Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ok, I was just a spectator for this part, but this guy who looked kinda like Principal Skinner and his skinny chick accomplice had just murdered this blond girl. They sucked all her organs out and sold them, then like vacuum-packed the body, put it inside a duffel bag and hid from the police. Then I was in a car with Meredith and Erin and we were chasing after them. They were in a van, we were in a convertible jeep. We passed a building with a glass top that was lit, and the furniture inside was clear from the road. We were very far away, so that was unusual. When we got closer, I saw that the furniture and furniture arrangement resembled that of my living room. We went into the building, ran up like 60 floors of stairs to get to the top. Skinner and Chick were hiding the body on the 40th or so floor, but I wanted to see the room on top. My family was indeed sitting in the room up top, watching television and being annoyed at the amount of Michael Jackson coverage. I told them that a body was being hidden in their building, but they were like "Not a problem." So we played cards. Then I woke up.

Friday, June 26, 2009


Ok, it was my 21st birthday, there was a party in my garage. My parents were like "can you/will you even drink alcohol?" I asked Madeline to pick up some of that fruity vodka stuff. Madeline was all disgusted, but did it anyway. Then there was sledding, and I forgot to wear shoes and pants and was very very cold. THEN one of my enemies showed up at the party bringing her "boyfriend", who was actually a dude-for-hire who we had to pay for apparently. And it was costing us hundreds of dollars a minute. So we kicked her out. I ran upstairs to find Mel to invite her to the party, who was like "So what, I've been drinking illegally for years now."
There was more but I can't remember.

Friday, June 19, 2009

I suspect Harry Potter appeared because of my head wound.

So, not only were the Forest Diner and Forest Motel being knocked down, so was the Double T, and the building next to that, for office complexes. Now EVERYONE was completely outraged and showed up to protest. It was my family and the Ashland crowd. The Double T turned into this big red castle thing, it kind of looked like a hotel. There was a big crane with a wrecking ball. In a Gilgamesh Wulfenbach kind of way, I announced that we were going into the building and they could not destroy it if we were inside. The construction workers obviously didn't hear me, because we had to avoid the sides of the castle with the wrecking ball. And we weren't completely successful, as it hit a wall right over us and I suffered a small injury to the head.
As we ran around, I discovered more and more secret passages in this old building, and showed them to my sister.
Suddenly we weren't in the old building, but in our house. It wasn't our house, though, and it was still being wrecked. All of the rooms were out of order. And the strangest part was that now I was with Harry Potter, Ron and Hermione, and my parents and sister were still there. We were grabbing all of our stuff, hurriedly packing and moving while the house was collapsing around us. My mom thought it all-important that I grabbed bluebaby while upstairs, which I did, but my sister got angry 'cause I didn't grab her little computer while I was up there. The Harry Potter crew was all panicked 'cause Harry couldn't find Hedwig, then he remembered he'd sent a letter to Sirius earlier. I grabbed a box of Christmas ornaments, topped with bluebaby, before running out into the dirt-covered construction site, then I woke up.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A dweem wiffin a dweem!

I was on this ship, babysitting a bunch of children I didn't know. We sat on the deck, looking at the moon on the ocean and everyone was talking pictures. We went inside the boat and entered this greenhouse-ish interior, with plants everywhere. I went over to the pot that contained Prickly Jeff, but the cactus had turned into this jellyfish-like carnivorous plant that proceeded to latch onto the face of one of my charges. The kid ran outside and onto the deck, which suddenly was MUCH wider and had a hedge maze, filled with giant white flowers. I chased the kid through the maze and pulled the thing off his face. I ran back into the ship to show the thing to Erin in case she had an answer as to what could have happened. Then I woke up.
I went to tell my mother about my dream, and she was like "That's nice, Emily, you should get your head checked." I walked out of the room and entered this wood shop place, where many of my high school friends were congregating. There was some kind of huge party going on encompassing this entire building, which I understood to be very large though I only ever saw three rooms. Anyway, in this wood shop someone was drawing on people and sending them to the next room to get real tattoos. Mel got one, so did Rachael, and they bugged me to get one. I got in line, but was unsure what to get. I started jotting ideas down. I placed my fist on the table, and the next thing I know this girl is writing "Weiter als du denkst" on my hand along the side between my forefinger and my thumb. I was like "Wait, no, I want the "Bis zum bitteren ende" logo from the Die Toten Hosen album!" but it was too late. She directed me to the other room, and vanished into thin air. Everyone was confused, because suddenly no one knew who she was or why I was talking to the air, except Mel and Rachael. They looked at my hand and said "Wow, how boring." I responded "Well, she didn't listen to my real idea!"
People started looking for the tattoo ghost. I picked up this circular cardboard tube with nails in it and set both ends on my eyes as if I thought the ghost would be in there.
Then I turned over, realized it was 10:14 and I really should be getting up.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I'll never get a fucking job!

