it wearing such a ridiculous hat?"
I looked up at the hat, which had changed into a sombrero. I touched it. Doing so made me completely visible. Or at least look human, I suppose. The wolves looked at me in a surprised fashion. Then they started circling the chair I was on. The male one shapeshifted into a bear, and the female one into a gorilla, and then they attacked me. I fought them off for a bit using furniture and various carnivorous plants, but then the bear bit me. After it did it slowly turned into a human man. Or so it looked, but then I saw that he had fangs. Then I saw that I was growing a pair myself.
I decided to talk to them. "So, vampires?"
"Vampires changing into wolves I get, but bears? Gorillas?"
"Vampires can change into anything they've fed on in the past week." That was said by the female, who was in the middle of changing. She had a human-like face but still a gorilla body.
I didn't even think to ask them why they'd been feeding on animals like gorillas and bears. I just noticed that I was really hungry, and though she was half-animal she had a very bare neck. So I attacked her and bit her. After crying out she turned her head around in an improbable fashion and licked my cheek. Her spit was a sort of drug, like Red Court DF vampires, and I passed out. Which of course means I woke up.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Compsci 106

Too many of my dreams involve parties. I think it's just a convenient way to get together a large group of people.
So, we were assigned in Digital Storytelling to go to Jim Groom's party. We were told to get there a little early so we could be used as labor before other guests arrived. I was being shunned by the rest of my classmates, for reasons I can't remember, but I was allowed to bring a friend with me so I had Meredith to keep me company. The two of us were told to make dinner and drinks. To our dismay we were given nothing to cook with, and nothing to cook, we were just put in a room that looked like a daycare center from the amount of children's toys in there. Meredith opened a fridge and all we found were a variety of fruit juices. We found a red plastic bowl and sippy cups and made a makeshift punch set. I mixed up some "punch", set it on a table outside the room. Then I ordered a pizza.
Outside the room, my classmates had set tables and were watching a film. When I returned from an uneventful walk to pick up pizza, the entire bowl of juice was empty, and my CPSC106 class had been turned into zombies. I sniffed the bowl. It smelled like some sort of alcohol. Meredith and I took the pizza and left.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Eeeeevil Russians.

