Sunday, August 30, 2009

Shame I don't remember more.

I was playing some video game. That's a lie, I was a character in a video game. It involved beating up bad guys in a zeppelin (gee, wonder where that came from). I don't remember too much about it except it was being narrated in my head by James Marsters, and some move pulled off by two people. An Asian chick slit the throat of a guy but he didn't die so then a ridiculously skinny guy kicked his head off. Everyone was killing people left and right except for one guy who was just standing at the side, looking out the window and smoking. I was like "HEY, help us!" and he said "You know we're all just characters in the video game of life?" and I was like "Well duh." It was interesting.
Then that changed into something straight out of Up, with Doug and Kevin and running away from mean dogs. Except we had laser cannons. And there were dinosaurs.
I don't remember the rest.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The first part had something to do with riding roller coasters. There was one that went upside-down 5 times, and one that when upside-down for like 11 times. I picked the shorter one, but then I couldn't save the world.

Then I was dressing up for Renfest. My mom didn't think I should wear my corset-thing without a shirt, but I managed to convince her that it was absolutely necessary, with my sister's help. Her main complaint was that I would be too cold.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's always Mexicans, ain't it?

I was snoozing on the couch in the living room at home when I heard knocking at the door. When I opened it, it turned out to be a representative of the Mexican Lawnmowing Team and his faithful Dalmatian companion. Ralph came bounding out to meet them. The representative begged me for some coffee for him and his teammates. I wasn't sure how to make coffee, but I figured it out, and made them some coffee. While the coffee was brewing, my father called me and said I needed to find a certain glasses case. It had glasses in it, but they were example frames, not glasses that anyone'd wear. I grabbed a few members of the MLT and went to look for it. I looked all over and found many that fit the description, but every time I showed one to my father he would smack it out of my hands and yell at me about how I was unable to ever find anything.

Monday, August 24, 2009

God, I hope this isn't my father's reaction.

Reece was able to visit before October. We met at a restaurant in Ellicott City. My parents were with me, and his parents. The conversation was skipped, I'd imagine 'cause I spent more time concentrating on the boy than what my parents were saying, but that part was ALSO skipped. >=/
We left the restaurant in two separate black vans. My parents were driving our van. In the back there was a green couch instead of seats, and a bunch of obnoxious boys (representing my sister's friends but I couldn't specify which was which) were fighting over it. I looked around and the back of the van looked like a tropical rainforest theme restaurant, with weird trees and animals mingled with tables. These were all filled, and a woman was standing on one and talking about how since the last time this group had met they'd lost 3 members in a fight. I asked what the fight was about and they all turned at me and scowled, 'cause I was an outsider, and I saw they were all wearing masks. One guy who apparently didn't realize that shouted "Don't you remember Gary? He was our finest member!" and held up I guess a mask that must have belonged to him.
We got out of the van, the cult people had changed back into obnoxious boys, who ran up the stairs into my parents' room and started playing D&D and other things my parents disapprove of. I sat there on my laptop and ignored them. My father came into the room and yelled that he needed to speak to me. I went out to the hall with him and my dad started talking about Reece, and how disappointing he was, how his financial and educational situation was beneath us. Politics must have not come up. I was shocked and started saying that wasn't relevant when Reece's mother came up the stairs and did the work for me. Then my dad told her I wasn't responsible or mature enough to handle a long distance relationship and offered the example of me allowing my friends into their room to play D&D. I was like "MY FRIENDS?! Those are Madeline's!" but my dad didn't accept that excuse and continued ranting. I was sad. I went down to apologize to Reece.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

I love my roommate!

Ok, so my mom and I were driving me back to school. In a speed boat. Then we almost ran into a giant battleship, and there was a boat race.
Then the same thing happened, except more sensibly with our car and a giant truck.
But then we were back home, sitting on the couch. Mom wanted Erin's number so that we could call and find out when she was going to head back. I couldn't remember it off the top of my head, but I kept reciting numbers until I had the thought "Hey, I could just read it out from my cell phone." I did that.
We were in a small plane next to get me to school, flying directly above Erin's car. I called her on her phone and asked her when she was going to arrive at the school. Then I parachuted down into through her car's sunroof. Her parents were unfazed, but Erin was surprised. I went the rest of the way with them. We arrived at our dorm room, but it was more like an apartment. Walk in, there was a round table, to it's left was a kitchen with an island, and through another door to a living room. On the other side of the table was the sleeping room. We were talking in the kitchen as our parents unpacked the cars. Erin told me about this movie she was making that had a tiger and a dragon and some chick and showed me what she'd done for it. Then she said we could turn this into a play and perform it this semester! I sort of nodded my head and went along with it, but I noticed that my parents were going through my stuff and saying things like "Why on earth did she bring this?!" so I ran over and explained each thing to them. I showed Erin the pink folder I have that holds everything from last year's door collage. Erin was pleased.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Of course Walmart employees have a hivemind!

