Sunday, September 11, 2011

In which I meet the Avatar and almost drown.

Ok, so first, I had to find my parents. They were participating in some contest that involved hang-gliding and finding objects caught in a giant net. I was mad at my father for some reason. I found my mother, then together we hunted down my father. We all went to a house next to the beach. Everyone was doing what they usually do at the beach, getting drunk. Katie Ballard approached me and complained that the wine wasn't doing anything for her and asked for a shot of vodka. I told her to ask my parents, who of course said no. Satisfied that Katie wouldn't get drunk on our liquor, I went out to the beach.
Outside it was nighttime, and there was a full moon. I met 3 friends who were never named, but could only have been Aang, Sokka and Katara. Aang and Katara worked out some way for us non-benders to walk on water with them. It was really pretty cool. I got to climb over waves and everything, but the ocean was strangely still for the most part. I was wearing a bathing suit, so I was fine with falling in, which I did somewhat often. Sokka began to worry that if we got too far out we wouldn't be able to get back, so we went back to the shore. He then worked with Aang to devise a way for us to find our way back. They found a rope, a ridiculously long rope, and put a cushion of air about it. Using waterbending Aang sent it out into the ocean, just under the surface, stretching it straight from the beach out as far as the horizon. Then he set it on fire so there was a glowing orange line under the water stretching as far as the eye can see. We started walking along the water again.
Suddenly a giant wave comes toward us. Larger than any wave I've ever seen. I dive under it to avoid having it crash on my head. The other three do the same, two having apparently forgotten their waterbending abilities. Huge waves started coming from every direction, I kept diving and getting buffeted about. Suddenly everything was calm again. We'd lost our light. I lost the magic waterbent shoes or whatever that let me walk on water, out in the ocean where it was too deep to swim. I found Katara, who helped me out, and we went searching the dark ocean for Aang and Sokka. We deliberated about what had caused those giant waves. Eventually we decided it was a waterbender using the full moon to enhance his power. Or else it was the moon itself. Someone was upset that we'd used fire underwater. I had the brilliant idea of using the stars to find out which way to get back to the shore. The problem was we weren't really sure which ocean this was, whether to go west or east. I figured we must have been at Corolla, because that's where the beach always is, and this is my dream...
Upon thinking of that, I woke up.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

You can tell I went to sleep hungry.

It was the middle of the night, and I'd just come home from work starving. So I ordered Chinese. I was surprised Hunan Manor was open, but it was, and I ordered some dumplings. While waiting 15 minutes, I inquired to Madeline where Mom and Dad were. Madeline said they'd gone out to some restaurant in Baltimore. I was annoyed at this because I had a very important question that needed answering right away. I called both of their cell phones and found both of them in the house. I got in the car and drove all the way to the restaurant. I got something to eat, and while I ate I lectured Mom and Dad about not taking their cell phones anywhere. Halfway through the meal I realized that it had been more than 15 minutes. In my dream Hunan Manor delivers, so I rushed back home to meet the delivery man if he was indeed there. He'd already been there, Madeline had paid for my food. I told her that I'd pay her back when I got my paycheck, she said too bad and took money right out of my savings account. More than the amount needed to pay her back.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Photography class. With wizarding. And tea. And then Cribbage.

So, in this dream I was a wizard, but I'd gotten in trouble for using my magic so Erin made me promise to stop. This was hard for me because I was used to doing so many daily tasks with magic. I was kind of annoyed, but I didn't want Erin mad at me so I stopped.
I had to take this class with Ballard. It was a photography class, and I needed to bring my own camera. My camera is lame so I asked dad if I could borrow his new camera and he said yes. I met Ballard at the classroom. There were 2 boys in the class, the rest were all girls. None of them had cameras, so the professor wouldn't teach us anything. The girls sat at the other end of the table and started conversing about bra sizes. Andrew and I got bored, so we left. My camera was completely empty of pictures.
We exited the classroom and found ourselves in the mall. I wanted a warm drink, and we were closer to Teavana than Starbucks. I ordered some kind of coconut chai latte from the guy behind the counter. He was totally sketchy, he had a face you couldn't trust. A goatee and everything. I got my drink. While I was advising Andrew to try the free samples before deciding what to order, the guy asked me about my photography class. I asked him how he knew that's what we were doing in the mall. He pointed at the camera hanging around my neck. I told him it had no pictures in it. He said "Good" and snatched it off of my neck and ran for the door. Andrew tried to stop him leaving, but he froze Andrew with a weird purple magic, and shot some kind of spell at me. I jumped behind the counter to dodge. I wanted to use magic to attack him back, but I had promised Erin. But then the guy set the store on fire and I had to use magic to escape. I set Andrew free, then we ran back to my apartment.
I told Erin and Meredith about the guy. Erin was irritated with me for using magic. Mer pointed out that I'd lost my father's camera, and he was not going to be happy. I knew I was going to have to find this guy, and despite Erin's protests I was going to have to use magic. I teleported all 4 of us to old town. There was a version of Diagon Alley in old town, and I figured the guy would go there to sell my camera. Andrew said he'd probably sell it online. After walking for a while, I noticed that we were being followed by something dangerous. We had to run.

Then the dream changed and I was playing Cribbage with Meema. I got so many points on this one hand that I had to keep counting, and I found myself unable to wake up. I was on 163 when I woke up enough to check the clock and pull myself out of bed.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

I'm sure this was cribbed from something.

