Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dumbledore and captain kirk.

So, we were on the enterprise, and all of the air was running out, and in order to save them I had to go back down to earth and burn some particular documents that were located inside a tall building with square windows. Dumbledore was there and helped me climb the building.
Then my parents were having a backyard party, and Ralph found a weasel and chased it around the yard. We got it on video tape. Then I had to go back to searching for the documents in the tall building with square windows, but now the windows were really close together, so climbing it was more like climbing a rock wall.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Except I'm pretty sure Canadian money isn't bright and sparkly gold paper.

Ok, so, here's the earth.

Meredith, Mike and I were in this building. It had marble walls and staircases, with a floor like a bouncy castle. We are standing on a ledge around the rubber floor, in a line to get tickets for the waterslide. I get to the counter and the guy prints out my tickets. But the entire contents of my wallet had been stolen, and the money in my pocket is Canadian. I burst into tears and bound across the bouncy castle floor. Mike chases after me and asks what's the big deal, it's just a bunch of money, and I'm yelling NO, IT WAS ALSO MY DRIVER'S LICENSE, SOCIAL SECURITY CARD , STUDENT ID AND INSURANCE CARD! I grab a hang glider that is conveniently placed right there, and jump off the building. I land and enter another building. I run up a flight of stairs and run into this guy. I feel like I know him, but he doesn't look familiar or sound familiar. He explains that he'd taken the stuff in my wallet and he was very sorry. He then gives me tickets to the waterslide, and Meredith meanwhile wins 3 giant stuffed animals.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Homeless people and an ex-boyfriend!

Ok, Erin and I were in Central Park, the big shopping center in Fburg. We were shopping for our dorm room. But then the stores and parking lots turned into this alley of cardboard and chicken wire houses, with a bunch of homeless people in them. We went into one, the inside was much larger than the outside. We were in our dorm room, and my parents and grandmother were unpacking my stuff. They didn't pay any attention to me, it was like they were snubbing me. Also, my parents were arguing with each other while they were moving boxes and stuff around. I asked my grandmother what was up, and she said "We're too busy, we'll talk about it later." I left the room, confused. I met Erin outside. We went into another cardboard house, and it opened into a room with red wallpaper and carpet, with a big bed. It was like a hotel room. There was a guy sitting on the bed reading. He looked up at me and said "Get out of my house!" Apparently he was an ex boyfriend of mine, though I've never had a boyfriend before.
He reminded me of Mark.
I went back outside and met Andrew Ballard. Andrew and Erin declared that we needed to go to Walmart, so we began to trek across Central park to the Walmart. We got there and tried on some shoes, though I don't need any. While we were doing that, a very homeless-looking guy came and stole my Ugg sandals. I was sad, and after buying a T shirt from Walmart we went back to the cardboard huts and back to our dorm room. My parents had started moving in boxes of food, though I hadn't asked for any. Mom asked why my shoes were missing, and I told her they'd been stolen by a bum. Dad was cooking something, in the kitchen that was suddenly in our room. Actually, it had changed shape into something more like my grandmother's apartment, but we were still moving into my dorm room. Everyone was still bustling about, my sister had showed up, and so did Ex-who-looked-like-Mark. I was pushed out of the room by all of the busy people. The bum was there with my shoes, but he'd replaced the sheepskin lining with what looked like Barbie hair. I took them back into the room, and complained about them. My mom got angry at me for some reason and send something along the lines of "If you're going to make fun of the homeless, I'm going to kick you out and you can see for yourself what it's like!" So she did. I went back into the room where we'd found Ex-who-looked-like-Mark, but he snubbed me again, and laughed in my face because I was homeless now. So was he, I guess.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Derek and a sousaphone.

First part of the dream, there were big spider robots behind the house. Derek, from The Sarah Connor Chronicles, was there. He was very disappointed at me that I hadn't brought a gun. I went back into the house, which was filled with glass objects and rocks, like the shiny-stuff store. I found a little handgun and went back out. The bullets had no effect, and Derek was still peeved at me.
Second part, escaping from a boarding school. It was a Christian boarding school, and the chapel looked like St. Peter's. The pulpit had turned into what looked like a conch shell, or a sousaphone. We had to climb through it to get to our secret tunnel we'd dug to escape.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Almost a chase dream.

The first dream I can't remember well, except for the last part. I ran down the steps of my house and found like 5 spooky clown ghosts in my living room. They approached me and I was thinking "this is just a dream, just a dream, when a person has a lucid dream they're not afraid of what's in the dream" but I was afraid. Then I woke up, but in the dream. In the second dream I was doing laundry in the laundry room we had in our Eltville house. Then I turned around, went through a door. I sat at this wide table. My father, mother and sister were there, also the Ballards. They were talking about politics and what countries we were having trouble with. I was horrified at them. I spoke about how we're already in Iraq and having middle east trouble and such, but my father goes on. "We need to bomb those Egyptian bastards." Everyone around the table is nodding with approval. We talk some more about such subjects, and everyone tries to explain to me why we need to bomb Egypt. We go home, but it's not home. It's actually the Ballard's house. I'm in Andrew's old room, what is now Katie's room, on the top bunk of the bunk beds he hasn't had since we were in second grade. My father comes in and again tries to explain his problem with Egypt. I try not to listen. Then all 7 of them, the 3 others from my family and the 4 Ballards, are looking at me, I back out of the door and run away.

And then I wake up for real.