Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Man, history class really worries me.

First dream, I got my paper back in History with a B+. But still with comments that a bunch of my content was superfluous, my title was stupid, and he didn't like the pictures I added. I woke up and was relieved I hadn't received my paper yet.
Second dream, Adrienne and Erin and Meredith decided we needed to go on a trip, so they bought plane tickets for all of us, plus Stephanie. I didn't know where we were going, but I suspected Berlin. While we were pressing through the airport (a very strange-looking airport, all of the hallways were made of twigs and all of the windows overlooked a river) I realized that I had to go to history today to turn in the book assignment. Erin told me I had to call Ross, and she handed me the phone. I asked Ross to break into our apartment, grab my paper off the printer to hand it in, and see if he can grab my research paper for me as well. Ross gave me a brief lecture about missing class before saying he would do it.
Third dream was Gunnerkrigg Court. Because of the current fight they're having, Reynard has the power to leave his doll body. He takes over the body of a strange man in a black hat adorned with a feather.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Aladdin with ninjas.

I was fighting ninjas with a team of people. Because I don't know who they were, I'll codename them Meredith, Erin, and Matt. These ninjas were trying to steal something precious from us, I think it was a DVD of some Disney movie. Matt had a dart gun, Meredith and Erin and I only had our wits and our amazing parkour skills. We chased them over the roofs of buildings, up and down, through courtyards. I began to recognize scenery from Disney movies. We ended up in a place that looked like Agrabah, except with some buildings from Mulan thrown in. We still had to fight the ninjas. I was momentarily distracted by a band randomly placed in a corner of this yard. Suddenly the ninjas turned into genies, and I was killed and turned into a ghost. I was completely invisible to my friends, but I managed to communicate by stealing one of the instruments from the band. They had to find and defeat the ninja/genie/whatever who killed me so I could return to life.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

History Exam.

I was taking my history exam. The short answers were really easy, so I finished them in about 5 minutes. But then the professor told me that if I handed in my work on looseleaf it wouldn't count, and I had to have a blue book. I dug around in my backpack and found a rather beat up one. I copied my short answer questions, then started on the IDs. They weren't IDs anymore, they were matching, but they were still really hard. I looked at the clock and realized I only had 20 minutes to do the essay portion of the test, which is half of the test grade. I looked at the essay question, and was completely bamboozled. It was about one of the books, which I hadn't read for some reason.
Then I "woke up", remembered that the test was a take-home test and that it was due TODAY, and I still hadn't done the essay. I had an hour. I forced myself not to used the internet to find the answers to everything.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I've been considering updating all day.

And just now I get the chance to. So I don't remember too much. =(

I was hanging around my house on a Saturday. Both of my parents were there, and everything was quiet. I said "We should go to Berlin." My mom said "Ok!" like I'd just suggested we go see a movie. We got on a plane for a quick daytrip to Berlin. I wondered why we hadn't done this earler and my mom said "I have no idea!"
Berlin underground for some reason. We had to go down several flights of stairs from the airport, into a place that looked sort of like a subway station. We went to a pizza place for lunch. Then I woke up.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dresden again.

I was at a mall, in a clothing shop, with my mother, my sister and Meredith. Somehow by looking at the jewelry we determined that this clothing shop was run by criminals, and the entire mall was owned by the mob. Then we learned from my mother that Marcone had infiltrated the government and was really behind the vampire war and the end of Changes.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gah, don't remember any more.

I was at a thrift store with my parents and Reece, and I wanted to try on some clothes. It was a skirt and a top. They had no changing rooms, so I went into the ladies' room to try them on.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I hate being sick SO MUCH.