In the prologue to this dream, my family has to act in a variety show so I'm searching for a play to put on. All of the plays I have are in German. My father tells me to try something Shakespearean. I didn't want to, so I just start making one up in my head.
So the time period is sort of Shakespearean. I'm the main character, who is male in this "play", and I'm in the army. The monarch is an evil queen who picks up husbands at the drop of a hat, and beheads them when she is disappointed. I'm required to be at the ceremony when she announces who she is going to marry. The army is in uniform, assembled at the front of this large hall, in front of a dais on which the queen is sitting. The families of the soldiers are standing rows behind us. There are no chairs to sit on. The queen presents her newest suitor, who is handsome but clearly a jerk. I think to myself, he's not going to last long.
Sure enough, while the queen eats her dinner and we watch, he's back behind us flirting with the members of our families. I sneak out of line to make sure he doesn't do anything to get himself beheaded, but when I get back there he's trying to convince my wife to cheat on me. She doesn't want to, but he eventually coerces her. They sneak off. I turn around to find the queen right behind me, furious at her fiancee but even more furious at me and my wife. She starts shouting about how we're all traitors and we're going to be executed. I turn tail and run out of the hall, and keep running til the palace is no longer in view. The queen chases me for a while, but I crest a hill at one point and she's as fat as a stereotypical monarch. None of the soldiers chase me, probably because I'm one of them.
I get out of sight of the palace and into a forest. I run into a band of men, all played by members of my family. These men are also escaping the wrath of the queen. They're ex-suitors, or men in the same pickle I was in. I tell them that the queen is going to execute my wife and I have to rescue her. Some of the men are sympathetic, but no one wants to do anything. "She's already cheated on you," they say. "She's not worth the danger." After a week of staying with these guys, I manage to convince a few to help me. We have to hurry, it's been a week, executions happen on Saturdays.
We sneak into the city, then into the palace. We run into a problem when I have to use the restroom (a sure sign that I'm about to wake up). I sneak into a movie theater to find one. Then I go into one of the theaters and run into Andrew Ballard. I sit down to watch the film he's watching. Ballard points at a Wanted poster on the wall with my face on it. He tells me to run, hurry because there's a beheading today. I run, but I get spotted by some palace guards. I head to the sewers and try to get into the prison unseen. I'm followed by some guards into the sewer, there's a bit of a chase. I wind up in the right place eventually, I pop right out of the floor of my wife's prison cell.
Then I wake up.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Nap dream

Intense naptime. This whole dream took place in 3 minutes.
I was visiting a government location in a different city. I think it was Baltimore, because Madeline lived there, but it looked like downtown Charlottesville. I'd been briefed on how to get past security before I got there, but I was really nervous about something, and I completely forgot. I needed a passcode. I talked to a security guard about Harry Potter and the weather, eventually he trusted me enough to let me use his passcode. But then I got a text from Judi, it was time to meet her for lunch. I saw a security camera tape of her trying to find the entrance to this building. I asked her if it was raining, she said no.
I exited the building again, using the code the dude gave me. Outside I met Adrienne and Stephanie, and we went to a pub. While we were in the pub, it began to snow. I wondered if I had work off. The conversation got onto the topic of Reece's impending visit. We started talking about airlines, I learned that there was one called "I'm Sorry You Had To Use This Airline" that was super-cheap.
Outside we met Madeline and Will. It was still snowing. They asked me to make a decision about what to do next. I couldn't decide if we should stay in Baltimore or go back to EC. Madeline got on the phone with someone, probably one of our parents, to rant about how I can't decide where we're going next. I explained that I didn't know the way around town, and that all I knew is I wanted to hang out with my friends. A pub was all we could think of.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mixing up my wizards.

First dream, Reece texts me and is like "I'm sick and unhappy", so I decide to buy tickets to take a plane to TX, visit for a few hours and then come back in time for work. I have enough graduation money left to do this. I buy the tickets, get on the plane and it takes me about 5 minutes to get there. I'm surprised by how short the plane trip was, so I determine that I must have fallen asleep.
Now I'm at DFW. Reece doesn't know that I'm in Texas, and I want to surprise him. So I ask a nearby person with a laptop how far it is to his house. The guy uses Google Maps, I look at the distance and decide that it's not too far to walk. I'm unable to print the directions out, though, so I get horribly lost. I end up at a bus stop, talking to the people there, trying to find directions. One of them suggests I just get a taxi, I decide that that's the best idea because I have to be at work in 4 hours and if I want to see Reece at all before I have to get on the plane home I can't waste my time walking. I ask anyone if they have the number for the taxi service, no one does. One guy tells me to press #4 to call the information line. I try to, but my phone is out of battery and can't handle calls. I decide to suck it up and text Reece and try to get a ride. I send him a "Guess where I am!"
Then I wake up, thinking "I'm at home in my bed because of course taking a day trip to Texas makes no sense and I was dreaming."

Next dream, Harry Potter has died and is running around as a ghost. He visits the Dursley's, but only Petunia can see him. He talks to her about Godric's Hollow. She says she's never visited Godric's Hollow because she's worried her sister's ghost will appear around there and bother her. She waves at Harry and says "Of course it doesn't matter, because you've shown up at my house. If she'd left a ghost she would have visited a long time ago." Harry leaves and goes to his parents' old house, sees the memorial that's there but does not see any other ghosts. He is disappointed.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The first part comes from what will happen Wednesday. The rest just took off.

