Saturday, December 27, 2008


I was in what looked like a hotel hallway with my sister's friends Heather and Andy. I'd just failed classes, so my family decided to disown me like that Turkish family in Gegen Die Wand. We were playing some kind of hand-held Pictionary, except instead of random nouns and actions and concepts, we had to draw things based entirely on in-jokes from my sister's group of friends. So I kept losing. Through this I learned that aliens had been abducting people from this hotel every night for the last few nights.
This girl that looked like one of our christmas ornaments, a little straw doll in a Russian outfit, led me through the Freshmen wing of my highschool into this room where my family was sitting and talking about me. It looked like my grandmother's apartment, with a door to the balcony, but the balcony was made of wood like a beach house. It was night, and everything was painted blue. I had an idea for how to get back at my family for disowning me. I told my grandmother (except it wasn't my grandmother, it was my biology teacher. It wasn't my family either) that I'd seen something really cool, and led her out to the balcony. The aforementioned aliens were there, as if waiting for me. The doll was talking to them, I suppose she'd told them to wait. These aliens looked like the standard little green men, except they were dressed in 18th century clothing, and two of them were sporting ridiculous mustaches. I gave my "grandmother" to them, and they took her away. On my way back into the hotel/beach house/apartment/freshman wing, I met my grandfather (again, not my grandfather) who asked me where she was. I told him I didn't know.

Scene change! I was walking on this gravel path in the middle of nowhere. I think there was a body of water on my right. There were some GITPers there, their avatars. The only one I remember is AngelSword, and he disappeared shortly. There were 3 of us left, we were looking around for him, but all we found was the front pocket of his shirt (that his avatar doesn't even have, but nevermind). Inside was the pocket Pictionary notebook. We kept walking, one of the other GITPers disappeared, and then I woke up.

Friday, December 26, 2008


I was messing with my Christmas gift at the dining room table. Alice comes in and tells me something's going on. Something changes, now I'm working on a drawing of a pokemon in this large workshop, filled with people and benches. My parents single me out and we go to get some food. I run into Meredith and we break off from my family.
I follow her up this winding staircase, over to the Randolph vending machines. I'm about to purchase an almond joy when my sister and my cousin yell from the adjoining room, "Don't do it, it's bad for you." I put the coins in anyway, but the machine won't accept them. None of my coins add up to $1, so I couldn't get anything.

Monday, December 22, 2008

A little tour of campus.

I was at school, I'd broken into the Virginia hall lounge and was doing schoolwork in there. A girl I didn't completely recognize, but I think she was from my high school, came in and told me we had to go back to our room, because something had happened to Meredith. We exited the lounge, instead of coming out in the VA hall lobby we were at the top of a staircase. It wasn't even the VA hall stairs, it was the staircase from Melchers, but the door came out of the opposite wall so it also looked like the staircase in the community center.
We went back to our room, which was smaller and much different from our quad, with blue carpet and desks rearranged. It was similar to the room I had with Caitrin last year, except it was in the basement of Randolph and had Meredith and Erin in it. Meredith was passed out on the bed with two or three sketchbooks surrounding her, all with what Erin insisted were mysterious drawings with clues as to what happened to her, but looked to me like random chibis and other standard Meredith art.
We dragged Meredith and her sketchbooks over to Melchers and went into the mac lab.
This is where I forget what happened next.
I woke up because my phone rang. I looked at the caller ID and saw it was my grandmother. Who was sleeping down the hall in the guest bedroom. I figured it was my wake-up call, but it was 3:00 AM, two hours left. I asked my grandmother what was up, and she said in a rather panicked tone "Why did you call me?!" I said "I didn't call you, what do you need?"
Then I actually woke up. It was like 4:45.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I had to give my German presentation again, but to a bigger audience, and my piano instructor was there instead of Herr Rotter. No one could understand me, and I was heckled by a lot of people.
Then I came back to my house and my parents had decorated the tree without me and I was sad. It was at this point that I started thinking "Wait, did I actually wake up Saturday morning? This must be a dream, 'cause they'd never do that without me." Then I wake up. We're decorating the tree tomorrow.

Friday, December 19, 2008

This dream is fueled by Girl Genius and I think The Prestige.

