Monday, November 30, 2009

French people.

Gah, only remember bits and pieces.
First part, everything was on fire. Because Andrew was snoring.
I was meeting some girl, not Stephanie, for a group project. We met in the center of campus, at the fountain, but the campus looked different. It was greener, there were more trees, and the entire thing was stretched. As if the campus was on a circle, and someone pulled on opposite ends of the circle. So I met this chick at the fountain, and we went to the Nest, where they were serving chicken that cost $100. This was outrageous, so I went back to the dorm to publish some photos. Bushnell looked like a castle, except it was stretched out like the rest of campus. Instead of getting the necessary photos, I drew an M.C. Escher-esque drawing of interlocked rings.
Next I went to this fancy restaurant, on a boat, with Meredith, Erin, some teenage boy and some foreign chick. A French guy was serving us cookies. He was very concerned that we each need to get at least one of each cookie. There were sugar cookies, chocolate cookies, and ginger snaps the size of pennies. He babbled with the foreign chick in French. The boy didn't talk much, but he said French Waiter Guy was speaking with a funky accent. Foreign Chick thought it was cute. He then told us that we had to investigate some mobsters. So we all put on disguises and met on the deck of the boat. A bunch of guys in trench coats were there. Foreign chick recognized them as the ones who kidnapped her husband and started crying silently. One of them noticed, and recognized her. He laughed and pushed one of the trench coat guys so he fell over. It was actually her husband's corpse inside it. It had been lacerated, little thin cuts all over his body, and then they'd dunked him in a lemon-juice-like substance and asked him questions. The corpse's head was covered, so I pulled the cover off and saw it was the boy from the restaurant. He opened his eyes and with a cry of pain pulled out a gun and shot the head mobster. A fight erupted, during which Foreign Chick carried the boy down to the restaurant.
The rest of us followed, and we met Mary Katy at our table. She had my laptop and was delightedly showing me that she'd put my M.C. Escher drawing on Deviantart. I was pretty pleased. French Waiter Guy saw it and gave me an extra cookie.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

More bears.

I was in my room at school. Stephanie called me and asked if I wanted to meet her and Adrienne for lunch and we could discuss linguistics. I say yeah, but then I start studying for music theory and before I know it Stephanie is calling me, kind of peeved, saying it's 3:00 and I'll have no time to eat before we have to go to class and give our presentation. And we haven't practiced since before break. DOOM. So I rush to the nest, but I meet them on the way back, so I skip lunch and walk back with them.
Next dream, I chased a bunch of grizzlies away from my castle from acting like a dinosaur. Also, they were afraid of honey, and Winnie the Pooh.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Hugh Jackman, on a flying bear with a spiked club.

I was walking to pollard to do my music theory project. I'd decided it would be easier to compose it on my sequencer than to compose it in finale, so I wanted to ask Naylor about it. He said it was fine. After messing with Finale for a bit in the music lab, I head back to my room. We're not living in Bushnell anymore. Our room is HUGE, with high ceilings and two giant windows opening to the sun. There're two beds that are like old hospital beds. The room actually looks like a room from an old hospital. We have a closet full of new clothes, a closet about the size of our room in Bushnell. Since all of the clothes are new, all four of us wanted to try them on. I had to wake up Meredith first, I woke her up by placing her in direct sunlight from our GIANT windows and removing her shoes. We tried on the clothes, I took a lot of pictures. We went outside to this sort of patio thing and met my family, including the Hensons and Orells. Mom started flipping through my pictures, which included one of Meredith sitting sleepily in her chair, some of the clothes, and a few of me in my bra which I hurriedly deleted. I went back inside to hear Matt explain to Erin that he'd stolen $8000 from her for her own financial benefit.
Wake up, check clock, go back to sleep.
Hugh Jackman was being chased by this Hagrid-sized Russian guy with a steel baseball bat. The landscape looked rather like the area around Paradise Falls in the movie Up. I don't know why he was being chased, but he decided he needed to fly, so he strapped a ton of balloons to some elephants and rode them through the air for a bit of distance. He gave up on that idea after a bit, and ran through the jungle some more, but even with the distance he'd gained by flying the giant Russian guy was right behind him. He jumped down into a cavern and found some grizzly bears. After a short negotiation with them, he strapped wings to them and gave them weapons. He flew on one to the top of the ravine, where the Russian guy was standing and looking down. And I love the next two lines.
"Is that a flying bear?"
"No. It's a flying bear with a spiked club. And I have about 16 of them. You should stop chasing me now."
And then I woke up.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Evil sorcerers in wooden houses.