I was in a building, some sort of school with a lot of rooms. I was there to take some tests. They told me I'd signed up to have the muscles in my right hand tested by this expert. But first they decided I was too short. I was worried I'd have to get surgery for leg extensions, but instead they fitted me for these stilts that screwed into the bottom of my feet. Other people were getting this done as well. The procedure was taking place behind the building, in someone's van. I was disturbed by the amount of rusty saws in the back of the van, but the person (I think it was a woman) laughed when I asked if my foot had to be cut off for this to work. It didn't, and I didn't feel pain at all, but I had these stilts sticking out of the bottoms of my feet. I had to wear special shoes to stabilize myself. These "shoes" were planks of wood with ropes on them, tying my false leg down, like a tent pole.
I was like "That's great." and took the things off immediately. I went back into the building, and found myself in a large hallway with windows on one side that took up most of the wall. It still looked kind of like the hallway of a school, the floors and wall and ceiling were all the sort of tile that they use, but it was massive. There was a line of people there to have their blood taken, I guess for donation. I stood in line and got my blood drawn. After they'd taken a few tubes of the stuff, I told them that it probably shouldn't be donated because of the medication I'm on.
I then went to have my hand tested on, what I was there for in the first place. The test was held in this small room with red carpet and beigey-yellow walls. A large square wooden conference table took up most of one side of the room. The other side had a projector and a screen. Some people sat at that end of the table and watched what was on the screen. I went to the other end to sit with this "expert" (a guy in a lab coat with crazy goggles, naturally) and one of my coworkers, also there for the test.
I watched him perform the test on my coworker first. I doodled. "You're Gonna Go Far Kid" by The Offspring was playing on the radio. The test seemed to involve a lot of needles and a sledgehammer. I was relieved when suddenly Erin appeared and told me we had to go. There was someone we had to catch. He'd stolen a bunch of scientific data from the experiment Erin had been doing, and he'd just driven off in a van. We took an RV from the parking lot and gave chase.
On the way we met this guy with a mustache and a foreign accent who had a vendetta against the guy we were chasing. Our thief had also stolen all of this guy's gold. I told him we'd help, and he joined our party. Turns out this guy had done some research, and knew that the thief was heading for the shore, and his big fancy boat. After looking at a map and discussing things (someone else was driving the vehicle) I asked Erin what data the guy had stolen. She told me it was classified.
We reached his boat, which was huge, it had 3 floors. I decided to search for the gold instead of for the data. I followed Mustache Guy down to the lowest level, which looked like the lobby of a fancy hotel. There was a waterfall fountain near the stairs, and hanging behind the waterfall were a bunch of garlands made of gold coins. I said "That must be your treasure! We've found it!" Mustache guy looked sad and said "Don't touch it. It's a trap. He knew I was coming and he laid a trap on my gold. If I take it, I will be stuck on this ship forever, as its captain, with no use for my gold, and he will be free to go."
Then music started playing, a song I didn't recognize. The lyrics were relevant to the end of this guy's story, but now I've forgotten them. I remember the song was in C# major.

Monday, June 20, 2011


I was at the Giant. It was about closing time. All the lights were out except one over the help desk and the light above my register. I started wandering through the aisles putting groceries back in their shelves. I remembered that there was a party later at Madeline's place. Then I got a text from Reece saying he was breaking up with me. I tried to call him, but of course he wasn't going to answer. He didn't answer any texts, he'd probably blocked my number. I started crying, which was bad because though it was almost closing we still had customers. I texted Madeline asking what I should do. She suggested I go to the party anyway. I said I couldn't, because I was too depressed. Around this point I fell down and couldn't move. I woke up, and started thinking about changing my relationship status on facebook and how the playgrounders would react. And wondering whether my father would "like" it. Then I realized I was awake, and Reece hadn't broken up with me.
Then I had a dream about spaceships that was far more interesting, but all I remember was being in a tight enclosed space, and being relieved that my bed had a wall on its left instead of its right.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

A rather dull dream within a dream within a dream.

I dreamed that I woke up in my sister's bedroom. I was sleeping in there because we had guests. They'd replaced the bathroom with a maze, which was a problem. Then I "woke up" again in my sister's room, found that the guests hadn't arrived yet and the bathroom was the same as usual. There weren't any stairs, though. Where the stairs downstairs should be was a wall, with a rocking chair leaned up against it. I sat on the rocking chair. My father asked me if I was having a seizure. I was confused as to why he was asking the question, but then I "woke up" again to find myself sitting in the rocking chair. It was daylight out, the windows in my sister's room were open and the lights in the hallway were off. I wondered how long I'd been asleep. I went into my room, checked my phone for the time, then put it in my pocket without registering what time it was. I left my room and the stairs had rematerialized, the rocking chair had disappeared. I went downstairs and made some toast.
Then I actually woke up.

Friday, June 3, 2011

I miss both MK and Mel.

I was on a train with my sister on my way to Baltimore for a party. The train had no seats, only sleeping bags and pillows. Meredith met us at the train station in Baltimore and led us to the party. The party was for Mary Katy, who'd finally responded to our many queries regarding her visiting. We met her in the hotel lobby, and began discussing stuff like jobs and moving and things. Then I got a text on my phone from Rachael, saying that tonight was the only night Mel would be in EC and I had to get there now if I wanted to see her. I texted back that I was at a party for one of my other missing friends, and I was torn between going back to see Mel or staying at the hotel with MK and Mer and Erin.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Leaving things we're uncertain about leads to alienation in real life.

It was the last semester of school. I'd been forced to befriend a girl from my class named Catherine, and it turned out we were suited for each other and we became the best of friends.
Move out day came, and I was determined to not let Meredith down like last time (though the time I really let Mer down was already the last semester of school, so this is silly.) Our apartment was arranged differently than it actually was. Instead of having rooms, it was a series of long hallways with furniture lining the sides. In one of the "rooms" (it was considered a separate room because it had a door at each end, but it was a hallway) there was the dining room table. On a chair beside it I found a plant that looked like my Swiss Chard, but it wasn't Juergen because the pot it was in was decorated with yellow ducks. Erin wasn't sure whose it was, so we left it for Meredith to deal with.
I grabbed my boxes and bags and took them out to my parents. We'd parked on Jefferson Square. Our long string of hallways was inside Combs, turns out. They were setting up a big fest tent to celebrate our graduation. I went back inside to use the restroom. The restroom was on the far end of the apartment. I passed through about 3 hallways til I got to the last room. It was a big grey room, with a shallow circular pit in the middle of the room, and in the pit was a giant chair. The pit was only there so that the chair could fit in such a small room. Atop the chair was Odin. He was just chilling. I said "How long have you been here?" and he said "All semester. Way to go, clueless. Bathroom's over there." The bathroom was bright red with a black and white zigzag-patterned floor. All of the fixtures were black. It was very similar to the Black Lodge in Twin Peaks. I finished as quickly as I could and went back out to Odin, and asked him why he had the Black Lodge in his bathroom. He didn't answer. I tweeted God and told him that Odin had installed the Black Lodge in our apartment.
I went back out to my family and friends in the fest tent on Jefferson Square. I grabbed a hamburger from the grilling area and went over to where my friends were coloring in pages from coloring books. Alice gave me a picture of a seahorse with tiger stripes. Meredith said that I'd never accept such a gift, that I'd never ride it because I'd be afraid of getting wet. I told her "Only if it's raining."
Then Cyrus shrieked and I woke up.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

There was something involving a Nook too.