I was at a party, in this very nice building/courtyard right next to a large river. Everyone there was very nicely dressed, Sheckells was there in his top hat, and both of my parents and my sister were there. Also a bunch of kids, my age and younger, who I didn't know but was hanging around with anyway.
My sister had a fight with my mother, and there was this ocean battle between them, involving a barge covered in junk metal, a submarine and a tugboat. My father, Sheckells, and the random teenagers all got on this little party boat and were following the action. Then the barge was about to crash into some other boats and we had to stop it. My sister and mother were still yelling at each other, I joined this other girl and we managed to redirect the barge using the submarine.
We went back to the party, I got some hugs and congratulations for some reason. There was some sort of concert going on that had us awake really late, and we were all incredibly exhausted. I ended up sleeping on this random boy's lap, I think it was Gilgamesh Wulfenbach. When we woke up, in the dream, it was noonish, and the party had continued. There were cookies and other things you might find at the church coffee hour, and randomly placed pizzas, most of them white pizzas. My father was looking around and waiting to go, but I'd just woken up and wanted to hang around more. I went and ate food. Then I woke up for real.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


I was in my dorm room with Mary Katy, preparing for some sort of play. Mr. Ballard was directing it, so it was probably related to the Christmas pageant. I had to dress up in all black, but I had no black shoes, which caused some stress with my mother. My room was up on the 3rd or 4th floor of this building, and the play was being put on on the 2nd. I had to memorize my lines, and present them to a professor in one of the fine arts buildings. Instead I just printed them off of the internet and planned on reading them. My part in the play was to shepherd the kids around, and at one point I had to be in the basement, holding a pad of paper while someone else drew on it. What? >.^ So I went down to do my part. Meanwhile, upstairs, they're wondering where I am, and when they finally find me they're completely infuriated. I grab a coke from the convenient cooler, and explain that I was doing my part downstairs like I was told to.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

This dream brought to you by 2:00 AM ice cream and "The Departed".

First, there was this road trip with my friend Mel. I don't remember too much of this part, except we stopped at a few sketchy rest stations and ended up in a strange city. A year passes, Mel disappears and the dream changes. I'm still in the city, but I've made a new friend. The friend doesn't resemble anyone from real life, she actually more closely resembles Kat from the webcomic Gunnerkrigg Court. She and her mother live in a house that from the outside looks like an abandoned apartment building, but it's very pleasant on the inside. It sort of looked like my aunt's house on the inside if you turned it around, the rooms were rearranged.
At the back of the house, and at the front interestingly enough, there was a fire escape that led into an alley, actually a courtyard surrounded by four identical brick buildings, with some trash cans and cars and general sketchiness. I guess it was like the back of the fine arts complex at UMW, except always dark, much smaller, and much more filled with gunfire and smoke. There were three particular trash cans in one corner on the opposite side of this courtyard that Kat and I usually hung out around.
So, "Kat" was betrothed to a man from this Asian mafia-type gang, and the people would show up randomly to harass us and her mother. We put up with them for a while, but then it turned out "Kat" was pregnant, though to my knowledge she had never slept with the man, or anybody. Then her fiance wouldn't leave us alone. He would come every evening, usually with friends, to find "Kat" and I believe beat the shit out of her. I obviously did not like this.
The dream took a turn for the psychotic when this man brought the entire gang over, and the leader of this gang looked like Genghis Kahn from Disney's Mulan. He was some kind of vampire type thing, who was afraid of the sunlight. He also carried a creepy looking knife and had some kind of Joker-esque contraption on his jacket that released poisoness gas into the air. He started coming over often, only at night, trying to kill us. I at this point in the dream realized that it was always night, like in Dark City. "Kat's" mother, who actually looked like the character from Gunnerkrigg court, would try to reason with them, but they'd always burst in and walk up the stairs looking for us.
Pregnant "Kat" was visibly pregnant by this time, and finding places for us to hide was difficult. We eventually realized that there was a part of the courtyard that they would never look, near the trashcans, and we began hiding there.
There was a brief interlude involving Mel and a beach, a lot of sun and a ferris wheel.
Back to our story, there had been a few fights in the courtyard, some of them actually were about us. Our spot near the trashcans had become unsafe, as Genghis Kahn had begun checking inside them. He'd released his purple gas into our house, and we couldn't go in there anymore. "Kat's" mother gave me a gun and skipped town with "Kat". I determined that this had gone on long enough, and hid in one of the trashcans with the gun, prepared to blow the head off the first person who looked in. I was afraid that this would be "Kat" or some other friend, so I put the gun down by my feet. Genghis looked in, I picked the gun up, and then I woke up.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

One piece of tacky jewelry to rule them all.

