Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ice cream and swimming in January.

I'm in a class, on a boat. A woman with a black ponytail and lab jacket is reading from a large colorful picture book. I'm daydreaming about this party I want to hold. When I return home, I ask my parents if I could have a bunch of people over, we would go to Soft Stuff and then swim in the pool. My parents are like "Wait, it's January, you're going swimming? We just had snow. Oh whatever, but depending on what the situation is with that pool at the motel, you might want to swim at Sheckells' house." I acknowledge these facts, and I make a facebook event. The first people to sign up are Mel and Ballard. I'm approached by the woman in the lab jacket, who tells me that I really don't want to go swimming out in the cold. She steals a piece of my hair and says she'll make a clone of me, so I don't have to get in the pool. I start to explain why this just wouldn't work, because cloning doesn't work that way, but then I wake up.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

More Doctor.

First dream, Meredith and I were flying around with the 10th Doctor. He'd somehow become obsessed with Kentucky Fried Chicken, and wanted to go back in time to meet Colonel Sanders and find out what's in the secret blend of herbs and spices. Meredith and I were like "NO DON'T DO IT, IT'S BAD FOR YOU!" At some point I told the tale of when I wore my glasses in the ocean and was knocked head-over-heels, so I don't have glasses anymore. We also kept referring to something we called "the lettuce incident", which I think involved the Doctor attacking someone who was holding lettuce, but it was never said what exactly the incident was.
Next dream, all of the suite ('cept Amanda of course) + Sheckells had to sneak into this building to get plans of some sort. But to do that I had to pretend to be Empress of the Universe to get past this one guy. This worked a little, but I had to get the others to play along, and they didn't know what I was doing at first. I managed to get all of them to do understand what was going on and to act like I was Empress of the Universe, but then Mel showed up. For some reason this made the old guy I was trying to fool say "HA! I knew all along you weren't the Empress of the Universe! That would be preposterous!"
Then I woke up.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ice and snow

My family is hosting a big fancy dinner with the Ballards. I am irritated that I have to sit at the "kid table", so there is a bit of an argument. We end up in separate rooms, I'm pouting, they're watching a Disney movie on a huge flat-screen TV. The movie opens with colored-pencil drawings of American Indians, a lot of text on the screen and a voice reading the text. It changes to this snow-covered hill in the middle of an ice storm. Suddenly I am on the top of that mountain, just outside a cabin, and I'm being instructed by a king to go down the mountain and trek across that barren wasteland of ice. He has this evil female advisor who wears pink makeup, and she is out to get me. On her advice he sends me on this journey, but at the last minute he kicks her down the side of the hill as well.
I go into the cabin and prepare for my journey. My father advises me to dress warmly, but since I'm so tough, I decide all I need is my blue fleece and padded vest. I look down the first hill and see all kinds of junk scattered around. Suddenly it's like a video game. I'm reminded of Sonic. I have to get on a sled and slide down this hill, collecting all of the items. So I do. I miss a few, and at the bottom of this first hill I find my aunt, who tells me to look through the pile of items. In this pile I find a small pocket knife that wouldn't cut paper, an old jewelry box containing an arrowhead, and a bag of chocolate coins. I take these with me. The next hill has me stopping next to this huge cliff of ice which I will have to climb down, but just as I'm about to do that I'm pulled back through the television and into the room where I was. The voice is talking about Indians again, and my father has taken the video out of the VCR.
Next I'm at a computer, reading a story Erin has written (which somehow changes into a published book after two or three paragraphs). The story she's written is just about identical to the movie, even beginning with sketches of Indians and segueing to an icy mountain and a king. I look on the inside cover, and it says "Published in Ellicott City". I am about to ask her where she got it published, but I wake up.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My mother invited me to this fancy dinner for her work, because I know German and she had some German visitors. I got my hair cut short, like a pixie cut, but it made my face look round and fat so I was ashamed of it. Outside of the hotel there was a stubborn parking ticket gate, that I knew how to use because Katherine had brought me here before. Once we got back from the party, I hid in my room with my piano until my grandmother and the Ballards came over and my mother yelled at me for being an antisocial freak. Also, there was some confusion about it being a week before Christmas, though in the dream I thought "Wait, Christmas just happened. Has it been a year already? What happened during that year?

Monday, January 19, 2009

Evil Cheerios Merchants

First dream was about being on the Fred bus with Ballard, and she dropped us off and gave us the wrong directions. We were walking around forever, trying to figure out where ballard parked his car. He griped at me, saying that I should know where all of the parking lots in downtown Fredericksburg are. I responded that I did, but realized that I was mixing it up with old town Ellicott city.

Second dream, I was in a classroom and my sister was there. We were listening to tapes of babies crying, they were supposed to sound all the same, but mine sounded different. That caused the teacher to be suspicious of me. She took out a map to a secret location. My sister said "Hey, that's right up route one."
We learn that some evil Cheerios merchants were trying to cheat our friend (who owned a grocery store) out of money. They were marketing a brand of cheerios that had brownies in it, and this would hurt sales of both normal cheerios and brownies. This could not happen. I got into a fight with my sister, ended up biting her. When I realized how stupid that was, I ran away, hoping Madeline wouldn't tell the parents and thinking I'd have to pay her to keep her from telling them. I hid in my grandfather's house, but he didn't realize I was there. I was in his computer room looking for books, he yelled "What's making all that noise?" and when he saw it was me he was surprised. I thought "damn, he'll report me to my father and I'll be so doomed." I went back to the classroom, and negotiated some with my sister. Then I woke up.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Guitar jackassery.