I went to Target to check out Kindles, and I thought they were pretty cool. But then I was kidnapped, along with a bunch of other people. We were taken to this giant mansion and ordered to give a musical performance. No one was a musician but me. I deliberated over what song to play on the piano before deciding on "On The Rise". I didn't have any music, and needed one that I'd memorized.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Of course, murder is the only sensible way.

It was the last week of classes. Seacobeck was celebrating by serving food from Chipotle. I had to write a paper on how awesome this was or I'd fail all of my classes and face certain doom. But I had to work the day the paper was due. So the only solution, of course, was to poison a Chipotle burrito and give it to my professor. Meredith and Adrienne were all about helping me with this idea. I followed Meredith to the art building, where a few of her friends (who looked like my soon-to-be-coworkers) were working. She went off to hang with them. I asked where I could find some paint, because I wanted to put some in the burrito. They pointed me toward a shelf of acrylics but of course they were non-toxic. All I could find were some erasers. They looked enough like beans, and I figured that they'd probably at least choke somebody. Adrienne agreed and helped me unfold and repack the burrito. It looked smaller after we were done, not at all like a Chipotle burrito. I threw up my hands and declared the whole project a miserable failure. Erin appeared next to me, said something along the lines of "y'think?" and handed me a phone. I called my boss and told her about the scheduling conflict. She said something about how I didn't mention that I was still taking classes. I apologized profusely, and she changed the schedule so I didn't work during that class period.
I sat in Seacobeck with this sad-looking eraser burrito. I wanted to get a new one, but each student could only get one burrito, so I went hungry.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

At our graduation ceremony,

there was a bird race.
They'd built some rickety wooden scaffolding around Jefferson Square. It crossed the street to circle part of Double Drive and the clock tower too. The ramp to enter was on the steps of combs. The contestants were an ostrich and an emu. Someone had tried to enter a giraffe, and someone else had tried to enter a farfetched, but only the ostrich and the emu qualified. As they ran around the scaffold, which kept shaking dangerously, Erin and I sat atop the clock tower, played Scrabble and took bets from people. I was betting on the emu.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Kinda have pizza on the mind.

I was eating dinner with my parents, and we were planning my giant party. I made a joke about cancer or something like that, and my mother was like "That's not funny, never make a joke like that again." I responded with something dumb like "I'll make jokes about whatever I want, because I find them funny!" So, my mother didn't allow me to go to my party. Also, she had me imprisoned in my house, I had an ankle bracelet and everything. Luckily, our house was a giant castle, and I had a lot to do. I talked to Erin and Meredith. They said my mother was right to punish me this way.
There was a big school celebration going on outside. It was a graduation thing, I think, because it featured the entire senior class. Someone had bought pizza, because the Seaco food was awful. I couldn't go outside and get any, so I hung around inside the castle and moped. The castle was crowded too, and I wanted to avoid people, but I couldn't even get privacy in my own room. So I went to my PM box.
The box was up in a tower. Every student had their own tower, accesible from what looked like the 2nd floor of Trinkle, and at the top was a locked room that contained messages and letters and junk. I decided to go up there and take a nap.
When I woke up from that nap, Ralph was at my door. He wanted attention. I tried to take him for a walk, but I'd forgotten about my ankle bracelet, and I set the alarm off. The police came, and told me that I had 3 strikes before they took me to jail, and I'd just used up one of them (disturbia much?).
I used another one the next day. I was able to evade the police and follow Erin and Meredith to this craft sale that was taking place next to Melchers. It was a craft sale and a rummage sale. I bought a box of German word magnets, and some cookie cutters. Then we went back to our building/my house, and I grabbed some pizza from the still-going celebration before the police caught me and sent me back upstairs.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Lots of outside influences in this dream.

First dream, I was hanging in the apartment's living room with Adrienne, Erin and Meredith. We were going to watch a movie or something. I was unbearably tired, and kept dozing off. I was really concerned about it, I'd gotten plenty of sleep the night before, but I just couldn't keep my eyes open. I thought I might have had a seizure and I was feeling the after effects. Adrienne kept saying to me "No, stay up, we have to do fun things!" and I was like "I know, I'm sorry, I'm just so tired!" Turns out I was tired because I was asleep.
Then I remembered I had to stay up because my family was coming to visit. I forced myself to start neatening up the living room. My mother arrived first. Later my cousin Robert appeared with a bunch of people his age that I didn't recognize. One of them looked like a pirate. Then the characters from Ouran High School Host Club showed up, and Tamaki started trying to impress Haruhi right in my dining room (the place was much bigger to accomodate all of these people.) He cooked up some plan about tying himself to train tracks and escaping.
The room got incredibly cold, in the dream, and I woke up to discover my comforter was at the foot of my bed and it was freezing.
Next dream featured me and Adrienne sitting on my couch discussing the merits of Nutella. Then I had to rescue Erin and Meredith from pirates, which took a surprisingly short time. Then I had to teach a baby deer to respond to its name.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Today I'll go to the library.