First part, I had to help my father set up beach chairs far enough away from the water, but no matter how far away we set them they kept getting knocked down by waves.
Second part, I was in this strange house. It was really old. It was me and a nameless boy and a nameless chick. We were being held by this evil sorcerer guy, and we had to defeat him using our own magic powers, and THE INTERNET. We summoned this sea monster thing to distract him, it was like a hydra, but it attacked us as well so we had to navigate the maze-like house in order to escape while simultaneously chopping the monster's heads off. And the sorcerer was barely inconvenienced by the monster, he just zapped lightning at it. He was busy performing some ritual that involved our souls or something, but not too busy to catch us at every corner and keep us from escaping. We went up through the roof and into secret tunnels and everything, but we kept getting stopped by the monster we'd summoned and knocked back into the main hallway. The building was old, and the hallway was all dark wood, and off of the hallway was the sorcerer's main laboratory where he was performing this ritual. It had a cauldron and a lot of green smoke, but I was too busy fighting and running.
We found a laptop and went on the internet, and I entered the GITP AIM chat and asked for help. I was redirected to some "how to fight a hydra" website, and we used that to defeat the monster. Then after more secret tunnels, we were able to escape.

Then there was this picnic, at which I told that story. Then I had to explain to Squigley from Sinfest why it would be hard for me to get a job. I used an example involving my cell phone and a book to explain that I can't drive. Then I heard mom calling me to wake up, and I still don't know if that happened in real life or in dream world.

Monday, November 23, 2009

The concert will be good.

Erin and Mer and I were on the Fred going to Central Park. We passed by Hancock Fabrics and I complained that the bus never stopped there. The bus driver then turned into the shopping center, stopped in front of Hancock Fabrics and said something along the lines of "There, good enough for you? Get off." We got off and went in, though I didn't actually need anything. I ooo'd and aah'd over various crafty things for a while, then checked the time and saw I was late for my TMBG concert!
It was now being held in the basement of Monroe. I met Ben there, he was thoroughly unimpressed with the show and was like "I had to spend $35 on this?" I wondered what his problem was, as I enjoyed the music that they were playing. Not all of the songs were good. And when they had a karaoke contest, I wasn't picked to go up, which stressed me greatly. So the concert was disappointing, Ben wanted his money back, and though I was intending to get a t-shirt before we left, they weren't selling them.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Does anyone remember pogs?

