Saturday, December 27, 2008


I was in what looked like a hotel hallway with my sister's friends Heather and Andy. I'd just failed classes, so my family decided to disown me like that Turkish family in Gegen Die Wand. We were playing some kind of hand-held Pictionary, except instead of random nouns and actions and concepts, we had to draw things based entirely on in-jokes from my sister's group of friends. So I kept losing. Through this I learned that aliens had been abducting people from this hotel every night for the last few nights.
This girl that looked like one of our christmas ornaments, a little straw doll in a Russian outfit, led me through the Freshmen wing of my highschool into this room where my family was sitting and talking about me. It looked like my grandmother's apartment, with a door to the balcony, but the balcony was made of wood like a beach house. It was night, and everything was painted blue. I had an idea for how to get back at my family for disowning me. I told my grandmother (except it wasn't my grandmother, it was my biology teacher. It wasn't my family either) that I'd seen something really cool, and led her out to the balcony. The aforementioned aliens were there, as if waiting for me. The doll was talking to them, I suppose she'd told them to wait. These aliens looked like the standard little green men, except they were dressed in 18th century clothing, and two of them were sporting ridiculous mustaches. I gave my "grandmother" to them, and they took her away. On my way back into the hotel/beach house/apartment/freshman wing, I met my grandfather (again, not my grandfather) who asked me where she was. I told him I didn't know.

Scene change! I was walking on this gravel path in the middle of nowhere. I think there was a body of water on my right. There were some GITPers there, their avatars. The only one I remember is AngelSword, and he disappeared shortly. There were 3 of us left, we were looking around for him, but all we found was the front pocket of his shirt (that his avatar doesn't even have, but nevermind). Inside was the pocket Pictionary notebook. We kept walking, one of the other GITPers disappeared, and then I woke up.

Friday, December 26, 2008


I was messing with my Christmas gift at the dining room table. Alice comes in and tells me something's going on. Something changes, now I'm working on a drawing of a pokemon in this large workshop, filled with people and benches. My parents single me out and we go to get some food. I run into Meredith and we break off from my family.
I follow her up this winding staircase, over to the Randolph vending machines. I'm about to purchase an almond joy when my sister and my cousin yell from the adjoining room, "Don't do it, it's bad for you." I put the coins in anyway, but the machine won't accept them. None of my coins add up to $1, so I couldn't get anything.

Monday, December 22, 2008

A little tour of campus.

I was at school, I'd broken into the Virginia hall lounge and was doing schoolwork in there. A girl I didn't completely recognize, but I think she was from my high school, came in and told me we had to go back to our room, because something had happened to Meredith. We exited the lounge, instead of coming out in the VA hall lobby we were at the top of a staircase. It wasn't even the VA hall stairs, it was the staircase from Melchers, but the door came out of the opposite wall so it also looked like the staircase in the community center.
We went back to our room, which was smaller and much different from our quad, with blue carpet and desks rearranged. It was similar to the room I had with Caitrin last year, except it was in the basement of Randolph and had Meredith and Erin in it. Meredith was passed out on the bed with two or three sketchbooks surrounding her, all with what Erin insisted were mysterious drawings with clues as to what happened to her, but looked to me like random chibis and other standard Meredith art.
We dragged Meredith and her sketchbooks over to Melchers and went into the mac lab.
This is where I forget what happened next.
I woke up because my phone rang. I looked at the caller ID and saw it was my grandmother. Who was sleeping down the hall in the guest bedroom. I figured it was my wake-up call, but it was 3:00 AM, two hours left. I asked my grandmother what was up, and she said in a rather panicked tone "Why did you call me?!" I said "I didn't call you, what do you need?"
Then I actually woke up. It was like 4:45.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I had to give my German presentation again, but to a bigger audience, and my piano instructor was there instead of Herr Rotter. No one could understand me, and I was heckled by a lot of people.
Then I came back to my house and my parents had decorated the tree without me and I was sad. It was at this point that I started thinking "Wait, did I actually wake up Saturday morning? This must be a dream, 'cause they'd never do that without me." Then I wake up. We're decorating the tree tomorrow.

Friday, December 19, 2008

This dream is fueled by Girl Genius and I think The Prestige.

I was at a party, in this very nice building/courtyard right next to a large river. Everyone there was very nicely dressed, Sheckells was there in his top hat, and both of my parents and my sister were there. Also a bunch of kids, my age and younger, who I didn't know but was hanging around with anyway.
My sister had a fight with my mother, and there was this ocean battle between them, involving a barge covered in junk metal, a submarine and a tugboat. My father, Sheckells, and the random teenagers all got on this little party boat and were following the action. Then the barge was about to crash into some other boats and we had to stop it. My sister and mother were still yelling at each other, I joined this other girl and we managed to redirect the barge using the submarine.
We went back to the party, I got some hugs and congratulations for some reason. There was some sort of concert going on that had us awake really late, and we were all incredibly exhausted. I ended up sleeping on this random boy's lap, I think it was Gilgamesh Wulfenbach. When we woke up, in the dream, it was noonish, and the party had continued. There were cookies and other things you might find at the church coffee hour, and randomly placed pizzas, most of them white pizzas. My father was looking around and waiting to go, but I'd just woken up and wanted to hang around more. I went and ate food. Then I woke up for real.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


I was in my dorm room with Mary Katy, preparing for some sort of play. Mr. Ballard was directing it, so it was probably related to the Christmas pageant. I had to dress up in all black, but I had no black shoes, which caused some stress with my mother. My room was up on the 3rd or 4th floor of this building, and the play was being put on on the 2nd. I had to memorize my lines, and present them to a professor in one of the fine arts buildings. Instead I just printed them off of the internet and planned on reading them. My part in the play was to shepherd the kids around, and at one point I had to be in the basement, holding a pad of paper while someone else drew on it. What? >.^ So I went down to do my part. Meanwhile, upstairs, they're wondering where I am, and when they finally find me they're completely infuriated. I grab a coke from the convenient cooler, and explain that I was doing my part downstairs like I was told to.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

This dream brought to you by 2:00 AM ice cream and "The Departed".

