Thursday, March 25, 2010

I wonder what THIS means.

My best friend of years (according to dream logic; It was no one recognizable) was leaving to go somewhere I couldn't, and I was sad. He kept saying bye to my other, more composed friends, but I was on the verge of tears and he obviously was trying to avoid that.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Harry Dresden and Gunnerkrigg Court

I was being framed for stealing a bunch of money from the government and giving it to Russian terrorists. I'd also "stolen" money from various celebrities as well, since I kept getting calls from them. The only one I remember is Lady Gaga. Some of them offered jobs so I could work off my debt. I had to prove myself innocent and catch the bad guy, so I got the help of Antimony from Gunnerkrigg Court, and Harry Dresden and his apprentice Molly from The Dresden Files.
I can't remember too many details, but I had a blinker stone that I couldn't remember how to use, I borrowed Molly's protective jewelry, and I wanted a magic staff so I made one out of a hockey stick. Similarly to the TV show, I suppose. My mother was trying to help me make a deal with the government. Oh, and Prof Merrill was one of the evil govt agents out to get me.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Stupid lost hour.

I was in Seacobeck with Ballard, eating some cake. The Handel piece from the end of There Will Be Blood came on the radio, and I started tapping on the table to the rhythm as I am wont to do. Some chicks sitting at the table across from us told me to stop, but I told them the song had to finish first. When I got up to put my dishes away, the girls called the authorities and I had to hide. I found a circular cupboard in the wall that had a door similar to a porthole. I squeezed myself inside. There was a combination lock on the inside, so I locked myself in, and the authorities passed me by.
Then I woke up at 9, which felt like 8, and turned over and fell back asleep.
We went to visit the home of my parents' friends, who were having some kind of party.
Madeline wanted to cook something, but hadn't the ingredients. I stripped and remade the bed in the room I was staying in because the amount of dirt on the sheets was truly extraordinary.
We were going on some sort of excursion. Mom was putting stuff in suitcases, but not the big ones she used when we took the trip here, so I assumed we weren't going home. We got on wagons pulled by horses, that had seats like buses. I was sitting with Madeline and some guy who looked like Gregor from the movie we watched in German class. I said to Gregor "I left some of my stuff at the house, that's ok right?" and Gregor was like "Well only if you don't want that stuff anymore." I told mom, who was in the row in front of me, and she sighed exasperatedly and asked what the hell I was thinking, leaving stuff at their house. I told her Madeline hadn't packed either because she was busy reading Blood Rites and then I woke up.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Another one with bits and pieces.

There were some kind of festivities going on at my house. I only remember a few parts.
I was wearing my blue sundress despite the fact that it was really cold. The building we were in looked kind of like the staff dining room on the inside, and one of the Centennial park pavilions on the outside. There was a pool, I walked around it to get a drink, then I mingled a bit. I met my cousin by a picnic table, he looked kind of like cousin Harry but he was not, he was a very distant cousin who knew much less about me than I thought he would. We talked about school.
I went back inside and found Erin. My uncle Bob had instructed Erin to draw a comic based on the Dresden Files. I told her that she'd drawn Harry's faerie Godmother incorrectly. She told me that I could draw my own comic.
Then I found the table where the food was. I got a sandwich with bacon in it. Some chick I didn't know sat down next to me and told me how weird it was that I didn't eat meat, even though I was sitting there eating a sandwich with bacon in it.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Probably inspired by Union Station.

CPSC106 was meeting in the back room of a bookstore in a mall. Along with the usual students was a rather large group of children, ranging from ages 5 to 9. I don't remember what we talked about.
Next I had to go to this diner to meet with my German class. It was in a hotel, that was under the mall. I had to go down like 30 escalators, through a train station, and help some of the aforementioned children find the train they needed to take. I made it to the diner to find it entirely empty. It didn't look very much like a diner, it had one booth in that 50s diner style that might hold 9 people, and the rest of the room resembled a broom closet. There was one bathroom that I had to use, but the top half of its door was missing, like a bathroom in a daycare center. This made it awkward when people started passing by to get to the table.
Then when I left the class, I found that it was dreary and cold outside. Beyond dreary and cold, the ground was almost entirely ice. Yet members of my German class (who looked nothing like the real members of my German class) were skateboarding down the hill. The street I was on looked like Century drive. I fell and ended up sliding to the bottom of the hill. I met my mom, and she told me I needed to put on nice clothes because we had to leave for some event.

Monday, March 1, 2010

The praying mantis was rather cute, but nothing I'd want on my bed.

Ok, so I was in my bed at school. I woke up to find this praying mantis sitting on my blankets looking at me. It seems he was trained, and like Ralph, would jump upon the nearest person to make a noise that indicates awakeness. Apparently I'd talked in my sleep about Agatha and Gilgamesh. Some old guy came into the room and told me all of this, and gave the praying mantis a rice cake to get it to leave my bed. Then he put a leash on the little guy and took him away. But when I told Mer and Erin about this, and I said "rice cake", the praying mantis reappeared and jumped onto my knee, looked at me inquiringly and said "Ricecake???" I could hear the excitement in its little voice and it was practically wagging its nonexistent tail.
I got up, because I had to babysit. One of the kids acquired a knife and threatened me until I took them to the movie store so they could rent a movie. But all they had were VHS tapes, and no one had a VCR. I looked under the shelves, which were densely packed like library shelves, and I found a single DVD. It looked like some religious cartoon, and when I put it in the player it played a song over and over again while a lizard sat there on the screen.
I returned to my room to find the floor entirely strewn with Legos. My sister was building something quite complex. She'd also covered my bed in Legos. I complained to my parents, but they told me to hush, I needed to get to bed because I had German Literature the next day. I whined that I didn't like German Literature, and it wasn't until 2:00 anyway.
Then I "woke up", and was telling/reenacting my dream for Meema. Except I wasn't, because I told her she had to drive me to the store. She did, then I rigged the car to explode and went inside. We had to wait for a dragon in goggles to show up. But I had time to purchase a box of microwaveable Thai food. The dragon did show up, looking for coffee. Meema remarked that I'd had a very strange dream. It was at this point that I realized that this had nothing to do with my previous dream.
Then I woke up for real.