Monday, September 28, 2009

City Face!

My sister found a tame pigeon, who reminded me of City Face (you can read through the 10-page story without knowing anything about Gunnerkrigg Court). I was petting the pigeon, but then I thought that might make Cyrus jealous, so I stopped. But it DID make Cyrus jealous. He got into an argument with the pigeon.

There was another dream... I'll edit it in when I remember it.

I was at the gym for weight training, but all of the machines were crammed in this wooden shed, about the size of mine at home. The door opened and people spilled out onto a path, by a river, lined with trees. People started taking out machines. I got a recumbent bike out and pointed it down the path and started exercising. Something went wrong, the machine broke and I was riding the bike along the path. I rode into a group of cyclists, all on exercise bikes, who I recognized as random banterers from the Playground. The coach from weight training yelled at me and told me to go back to where the others from my class were exercising on their completely stationary machines. I went back. The coach said "You got caught up with those random banter people, didn't you?" and I was like "Yeah."

Sunday, September 27, 2009

This is no good! This is not right! (my feet stick out of bed all night)

My mother was throwing some kind of party at our house. My friends and I were running in and out, take care of things. Dad bought some booze. There were people over and dinner was being served when my mom noticed that Ralph had bees embroidered on his forehead. I was like "Oh yeah, I put those there!" and mom was like "Take them out! You can't embroider things on the dog!" One of my friends, I don't remember which, said "Well I thought it was a good idea." Mom sent us out on errands and stuff to make up for that. Andrew Ballard was there for that part, I discussed TV shows with him.
Then we were at school, and it was time to pack for fall break. My parents decided to pick us up, so they were there. Then Reece shows up unexpectedly. I was like "Hey! You're here early!" and he just stood there awkwardly. I ran up and hugged him, but he kept just standing there. He seemed to be petrified of my parents. So I dragged him off away from them, he finally snaps out of it and goes "Wait, what am I doing here? This is not right! This is not the Renfest!" I was like "Does it matter?" and he said "YES, we've been planning for the Renfest for months, this is not right!" and strolled of uninterestedly. And I was sad.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This reflects real life.

So, Stephanie was in my music theory class instead of linguistics. We had an assignment to dress in ridiculous clothes and take pictures of each other. I thought the assignment was sexy clothes, so I did the wrong thing and was corrected at the very last minute. My final outfit ended up being striped pants, a plaid vest and a top hat.
Because I did the wrong thing, I ended up missing German lit. So I went back in time, right into my German classroom at the beginning of class, but my body didn't come with me. I contacted Meredith with my mind and worked something out that fixed that little mistake. I sort of faded into existence, apologized a LOT for missing the first 20 minutes of class, and everyone was confused about how I didn't use the front door.
Interesting, because I'm probably going to miss some German because of a theory assignment.

Friday, September 11, 2009

That is so out of character.

I found out that one of the chat playgrounders lived in Wise county VA. I think it was Bea, yeah I know she doesn't. I started talking rather meanly about how I don't get why anyone would want to live there. Bea explained that most of the people had been living there for so long and didn't want to leave their normal lives. I started whining that there was nothing to do but go to Walmart. Bea countered that there was hiking and mountainy stuff, I conceded to that, but also said that they weren't real mountains down there compared to the mountains or alps.
Next thing I know I was hiking. And I saw this weird animal that had the head of a bird and the body of a moose. I found out there were more mixed animals around when I was chased in a car (driven by my mom) by some buffalo/lion mix. And Ralph got super-protective and violent and won a fight with a wolf thing by tearing it's throat out in a bloody battle.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Interesting discovery.

In a lightsaber brawl between Reece and TITUS, Reece wins. HA!
I'm sure this is not symbolic of anything.

(My boy's penis is larger than your boy's)
(The latter is based entirely on speculation and not on any information, dream or otherwise)

It took place on campus walk, in front of Trinkle. There was a lot of jumping. It devolved into a fist fight at some point. Reece won.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


First dream, I was in the weight room, Meredith was showing me new weights. We came to this one machine that didn't seem to work any muscles. It had this large lightbulb-looking thing in the middle of this round spinny table. You were supposed to sit with the bulb between your legs and spin around. Kinda like one of those merry-go-round things with the wheel in the middle. Except it had what looked like a lightning generator right above it. I took one look at that and said "No thanks."
This weight room was in Reece's basement, and I went up to find a bunch of playgrounders there. Ones I know who they look like, represented by their actual persons instead of their avatars, Trog and Alarra I know were there, and of course Reece, there were more. They were playing that game where you have cards with questions on them, you write names down on a board and move around using pieces and dice to see which person you ask the question about. Sometimes they encompass the entire board. I got the question "Which one of these people do you most fear?" and I said "Reece, because he's got a lighting generator that shoots at your crotch in the basement." Meredith was like "It doesn't shoot at your crotch, you're sitting too close to the middle!" and I responded "It shoots at your crotch."