I was at home researching my paper. Except it wasn't my home, it was darker, smaller, and all of the furniture was different. Also, there were huge bookshelves. It kind of was like the living room of my apartment here, but instead of the piano there was a bookshelf, and there wasn't a giant window. I was sitting on the couch reading a book about Buddhism. My father came in, said something about being proud of me for doing homework, then into the hallway. My mother was at the barn. I think dad was taking a nap. I got a text from Andrew Ballard saying to meet him at the library. I told him I didn't have a ride there, he said I should just walk.
I left the apartment/house and found that it was located in the center of a parking lot at the side of a busy highway, where you'd expect a gas station to be. There were trees surrounding the lot. The sun was setting off to my right. I went in that direction, made another right, and ended up at the library eventually. My father texted me a while later and asked me where I was, I told him I was at the library researching my paper. He was like "How did you get there?", I responded "I walked.", he was like "Yay!"
Then I met some of the people from my business class and we started discussing German things.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wish I remembered more of the second part.

First, Ballard and I wanted to go see this movie about China (undoubtedly influenced by my hours playing Marvel yesterday) so we arranged for a time and met at the theater. This theater was in the basement of the art museum in DC. We arrived early, but were detained by some security people. We were let out 5 minutes before the start of the movie, and then Ballard told me that he hadn't bought me tickets. I rushed to an electronic ticket booth, cut to the front of the line and ordered myself a ticket. We got to the theater just as it was starting. The movie was horribly stereotypical, like Mandarin's palace from Marvel Ultimate Alliance.
Meredith met me outside when we got out. We decided somehow that we had to go spy on some people on Princess Anne street. We pretended we were friends of theirs and crashed a party. I don't remember what we heard, but we got caught and got arrested. We were imprisoned in our apartment, they gave us ankle bracelets to keep us inside. I told them that we had to get on campus for classes, we had finals and were graduating in less than 2 weeks, and they were like "Too bad, you jaywalked too many times."

Friday, April 15, 2011

You know, like what happens when I try to play piano in front of people.

So it turns out on Wednesday when I missed Buddhism, Ambuel had given a pop quiz. When I got to class, I looked around and saw the graded sheet on everyone's desk and I was like "AGH!" Then Ambuel gave me and everyone else who'd missed class (about 10 people) a piece of sheet music and told us to go wait in a different room while he gave a lecture. We went to a room that looked like the creepy basement room in Westmoreland. There was a piano there, and when he was done giving his lecture we were going to form an impromptu choir. We just stood there for a while. The people who knew each other were chatting. I decided to try playing the piano, but when I got up there and tried to start playing "On The Rise" I couldn't get my fingers to play the right rhythm and embarrassed myself.

Monday, April 11, 2011

*groan* And now I have to go to tennis.

In my dream, I was so nervous about the possibility of getting woken up by the horrific fire alarm for the 1 AM fire drill that I just got up and went for a walk. It was grey outside, and kinda drizzly, but I wasn't annoyed by that. I met Mel in the parking lot. I told her that she was mean for never visiting us, and that it was just as hard to get to Pittsburgh as for her to get to Ellicott City and we should compromise. She told me to take the train. We got onto the subject of the German train system, and from there to the movie Friendship, and from there to German comedies in general. We walked up to William Street, and then I remembered that I needed to get inside and back to my room without Erin noticing so I could pretend to sleep through tennis. I did manage to get back to my room without being seen, but I was sure I had been heard. I looked at my phone, saw that it was only 1:30 (though it should have been more like 6:00) and turned over and went back to sleep. Then I woke up for real, and saw that it was 7:30 and my alarm would ring in 15 minutes.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Whenever Eltville is in my dream, I want to go get ice cream.

Our apartment had become infested by tiny living artist models, the poseable wooden guys. We were trying to gather them up and toss them into the dumpster, but they kept fighting back. I put them in a box, put that box inside another box, put that box inside a box with a heavy lid, took that box to the dumpster and shut the door. These little guys were like the toys from Toy Story though, and kept getting out. I was a little disturbed by the fact that I was comparing them to the Toy Story characters (even in the dream) and still bent on their destruction, but what was I supposed to do? They were kind of creepy.
Then I was walking through Eltville ( or an old town that was understood to be Eltville) with Adrienne, Mer, Erin, and Matt. The buildings were taller than they should have been, but I think that's because when I was last there I was much smaller than I am now, and the buildings were indeed taller. We walked past a graffitied wall, and I said we were near the Fussgangerzone and should go over there to get ice cream. Sometime around there, my friends vanished and a person I didn't know turned to me and said "But what will we do about the language barrier?"
I was wandering about this strange-but-not-strange city with this red-haired person I didn't know. I noticed that the sentence "what will we do about the language barrier" was scattered about the city in a Bad Wolf sort of way. We got to a large green area between two streets with a statue at one end, sort of like that place behind Kenmore Park in Fredericksburg. The actors who play the Weasley twins were there, playing something that looked like Bocce Ball. I went through a secret door in the statue and found myself in my room. It wasn't really my room. It was dark, lit by a single lamp on a desk. It crowded with a lot of useless things, but unlike my room it was underground. There were bunk beds. My computer was on a desk underneath one of the bunks. I got on my computer, logged onto AIM, and all of my friends had IM'd me with "what will we do about the language barrier?" I was quite weirded out.
Then I woke up.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How outrageously out of character.

First, Ghost Story came out months early, and I got a copy of it without having ordered it. The cover was different. And Butters died within the first few chapters. I didn't like that at all.
Then, Erin broke up with Matt for some reason, and because of this became an alcoholic.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More than a little Twin Peaks.

