Sunday, January 30, 2011

Influenced by my application to that RA position.

I was at a new eatery on campus with Mer. It was like a deli or something, bar chairs around a counter where you order. I sort of fazed out when looking at the menu, plus I didn't have my glasses so I couldn't read it anyway, so when the woman behind the counter asked me what I wanted I couldn't remember what I did want. This got the woman and Meredith annoyed, so I just said "pizza", the first thing I thought of that I figured Sodexho would have. The woman behind the counter looked at me like I was crazy, but she asked me if I wanted a personal pizza or just a slice. I said personal pizza, then turned to Meredith to ask if they even had that, because the woman was acting like this was the first time anyone had asked for it. They did.
We start walking back to the apartment, which involves walking up a lot of hills through grey cobblestone streets like Eltville, or Diagon Alley. The apartments are on a bright green hill at the other end of this town. They look more like motels than apartment buildings, but our apartment looks exactly the same. On the way there I run into some people from German class, and a bunch of other people. They say that there are new people in the German department and there's going to be a big party tomorrow. I promise to attend.
The next day I find out that the big party is in our apartment. I find this out when I leave my room to use the restroom and notice that my entire German class is in my living room waiting for me. I ask how they got in, apparently the door was unlocked. I think most of the discussion was about how easy the German work has been, and jokes about Herr Rotter.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Nervous about my presentation

I was in the same class as my father, and we both had to make powerpoint presentations. I had several ideas during the middle of the night before the presentation, so I spent that morning looking for pictures. I had to skip class in order to do it though. My father skipped class as well in order to yell at me. Then in time for my second class I went to the library to finish. The library was Centennial's library, and the computers weren't USB capable so I had to save my work on a floppy disk. When that didn't work on the professor's computer when I was trying to give my presentation, I excused myself and ran back home to fix it. My father accused me of cheating. On the way back home I did have another idea for a slide, and spent an extra few minutes at home creating it before I emailed the presentation to myself. My father called me before I left and told me class was almost over, I'll be giving my presentation tomorrow and I'm a horrible student.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jogging is good for you.

I was in a class with Adrienne and one of Adrienne's friends who I didn't know. The professor was late. I started to ask Adrienne what happened on her date last night, but she shushed me and started talking to her other friend. The professor showed up, and gave us a powerpoint presentation explaining his syllabus. On the final slide was a horrible picture, I don't remember what it was but it disgusted several people. I followed some out of the classroom.
A group of four women, including one politician, were accused of murdering someone. I knew somehow that they'd done it, and was trying to catch them. There was a bunch of detective work that happened, eventually culminating in me chasing the four of them through a forest. One of them,who was wearing high heels tripped and fell early in the chase. The politician ran so fast and so long that she fell over out of exhaustion and caught some kind of disease. The news stations were flooded with stories about how jogging is bad for you.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Skiing is a complicated business.

I had to go on a skiing trip with my parents. I was nervous, since I haven't skied for about 5 years, but also excited. We discovered that my ski boots didn't fit me anymore, but not because they were too tight, they were actually too loose. Instead of getting them tightened as we usually do we decided the best solution was for me to wear cardboard boxed on my feet, inside the boots. I also didn't have any ski socks, only thick plushy socks. And no proper gloves, just my fingerless gloves/mittens. And no hat. My father was understandably frustrated, though I tried to reason with him that I just hadn't brought any serious snow gear to school and he should lay off. This was a strange argument, as I was at my house at the time.
They decided I should instead stay home and prepare for the party we were having. Mom's side of the family was coming over. I decided to bake some cookies. Bob and Sally arrived early, and I had to entertain them.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Bumble's bounce.