There was a playgrounder meetup going on, and I really wanted to go but I was still sick. So I'm in my room, hacking coughing and wheezing (even in my dreams it won't stop!) talking to Reece on IM since he was also unable to go. It wasn't my room though, it was a bright room with yellow walls, and a window that looked out on a green field and mountains. I was pretty high up, the people outside looked very small. Across the field were some trees, mountains in the distance, and to the left of my window was a cliff.
Then skype opens up and I get a call from the meetup. Sort of. There wasn't any video, but someone had a phone and they'd called me. The phone, I was told, was attached to someone's backpack and that's why the voices were faint. They were in the middle of rock climbing, up the face of a cliff. The playgrounders tell me that they're coming to visit me. I look out my window, and see tiny people pop up onto the field from the left of my window. They went toward a small fest tent that appeared in the middle of the field. There were already people in the tent. I went outside to meet them.
Right outside the house, there were some people I didn't know, walking their dogs. There were 2 Irish Wolfhounds, the size of llamas, with spotless white coats. I hugged one of them and said that I wanted this type of dog when I got one, and Reece could have his Yorktese.
I went around the house (I'd exited on the other side) to the tent, and sat down with people. The Orells and the Hensons were there too, as well as everyone who'd been at the MD meetup last October. Including the small children. I wondered how they'd gotten safely up the side of the very high, very steep cliff.
Then I woke up.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Doing fun stuff in the middle of the night.

It was the middle of the night. Adrienne and I went somewhere, to the playground or something, and we were discussing Doctor Who and how happy we are that 10 is gone. We came back a weird way that led us through several buildings and across a large grassy space, to end up behind the apartments. As we headed towards our buildings, it started to rain. This stressed me out. I ran over to my building, cried out to Adrienne dramatically as we separated, and instead of fishing my key out I swiped my card to get into the laundry room.
Meredith was there. I decided to do some laundry too, and loaded my clothes into a machine (without having to go back into the apartment to get them.) Meredith got upset, because apparently she was washing all of the clothes in the world, and needed the entire roomful of machines. I apologized.
Then I woke up.

Friday, November 5, 2010

High school?! Standardized tests?! NOOOOOO!!

I was in Trinkle 204, for some reason, chilling with my roomies. Suddenly I remember that I have to go take a standardized test! Erin and Meredith both go "Emily, you should leave NOW! We all have classes to go to." I'm like "Who will look after my laptop while I'm gone?" A blind guy with a puppy comes in and says that he'll do it.
I leave Trinkle and end up in the science hallway of Centennial. I go into the room where I used to take Chemistry, and I ask the person there if this is where I take the test. He looks very confused, but he says yes and hands me a sheet of paper. The paper says "Draw a fish." and has a bunch of different drawings of fish on it. I leave the room.
Erin is out there with Sunshine. She says "Emily, that's not the room where you're taking the test! How on earth did you get lost?!" I'm like "I know, I know!" I go from the science hallway to the English one, into the room that was Wright's room. There's my chem teacher, passing out the standardized test. She glares at me for being late. I give her a paper slip with my name, my year and my major. The room looks almost exactly like the room where I took English, except the wall on the far side of the room that had a wall of boxes that looked like the mailroom. The teacher looks at me like I'm crazy for not knowing this, and tells me to go put this slip in my box, though the slip is supposed to be an index card. I do this.
I look at the other desks in the room, and see that they're all freshmen (in college). This test is taken by freshmen and seniors, I was the only senior who'd signed up for this time. The other students look like they're much younger than college students, maybe freshmen in high school. I'm then told that I need to keep this class occupied while the teacher steps out. I go up to the front of the classroom, the other students look really young now, middle school aged. So I start to tell jokes about the first time I took this test, and quickly run out of material.
Then I woke up.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

She uses Vaseline. Also Farscape?

Merin (Mer and Erin) and I were getting ready to go somewhere, some kind of carnival I think. I was singing "She Don't Use Jelly" by the Flaming Lips. I told Erin that I like the Ben Folds cover of the song better, and she told me she liked the original. Meredith complained that the lyrics make no sense.

Then I texted Reece and told him that we were going to this carnival, and that I wish he was here. Suddenly he appeared next to me, in the doorway of the kitchen. He gave me a big hug.
But then I received a text from Reece that read ":( I wish I was too." I kept receiving texts from him. I showed the texts to the Reece that was here, and he was also confused. At least, his face said so. He hadn't actually spoken since arriving, and I hadn't noticed 'til now that that was strange. We determined that this guy was a doppelganger and should not be. I didn't want to destroy him though. I was deciding what to do when I woke up.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I was complaining through IMs that no one commented on either of my blogs. Then a dragon commented on one of my posts. Another dragon commented on the same post, and there was a flame war between these two. Turned into a literal flame war when they decided to meet in Ball Circle to settle their differences.