Soooo many doppelgangers.
I was in a building with Erin and Meredith and Matt. I think it was Dupont. There was some sort of social gathering. In the middle of it, there appeared in the hallway a rift. Meredith went through, and I followed.
We were in a small kitchen. There was a short, skinny, dark-haired man, balding with a hooked nose. Also a kind of heavy girl wearing leather pants and a tank top with a tattoo on her shoulder. She also had dark hair, tied back in a ponytail. Meredith knew these two people from the before times, and started chatting with them. I sort of participated in the discussion. I noticed that Mer had a similar tattoo on her shoulder, and started thinking about what I would get if I got a tattoo. The man went to get us drinks. He brought us glasses of water, and the girl a shotglass filled with a bright red liquid. I leaned over to Meredith and was "What's that?" She said "Nothing." I kept asking, Meredith kept not answering. We took our leave shortly.
Back in the hallway of Dupont we met Matt and Erin. I continued bothering Mer about what was in that shotglass,. I asked if it was human blood, she got angry and told me that I didn't need to know everything. She didn't have to tell me about her past if she didn't want to. There was a quake that shook the entire building, and when I turned around the tattooed girl was right behind us. She was smiling a little too emptily. She handed me a yellow box with some sort of foreign writing on it. "You left this in our kitchen." I opened the box and found that it was full of papers, some peices of looseleaf with doodles on them, my flight itinerary from the trip I took over spring break, some old receipts. At the bottom there were some documents that I didn't recognize. One of them was stained with something bright red and kind of lumpy.
I turned to Meredith to ask what was up with this, because it might be kind of important. She ignored me and kept staring ahead with a strange look on her face. She and the tattooed girl started walking down the hallway and we followed. Erin and Matt were on my other side, chatting about something. They fell quiet too. Everyone kept moving forward. I heard doors opening behind me. When I turned around the hallway behind us was filling with people, all with the same expression. Some I recognized from classes, some were professors. Some of them appeared more than once in the crowd. They were all blankly moving in our direction. Erin turned to me and asked to see the box I'd received from the tattooed girl. I clutched the box and started running.
I ran down the hallway and up the stairs to Jim Groom's office. There was another man at an opposing desk. I ran over to Jim and asked if he had any matches or a lighter or something. I wanted to burn the box and its contents. Jim Groom wasn't acting like the horde of people downstairs, but he didn't have any matches. Something about "why would they allow me to have those in an academic building?" I went to the desk with the other man and asked if he had any. He looked at me for a few seconds and started laughing. A deep laugh, not the kind of laugh you use when someone asks you something stupid. It started sounding evil. Just then the doors opened, and the doppelgangers of Erin, Matt, Meredith and the tattooed girl came through. They were completely silent, but the halls behind them were filled with the others, and now they were making sounds. Sort of an echoey roar. Some of them had really evil smiles on their faces. The guy at the desk just kept laughing. They converged on me. Jim told me to go out the window. I was afraid, so I did.
Well, I didn't actually go out the window, but it was understood that I did. I appeared to be in this floating bouncy castle, above the campus. I had no way of controlling it, and no way of getting down. I looked at the sky, which was kind of cloudy, and it started pouring rain. The balloon castle started filling with water. I asked God why he would do this to me. He laughed and gave me an umbrella. The water filled up the balloon to my neck before it reached the meshy windows on the sides of this castle and it started emptying. I still had the yellow box of papers with me, but the box's colors had faded from the water, and most of the papers had disintegrated.
Then I woke up.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Ugh, why is school still going?

I felt ill, and acted enough like it in German literature that Rotter let me miss German business without using one of my skip days. So I went to go find Erin, but when I left the classroom I was outside of St. Peter's, and had to walk back to F-burg in time to meet Adrienne for lunch.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

And now I want eggs.

Mer and I decided to sell some art and send half of the money to Japan. We tried selling our wares to people in real life, but most of our success came from the playground. Meredith came to me and was stressed. "No one is buying my art!" I told her that tons of internet people were buying her art, and tried to go to giantitp to check my inbox messages and show her. I couldn't log in from that computer, so I went to find another one. The one I found was in an office in Goolrick, above the pool. I logged in, and had 10 or so messages. One person had bought me an ipod instead of giving me money, which defeated the point but I accepted it.
Then I went grocery shopping for breakfast. Some pirates arrived and ordered me to make them an omelet, so I did.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Argh, missing classes.

There was more, but this is what I recall.
I slept in through the start of Literature, but only by 3 minutes or so. At first I thought "eh, I'll skip it." But then I started feeling guilty, and I quickly pulled my stuff together and ran to Combs. The class wasn't in the room. They were meeting in another room in a different building. I was like "Yes, I can use this as an excuse as to why I wasn't able to make it on time." But by the time I found the classroom they were in, it was noon and class had ended. Business German was taking place in a different room too, and I missed that as well. I finally found someone from my class in Combs, and asked them what happened. They told me to go see Herr Rotter in his office. I did, he told me how awful my participation grade is. Then he told me that we'd watched a movie in class and I'd have to rent it from Netflix. "But I have 6 movies in my queue already!" I complained.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A cobra named Moses killed Sara Palmer.

My parents were hosting a party. I was helping clean up. There was this important box that I had to keep safe, as it was vital to the success of this party, so I was carrying it with me. I started putting things in the random stuff drawers all over our house , and over the course of doing this I found a Game Boy Color cartridge for every Pokemon game that ever existed for GBC, and some that have never existed on any system (for example, "Pokemon Sparkly"). I started planning to buy a new Game Boy Color and play every single one of these games in succession rather than replay Soul Silver when I finish.
When I was done with my search, because by the end it had indeed turned into a search and not helping clean the house, I was in the basement. I'd wanted to check my old toy box. My parents came down, turned on the light and started yelling at me for losing the box. I showed it to them, and followed them upstairs.
The Ballards and the Ashland family were there. The party was taking place outside, in a tent in the backyard. Andrew Ballard, my cousin and I decided to take a walk. We walked for about 10 miles along the side of a 6-lane highway in the middle of nowhere. We found a cobra, and named him Moses for some reason. We put a little collar on him and led him around. Eventually we made our way back to the house without turning around.
I took my comrades down to the basement to show them my plethora of Pokemon cartridges. Then we heard a lot of yelling from upstairs. One of the dogs had fallen ill. The cops came over to figure this out. Andy and Lucy from Twin Peaks were there. The chief suspect in this case was Moses. I looked everywhere for proof that Moses didn't do it, but I couldn't find any and they took him away.
At the end of the dream I had to get Andy and Lucy to confess their love for each other.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Shades of Scott Pilgrim, perhaps?

