Tuesday, April 27, 2010

[title here]

I was out at lunch with Erin and Meredith and Matt. There was a woman at the next table over, she kind of looked like my science professor from fall 2008. She was arguing something loudly and obnoxiously, and she was very wrong. I stood up and proved that she was wrong.
Then Erin, Mer, Matt and I left. We were in some sort of market place. Sheckells approached me later and told me that I'd incurred her wrath and that she was going to try to destroy everyone I hold dear. I laughed an said that would never happen. Sheckells looked at me seriously, removed his cell phone from his pocket, pressed a few of the keys, and suddenly I had an aura. It was in the dream, though it almost woke me up.
There was more involving the woman trying to trap me and failing.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dang it, there's a whole middle part missing.

There was some kind of holocaust thing going on, death camps and genocide, whether it was Hitler's or not I dunno. But it was up to me, Erin, Reece and 5 other guys who weren't from real life to stop it. So we did. And a bunch of dudes who worked at the death camps and the guys who made the deadly gas were all mad at us. ('_('
Then we were on a train. This year's theme seems to be modes of transport, rather than a city or a path lined with trees.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Both wizard Harrys? Gosh, I might be a nerd.

I was in Seacobeck, with Erin and Meredith and Matt, and some doofuses at a table near us were mocking me for some reason. Now, we were all wizards. I tried to prove my magical skill by producing a Patronus without using a wand. Harry Dresden could do it! It was really hard though, even with my most potent happy memories.

Outside there was a second multicultural fair going on. It was reminiscent of that dream with the fest tents on the path lined with trees next to a river, except it was on campus walk. There was a stand selling little statuettes and figurines from Germany. And Erin wanted Chinese food, but the line was too long, and I found a stand that sold bratwurst with German mustard so I bought one of those.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Some dreams

Ok, so.
First dream, I was with my classmates (I don't know what class, but it was a school trip) on a train. Actually it wasn't a train so much as a trolley, a street car. It was raining outside. I was sitting down when suddenly I thought I felt something in my back pocket. I reached behind me and pulled out just less than a handful of live worms. I was absolutely disgusted, and I through them out the window of the trolley. But these worms kept coming out of my pockets. I was stuffing them in the can where I keep my loose change. My class was watching this. Once I had a full can I tossed it out the window. I asked the driver to stop so I could solve this problem. I ran down a staircase that appeared randomly.
Second dream. I went with my cousin to this zoo/aquarium. There was this black and white seal that I wanted to take a picture of but Reece kept sending me text messages so I couldn't use my phone's camera. And I'd left my real camera at home.
Third dream. I was chilling with Erin and Meredith and Mary-Katy and Matt and Titus and Reece. We were walking along next to a lake. We grabbed some sticks, made fishing poles and started fishing. I caught some shrimp-like-things, and a plastic mermaid. Everything we caught melted into goo as soon as it hit the dry ground.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

He took forty cakes. 40. That's as many as four tens. And that's terrible.

I know what inspired this one.
It started off in a convent. Meredith was a brand new mother of sextuplets. Some bond villains and Lex Luthor were after her children. Their evil plan involved printing pictures of us off of facebook and writing nasty notes on them. And they talked like the turtles from Finding Nemo. We had to find safe places for her children to go so we could fight the villains. There was a lot of drama and crying.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The heat must have something to do with this.

In my dream, I'd slept through Erin's science experiment. I'd woken up to my alarm, but fallen immediately back asleep. And then I'd sleep-walked into the other room and spoken to my uncle about the Ninja Turtles, all in my sleep. Erin called me, I didn't answer. And when she came by looking for me, I was on my feet, nodding off and on. She laughed and told me that I looked very silly. Then the rest of my family came in. My sister had gotten me sleepwalking on video. They watched it, and they were all laughing hysterically. I didn't watch the video, but I heard myself repeating the word "Michelangelo". My sister put the video on youtube. Later, Collegehumor linked to it and I became the laughing stock of the internet. Or I would have, if I hadn't woken up for reals.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


So it was advising time. In this universe Herr Rotter was Meredith's adviser, because they were assigned alphabetically rather than by department. I was confused because Mer has said that she's never seen Herr Rotter before, yet he's her academic adviser, who she's had to meet with once a semester for 6 semesters.
Mer, Erin and I were hanging in my basement, which was also a craft store. Mer had to meet Herr Rotter upstairs. During their meeting I eavesdropped, and something was hilarious because I couldn't stop laughing. Erin was waiting to pick up someone from the airport. My parents were going to take us to the airport to pick this person up, and we were going to drop Anuan off at the airport at the same time. In the car, I couldn't stop reading the new Dresden Files book, but I got out of the car to give Anuan a hug. The person we were picking up was Erin's brother. We then went to a waterpark.