I was at some kind of meeting thing, in the back row of an auditorium sitting next to some kid, like 7 years of age, and his grandmother. This kid wanted to enter the Pogs championships and needed a half-dollar (he kept calling it a 50-cents pog) to do so. He kept asking people if they had half-dollars, but no one carries those anymore, so no one did. I gave him 2 quarters and asked if they people running the tournament would just accept 50 cents. He said "NO" in an obstinate 7-year-old way. I suggested that he go out into the mall (for this auditorium was in a mall) with 50 cents and see if any stores could change it. When he refused, I took my two quarters and went out to see if any stores had half-dollars. I met Meredith outside.
The mall looked more like a hardware store, a huge open building with aisles of kiosks. One aisle had rooms, like hotel rooms, that people could rent by the year and use as a store if they liked. I'd rented one and all of my stuff was in it. It had a bed, a small kitchenette, a few tables and a cash register. My purse was sitting on the counter, I looked in it for a half dollar and couldn't find one. Went out into the mall with Meredith to find a store. Kept passing ice cream stores and thinking "I reeeeally want ice cream but that would make me look like a pig." After not finding any stores, I wanted to go back to my little room, get my coat and return to campus. But I couldn't find my little room. I walked up and down the ENORMOUS aisle where there were people setting up their little rooms, which were open to the aisle like a mall kiosk, they weren't private at all. They were stacked on top of each other, with a ladder on each side of the opening to the room. None of them were mine. Mine had been on the floor when I was there earlier, but it wasn't anymore, and it was impossible to check the highest rooms from the ground looking up. I asked a guy if I could see the directory, but he said no, that's classified. I angrily commented on how stupid that was. Meredith made a comment about how she was getting negative vibes.
Then I woke up.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

We should at least make cookies.

So, I was going to a movie at Cheapseats with Alice and Erin. They'd set up a little concession stand and with each ticket came a free drink and pretzel if we wanted them. I did, so I got in line, but I was the last to get anything and the film had already started. It was a film about evil cults.
Then I was selected to go with some FBI agents to infiltrate a commune filled with brainwashed people. We drove to this area that looked suspiciously like the Howard County fairgrounds, with a few small wooden houses. We barged into these places and interrogated some people, they all acted like those people from the 5th episode of Dollhouse, the one with the commune.
Curses, that's all I remember. Except I woke up with the notion that we should make sugar cookies in the shape of mobius strips.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Utterly not-epic.

It was my birthday party. My mother was there, as were my ladies, and Mel and Colleen. And a bunch of German biker dudes, which made Mel and Colleen go "0_o!?" We were sitting around the VA hall fountain eating cake and ice cream sandwiches. I started singing Angeber by Die Aerzte. That is all I remember.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Not mine.

This dream is NOT MINE, but Boyfriend's. It is incredibly epic, so I'm putting it up here.

So, I was, for some reason or another, recruited to this elite squad whose sole task was to find and destroy Dracula. We chased him all over the world. We eventually got him onto a van. Or rather I managed to sneak on a van he was on. Anyways, it was day time, but the windows were heavily tinted. I managed to open the van's side door and force part of him out. Unfortunately vampires in my head don't just poof into dust. They burn really, really slowly. So the guys in another van that was chasing us pull out a turret and try to shoot at Dracula while he's burning. Something happens and the van crashes.
I "wake up" in the wreckage to my bones fixing themselves in an extremely painful way. Dracula had apparently made me a vampire, saying his reason was that he oh-so-enjoyed watching "heroes" fall. And then he lead me to a suburban area by saying, "Stop me, if you can!" The first thing he did was slaughter and drink the blood of two deer from a nearby woods and flung them in a very grotesque way into a man's trees. I could do nothing but cower behind a vehicle, realizing the whole van thing had simply been because he LET me do that. That this must all be part of some crazy plan.
But even though I was a vampire, I had retained my personality. And a new sudden realization was that the master vampire hunter of our squad (apparently akin to how famous Van Hellsing is) really just wanted Dracula to turn him into a vampire, and was fudging the turret shots on purpose. And Dracula knew this too. It's why he didn't fear the squad. But elite guy had already fallen, so it wouldn't be any fun to turn him. So then Dracula turned his attention to a rather nice large house across the street. He entered in, screams could be heard for almost a half hour before police arrived. Dracula had abandoned me to see what I would do. Hellsing arrived with the police. And it was only 20 or so minutes until dawn. They immediately saw the mangled and disfigured deer in the trees. One officer threw up. Then they saw me behind the vehicle parked on the side of the street. They began asking me questions, Hellsing immediately recognized what I was, but only eyed me. Sun rise was getting closer and closer. I said I was a night owl and that I really couldn't possibly answer any questions coherently right now. They insisted that it would only take a few minutes and started walking me to the big house.
Sunrise. It burned like an extremely intense sunburn, and it was getting worse. I could feel my skin burning away slowly. I ran for the house. Ran for the shade. The police followed, as did Hellsing. None of us, save Hellsing, were prepared to see what had happened to that family. Apparently they were having some party or something because there were a lot of mangled dead bodies. And a lot of blood. Dracula had apparently only drank a little from each of them, letting the rest spill on the floor or on furniture. It was a grotesque sight. The police freak out, one pulls a gun on me and shouts for the other to investigate.
I am being yelled at. Questions like, "How?!" and "Why did you do this?!" While he ignored my "It wasn't me!" He exclaimed how that everyone was dead and it was I who had committed such horror. As he said that, his partner could be heard saying "Not everyone is dead." in the most ghastly tone I have ever heard.
We went to see what he was talking about. In the room were three people stirring from onconsciousness. They each were impaled by many shallow little prongs, arranged in pairs and connected to wires that lead out of the window. The flashlights were waking the victims up. They saw the police and Hellsing and ran at them, half of the prongs being pulled out because the wires were too short to allow movement. I realized too late: Grounding wires. As the victims embraced their would-be heroes, it must've felt like being hugged by lightning.
A second later the house's power went dead, and 6 smoking corpses lay at my feet. I was horrified. Dracula stepped out of the shadows. I asked him why. He said because he wanted to show me what I am capable of, what I WILL do. I told him he failed, I kept my personality, that I would never do anything like that and that I will find a way to destroy him. He said, "Poor, simple boy. Every vampire keeps their mind. It is the slow workings of immortality that will drive you insane. And when that moment comes, I will be there to drink in the mayhem with you..." and then he was gone, disappeared in the same shadows he appeared in.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Though I had to take one for Tennis, so I wouldn't be TOO surprised.