I was in a place that looked like a weird cross between my living room here and my kitchen at home. I had to pack because my parents were picking me up for Spring Break. They were hoping that they could talk me out of visiting Reece. As I packed, I was listening to a radio show. The guy on the radio said that if you're having weird dreams you should either do something creative with them, or go see a psychologist.
I walked back to the apartment from there. I was with a group of people I knew but I didn't know. They were my classmates, I thought. The apartment was not down a hallway this time, it was through centennial park. It was the dark of night right now, though the moon was full. I looked at the sky and noticed that there was a bright moon right above the path, but also a rising moon off to the side. I remembered that we had 2 moons on this planet. As I was looking at them, a shadow passed across the larger one above me. It appeared again, for longer. It was a silhouette of a man playing a guitar. Then a shadow appeared on the other moon, a silhouette of someone playing drums. I turned around to my companions and asked if they'd seen that. They nodded yes, but didn't seem interested. I took out my camera, but then I heard Meredith say "You can't take pictures of the sky with that!" I put it away disappointedly. The rock band continued playing music from the moon, and it was "Knock on Wood" by the Mighty Mighty Bosstones.
I got to the apartment with Mer and Erin, who hadn't been there when I started walking, and I invited Adrienne over so we could watch a movie. I wanted to watch all 3 Toy Stories in a row, but instead we watched a movie that was directed by the guy on the radio, and apparently came out of a dream he'd had. It had Wallace from Scott Pilgrim in it. In the movie, the main character had gone on a quest to help some tribe of people, but inadvertantly stole their magical powers in order to do so. These people then called on some mystical creatures for help getting revenge on our hero. The mystical creatures, who I think were called Eroes or something like that (I remember remarking in the dream that it looked a lot like Oreos) taught the tribe how to turn into dragons. The chief then went with his whole group to destroy the protagonist.
The movie stopped there. I looked at my watch and realized I was 10 minutes late for German. I rushed to get to class, which was down a hallway, in a room that looked like it was used for a preschool. The furniture was small and plastic. Herr Rotter was giving an ungraded test meant to see what questions he could put on the midterm. I squeezed into one of the small chairs. Herr Rotter was reading the questions out loud and we were to answer on looseleaf. I didn't have any paper, so I started scribbling the answers on the plastic table. Then I remembered that I had half a sheet from a test I'd taken earlier, and I found that. The questions turned out to be based on the movie I'd watched. Questions like "What did (name of main character) steal from (name of group of people)?" and "Who did (name of group of people) go to for help?"

Friday, February 11, 2011

Maybe I am a dork.

I had to solve a mystery with Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic. Not Castle and Beckett, but the actor and actress. I thought it was some kind of game where the ending is preordained and I can't play through the same mystery more than once, much like the NCIS board game. Except with real people instead of a game board. Then I learned that the mystery involved Red Court vampires and I was the only one who knew how to beat them.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Mer and Erin and I attended a lecture, and ended up having a fascinating conversation about movies with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Batman and Lord of the Rings specifically. JGL was disappointed they didn't have Tom Bombadil in the movies.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I'm pretty sure Gaia doesn't work that way. It was more like the Sims.

I'd signed up for Gaia as a homework assignment for Herr Rotter. I was to walk around the town and visit all the stores. I decided to be funny and put refrigerators on the awnings of the stores, causing the NPCs to look at it. Once they were distracted I started a nuclear war with Russia.
I was telling Reece about this over skype. I somehow told him to try these cookies I'd made, and he asked for some milk. I gave him the remaining milk from our carton, but it had spoiled and he got mad at me.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Influenced by my application to that RA position.

I was at a new eatery on campus with Mer. It was like a deli or something, bar chairs around a counter where you order. I sort of fazed out when looking at the menu, plus I didn't have my glasses so I couldn't read it anyway, so when the woman behind the counter asked me what I wanted I couldn't remember what I did want. This got the woman and Meredith annoyed, so I just said "pizza", the first thing I thought of that I figured Sodexho would have. The woman behind the counter looked at me like I was crazy, but she asked me if I wanted a personal pizza or just a slice. I said personal pizza, then turned to Meredith to ask if they even had that, because the woman was acting like this was the first time anyone had asked for it. They did.
We start walking back to the apartment, which involves walking up a lot of hills through grey cobblestone streets like Eltville, or Diagon Alley. The apartments are on a bright green hill at the other end of this town. They look more like motels than apartment buildings, but our apartment looks exactly the same. On the way there I run into some people from German class, and a bunch of other people. They say that there are new people in the German department and there's going to be a big party tomorrow. I promise to attend.
The next day I find out that the big party is in our apartment. I find this out when I leave my room to use the restroom and notice that my entire German class is in my living room waiting for me. I ask how they got in, apparently the door was unlocked. I think most of the discussion was about how easy the German work has been, and jokes about Herr Rotter.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Nervous about my presentation

I was in the same class as my father, and we both had to make powerpoint presentations. I had several ideas during the middle of the night before the presentation, so I spent that morning looking for pictures. I had to skip class in order to do it though. My father skipped class as well in order to yell at me. Then in time for my second class I went to the library to finish. The library was Centennial's library, and the computers weren't USB capable so I had to save my work on a floppy disk. When that didn't work on the professor's computer when I was trying to give my presentation, I excused myself and ran back home to fix it. My father accused me of cheating. On the way back home I did have another idea for a slide, and spent an extra few minutes at home creating it before I emailed the presentation to myself. My father called me before I left and told me class was almost over, I'll be giving my presentation tomorrow and I'm a horrible student.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jogging is good for you.

