Friday, July 24, 2009


I was chilling with Meredith and David, who'd been arrested. I remembered that I'd received a paper in the mail saying I had to go to jail. I didn't know why, but I felt I should, so I looked through my backpack searching for this sheet of paper and found nothing but a bunch of graded German and math papers. I followed them to prison anyway, I didn't know where to go so I just followed Meredith around. She went over to this corner where a bunch of chicks were making art out of coke cans, and made this little sculpture with her name on it. The prison looked a lot like the cafeteria at centennial. I went up to this nice black woman at a counter and asked her why I'd been arrested. She looked at me and said "Do you want to sign up for the midnight breakfast at seacobeck?" I kept asking and she kept changing the subject to midnight breakfast.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I get violent when my piano's in danger.

There was some kind of ceremony going on, me and the entire student body of UMW were lined up in this gigantic hall. Oh and Aragorn and Elrond were about 5 people up from me, chatting. A procession is happening, with groups of all kinds of important people walking past us. One of these groups included Legolas and Galadriel. Elrond yells something in Elvish at them, similar to "Yo wassup my homies!" and they start talking animatedly in Elvish. Aragorn is like "Woah, don't start speaking your fancy code and leaving me out." I wonder confusedly what happened to Aragorn's ability to speak Elvish before turning back towards the procession. The Elves are holding up the procession and another group has stopped right in front of me. Everyone in my vicinity has turned to face their chairs and is kneeling because some queen was supposed to be in this group but wasn't there so we had to bow to our chairs. But I realized the queen was right there, the old lady in front of me, so I spun around and bowed to her. She smiled and said "You're not supposed to know." and kept walking. When the big ceremony ended and the crowd dispersed, my sister stared at me mortified. "You weren't supposed to do that!"
Meanwhile, we were supposed to be moving into our new rooms, but we had been interrupted by the arrivals of famous people. So my stuff, my duffel bag, piano, and a few boxes, was stacked behind my chair. I followed some people I knew to the refreshments tables, leaving it there, thinking "Honor code yay!" But then while I walked out, some chicks who I'd heard planning to go shopping but lamenting their lack of money saw my unguarded stuff and were like "Ooo, free stuff!" I went back and beat them up with an umbrella. I advanced towards the refreshments tables, except now instead of tables it was just a candy and ice cream shop. I found Meredith poking around the candies and said "Yo, some chicks tried to steal my stuff!" She said absently "Did you beat them up?"
But then I saw them coming through the door with my piano, so I chased them out and beat them up again.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I read the 5th Dresden Files yesterday.

I was in my church with Harry Dresden. I had to serve at the alter. While up there, Nicodemus (demon guy from the 5th book) appeared and scared everybody off. He was there for me, though, and he really wanted to expell me from school, so he started shouting and threatening me and beating me up and everything. He gives me to Deirdre, and she takes me out of the chapel and ties me up outside. I use mad ninja skills to escape, and Erin O'Neal, who was sitting by Kirk's office and messaging Nicodemus over facebook, was like "HAHA she escaped!" at him.
Meanwhile, Harry Dresden got into a big fight with Katherine over some stupid activity she had planned for him and how dangerous it was or something. Mary Marguerite was chilling outside the youth group room, and she had a laptop, and was making a list for something. Harry did his wind trick and made the laptop levitate, and MM was grumbling "I'll veras servitas you." Then Harry started making us pancakes with strawberries right there outside the bathrooms in the basement of the church. The pancakes looked more like donuts, and I told him he should try waffles instead.
Then I remembered I had to take care of the children. We had to deliver an artifact to a poor village off in the woods. But there were two villages, one of them was the right one and the other one was totally sketch. All of the kids go off obediently towards the right village, except one kid who demands that we go to the sketch village, which was filled with hustlers and unpleasant folk. There was a big sign outside a tent that said "FREE CANDY IN HERE" so the kid went towards that. I followed him into the tent and found a cafeteria-type place with a bunch of fried foods, but you couldn't buy anything, you had to gamble on this card game and win the food. There was also no free candy. I turned right around and dragged the boy out of there.

Woke up, tossed and turned for an hour, fell back asleep.

Meredith, Erin and I were watching a presentation in Dodd auditorium, but there were these two black chicks in front of us making a lot of noise over their cell phones. I started yelling at them. They glared at me and stalked off. The guy giving the presentation applauded me and suddenly I was all popular and hanging out with popular kids (well, the popular girl from Buffy the Vampire Slayer). I left Meredith and Erin there to go downtown with them, but they followed a little after me. Popular girl and I got attacked on our way downtown. Erin and Meredith save us, everyone is happy, hearts and love.
THEN I go to Seacobeck to meet my sister, and I'm like "OMG I had this dream last night about Harry Dresden" and my sister looks at me strangely as I tell her about it. Then an evil sorceress appears and we have to attack her with tennis balls soaked in our tears.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

The dreadful crime of piracy

First part, I was in our church but it didn't look like our church. I was hiding books and boxes in different drawers in the basement and office while a play was going on upstairs. I had to avoid parents of children that I wanted to hire me. I don't remember the rest.
Then Reece gave me a skype call, I had to explain to my parents who he was, which was difficult because he had a face like Michael Jackson meets the Joker. I asked if he'd fallen into a vat of chemicals. I told my parents he went to UMW
Then we were on the campus of UMW, Sheckells and David and Rachael and I,
and those three had to be executed for pirating music and videos on the UMW internet, and so being caught. My parents were the executioners, they had to drink some cocktail of death. Oh, Stephanie was also getting executed and a bunch of people I don't know. The rest of the dream was me trying to reason with my parents and help the 4 I cared about escape.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

[insert clever title here] *yawn*

There was a party, on a playground. Not just any playground, the one I went to with Mel and Sheckells and David and Axel that one time. Except instead of that bouncy rubber surface the ground was mulched. And there was no parking lot, the park was surrounded by trees. And it was evening. There were a bunch of kids on the playground equipment, so I went and sat with the adults. There was food, and Doug (talking dog from Up) also was there. One woman had to go to the bathroom, but there were no public restrooms here. My aunt said the place to go would be the stream. I didn't know what stream she was talking about, but I looked down a hill on the side of the playground and saw a small stream. The hill was steep and covered with rocks, but I ventured down it anyway, wishing more than ever that I had the ability to just pee off the side of the hill. I slipped and fell, Doug yelled "OH NO!", but I grabbed onto a branch of a tree I fell past. Now I was at the bottom of the hill, but the stream was so cold that I said "Forget about it." and looked around. I saw some pipes sucking water out of the stream, which was why it was so small and the sides were so steep.
I followed the pipes and found that they were irrigating a field. This field did have the rubbery surface of a playground. They were growing large red robots. Some chick who looked like Tsukiko from Order Of The Stick had a clipboard and was examining the "plants". Another chick ran up to her and said "You have to abort the project! If these robots hatch we will be in terrible danger!" Tsukiko chick ignored her. Nameless chick was nameless, so for this description I will call her Sally. Sally ran up to me and said "You have to help me sabotage this, these robots are dangerous! These ones (she pointed at a particular patch) are shaped like giant bugs that will destroy everything in their path!"
"What about these ones?" I pointed at another patch of flowers shaped like smilies.
"Oh those are what the robots are supposed to be like, big and square and friendly. But these people (she glared at Tsukiko) planted different plants and they will doom us all! It's just like that one incident in Harry Potter!"
I remembered that incident in the dream, but now that I think on it I can't remember a situation at all like this in Harry Potter.
There were some more adventures dealing with stopping the robot farm, but I can't remember them.