First part, I was testing new toys. There was this thing that was like a combination of Gack and Legos. You built something out of these lego-like blocks, then you could throw it at things and it would go splat, or bounce, instead of falling apart. I built Cookie Monster.
There were more dreams before this one, but I don't recall them.
We were having a final for Weight Training. There were 10 short answer and an essay. @_@ The only short answer question I remember was "Write down what machines you use to work out. If you use any aerobics machines, what is the medical warning that appears on each one?" That one was easy enough. But then there was a question about the history of weight machines or something that no one knew. And this was a timed test. And we were in an Italian restaurant. There was garlic bread, and a lot of moaning about having to take a test.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I woke up 3 times!

First dream, I'd just gotten off an airplane in Texas. I met Reece, we went on a date, kissed for a long time.
I woke up for real, thinking "Weee, can't wait to tell Reece about that dream!" Tossed and turned for a bit, got back to sleep.
I "woke up". Again thinking about telling Reece about my dream. It wasn't late enough though. I looked around and found myself in a daycare-center-looking place, with rubber pads on a carpeted floor and coloring books and toys everywhere. I was on a cot. Titus and Meredith were there, coloring. I was nervous about anyone finding out what I dreamed about, for some reason, but for some reason I told Titus. He did his characteristic "Woah, really?" Though that doesn't seem to apply to this situation much. :P Titus told Meredith, who nodded disinterestedly. I went over to a nearby computer to check my emails. A random playgrounder who I'd never encountered entered the gitp chat, and then started messaging me outside of it. Asking if I'd had any weird dreams lately. I linked her to this blog, and she was like "Cool, did you have any last night?" I said "No."
I "woke up" again, thinking "That was weird. Now I get to tell Reece about my dream!" But looking at the clock, I saw it was 3 AM, nowhere near time to wake Reece up. So I went for a walk instead. I wound up in a suburban neighborhood, near a house that looked like the Dales' place. I knocked, and a blond woman in a blue dress answered the door. I'd been hired to babysit. I went through the house to the garage to find the boy I was babysitting. There was a swingset in there, and the boy, who was about 5, was just sitting on a swing, stationary. The second swing was moving by itself. The boy was following the moving swing with his eyes. I thought about it for a second, and decided that there was a ghost child in that swing, that only the boy could see. Probably an incredibly angry child who couldn't stop swinging. So naturally I started making faces at it and insulting it. I then noticed a particularly fierce-looking Chow chained up behind the swing set. He started growling and barking at me. The boy just sat there and observed this scene. I exited the house through the garage, I didn't get paid or anything.
I "woke up" again. I checked the clock and saw that it was 10:17 AM. I found that Erin was already up. She asked where I'd been, despite the face that I clearly had just woken up I told her I went for a walk and I visited that haunted house. Erin was rather annoyed that I didn't take her. I sat down at my computer, hoping to get on AIM and finally tell Reece about my dream. It was still earlier than usual, but he was online. I was STILL nervous about Erin finding out what I'd dreamed about, but she was reading the computer screen over my shoulder. So I was just like, what the heck, and typed the message to Reece anyway.
Then I woke up for real. I still have to tell Reece about my dream. :P