So I was going to this party with my parents and sister, this giant picnic with a ton of people I don't know. I brought my laptop to keep myself amused, though I didn't know if I'd be able to plug it in. In the car, before we left the driveway, Dad turned around and lectured me about putting my laptop in my normal backpack instead of it's special backpack. I told him I haven't used a "normal" backpack in years, and showed him the HP on the bag to prove it to him.
Once at the picnic, I left my parents and mingled a bit. The picnic was on a huge expanse of grass outside someone's house. I don't get a chance to set up my laptop, because I ran into some eeeevil Russians. One of them was short and shiny, like Astroboy but without pointy hair. The other looked like the evil woman from Matilda, if you combined her with the Russian lady from Indiana Jones 4. The short guy was showing off this knife he got, that he called the "knife of the Gods" (I think I may have been discussing God of War a bit too much. :P) It was magic, and would only cut what the owner wanted it to cut, and not cut what he didn't. It was also really sharp. He was balancing it on one finger, confident that it wouldn't cut him, but then it slipped and nearly sliced his finger off. I reached out and grabbed it by the handle. He thanked me for catching it for him, but I knew he was an eeeeevil Russian and I had to stop him, so instead I sliced him a bit across the chest, shoved the knife in my backpack and ran while he was distracted. I can run really fast in dreams. I remember being concerned about where I'd put the knife, in the inside pocket of the second pocket in my backpack. That pocket already has a small hole in it, and that knife was very, very sharp. But since I was now the owner, it of course did not just cut it's way through the bag. I went into the house, which turned out to not be the teeny little rancher it looked like. It was built into the side of a hill, and it was 5 enormous flights of stairs to reach the ground level. I took the stairs 4 at a time and stayed just one flight of stairs ahead of the large Russian woman who had started chasing me. I exited the building and kept running in no particular direction. The woman stopped chasing me. I heard her shout some instructions into a phone, "Watch all of the houses of her nearby family, she can't run very far, keep her away from anywhere safe!" She got into a car, but like I said, I run really fast in dreams. I was in the area around Fredericksburg, so nearby family meant the Ashland crowd. I knew of a house that they didn't, though. I went there via a crazy route, with all kinds of one-way streets to bamboozle those in cars. I found the house and knew exactly where to hide, though it was based on no one's house in real life. Through the front door, the kitchen, down a hallway, into a basement, into a room off the basement, into a small closet. I'd hidden in this closet before. But now the owners of this house had installed a sun door right across from the entrance, so it was much easier to find. I knew I had just maybe 20 minutes until they found the house. I opened my backpack and removed the knife to hide it in the closet somewhere. I looked among the shelves, not finding any decent hiding spot, but then I heard the door open and I shoved the knife behind a crockpot, next to a tool box. I crouched down on the floor and started hugging my backpack protectively, hoping that I could fool her into thinking that it was still in there. As I suspected she would, she found the closet, and found me. She commanded me to open my backpack, but then she noticed that it was already opened, and I must have taken the knife out. I tried not to look nervous, and instead to look a little confident that I'd fooled her into thinking that it wasn't in my backpack. She took down the tool box and looked through it, then put it back. She threatened me with horrible torture, and offered me a gift card to Walmart if I cooperated. I refused. Just then, the sun moved, and the light shined off of the blade of the knife. She removed the tool box, and dropped it on top of me. I shielded myself from falling wrenches and hammers with my sturdy backpack, still containing my laptop. She grabbed the knife, and held it out in front of me. I was it's owner still, so I grabbed it by the blade without cutting myself and turned it on her. I stabbed her in the back. Her flunkies rushed forward to help her instead of stopping me, and I ran away from the house again.
Then I got a call on my cell phone from my sister, who Mom was talking through. "Emily, Mom needs a name and a phone number for whoever you're staying with." I was about to say "I can't, I'm on the run." But I couldn't say it. I realized that I couldn't because I would wake Erin up if I spoke.
This realization of course caused me to wake up.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

I need a license and my own car, then.

I was in a car with my sister and Ralph. We were in a traffic jam. Madeline was driving, of course, but she decided that she was hungry. We were at a complete standstill, so she got out of the car and went to the ihop on the side of the road, leaving me to take care of Ralph. I found that she'd dumped a lot of change in the back of her car, so I took some of that as payment. Then the car started to roll forwards, as the cars in front and in back of me started moving. I was like, someone should be driving this car. So I jumped up to the front seat. Ralph tried to, but I made him stay in the back. I was very uncomfortable, so I pulled the car off of the road, into the grass, and walked Ralph around a bit. I went back to the car after a while to find the car being stolen by two 15-year-old girls. I shooed them away. Then some guy came over and tried to steal the car, and I tried to stop him, but then I recognized him as one of Madeline's friends. He told me that Madeline didn't trust me with her car. I told him she was wise not to and let him drive us back to the ihop.