Meredith, my sister, my cousin Julia and I were at this party for adults, and we were very bored. I thought we should do something crafty, so I asked my mother to give us money and a ride so we could get some clay from the craft store. Mom at first protested, but then I insisted that Julia was bored and needed something to do, so she relented. We got on the Fred to go to Walmart, my sister thought it would be cheaper there, and my mom had warned her to keep me out of Joann's lest I buy about 13 tons of sewing supplies. We found the stuff in the aisle, but they only had orange, brown and blue polymer. I wanted some pink and white. I started to ask a guy about inventory. We got into a fight about Walmarts in general and how they are bad, when his eyes turned red and he cackled and said "You need to speak to the manager!" He led me to the back of the store where I saw a lot of people, employees and shoppers, all red-eyed zombies shuffling towards an "employees only"door. I heard rumbling from in there and realized that all of the Walmart employees were being mind controlled by an evil hive mind and now they were capturing customers! I enacted a daring escape involving several kung-fu moves that I don't know, and lots of running. I got on the Fred (for now we were in Central Park) and realized that the bastards had stolen my new purse. And everything that was in it. But I couldn't go back. So when the Fred stopped at the hotel where the party was, I was reprimanded by my mother for not only failing to procure the product but for LEAVING MY PURSE WITH ALL OF MY MONEY AND MY CELL PHONE AND MY NEW GLASSES at the store! She didn't listen to my (very good) excuse and sent me upstairs, where I found Meredith's room and we sat talking. Meredith excitedly showed me a new device she'd procured, a vacuum cleaner that also functioned as a collapsable toilet. I told her that was very nice and went to bed. 3 hours later I "woke up" and realized that I have to get up early to go to my 9:00 phys ed class. So I set my alarm, heard Erin mutter something about how my alarm is really loud, and then I woke up for real.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

A wheelchair. Made of napkins.

So, it was Monday the 24th, first day of classes. Except I was here, at my house. I had to get on a bus to Fredericksburg. But I accidentally went to the wrong bus stop and got on the bus to Centennial instead. I called my mother when I got to the school and told her what happened. She got frustrated because she was on her way to work but now she had to pick me up at Centennial and drive me all the way down to UMW. But first she needed to buy me a wheelchair, because I was sick. The wheelchair she brought me was made of napkins with little lobsters on them, folded into the shape of a chair. She said she was having such a busy day at work, I can attend some high school classes. I'd probably learn something anyway, since I got such bad grades in high school. I went to a history class. My mother felt the need to walk me through this first day of school. She bought me lunch, took me to my classes, and helped me meet some super-young friends. Lunch was a sandwich that could fit in my palm, and an apple. Then I met my art teacher and yelled at her for a bit.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Julia likes girls.

I was in the beach house with the folks from the party last night. Well, it looked like the beach house, but it was located in a city. We were discussing what we'd do for the day. A few people wanted to go somewhere, other people wanted to hang here, but about half of them wanted to hang with my sister and not me.
Julia, Ali and some really sketchy dude I didn't recognize were ones that decided to hang with me. The dude was making a movie and showed it to us. It involved spies and explosions. Bridges and boats were exploding. I thought it was really cool. Then I had to go to the bathroom. I was in there washing my hands and Ali comes in and explains to me that the sketchy dude is Julia's new boyfriend (wtf?!) and I should be nice to him.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tunnels and marbles and mind control OH MY

First part, someone had built a tunnel from Fredericksburg to the other side of the world. They'd used SCIENCE to make it possible to deal with the gravity problem, not to mention the heat problem. I wanted to find out where it went, so I paid a million dollars and walked through it to find myself in an alleyway in Thailand.
But I didn't actually, I was just imagining this while walking from the gym to German class with Matt, Erin and Meredith. I told Meredith that I had this new idea for a short story. We got to class, which was on fest tables outside along campus walk. Niebuhr was walking around collecting our homework when I realized I didn't have mind because I'd left my backpack at the gym. Erin handed me an extra work sheet and whispered "copy mine!" just as Niebuhr passed my table. Niebuhr gave me a look when she passed me and I thought "Damn, this is what happened to me all the time last semester, I told myself I'd shape up!"
The next part was like an episode of Buffy.
A teenager who lived in a clubhouse at the end of town had been kidnapping people. Our team of 4 from above went to stop him. But he kidnapped Erin, and we got even more desperate. He was filling her veins with some kind of cold substance that was going to kill her and destroy her mind. This was all part of the bigger plan of some woman who was using marbles made of the same stuff but in a solid form to control the mines of all of the children in town. Oh, and there was a big marbles tournament that day.
Matt and I went to stop that part of the evil plan. We ran into the crowd of kids, earning dirty looks from parents. The kids were playing with normal marbles. The kid who won claimed a whole bunch of the other children's marbles, but the evil lady (she had short black hair, wore too much makeup and a black cape) yelled over the children "I HAVE EXTRA MARBLES OVER HERE!" and they all ran over to her wheelbarrow filled with the stuff. But Matt and I had a wheelbarrow of bouncy balls, and they're a trillion times more exciting than marbles. The plan worked, and we managed to keep the kids away from her evil mind control.
A brief interlude had the child from The Giver trying to explain color and happiness to his mom, and his mom telling him that it didn't matter, and that all of the visitors to their little society were killed and fed to the dogs, so he'd best keep his memories of the outside to himself.
Meanwhile, Meredith had rigged an explosive device to the building when we ran up to the house. She'd gotten caught and was imprisoned, but unlike Erin she was not under mind control. The teenager came to the window and mocked us, saying that Erin was under his control now, even if his partner failed to get the town's children. Erin walked up behind him like an obedient zombie and we on the ground were shocked to see that she was now a bare skeleton. Meredith was right behind her, in chains. She was pleading with the Erin skeleton to let her go. The teenager laughed an evil laugh and brought out Meredith's explosive device. He ordered Erin to press the button and jumped out of the window. Erin glanced at Meredith and somehow winked despite not having eyes. She pressed the button, but she'd moved the explosives to the teenager's back pocket and he exploded. Then she turned back into the building and somehow put her skin back on.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