Monday, November 9, 2009

Late post is late.

I was in this house I didn't recognize with this family I didn't know. Apparently I had biked there. There was a program on the TV about comic book movies in recent years. The man was talking about how Spider Man was the first one, but I was like "I thought that was X-men." Then a dog outside, a pit bull, started barking really loudly, and the mother of the family and her five identical children got up quickly and rushed out to the car. I joined them, and we went to the shopping mall to meet their father. Then there was a chase up and down escalators involving some Aaron Eckhart clones who were trying to steal stuff. I wish I remembered more, it was quite exciting.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A lot of dreams lately seem to have Dad getting mad at me.

I'm sure Freud would have something to say about that.
Ok, it was summer and time for the yearly beach trip. We'd just gotten to the house, which looked a lot like the Pounder's house, but bigger, and beachier. We immediately went out and set up. The Hensons and the Orells were already out there and set up. Ned was coming in from snorkeling as I went into the water. I had my usual discussion with Reilly about using swim goggles in the ocean.
We went inside later to find Dad at the kitchen table looking worried. Turned our he'd been fired from the NSA and had to find a new job. I joined him in searching. He had a recipe box filled with little cards that had open positions and their descriptions on them. One of the jobs that he liked seemed to be running an artsy summer camp. I also expressed interest in this job. He said he especially liked it because it counted as school credits, and I was like "It does??" He angrily showed me the card and started ranting about how I never look at anything closely and that's why I'm failing at school.

The dream changed and there was some bit about Reece getting me a robot dog for Christmas.

Friday, November 6, 2009

I haven't touched a piano all week.

I arrived at piano class, but I rummaged through my bag and found I had left my sheet music back at the dorm. I wasn't particularly disappointed, as I hadn't touched a piano all week, but still, I had nothing to do for an hour. My piano teacher sent me to the library to look for new sheet music. I found some, but it was all beginners stuff. I was in the kids section of the Howard County library. There was a class being held there that I attended for an hour instead. Professor Parker was there, but it was a bunch of elementary school children.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hooray, drawing party!

I was shopping with Erin and Matt. First we were at Michaels, so I went to the back where the embroidery floss is, and I got some plastic cross-stitch frames. Matt stopped by an aisle where they were selling Star Wars action figures. Then we went through an "employees only" door behind the needlework aisle, and found ourselves in the front of a restaurant. A very small waiter greeted us and grabbed menus to seat us. My parents and I think the Ballards were at the bar. I passed by the short waiter dude with an apology. Everyone started laughing at me for apologizing to the waiter. I was embarrassed and went to the other room, where I met with Ballard and Sheckells. And out of nowhere appear Meredith and Reece. Then we are all provided with crayons and paper and a drawing-party ensues.