Monday, January 18, 2010


So in the first half of this dream I was on a trip with Mom's side of the family, for a change, and the Ballards. We were at this old rented house. Andrew played video games for the entire trip. I found this photo album that was empty except for a black-and-white picture of a house, and a newspaper clipping with a picture of two old guys. They were sitting at a table, the bald guy in the foreground was laughing, and the guy behind him with a rectangular face and big ears was making a sour face.
On this trip I kept losing the key to my room, which prompted my uncle Johnny to make me a new one to keep. I found that it could open most doors in the house. I opened one to what I'd assumed was the boiler room but was a bare closet, with nothing but a pile of blankets on the floor. I examined them and found a really strange egg. It was bigger than a chicken egg, about the size of a coffee cup, and it was purple in color. Purple with swirls of other colors, yellow and blue and green. When we left the house the next day, I put the photo album and the egg in my bag, with the egg wrapped up in one of the blankets. Andrew left his laptop there so he'd stop playing video games.
I was fascinated with the picture of the house, because I could swear I'd seen it before. I kept trying to think of where I'd seen it. The newspaper article told me nothing except that the two guys were failed politicians of some sort. And very rich. I was in the car with Mom and Andrew, and we followed the other cars into this city. There was a pyramid-shaped electronic billboard atop the first skyscraper we passed. It had a woman's face talking about getting a job with this company, never specifying what the business was. But what was interesting was that every so often, for a millisecond, my name and a picture of the egg would flash on the screen. This happened three times before we passed the skyscraper and I could no longer see it. But it was pyramid shaped, and all four triangular sides displayed this same woman.
So I had to investigate this company. I kept trying to think of where I'd seen the house in the picture, because I was sure the two were related. I suddenly remembered that there had been a party there, not a party I'd been to but one I'd remembered pretty clearly. Those men had been there, and in fact that picture was of them at this party. Someone had told a joke about, president Eisenhower or something completely random, and that's why the bald guy was laughing. The other man's expression was not one of disapproval but one that never left his face, ever. Hence why he failed at politics.
We continued driving through the city. I noted the lack of conversation in the car but didn't do anything about it, as I was busy looking out the windows for this house. And then I saw it, right there in this mystery city, looking out of place like Carl's house in Up! I yelled at them to stop the car, they did. Our entire caravan stopped, but only the occupants of my car came with me into the building, Mom and Andrew. Andrew was still grumbling about his laptop, and Mom was confused and kind of ticked off.
Through the front door of this building was a tavern. Then through a door next to the bar was a courtyard, and that's where the party was taking place. I could hear the noises of it, and walked right through the tavern, ignoring the waitress who'd stopped to help us at the "wait to be seated" sign. Upon walking through I saw a great crowd of nicely-dressed people, and right in the middle was the table with the exact scene from the photograph. The guy was laughing and everything. I noted the lack of pollution in this courtyard as compared to the rest of the city. Someone next to me snapped a picture. I opened my book and noticed that while in my photograph they were wearing old-fashioned clothes out of the '50s I suppose, everything was very modern, people had cell phones, and I heard the name "Obama" from the table rather than the "Eisenhower" I had recalled. None of them had aged.
I ran up to talk to the man with the square face, and the party disappeared. The men from the photo were the only two left. They introduced themselves, but I unfortunately don't recall their names. For the purpose of this blog the bald one's name is Jones and square-face is Smith. I showed them the photograph, and Smith's face got even angrier. "Where did you find that?!" he said. I told him, and he told me in a very authoritative and angry way to follow him, so I did. Mom and Andrew joined me, still sort of creepily non-participative.
I followed Smith into the house, and he led me upstairs. There were more and more stairs, they went as high as the skyscrapers outside. Smith and Jones led me to a conference room. We sat down, Smith banged his fist on the table and demanded the egg. I produced it, and he grabbed it and cried "Do you know what this is?!" I said no, I just thought it was pretty interesting. Then the egg started hatching.
The bird inside resembled a pigeon, but it was colored like the egg, purple with flashes of other colors. It wandered around the table like birds do, looking around. Smith told me he'd been looking for such an egg for a long time. Jones informed me that this building belonged to the company I'd seen advertised. Then as we watched, the eggshell re-formed around the bird. Smite told me that this could happen several times a day, and the bird was different each time. The egg hatched a second time, and the same bird came out. I saw no difference, but was assured that it was stronger or something, because each evolution was better. I told them evolution didn't work that way, and they cited pokemon. Then Smith started yelling loudly about how I'd stolen this and the photo album and should be arrested, and then turned into a pigeon and wandered into a corner. Mom and Andrew and I just sat there confused.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I think we got the wrong house.

