Thursday, September 30, 2010

Escape from what?

I was taking a trip down to see my grandfather along with the rest of the family. Through a series of confusing cell phone calls we all ended up at this hotel for the night. The hotel looked more like a ski lodge, and had no rooms left, so we were stuck sleeping in the dining room. Madeline wasn't with us, so we texted her and asked her where she was. She said she was busy saving whales with Will and couldn't help us escape.
Freaking alarm went off before it got really interesting.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The theme is "Magic"

I can't remember much, but I had drawn an entry for Iron Avatarist that featured Vaarsuvius magically creating a hat for Haley to wear. Also there were dancing penguins.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Tests aaaaaagh

So I "woke up" and I went to German History, which instead of in Dupont was taking place in a room not unlike the lecture hall in Monroe, but much smaller. I was sitting on the right side of the room, and Jenn was sitting next to me. So it was kind of similar to Anthro in sophomore year.
It turns out there was some homework that I'd missed. I was supposed to do a reading, and answer some questions. The questions were to be answered in one word. And there was a test on the homework worth 50% of my grade. He went over the homework after checking to see if we'd done it, like we were in high school. Also like in high school, I hadn't done my homework and was ashamed. I listened closely as he went over it, and copied down the answers discreetly. He handed out the test, and I forgot everything he just told us.
So like Arabic.

Friday, September 24, 2010

I probably got a better grade.

I got a C+ on the test I took yesterday, and everyone else did equally poorly. So instead of having class, Niebuhr asked me to bring the Wii to class and any games I could think of. I brought the Wii, but didn't want to embarrass myself playing DDR, and didn't want to take Erin's games without asking (though it's her Wii, and I didn't ask about it.) We played Super Mario.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Can't sleep.

I had trouble sleeping last night, so when I finally dozed off 5 minutes after my alarm rang, my dream was about that.
In the dream, I stopped trying to sleep and went out into the kitchen to get a cup of water. When I turned on the faucet, the fire sprinkler on the kitchen ceiling (that is not actually there) went off. My cup was suddenly on the floor directly under the sprinkler, where the heaviest stream was.
I was trapped at the sink, so I yelled to Matt to fix this problem. He groaned from the hallway that he'd shown me how to use the faucet last week, but he wasn't expecting that the sprinkler had turned on. He started grumbling about how his fellow students ruin everything when suddenly the fire alarm was activated and we all had to leave.
My alarm rang, I turned over and continued dozing.
Once again I left my room and went to the kitchen, but there was a sign blocking my way. The sign looked like the ones from Seacobeck, and it warned me to stay out of the kitchen. One of the sodexho people stepped out of the kitchen to explain to me that the pinhole in our kitchen wall was a doorway to another dimension, and they had to fix it or the people over there would keep spying on us. I should explain here that in the apartment during summer school there was a tack in the kitchen wall plugging up a tiny hole that Mer and I joked was a camera. It is not in this apartment.

Then I put on my roller blades and went to class. As I was skating home from class I ran into Adrienne and Stephanie. It suddenly started pouring, so we took refuge under the bell tower until it stopped, and discussed our classes. Once it stopped I kept skating back to the apartment, but when I entered the complex I noticed that it was full of horse trailers. My apartment had turned into Moonie's barn, and my mother was there brushing him. She asked me how I got there. I explained that this was where I live, and she explained that the UMW apartments were moved 2 blocks down the street.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Prison seems like an overreaction.

Allison and I were grocery shopping at Wegmans and talking about classes. I made a bad joke about one of my teachers, and Allison laughed. I turned around and saw that the teacher was in line behind me. She gave me a look, then pressed a button on her cell phone. Police officers came and arrested me and Allison. We were taken to a judge and sentenced to a month in prison. The prison happened to be just around the corner from Wegmans.
The prison hallway basically looked like the basement of Randolph, except with doors on both sides and everything was made of concrete. My cell was the last door on the right, Allison's was the first on the left.
I went into my cell and was quite surprised to find that it was about as big as my apartment. The walls and floor were the same grimy concrete as the hallway, but I had a queen-sized bed up on a platform, a television, a bookshelf, and a minibar. There was art on the walls. A barred window on the far side of the room led outside, and another on the back wall led to another person's cell. I looked through the window and saw that my neighbor was a dude. His cell was much more standard, 9x9 with a toilet and a bed. He was on a cell phone and wouldn't stop laughing. I asked him why my cell was so fancy, he shrugged his shoulders and ignored me.
I looked underneath my bed and saw an ant the size of my big toe. I kept myself from yelling and found something to squish it with. When I did, I heard a loud growling shriek like a jaguar and woke up.
Fell back asleep and in the next dream I'd been let out of prison, sort of. I was taken to school in a prisoner carriage pulled by black horses. I had bright red shackles around my wrists. I met Reece at my apartment and he was disappointed because I'd missed most of the time he had to visit me.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hey look, I remembered one!

Sort of!
First, I was walking around campus with Erin. We'd just been at seacobeck and had to-go boxes. Campus was greener and had more hills than it does. It was sort of raining, which was putting me in a bad mood. I told Erin we had to go grocery shopping. Erin said that we didn't, because she went and bought new food yesterday. I threw a fit like a five-year-old, whined that I didn't like any of the food she got, and kicked my to-go box of seaco food off a nearby cliff.
I apologized to Erin and went back to my room, which looked a lot like the room I sleep in at Grandpa's house. I sat on the bed, grabbed a random book and read it. I noticed that the clock said 10:45, and it was time to leave and go to World Religions, but I didn't care and continued reading. I didn't check the time again until 11:15. Around :45 I got kind of worried, 'cause I remembered that this was the second day in a row that I'd skipped RELG101 (not really, but in the dream.) I decided to use the Epilepsy excuse, and headed over to Trinkle to catch the professor. Trinkle was different than it usually is, but I didn't notice it. The ceilings were higher, the walls were whiter and clear of bulletin boards, and the huge windows were trimmed in gold. A large spiral staircase with a blue carpet let straight up to the door to room 204. I vaguely noticed that there usually wasn't a staircase there.
The professor was talking to a bunch of other students. I apologized for skipping, and asked for a summary of what I missed. He gave me a little slip of paper that had all of the readings I was to do on it, and told me to read the syllabus. He asked why I didn't come to class twice, and I said that my Epilepsy was acting up, and I'd had seizures on both days. He didn't buy it.
I woke up before I had to think of a different excuse.

Next dream, the actor who played Chewbacca had been murdered, and we had to follow clues hidden in the Expanded Universe books to find his body. It was in George Lucas's basement.