School starts soon.

The class buildings at UMW now looked like my high school, except it was double-floored like my middle school with a similar library. The class rooms were pretty much bare of character, all looking like grade school classrooms instead of 100-year-old UMW classrooms.
I looked at my schedule, and saw I had all-new classes. Meredith was in the first one, which was an "art class". We played with Sculpy and colored. In the next room over, if you wanted, you could do some serious ceramics and stuff, but I was satisfied to play with Sculpy.
The bell rang and I exited the classroom into an emergency stairwell with students running up and down it. I had no idea where my next class was. The room number was 2D. I took that to mean second floor room D, but I didn't know which floor I was on. I went down the stairs and opened the door to find myself in the library, a large courtyard-ish room, with a spiral staircase leading up to the second floor. I went up the spiral staircase, past some secretaries and desk that looked like they had no purpose, into room 2D. It looked exactly like my high school biology room. A screen was down in the front and they were watching this old black-and-white film. Our job was to count all of the numbers that appeared on the screen throughout the film, and add them all up. I sat down where I sat in 2nd year biology. It was then that I realized I'd left my shoe in the other classroom.
There was no way to access the first classroom without going up and down the stairs, despite them being supposedly on the same floor. On the spiral staircase I met Meredith and Erin, who were like "Why are you walking around with one bare foot?" I explained that I'd for some reason left my shoe in "art" class. Meredith followed me back to the room. I noticed a lot of people wearing one shoe. I pointed this out to her, she muttered something about germs. We arrived at the classroom and inside was Ms. Collins, my high school art teacher, and Kincaid, a vampire hunter from the Dresden Files. They were talking about me.
I woke up/can't remember the rest.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Three dreams, all involving telling my parents about Reece.
The first one they accepted him
The second one they didn't.
The third one he dressed in drag and was edited into a chapter of the 8th Harry Potter book.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I miss miramar.

This friend of mine, well not really a friend so much as an acquaintance, from high school was holding a huge party. Like a huge party. Besides the 8 or so friends from my own high school group, she invited over 200 people, including some famous people. The party was at this lodge by a lake beach, and a huge waterpark was next door. There were cupcakes, I ate like 5 and thought "Gosh, that'll be a lot of points." I had to go to the bathroom, but all the stalls were full, and the only other place for me to pee was behind a log in the basement of the waterpark. I couldn't bring myself to pee back there, because there was a staircase RIGHT THERE. There was an exit opposite the staircase to a waterfall slide that fell into a wavepool, so lots of people were coming down the stairs. After a while I just went to the normal bathroom.
Then I went out to meet my friends, I was sitting with Sheckells. My parents were close by, too. Sheckells was chatting with some people I'd never met, so naturally I started speaking German. One black kid in the corner helped me remember words. I'm surprised that my subconscious was able to come up with "verschwindet" (to disappear). Sheckells got mad at me for being antisocial.
Then I woke up.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

3 dreams.

All I remember about the first one is, there was some competition, and Reece was thrown into the Potomac with some sharks and I had to save him.
Second one, the Dominic Deegan snarkers were on some debate show, arguing with the host about the comic. Moe Sizlak from the Simpsons was there, and Squidward from Spongebob. They were building wooden slides and jumps for an obstacle course the snarkers had to run.
Third one, we went to the beach with the Cerwonkas, who looked just like they did years ago, even though I know that both of the kids are grown up now. We ordered a pizza, and received an accordian. There was some drama regarding my grandmother's cell phone. We took a walk on the beach as everything turned into legoes, and I woke up.