Ok, so. At my house. My parents were having some sort of party thing, I met a lot of new people. I'd had some argument with my father, but we'd made up, so he was being nice. Every room in our house seemed bigger. I'd invited Children of Time over to my house to watch videos, but mostly to give Liz her pillow. Titus and Meredith were of course in attendance, and over the course of the day we decided to take a trip to Titus' house (the representation of which is entirely outlandish and not at all what I imagine Titus' home being).
So we took a plane to Oregon. All of the stewardesses spoke Russian and no English. The guy next to me on the plane nattered on and on about recent acts of terrorism taken place on planes and it freaked us all out a bit. Then there was a bit of an acid sequence when we took out my video camera and had a dance party. We landed and drove over to a house that looked a lot like Judi & Harry's, but where their living room is was the kitchen, and the dining room was where the kitchen is. There were like 5 kids around, 2 pairs of parents, and the grandfather. The three of us ended up "assigned" to a kid or a pair of kids. I had to play hide-and-seek with the youngest two. When I tried to hide near where the second-youngest was hiding, she cried out "You can't hide there, you're far too big!" and went over to the door where the attic is. "Let me take some stuff out of here. "Some stuff" turned out to be her GIANT PET SNAKE. Seriously, as thick as Meredith, could wrap around our room in Randolph twice. It was orange, in case you were interested. And she was upset when it tried to devour her Jack Russel terrier. I was unafraid, and took out my camera thinking "Reece loves snakes, I should get a pic of this." But then the snake ate my camera.
We heard an unrelated fight scene below us. I went downstairs to find that the oldest child had punched Meredith and broken her jaw. All of the children were sent to their rooms. And locked in.
Then Titus, Meredith and I joined the adults in their conversation. The grandfather burst in with an old guy who looked like a church official and yelled at us to not eat the food, it's all been poisoned. SO, we didn't. I lurked around the kitchen anyway, and heard the two older men talking about how the recent terrorism attack and assassination attempts and the poisoned food were all part of someone's attempted coup on the Council of Wizards.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Finally I remembered my dream.

In the first dream, I was walking around campus at night with my ladies. We discovered a dance party going on in Woodard. Meredith and Erin went in, but I was not dressed for such an occasion and ran back to Bushnell, where I found no dresses suitable for the weather, only my summer dresses. Then I realized I hadn't turned the light on. When I did I found a dress, not a very pretty one, but a warmer one. So I put it on. I found Reece on the way to Great Hall and dragged him to the dance.
Next dream, I woke up in my bed at home. I exited my room and the house and found myself in a parking lot outside a rather creepy-looking building, all chrome and glass, and built like a modern art sculpture. Something out of science fiction. There was a pair of dudes and a chick, my age, lurking about outside this building. I asked them what it was. They said they didn't know, but we should break in and find out. We did, and found that it was some kind of futuristic laboratory where they performed horrible genetic experiments. We got caught by a guy I thought was one of the shadow people from John Dies At The End, and the facility reminded me of that as well, but he was just a creepy security guard with an astounding ability to remain unseen. He through a box at us. When it hit the floor it poofed and became a green mouse. A very malicious green mouse, I suppose, because we turned and ran. The mouse became a similarly vicious hare and chased us through a steel door. We were able to lock it out.
We snuck back out to the parking lot and saw two trucks. A truck containing very expensive equipment that was undoubtedly used for evil SCIENCE, and a truck that was filled with wine, with guys who looked like construction workers sampling it. My nameless partners in crime sent me out to get some wine, and I managed to convince the construction workers to give me some after a long talk about how I was stealing the truck anyway and beating one of them up. Then one of my new friends drove by in the expensive equipment truck, because I was just a distraction and they wanted to steal the other one.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ask Amy

There was some kind of Ask Amy radio show, with an audience like Wait Wait Don't Tell Me. I was in the audience. It was a show where pre-picked people in the audience pretend to randomly ask questions. The couple with 10 kids next to me seemed like the sort who needed to ask Amy some questions, so I was like "Oh fantastic." Indeed, they went up to the stage to talk. The husband was horribly abusive to the children and his wife. I remember thinking "So why did he let you come talk about it publicly? This isn't the Jerry Springer show." Amy did nothing but ask her exactly the same question and point her towards a shelter.