Next dream, I was going to Kathleen Levendusky's house to chill. I went to the library to fill my CD folder with DVDs. They didn't have the ones I wanted though. I went to Borders instead, and instead of buying DVDs I got Fastball's newest album. Upon going home my mother reprimanded me for buying the CD because she wanted it and had bought it on her iTunes. This got my mother pretty mad, and she was fretting and upset for the rest of the time. She went shopping and bought all kinds of snack food and I was like "I'm not the one holding the party, mom!" She seemed surprised, then put everything she'd bought in a klappbar Kiste and drove me to Kathleen's.
Kathleen was sick in bed. Like, cartoony sick, all green and warty. Poor thing. She was watching the news and laughing hysterically because the headline was "Republicans actually do read books." She was laughing because she didn't believe they did and boy this sure proved her wrong. I was completely confused, because 1. Kathleen is a Republican, and a bit of a bibliophile, 2. Why the heck is this news, yes, Republicans are not uneducated bums. Well, not entirely, anyway. ;P
I told her how much weight I'd lost and she, too, was impressed. She said she was thinking of going on a diet herself, and asked me which one was the best. I immediately said Weight Watchers, because I'm losing so much weight, but I also mentioned Jenny Craig. Then for some reason I had this flashback-type-thing, where I went through a door and my mother gave me a salami and cheddar cheese sandwich and said something like "You may think this is a pretty cheap lunch, but I spent HOURS at Wegmans and found nothing else that looked edible."

Monday, September 7, 2009

Underwear is serious business.

I was under the same curse as Sleeping Beauty was, except I knew about it, and there was no spindle to set it off. It was right before the time when I was going to fall asleep. I was like "Shit, it's not October yet!" I decided that I really needed my sexy underwear to fall asleep in. The bra was on the top of the drawer, because for some reason it always is, but I couldn't find the panties. Roomie and Suiteys were both like "Then wear your purple stuff." but I was like "I can't, it's dirty!"

The second dream had Herr Desmond in it. Bleh.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The best way to deal with banned posters.

First, I was in 3nd grade, and I had just moved to Germany. I was in a classroom full of kids who knew each other. I had an assignment, which was to write my life story. I didn't know my life story, but I had someone invisible narrating my life from the future, like "Little did Emily know that in this class she would meet her 3 best friends for the next 4 years." So this voice helped me get through that assignment, and meet some friends. None of these really existed, by the way. The first was a boy named John, the second was a little plastic panda toy, and the third was a penguin. Some kind of hijynks ensued, all with me following the narrating voice.
Then I was in an airplane with some people. They were testing out actors for the new Star Wars movie by seeing if they could survive being kicked out an airplane. The kid who played Anakin in episode 1 survived, to everyone's dismay.
These people turned out to be playgrounders, kicking banned posters out of the airplane. Rawhide and other mods (all avatars, as usual) held a little conference in the back of the plane. FDL was there, having nominated Ichneumon to be banned (I don't know why, as far as I know they have no beef with each other, though I have a silent beef with Ichneumon). The mods declared her (him?) bannable, and FDL got to kick her out of the airplane.
I'm not sure if they had parachutes. Probably. We're very nice at the playground, you know.

Friday, September 4, 2009

What do boats mean? They happen frequently.

I don't remember too much. We were on a boat, and there were fireworks. And a bunch of boys who didn't know about sex but knew about ladies were like "Hey let's go downstairs and get massages!" I was like "NO." but then Erin and I went down and got massages from hot dudes. The boys found a magazine and hung around a little playground thing on the boat reading it out loud to each other.
There was some drama elsewhere, but I can't remember it.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ugh. I can't believe I'm writing this.

First dream was so corny as to contradict itself.
Basically I was able to say that I love Reece and no one would groan or roll their eyes or be all jealous or anything.
So my first thought upon waking to Erin leaving was "I completely and totally love Reece." Then I started thinking about how awesome it would be to text him with that in the morning because his reaction would be so cute. There are buckets available at the exits for puking.
But then I fell asleep again. The next dream was related, but depressing.
I decided, screw texting, I'm going to tell him in person! He lived in a tiny room in the water-stained basement of Westmo where Phonathon was held. He was sitting in a scratchy blue chair, like the ones in Randolph. I came in, sat on his lap and said "Hi Reece! First thing I thought this morning was that I love you!" And he cringed and was like "Yeah, Emily, I don't think I actually want to deal with this anymore." THAT was heartbreaking.
Then I woke up from that dream with all of the warm fuzziness of the first dream dissipating. I'm still gonna text him with that, though.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I was packing to go to school. Well actually to move away from school, I mean I was deciding which clothes to bring and everything, but I was in my house and everyone kept saying the school year was over. I cleaned out the fridge and stuff. I went with Andrew Ballard to the store for sandwiches. We ended up at blockbuster with my mom, trying to convince her that I needed an xbox 360 and rock band. She almost bought one, but then she didn't. I went back home where father lectured more on me not being ready for school. Some guy showed up while I was sorting clothes and gave me a lecture on vegetarianism. And health care. I ignored him.