First, there was this road trip with my friend Mel. I don't remember too much of this part, except we stopped at a few sketchy rest stations and ended up in a strange city. A year passes, Mel disappears and the dream changes. I'm still in the city, but I've made a new friend. The friend doesn't resemble anyone from real life, she actually more closely resembles Kat from the webcomic Gunnerkrigg Court. She and her mother live in a house that from the outside looks like an abandoned apartment building, but it's very pleasant on the inside. It sort of looked like my aunt's house on the inside if you turned it around, the rooms were rearranged.
At the back of the house, and at the front interestingly enough, there was a fire escape that led into an alley, actually a courtyard surrounded by four identical brick buildings, with some trash cans and cars and general sketchiness. I guess it was like the back of the fine arts complex at UMW, except always dark, much smaller, and much more filled with gunfire and smoke. There were three particular trash cans in one corner on the opposite side of this courtyard that Kat and I usually hung out around.
So, "Kat" was betrothed to a man from this Asian mafia-type gang, and the people would show up randomly to harass us and her mother. We put up with them for a while, but then it turned out "Kat" was pregnant, though to my knowledge she had never slept with the man, or anybody. Then her fiance wouldn't leave us alone. He would come every evening, usually with friends, to find "Kat" and I believe beat the shit out of her. I obviously did not like this.
The dream took a turn for the psychotic when this man brought the entire gang over, and the leader of this gang looked like Genghis Kahn from Disney's Mulan. He was some kind of vampire type thing, who was afraid of the sunlight. He also carried a creepy looking knife and had some kind of Joker-esque contraption on his jacket that released poisoness gas into the air. He started coming over often, only at night, trying to kill us. I at this point in the dream realized that it was always night, like in Dark City. "Kat's" mother, who actually looked like the character from Gunnerkrigg court, would try to reason with them, but they'd always burst in and walk up the stairs looking for us.
Pregnant "Kat" was visibly pregnant by this time, and finding places for us to hide was difficult. We eventually realized that there was a part of the courtyard that they would never look, near the trashcans, and we began hiding there.
There was a brief interlude involving Mel and a beach, a lot of sun and a ferris wheel.
Back to our story, there had been a few fights in the courtyard, some of them actually were about us. Our spot near the trashcans had become unsafe, as Genghis Kahn had begun checking inside them. He'd released his purple gas into our house, and we couldn't go in there anymore. "Kat's" mother gave me a gun and skipped town with "Kat". I determined that this had gone on long enough, and hid in one of the trashcans with the gun, prepared to blow the head off the first person who looked in. I was afraid that this would be "Kat" or some other friend, so I put the gun down by my feet. Genghis looked in, I picked the gun up, and then I woke up.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

One piece of tacky jewelry to rule them all.

In this dream, I found out my grade on the anthropology final. The entire class (which is like 100 some people, but in this dream it was around 20 or so) was standing around the podium, and professor Gable was looking through this big book that had all of our names listed. They were projected up onto this screen, but no one was looking at it. He comes across my name, and I got....
I was shocked and outraged and on the verge of tears. But then Gable said "Yeah, but that's passing." I burst into tears and gave him a hug. He was like "This happens like once a year."
I walked up the stairs to the exit. Erin O'Neal was sitting in the second-to-last row, and next to her was a piece of jewelry. It looked like costume jewelry, a big clunky gold chain with a celtic cross on the end, the cross had rubies in each corner. I put it on, and we went to to the Eagle's Nest. We went a roundabout way though, instead of right down campus walk we went up the hill to Seacobeck, and then down the side path to the outdoor seating area. I could feel this cross on my chest, it was really really heavy, and I was suddenly very very depressed. I felt like the chain around my neck was digging into my shoulders, like I was carrying a literal yoke. I sat down at one of the tables outside the nest, Adrienne was there, because we hadn't left Monroe, we'd left the science building. I'd just received a 26% on the biology test that determined if I passed or failed. I was still crying. Then I started feeling physically ill. Adrienne was like "It's going to be alright." Erin looked like she was deep in thought. She looked at me, tears rolling down my face and hunched over the table as if in pain, and she reached for the necklace. She grabbed it by the cross, and it burned her. She went around behind me and pulled the chain over my head. I was able to sit up straight, but the cross was still stuck against my chest. Erin gave it a tug and it fell off. I sat up straight, stopped crying, felt like a million dollars except for the anthropology test I'd just failed (back to that.) But Gable said I passed, and I'd gotten all Bs in that class so far. Everything was going to be fine.
Adrienne looked at me. Erin looked at the necklace, then tossed it behind her into the trees. It missed the trees, and instead went for the path to Seaco, where it hit a young man on the head and knocked him unconscious.