I was in a class with Adrienne and one of Adrienne's friends who I didn't know. The professor was late. I started to ask Adrienne what happened on her date last night, but she shushed me and started talking to her other friend. The professor showed up, and gave us a powerpoint presentation explaining his syllabus. On the final slide was a horrible picture, I don't remember what it was but it disgusted several people. I followed some out of the classroom.
A group of four women, including one politician, were accused of murdering someone. I knew somehow that they'd done it, and was trying to catch them. There was a bunch of detective work that happened, eventually culminating in me chasing the four of them through a forest. One of them,who was wearing high heels tripped and fell early in the chase. The politician ran so fast and so long that she fell over out of exhaustion and caught some kind of disease. The news stations were flooded with stories about how jogging is bad for you.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Skiing is a complicated business.

I had to go on a skiing trip with my parents. I was nervous, since I haven't skied for about 5 years, but also excited. We discovered that my ski boots didn't fit me anymore, but not because they were too tight, they were actually too loose. Instead of getting them tightened as we usually do we decided the best solution was for me to wear cardboard boxed on my feet, inside the boots. I also didn't have any ski socks, only thick plushy socks. And no proper gloves, just my fingerless gloves/mittens. And no hat. My father was understandably frustrated, though I tried to reason with him that I just hadn't brought any serious snow gear to school and he should lay off. This was a strange argument, as I was at my house at the time.
They decided I should instead stay home and prepare for the party we were having. Mom's side of the family was coming over. I decided to bake some cookies. Bob and Sally arrived early, and I had to entertain them.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Bumble's bounce.

I was at some sort of camp with all of my friends and family and some people who don't exist. We were building an army and weapons to stop this huge bad guy. I decided we needed airplanes, so Mer, Erin, Matt and I went ahead and built some biplanes. Sheckells and my mom were there too. One of the nameless people made a joke about needing Snoopy to pilot the planes, I told him that for making that joke he would be a pilot.
There were two planes, one with the boys and one with the girls. The bad guys had planes too, which led to some sword fights on the wings of the planes, and when we flew past a cell phone tower the fight traveled onto it. Pilots switched out in midair so that the best fencers could do their thing. At one point the guy who'd made the snoopy joke (he was shorter than Mer and had dark hair, that's all I remember about him) had switched out, and he was the one who leaped onto the cell phone tower. He lost his balance while stabbing someone, and fell thousands of feet. A nameless chick, his girlfriend I suppose, started crying.
We got rid of the enemy's air forces, and went back to the workshop/warehouse where we'd built the planes. Shortly the others returned from fighting. I guess we'd won, because everyone was there, and we decided to go out for brunch. The short guy then showed up, with a creature that looked like the abominable snowman in tow. We were surprised and relieved, his girlfriend incredibly so. But then we realized that he had an enormous wound in his side and several broken bones, and someone said we wouldn't be able to save him. I protested that his wounds couldn't be too bad, he'd fallen from the sky several miles from here and had managed to get here. I woke up before finding out if we fixed him.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bursting into song.

I was at the mall with my mother. We went to a coffee shop where we met Erin and Meredith. My mom started singing this random show tune. It was from a show that I'd liked, but I didn't recognize the song or remember the name of the musical. It happened to be a song from a show UMW had put on earlier this year. Since this coffee shop was filled with college students, a few people had been in the play and knew the song quite well. They started singing along. A different group of people had been in the orchestra. One guy pulled out his French horn and started to play it along with the music. Soon we had a whole orchestra backing this huge group of people singing. Erin said to me "I love this school."
I went to the store, which had changed into this tiny shop. There were really low shelves, almost like desk-sized bookcases. Surprise surprise, all of these bookcases contained books. The only goods the store had were on a high shelf that was attached to the wall and circled the whole room. I wanted some peach tea Snapple, but the only bottle they had was $19.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

It was quite pretty.

It was evening, I was at home. I was sitting at the kitchen table with my parents and sister. Katie Ballard shows up randomly, even though it's like 9:30 at night, and says she's here to walk the dog. I ask Ralph if he wants to go for a walk, he tucks his tail between his legs and sits down, indicating that he does not. Not wanting to seem rude, we invited Katie to sit and converse with us. I think we were planning my graduation party. I ask Katie how she's doing in school. She tells me she's actually a spy and needed to walk Ralph as part of her cover to spy on people in the park. I feigned interest and turned back to the table to join in the conversation.
I said that I wanted to invite everyone to my party. EVERYONE. So I needed to print out tons of invitations, and pass them out to all of my classmates. Every single one of them. We'd decided to go on a walk anyway, because the sky was doing something interesting. The sun was setting on one side of the lake. It was a stunningly bright disk floating right on the horizon, and the blues and pinks in the sky were reflected in the water. I could look at it without being blinded. On the other side of the lake the moon was rising, and it was also huge and bright, but beyond its ring of radiance the sky around it was improbably dark given the giant sun, and devoid of stars. I tried to snap a picture of both, but my camera failed to take adequate pictures. They were good enough, though, that I wanted to put them on all of the invitations I'd made for my party. I put the picture of the moon on half of them, and the sun on the other half.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Short one.

I was at a dinner. After I'd eaten, I was told there was LSD in the food. It had no effect, except to make me a little queasy and balance-challenged.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Narnia? Animal Farm? Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer?

This dream was one where I'm observing, not participating.
A bunch of Disney-esque forest animals were preparing themselves for battle against humans. I was watching try-outs for their army, they looked sort of like the Reindeer Games. They were using a series of dog training manuals to train these creatures. Most of them were squirrels and other rodents, only 3 of them were dogs. One dog was the son of two famed soldiers, so he felt the need to impress everyone and prove that he was just as good. Unfortunately, he'd failed all of the animal intelligence tests in these books. The leaders gave him a chance anyway, and his incompetence resulted in horrific failure and the death of 2 other animals.