I was at some sort of camp with all of my friends and family and some people who don't exist. We were building an army and weapons to stop this huge bad guy. I decided we needed airplanes, so Mer, Erin, Matt and I went ahead and built some biplanes. Sheckells and my mom were there too. One of the nameless people made a joke about needing Snoopy to pilot the planes, I told him that for making that joke he would be a pilot.
There were two planes, one with the boys and one with the girls. The bad guys had planes too, which led to some sword fights on the wings of the planes, and when we flew past a cell phone tower the fight traveled onto it. Pilots switched out in midair so that the best fencers could do their thing. At one point the guy who'd made the snoopy joke (he was shorter than Mer and had dark hair, that's all I remember about him) had switched out, and he was the one who leaped onto the cell phone tower. He lost his balance while stabbing someone, and fell thousands of feet. A nameless chick, his girlfriend I suppose, started crying.
We got rid of the enemy's air forces, and went back to the workshop/warehouse where we'd built the planes. Shortly the others returned from fighting. I guess we'd won, because everyone was there, and we decided to go out for brunch. The short guy then showed up, with a creature that looked like the abominable snowman in tow. We were surprised and relieved, his girlfriend incredibly so. But then we realized that he had an enormous wound in his side and several broken bones, and someone said we wouldn't be able to save him. I protested that his wounds couldn't be too bad, he'd fallen from the sky several miles from here and had managed to get here. I woke up before finding out if we fixed him.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bursting into song.

I was at the mall with my mother. We went to a coffee shop where we met Erin and Meredith. My mom started singing this random show tune. It was from a show that I'd liked, but I didn't recognize the song or remember the name of the musical. It happened to be a song from a show UMW had put on earlier this year. Since this coffee shop was filled with college students, a few people had been in the play and knew the song quite well. They started singing along. A different group of people had been in the orchestra. One guy pulled out his French horn and started to play it along with the music. Soon we had a whole orchestra backing this huge group of people singing. Erin said to me "I love this school."
I went to the store, which had changed into this tiny shop. There were really low shelves, almost like desk-sized bookcases. Surprise surprise, all of these bookcases contained books. The only goods the store had were on a high shelf that was attached to the wall and circled the whole room. I wanted some peach tea Snapple, but the only bottle they had was $19.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

It was quite pretty.

It was evening, I was at home. I was sitting at the kitchen table with my parents and sister. Katie Ballard shows up randomly, even though it's like 9:30 at night, and says she's here to walk the dog. I ask Ralph if he wants to go for a walk, he tucks his tail between his legs and sits down, indicating that he does not. Not wanting to seem rude, we invited Katie to sit and converse with us. I think we were planning my graduation party. I ask Katie how she's doing in school. She tells me she's actually a spy and needed to walk Ralph as part of her cover to spy on people in the park. I feigned interest and turned back to the table to join in the conversation.
I said that I wanted to invite everyone to my party. EVERYONE. So I needed to print out tons of invitations, and pass them out to all of my classmates. Every single one of them. We'd decided to go on a walk anyway, because the sky was doing something interesting. The sun was setting on one side of the lake. It was a stunningly bright disk floating right on the horizon, and the blues and pinks in the sky were reflected in the water. I could look at it without being blinded. On the other side of the lake the moon was rising, and it was also huge and bright, but beyond its ring of radiance the sky around it was improbably dark given the giant sun, and devoid of stars. I tried to snap a picture of both, but my camera failed to take adequate pictures. They were good enough, though, that I wanted to put them on all of the invitations I'd made for my party. I put the picture of the moon on half of them, and the sun on the other half.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Short one.

I was at a dinner. After I'd eaten, I was told there was LSD in the food. It had no effect, except to make me a little queasy and balance-challenged.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Narnia? Animal Farm? Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer?

This dream was one where I'm observing, not participating.
A bunch of Disney-esque forest animals were preparing themselves for battle against humans. I was watching try-outs for their army, they looked sort of like the Reindeer Games. They were using a series of dog training manuals to train these creatures. Most of them were squirrels and other rodents, only 3 of them were dogs. One dog was the son of two famed soldiers, so he felt the need to impress everyone and prove that he was just as good. Unfortunately, he'd failed all of the animal intelligence tests in these books. The leaders gave him a chance anyway, and his incompetence resulted in horrific failure and the death of 2 other animals.