Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pretty sunrise is pretty

I went to bed thinking "Meredith's going to be disappointed, because I'm not going to have an interesting dream." And lo, I did have an interesting dream!
We were in my room, talking of Easter clothes, I go into my closet and find 3 pastel-colored collared shirts, and I'm like "Where did these come from?" I notice a bunch more clothes that aren't mine. The closet is filled with Erin's organizational materials, all piled on top of my lack-or-organization. Erin says "I switched closets! Move your stuff!"and I was like "Whaaaaaaat? No!"
I went walking on campus walk with Meredithface, and as we passed ball circle we looked over at what should be Chandler, but instead of ball circle it was this vast expanse of perfect green grass, with a mountain range in the distance. There was a particularly large mountain in the center, and in front of it but much closer to us was a little temple-looking thing. The sun was rising, and I looked at the clouds and the mountain and said to Meredith "Look how artistic this is! See how the pink and purple clouds are shaped like smoke, rising from that large mountain! Pretty!" Meredith was like "Eh, not that pretty." and I was surprised. "Let's investigate!" said I, and we went off across the grass.
We approach the temple, and it turns into a shaded rest-stop-ish area. Behind the temple is a parking lot, Andrew Ballard is there with his car. He has to drive us somewhere, so we get in the car and drive off to meet my parents. They are at a different picnic place thing. There is macaroni and cheese with hot dogs in it. And my sister is making some kind of squash soup stuff.
THEN we are in Randolph 2nd floor lounge, and I have a coloring book. I draw a couch. And a devil on my shoulder wearing a baseball cap says "Would they ever let you sit in a couch?!" and I'm like "No." v_v So then I erase it and draw a chair instead.
Then I wake up and wait for 2 hours to type this!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Disney characters.

Ok, I was in a stereotypical stone castle next to the ocean. I was trapped by the evil stepmother from Cinderella, but a castle guard on the roof helped me escape using Santa's reindeer. I could feel her evil red-eyed gaze from the window as I flew off, and the narrator said something like "The evil stepmother wanted Emily's magic reindeer for herself." So Lady Tremaine captured Gaston and was torturing him with electricity. She sends me a picture of this happening, and I'm like OH NOES. I'm acting more like Belle would towards the Beast actually, less like I would towards Gaston, who is a creep. But anyway, I try to rescue the guy.
Suddenly I'm down on the beach, there is this huge party going on. Like, one tent has a movie theater in it. I go in and meet a girl a little older than me and her 2 children. Something happens, and we have to rescue her children when they almost drown in the ocean. Using an aircraft carrier. My father's half of the family is there, after this happens, and we're at a long table enjoying this spread of food. Makes me really want a good sandwich just thinking about it. They start talking about my GPA, and this guy from school who they say's been distracting me too much. Also I've been telling them about this insect that this guy showed me, and they don't think it exists. The bug, called a loopy bug, looks and acts like the cockroach from Wall-E, but if you pull on its wings right the bug will flatten out into a sheet of paper, about as stiff as aida needlework fabric. I've been using this one sheet for my lab work in biology. I go get it from my backpack, which is just down the table next to Adrienne. I ask her if she's sure it's alright that I've been doing lab work on a separate sheet of paper, and she says that's fine. I take the paper back over to my family, curl it up and it turns back into the loopy bug. The bug runs around the table happily and sits on my shoulder, like the cockroach from Wall-E. My parents are fascinated. I show them again and again that it is not a trick. In a Beauty and the Beast-esque sequence, they decide to kill the insect. I run back into the castle, up to the roof where the guard from the first act is. He tells me to be careful to not make the loopy bug unhappy. to my room, which looks exactly like my room at home except there is a desk where the bed is. I sit at this desk, force the bug back into a sheet of paper and start taking notes on him. He doesn't appreciate that, and manages to pop back into an insect. I turn him back once more, and he pops back, over and over again, and each time he gets more spikes on his wings and angrier. At last he stays as a sheet of paper, but there are thorns around the edge, and they get bigger and bigger until I'm trapped in my room.
Then I wake up.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It was math class I swear.