In this dream, I found out my grade on the anthropology final. The entire class (which is like 100 some people, but in this dream it was around 20 or so) was standing around the podium, and professor Gable was looking through this big book that had all of our names listed. They were projected up onto this screen, but no one was looking at it. He comes across my name, and I got....
I was shocked and outraged and on the verge of tears. But then Gable said "Yeah, but that's passing." I burst into tears and gave him a hug. He was like "This happens like once a year."
I walked up the stairs to the exit. Erin O'Neal was sitting in the second-to-last row, and next to her was a piece of jewelry. It looked like costume jewelry, a big clunky gold chain with a celtic cross on the end, the cross had rubies in each corner. I put it on, and we went to to the Eagle's Nest. We went a roundabout way though, instead of right down campus walk we went up the hill to Seacobeck, and then down the side path to the outdoor seating area. I could feel this cross on my chest, it was really really heavy, and I was suddenly very very depressed. I felt like the chain around my neck was digging into my shoulders, like I was carrying a literal yoke. I sat down at one of the tables outside the nest, Adrienne was there, because we hadn't left Monroe, we'd left the science building. I'd just received a 26% on the biology test that determined if I passed or failed. I was still crying. Then I started feeling physically ill. Adrienne was like "It's going to be alright." Erin looked like she was deep in thought. She looked at me, tears rolling down my face and hunched over the table as if in pain, and she reached for the necklace. She grabbed it by the cross, and it burned her. She went around behind me and pulled the chain over my head. I was able to sit up straight, but the cross was still stuck against my chest. Erin gave it a tug and it fell off. I sat up straight, stopped crying, felt like a million dollars except for the anthropology test I'd just failed (back to that.) But Gable said I passed, and I'd gotten all Bs in that class so far. Everything was going to be fine.
Adrienne looked at me. Erin looked at the necklace, then tossed it behind her into the trees. It missed the trees, and instead went for the path to Seaco, where it hit a young man on the head and knocked him unconscious.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

On one side of the cafeteria, I'm on a boat. On the other is a parking lot.

Gah, I don't remember too much of this one.
We were packing for some trip, we had this gigantic truck/van thing. Ralph, my dog, was helping, or rather he was running around getting in our way. We were near the beach, and it was blazing hot out. There was a cooler filled with water outside the van, and Ralph jumped out,picked up a bottle of water and tried to open it. My father and, I think it was either my cousin Harry or my sister's boyfriend Will, were amazing and amused by this. They set up sprinklers outside the van to spray water on us as we walked back and forth getting bags. But there were trillions of bags to put in this van!
I had a book I wanted to read, so after I gush over Ralph's genius, I go into a nearby cafeteria and sit at a small round table that's really far off the ground on one of those tall chairs, like in Seacobeck dining hall. Suddenly I do not have a book anymore, I'm reading this online 2 page story thing. I think it's tremendously important and incredibly funny, so as usual when I read something I like, I recommend it to all of the people around me. At the moment this was my mother and Ben Marschner. Ben got a paragraph down before he decided he was bored. My mother took the laptop over to a couch nearby, and started reading the story out loud to a girl she was babysitting. The girl fell asleep, and my mother promised me a share of the money. Meanwhile Ben went over to my piano. He looked at the music I had up, which was some Vince Guaraldi Christmas music, and he flipped a few pages until he got to Linus and Lucy. He started plunking around. I was in the other room, but I could hear him, and I shouted at him "It's A flat!"
I walked out of the cafeteria. We were now on a boat. I entered a room a cabin down and found my living room, with my piano in it, and Ben trying to play it. I show him the necessary notes and chords, he thanks me and goes back to not-quite-playing. I go back to the cafeteria table. My mother starts telling me to stop advertising this web story, and go back out into the parking lot to help my father and Will and Madeline.
My first statement in this post is actually pretty inaccurate.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I do want some bread.

We were on a road trip of some sort. I was with my mother and my sister, and we were at a hotel. My mother had decided to divorce my father, who has been sneaking around suspiciously. I'm showering, and my mom is outside the bathroom being angry. My friends from here show up, and I decide to have a powerpoint presentation in my mom's hotel room. The room looks a lot like the master bedroom at my aunt Judy's house, but one wall is wider and there is a pull down screen. Meredith works on the projector while I pull down the screen and succeed at breaking it. We all skidaddle before my mom comes back.
We end up at a grocery store, buying supplies, because we're going to spend the next few days holed up in a secret lair in the ground. It's actually a place more like BJ's warehouse, except it has high-quality food. We're all starving, so we go get some free samples. I remember that I really want some good bread, so I go to get it.
I can't remember the rest....