So, I was looking for a job.
I went to a Blockbuster in Snowden Square (there is no Blockbuster in Snowden Square), slapped the counter and said "Give me a job, dangit!" So they did. They said I was senior manager, gave me a badge and everything. I went outside, told my parents (who were in the car with my sister) that I had a job. They were kind of "yay." about it, I didn't understand why. But then it turned out that because I had a badge, I had to participate in this contest thing. It lasted three days, so my parents brought around a suitcase or two full of stuff. You (yes YOU) came out with my luggage and said "I'll be helping you with the tournament!" I had a team of 4 people, it was me, two girls and a cuteish guy. You kept saying "Hey, hey, go out with him!" because you're like that.
There was something having to do with a tiger in the basement with all of my luggage and my piano. Then we were on a stage with 2 other teams and a bunch of plastic gold angels. We were in front of an audience of nicely-dressed people, including the woman who told me I was hired at the Blockbuster. 3 judges talked about something I can't remember, then said that my team had won. I went up to the woman and said "Great! When can I get to work?" and she said "Oh, you were never really hired, we just needed one more person for the event." Bitch.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Feeling sleepy, feeling slow

Meredith and I were at a hospital, no, at something that looked like a hospital. We had yellow backpacks filled with art supplies, and on entering one of the clinic rooms we found the apartment we lived in, complete with roommate we barely knew. An art professor was there, teaching us how to draw Rhodesian Ridgebacks. I of course started drawing very cartoony dogs, while Meredith was drawing crazy-realistic, along with other people ('cause now there were other people). My dog suddenly came to life on the paper, it's paws and front legs stretched off of the paper, still 2d but strong, reminded me of the plastic creatures from the first episode of Doctor Who. The dog's legs started wrapping around people, tripping them up, suffocating them and other unpleasant things, but we got it to stop by putting it in a heavy frame. It was only a temporary fix, so we got everyone out of the room and locked the door.
Back outside in the hallway, more doors to clinic rooms were opened and many many people were milling about. There was a Freezepop concert outside, one of the last before The Duke leaves the band. I went outside with Meredith, found my family out there and sat with them. We were on a high level of a football stadium, and the concert was down at the bottom. They were playing "Here Comes A Special Boy" when I got there. I realized I didn't have my camera, but it was just inside, in my apartment. My sister rolled her eyes and said "Just go get it." I didn't want to miss a second of the concert, but I went anyway, since Here Comes A Special Boy" is not my favorite by them.
I ran through the hospital hallway, through a door and down some stairs, ended up in a library. I jumped over some piles of books and hit the down button, which was right next to a big red button marked "DO NOT PUSH." An old lady was going down to the 4th floor, I was going down to the 2nd. She talked to me a bit about the building we were in, I wasn't paying much attention. I got to the 2nd floor, ran out of the library and back into the hospital-esque hallways, and pulled open the door to my apartment. I found my camera pretty quickly, but then the dog drawing with arms tried to attack me. I convinced it that I was it's master because I drew it, and I put it back in it's frame. Roommate-we-don't-know thanked me and told me to hurry or I'd miss the concert.
I took the camera back out, the door to our section was somehow RIGHT OUTSIDE my apartment, despite the fact that I started on the other side of the building before. I sat down next to my sister and found that they were just starting to introduce the band members. I turned the camera on immediately to catch it. My sister kept asking me about the dog drawing lesson and whether I'd gotten a job and was I getting this on camera and I was like "Please shut up I don't want to talk where the camera can hear me and I can hardly hear Liz speaking." Madeline didn't take that particularly well, so I moved to a different seat, still taping the talking. They began playing "Lazy" right after I'd moved, I realized I'd missed completely what they were actually saying, but at least I got it on tape. Appropriately for the song they were playing, I woke up reluctantly to my sister noisily getting ready.