So, Erin's asshole art teacher, who looked like Herr Kords the asshole German teacher, was for some reason teaching my math class. The room we were in looked a lot like the chorus room of my middle school, except with a big wooden table in the center like you would find in an art building. Instead of a take-home quiz, we had to build out of clay one of those candle holders that are sculptures with holes in them, so you put the candle inside and the light comes through the holes. He had made one that looked like a rampant lion, and it was very cool. I was just going to build a box. After class I went out into the woods with Erin and Allison as she looked for things to sketch. Allison was pointing out interesting pieces of wood for Erin to draw, and Erin was wondering why I wasn't doing my work. >.>
Went back to class, which looked like Trinkle b36 again.. I sat down and as I sat down my pocket pressed the play button on my phone and in the middle of class it started playing "Total Eclipse of the Heart". Everyone turned to look at me, I took my phone out of my pocket and tried to stop the music. I opened the phone, but it kept playing, instead of the screen saying "Music available in horizontal mode." I pressed End to turn off the phone, the screen went black, but it kept playing. The music changed to Erik Satie. I took the phone out of the classroom and it stopped playing. I returned, the room had changed back to the chorus room and the professor was talking about our next project.
We had to write a paper. And this paper had to have advertisements, so he would get money. Somehow that worked. >=/ I was like "What about our other project? I never finished." After class I was walking around the halls of Burleigh Manor Middle School, talking to Meredith about this dumbass project, saying "I need to ask him, do I need real ads for paying businesses or can I use advertisements for, for example, your website?" Real Meredith would probably have been offended by that statement. Dream Meredith just said "Talk to the professor." Next class I did so, and he said "Advertise any damn thing." I was pleased, because it meant I could advertise for Meredith. I glanced at the rampant lion lamp as I left. I took another walk in the woods with Erin, speaking to her about the project, and she also told me to talk to the professor, and "Remember that we have that ceramics project to do." I kicked a tree in frustration and I woke up.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Orange Juice = good for you!

Ok, this was crazy.
I had two dreams last night. In the first, I was hit by lightening while I was drinking orange juice, and turned into some kind of uber-powerful orange juice golem thing, except I was free-willed for the most part. The only person who could order me around was my lab partner, Erin Kenderish, and she thought it was a bad idea to do so. I had epic-level stats though, and was about to defeat Xykon when I woke up. :smallconfused:
In the second, I was trying to get to my math class to turn in my test, but I was in a city instead of on campus. The architecture looked the same, and all of the buildings were made of bring. But instead of going right out my door to Trinkle hall I went through 3 alleyways and into a strange building that had hallways similar to Pollard, and at the same time resembled my high school. So I went to the math hallway of my high school, but I couldn't find my classroom. The only people around were doctors, so I guess I was in a hospital. I turned around and went to the school cafeteria, which was serving Seaco food. I ran into more people a vaguely recognized as my high school teachers, and someone I think was my science teacher at Heinerberg middle school. Down a few more hallways and through some more doors/alleyways, I found myself at the top of the stairway in Woodard Campus Center. Then I woke up fo' realz.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ever seen Dark City? The lighting was like that.

I was at summer school with Meredith, we were showing a new person around who had never been to UMW before. The buildings were completely different, and much larger. I was discussing with Meredith about how the new chick would love it here and we should assimilate her into our group. A short, fat and blond woman came up to us and said "You have to see this!" We followed her and she showed us two rooms. "This room is light and good!" It was huge, a large window let in a lot of sunlight, there was a wheel on the wall and a mirror in the corner. The adjoining room was a room of "darkness and evil", which looked similar to the other one except the window let in less light and it was grey and dark. The woman took me aside, over to the mirror. The mirror was a foot or so taller than me and as wide as a car is long. She said "There is a ball behind this mirror. Try to break it." I complied. Though the mirror was attached to the wall, I was able to bend it forward and it fell back onto the ball, which cracked like an egg. The woman shattered like glass. Meredith came up to me and said with a frustrated sigh "Jesus, Emily, didn't you kill a teacher last summer too?" (Fyi, I didn't.) In the dream, however, I agreed and said "Yeah! This place must be cursed or something!"
I woke up slightly, Erin was moving around, but then I went back to sleep.
I was in a smaller room that was similarly lit to the dark and evil room. It actually looked like the 2nd floor kitchen, except instead of a sink there was a window. A guy in a leather jacket with long black hair came up to me and said that they needed me for something. He instructed me to go to the window. "You see that little horse down there? He needs you to find him some divorce papers, his parents are driving him nuts." I went upstairs and into an office, rummaged through the drawers, but I couldn't find the papers he wanted. I went back to the window and told the horse this. The horse then melted into a puddle of black liquid. The liquid shot up and through the window and landed in the sink. It was sort of stringy, sticky liquid, like a bunch of unevenly distributed Elmer's glue. It moved around in the sink like it was alive. "Well, now you've done it." said the guy in the jacket. "Um, I've got to go to class." said I.
I woke up slightly, Erin was zipping up her backpack, but then I was back.
The room that looked like the randolph kitchen before now looked like an old bathroom. Again, all grey light coming through the window and dark. The liquid was now sitting in a rusty bathtub, and the guy with black hair was poking it. It stuck to the stick. It then climbed up the stick and was sucked into the guy. I was shocked, but then it shot out of him and into me. Leather Jacket Guy fell to the ground. An old man came up behind me and said "Go to sleep." I did, in the story of this dream, and when I woke up there was sun coming through the window. Turns out the dude with the leather jacket is a prince and this old guy is a king. I ask the old guy "So, does this black stuff give me powers or something?" He said "No, it's going to give my son powers." I'm surprised to notice that he has a quantity of the stuff on a paper towel. He says something about the horse being annoyed that I couldn't find the papers. I think this is a load of BS, and tell him so. "It jumped into me."
"Ah, but I took it out."
"But I should still have some in me!" I'm making shit up I suppose.
Then my alarm goes off and I wake up for realz.