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'm a violent person!

Don't remember too much of this one...
There was this boy, probably like 15 years old. I was helping him escape from prison. We escaped, but ended up in this store run by cops that sells handcuffs. (kinky!) I grabbed a pair and handcuffed the boy to this big iron gate in the stone wall that surrounds the city. Then I was on a beach. My parents were there, and my family from Ashland. The kid takes a gun out and shoots some family members. This infuriates my cousin and me, so we run up to the guy and take the gun away from him. Now we have two guns and he has one, because the one gun sort of turned into three. Reilly's is a shotgun with no cartridges, and mine is a pistol. Neither of them work. Reilly's obviously has no ammo. Mine has bullets, I can see them, but it doesn't shoot. I try to shoot the kid in the back several times, he's running around, having escaped his handcuffs. But it doesn't shoot anything but coffee. He grabs it from me and tosses it in the ocean. So then it won't work at all. Then a woman and her daughter walk by, with tools for fixing and cleaning guns. I fix the gun so that it works, but then it turns into plastic. It still has real bullets in it, but they won't shoot, because the thing is acting like a toy gun. I still reeeeally want to shoot this guy, but I can't.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


This dream was like X-Men meets holocaust.
There was this big mutant registration event, and I was standing in line. I had superpowers! We learn that we're not actually being registered, we're lining up to be executed, with an electric chair. I sneak off, Mel is there for some reason. I go into this office to talk to the guy in charge. I start bawling, acting much younger than I am, and tell him "My mutant powers just manifested last week, PLEASE can I at least be executed in a less painful way than the electric chair?" (I don't care how painful the chair actually is, it was a dream.) The guy says "Um...' know, we don't need to kill this one." Suddenly I'm talking to my Biology professor, and she tells me "You can stay alive as long as you hide your mutant powers, forget they're even there. Also, do NOT make a webcomic." Of course, my friend and I are planning on making a webcomic, so we're disappointed about that.
It turns out there are these 3 people after me. 2 of them were guys, one was Brad Pitt and the other...was somebody in a red shirt. They wanted to help me. The third was a girl, who absolutely HATED me, and was trying to get evidence that my mutant powers had manifested long ago, I'd been using them for years and I'm still using them. She really wanted me to be killed!
I'm running around with the guys, some of my friends have shown up. This madman has decided that systematically executing the mutants isn't enough, and he wants to blow up the whole island. Did I mention we're on an island? He's using this explosive made from orange juice. We are trying to stop him, obviously. I end up knocking the explosive potion out of his hands, off of the edge of a balcony, and it splashes onto the people on the ground below. He tries to light those people on fire, but Brad Pitt stops him. It culminates into this battle in the center of the island. The chick who is after me has found my flip-flops, which are for some reason proof that I have mutant powers. I start beating her up, flinging her against a tree, punching and twisting her breasts until her arms can't move.
Then I wake up!
Throughout this dream I'm talking to friends about how similar to X-men this is.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Coin collections

I only remember a few pieces of this dream.
I learn that the government professor at UMW is the same guy who taught AP government at my high school. He was fired for being a douche.
I tell my sister about this, and she says something along the lines of "But he's still working at Centennial...I think this was a dream." I respond with "Yeah, you're right, it was a dream."
But then I'm talking to my mom about it. She says "Yes, he quit his job at Centennial." We're sitting in a restaurant, and I'm trying to decide what I want. I'm thinking a sandwich, but then I decide on a cup of soup and a salad. So we go to the salad bar to get the soup. My family from Ashland is there too. We're walking around this round table that has 3 or 4 different pots of soup, and we're tasting each of them to decide which one we want. There's some discussion about the tastiness of soup, and we leave the room without our bowls. We exit the house entirely, because it turns out we weren't in a restaurant, we were at a party at my aunt Judy's house. But it's not Judy's house, because her house is in a field with no surrounding houses. There are lines of houses here, and in the middle of the sidewalk is a junk sale. I follow a trail of dimes and pennies down the front stairs, pocketing the money as my father wonders "How come you always find this stuff? Now, that right there is probably valuable!" I pick up the coin and it says it's from 1822. I pick up another from the 1600s, and then one from the 900s, and I find a box filled with coins from hundreds of years ago. It costs $22, and I'm like "But I'm saving my money for renfest!" but my dad's like "These coins are worth hundreds of dollars!"

