Saturday, May 31, 2008

Mel and Colleen are coming to visit!

I was hiking with my father and sister to this cabin. When we got to the cabin, there was an avalanche, of course, and we were trapped in the snow. Then this wizard guy appears in the cabin and turns all our hiking supplies into a comfy chair, which my dad sits in.Then I wake up, but not really, I wake up in the dream.I'm at my house, and I've slept through Mel and Colleen's visit, and I am saddened. Then the doorbell rings, and I go downstairs in my pajamas and Mel and Colleen are there and are all like "Geez, Emily!" And I apologize, and ask them how they found my apartment, 'cause suddenly we're in my apartment here. That question is never answered, and we decide to walk downtown. Then I'm like "Fburg is boring, let's go to downtown Eltville instead!" So we get into Mel's car and drive to Eltville, park in front of our old house and walk to the Fussganger Zone. I'm telling them about the ice cream place there and how delicious German ice cream is, and I tell Colleen how to order ice cream in German. Then Mel says "How did I drive here?" and I wake up. Actually wake up.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

I can't remember the rest.

I was at my house, and it was all decorated for a party, I guess it was Christmas because my sister was singing "The Night Santa Went Crazy" by Weird Al. Then Santa shows up, and he has indeed gone crazy and wants to destroy the world, but my sister and I keep telling him no, he CAN'T destroy the world. It's impossible stuffed animal. And then we have to hide the stuffed animal, and I'm communicating with my sister and father about how to do this, via AIM and text messaging so Santa can't detect us. The government is involved somehow.
Then the dream changes, and I'm water skiing with someone, probably my sister again, using those foam noodles. Then the boat stops and I fall forward and land in it, and my sister's like "It's just like an Indiana Jones movie!" and my mom's like "I told you not to water ski in those flip flops!" and I'm like "But they're the best shoes EVER!" and then I wake up.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A really short one.

Mom was encouraging me to skip sociology.

Monday, May 26, 2008

I hate packing.

Ok, so I didn't bring a lamp with me when I came here for summer school. My parents came down to bring me a desk lamp, but then when they got here it turned out I had a bedside lamp that had never been there before. Except we weren't here in my apartment, we were in my bedroom at home. So we already HAD lights. But we needed to find a light bulb for this lamp. We looked all around for a box of light bulbs, which I had brought with me to college. But since we were in my room, we couldn't find it, and we were confused because we thought we WERE here. Then we found a box of christmas lights on my dresser, and I started rummaging through there trying to find something that would fit this lamp. I couldn't find anything. Finally we gave up, and I went shopping with my sister. And we met Jaydeb at the store. Then there was a discussion about something, and the dream changed. Matt Baker found my parents' email somehow and sent them an email about how I had a new address and email address so they should send everything there. And that's why I haven't been getting mail/email from them.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Fucking Mesprit

Last time I play Pokemon Diamond before bed.I've reached the part where you have to catch Mesprit and it's super irritating. In my dream I was actually chasing something and I had to catch it. Then I got to a gym, one of the courts here at Mary Washington, and I got it to stand still by using mean look on it. Then 7 other people came in to try at catch mesprit, but it evolved into something like a dragonite, which meant a massive HP boost and no moves could hurt it at all. So we all started throwing pokeballs at it until eventually we gave up. And the dragonite was like HAHA you can't catch me and it "fled"

Friday, May 23, 2008

It was a really interesting movie

I was watching a movie with my family, my parents, sister and grandmother. It involved a woman who was a recovering alcoholic, and she was getting married, but she got incredibly drunk and her fiance left her at the rehearsal dinner. Then, still in the movie, playing cards started raining from the sky, and they turned into $10 bills, and she wound up with a million dollars. And a pirate, who was her unrecognizable childhood friend, also drunk, started giving her relationship advice and she eventually got her fiance back and they got married. Everything was made of legos. That was the movie. The rest of the dream involved video games.I'd gone shopping earlier that day, and I'd gotten "Dance Dance Revolution, Extreme 2". I really wanted to play it, but my sister was playing something that seemed like a cross between The Sims (except her Sim was the dancing monkey from DDR), Mario kart and Pokemon, and since it's her PS2 she wouldn't let me play. But we'd had a big dinner, so my mother insisted that I play DDR for exercise. My father started playing Madeline's game on the PSP, and I played DDR, and then I woke up.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Giant mosquitoes

I was having an argument with my parents over something trivial, so trivial it never came up in the dream, and my sister instructed me to just drop it and told my parents to chill. Then I had to go across the street to babysit the family I usually sit for. Aaaand....they invited my family and I out for dinner... then something happened involving killer mosquitoes. It really didn't become a wierd dream until then. After a chase scene involving bugs and a police car, we went out for ice cream.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I wish I had $500,000

I was running errands with my parents in Columbia, Mel asked me to drive out to this one store to pick up something she'd left there. St. Johns Lane goes all the way to Columbia Crossing, apparently. So I did. My mom had given me $500,000 for some reason, but I wasn't complaining. The shop I was going to was an antique store. I picked up the item Mel wanted, and I had to pay for it for some reason. This old crone behind the counter demanded a dollar bill with my name written on it and knocked me over, I said no because she'd use it to curse me and my family. Then something happened that I can no longer remember, I think it was a brief chase scene. Then the shop turned into a GameStop, and I was shopping with Andrew Ballard. I had $500,000, so I was going to buy a nice expensive gaming console. But then we found a Wii on sale for $50! So I bought that. Then we bought Guitar Hero for the Wii. I think the old woman from the antique shop was there again, but then I woke up.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Like if Mary Poppins had an Iphone

I was packing up my college stuff and preparing to leave the dorm, while at the same time touring this other was like, my mom and sister were deciding what should be thrown away etc. and packing my stuff while my father and I were looking at this crazy house. This house was in a computer or something, it was on a screen, you would scroll through it with a stylus to find the room you wanted to see, and then it would just materialize around you. Except it wouldn't, because then you had to put the room together like it was a jigsaw puzzle, based on the picture you'd seen on the computer screen. In some rooms it was just objects out of place, and in others you had to put it together like it was a picture, with a wall and a shelf with stuff on it all being one piece. We went and did a few rooms like this, I ran into a few of my college friends. My mom and sister would occasionally interrupt and ask me if I needed X to be packed. At one point we couldn't find the floor to one of the rooms and we had to jump through the floor to the next room, onto a convenient trampoline. The ceilings were very high in this building.And then we went to a restaurant, and I ordered a piece of pie. The waitress told me that by ordering pie I'd won a gift certificate for a free $400 crabcake at this restaurant. Then I found out that the pie cost $300....then I woke up 'cause a gnat flew into my eye.