We were shopping for a long car trip. My sister suggested we stop at a bookstore, and I agreed, because I wanted to buy The Other Wind, the 5th book of the Earthsea series. They didn't have it there, all they had were like 50 copies of Eragon and the Eragon sequels. I turned a corner about found their literature section and the Christopher Moore books. I had to choose between Coyote Blue and... one of his other books. I asked a nearby kid in the children's book section to help me choose. Coyote blue won, and I took it to my father at the checkout. After this long drive, we end up in someone's basement, discussing music and musical instruments. Half of the room is talking about guitars, and there's my piano instructor, bashing pianos and saying that they were easy and you just had to press the keys, whereas with a guitar you have to really learn, and it's so much more difficult. The kind of guitar jackassery I hate coming from my PIANO TEACHER. I went on my little rant about how that's awful, how I've played piano for 13 years and I still suck, how it's harder than people think, and she laughs and says "Well, that's just because you suck." I then look at the pieces I have that I want to learn, and I'm told THEY'RE TOO HARD FOR ME. WHAT?!
After that, the whole group goes to Walmart, where my parents are standing in line with my books. I wander off to the electronics, and see that they're selling the old old old gameboy, the black-and-white one, for $5. I then look at the guitar hero games. Then I woke up.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Board games

We were in this small, really cramped room, playing a board game with ridiculously small pieces. Will was there. I was searching through a box for the pieces, I was pretty sure there were some on the bottom. I found inside a rectangular jewelry box a little lizard, a pet I remembered buying and neglecting. He has a beak like a penguin. He's very ill, and very hungry. I give him some crickets and some water, he can barely eat them. I move him to the table, and everyone is sad. We reassemble the board game, which has something to do with canoes.
The dream changes, Meema is there, and so is Mike McManus from Chentennial. We are in a small boat, just off the coast. Again we are playing a board game, something about tsunamis, in which you place down cards in order, and get chips by trading with other players. If you have enough chips and you place down all of your cards, one of the players gets hit by a tsunami. Since we are in a boat, this is serious business.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Laser tag

It was Christmas. We were visiting friends, people I didn't know. They had a daughter, and we decided to go play laser tag with my sister and her friends. Shadowland was crazy crowded, they had to take us to a warehouse to give us the pre-game talk. The new girl and I tried to sneak into the room, and I explained the rules to her myself. Then Madeline and Greg attacked us in a field.
That's all I remember.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I apologize for breaking LOTR

My subconscious ruined all of Tolkien's worldbuilding.
Meredith and I had to take the ring to Mordor. We were in the Randolph basement, Ned and Cathy and Reilly were there as well as my sister and parents. The dean of UMW and all of my friends told me that the world was at stake and I needed to destroy the ring. I believe my family is on my side, so while I'm walking out the back of Randolph and down the hill towards Russel, I tell Ned all about it. He acts encouraging, but then I learn that he's wearing a wire and Sauron now knows my plan. I return to the rest of my family, tell them this, and they all reveal that they're working for the bad guys. I yell out a speech about how we have to do this to stop evil, and I beat up my sister, but my mother sends me to bed.
I'm given a map that takes me around to the other side of mount doom, which is apparently in a different kingdom entirely and Sauron's giant eye can't see into it very well. The dean tells me the entire convoluted plan of my route and my escape while we hide out in a bathroom (a bathroom without stalls or toilets.) Meredith and I start on our journey and I wake up.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

This dream means I want to go back to school, I want another babysitting job, and I feel guilty for not going to church.

I was moving back into school. No, we were in the car moving back into school. Then we were in this crowded basement, filled with kids both college age and younger. The college age ones were moving into their rooms, but they didn't look like dorm rooms anymore. They looked more like the sunday school rooms in the basement of our church. I was looking for Erin, I went up stairs and found myself in the church. A service was about to be held, and it was almost completely filled. I trotted up the aisle carefully and quietly, everyone was looking at me. My mother yelled "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" from the choir loft. I went out the side door, down some stairs that aren't usually there, and I'm in some sort of daycare center, that looks like the burleigh manor middle school library combined with the Torpedo Factory. Mrs. Dale is there, with her kids. I'm suddenly working for the daycare. As we walk up a flight of stairs, several of the kids look at a table on the side with a sad-looking piece of clear rubber on it, and they say to Angela "When will we get another goldfish?" Angela looks at me, and says "I don't know, they're a lot of work." I foolishly volunteer to take care of the inflatable fish tank. Angela leaves the crowd of kids in a room, and then I follow her over to a bookshelf in the corner of a room that looks suspiciously like the Dale's living room. She gives me a book with Charlie Brown on it, labelled "The Peanuts Guide to Buying Fish" and asks me to look at prices and see if my parents would pay for a new tank for the children, plus all of the necessary tools.
I take this with me in the car. We're driving to the school again.
Once again I end up in this strange basement, with larger rooms and an insane amount of people. This time I'm looking for Meredith. I go into a room that I supposed was ours, but instead of a room I end up on a sort of covered walkway. There's a beach outside, past the wicker railing, which is covered in climatis vines. I'm told somehow that my apartment is on the left a ways. I walk in that direction, through several gardens, past people I know but don't know. I never get to the apartment, one of the people (I'm pretty sure it was my RA) tells me I've passed it. I laugh at myself. As I'm heading back to my room, I'm greeted by several of the people I'd passed before. Now suddenly I'm inside, the beach is now a solid wall, and the apartments are now little rooms. I look a bit closer, and they are padded cells, with sleeping bags in them. I find my parents, and ask them about the fishtank, and then I wake up.