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Super-Secret Awesome Agency of Awesome

So, there was this evil corporation thingything, and they were killing everyone who got in their way. Our detective super-secret awesome agency of awesome had figured this out, and things got really bad when one of our own was found in a crater in the desert near our super-secret desert hideaway, he was all exploded and stuff, and there was an oven next to his charred corpse. They were trying to make it look like an accident, see.
Turns out trying to open an interdimensional portal to evil in the old falling-apart amphitheater at the University of Mary Washington. Two of us went to investigate, and found three old dudes standing on the stage, muttering things about evil plans. One of them let out an evil laugh. I found a pamphlet for a Bruce Springsteen concert on the ground, and my partner was like "OH NOES! SUCH DEVILRY!" I was wearing my Bruce Springsteen band T-shirt, so I was like, "I'm pretty sure that's not their ultimate evil plan."
After the dudes left, we went down and found all kinds of evil symbols and shit written all over the stage and the columns and stuff.
So, we figure that we're next, and we go back to our super-secret hideaway in the desert. Our super-secret hideaway looks like a normal little house, it's just in the middle of a desert. We're in there with the rest of the good folks at the SSAAOA, some of them equipping weaponry reserved for shadow people and vampires and stuff. All of the lights are off, we're just waiting for them to show up, and our base is attacked.
6 or 7 of us run to the amphitheater, where some of the evil dudes are beginning the ritual to open the interdimensional portal to evil. We get between them and the back of the stage, you know, to keep them out of the rift, and then one of our guys turns out to be this invincible "angel" thing. He can regrow any body parts that he loses, and he's blue, and looks kind of like Gumby but with wings. His only weak point is his head. If you cut it off, he can't regrow anything and he's much less invincible. I look around and find out that some others of our group have joined the side of evil and are plotting to cut his head off, with a shiny knife. I alert him about this, and we leave the area to the rest of them. Or at least, I try to get him to leave, but he's like NOOOOOO WE HAVE TO HELP THE OTHERS STOP THE EVIL.
And then I wake up.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Space drama

I take Meredith home for fall break as is planned. We go to my house, and I take her on a short tour. I notice that Cyrus, my African Grey, is missing from his perch. I ask my parents where he is, and they lead me down a hallway and into this room about the size of a walk-in closet. This room is filled with birds in cages. There's a macaw, a conure, several parakeets, and at the other side of the room is a cage filled with African Greys. 4 of them. "They all just sort of showed up one day. Cyrus met a female and well, they got busy." my parents explained.
"That's just silly. We're selling them, right? I like having just one parrot."
My parents don't respond. I take that as a yes. "Good!" I reach into the cage and only one of the parrots doesn't shy away from my hand. I pick Cyrus up and put him on my shoulder.

Then I notice a light coming from the other end of this small room. I investigate, and discover that there is a secret door. Meredith and I go through it, followed by my parents, and end up in a parking lot. A futuristic, bizarre parking lot. My sister (who has shown up out of the blue) tells me that they're planning on knocking down all the restaurants and the fountain to make more space for parking. I realize that we're at the Columbia mall. Or a Columbia mall, anyway. We meet up with the Ballards.
Suddenly, we're no longer in a parking lot, we're inside a building, on a platform with a large window overlooking a courtyard. Everything looks like the inside of a space ship, except the courtyard, which has a few trees. The door to the parrot room is still there. It's so completely different, I decide that we should follow a tour group. It's being led by a woman in a business suit, and a robot. The robot is reminiscent of the Van Rijn muses, the clanks from Girl Genius. We're following this group when lights start flashing and alarms sound. The woman leading the tour leans over to us and yells over the alarms "This is very very bad! None of the visitors will take this seriously, they'll think this is another drill! It's not, this is very very bad!" And she starts running.
All of us, my parents, my sister, Meredith, and 3 of the Ballards (Katie is not here) run off in different directions. I have Mer and Andrew with me, and we run back through more metal hallways and spaceship-esque scenery. We don't know what we're running from, just that it's really bad. We go down some stairs, and into a really dark room, where we're joined by some redshirts, I think they were just some Mexican guys who worked there. They seemed to know more about what we were doing. I look around, and realize we're back on the platform where we started. Suddenly 2 or 3 robots come into the room and start to attack us. We fight them, somehow, and one of the Mexicans takes out an EMP device and blasts all of them. The alarms are still sounding, the only light is the red lights from the alarms and now this eerie glow coming from the dead robots. "More of them will come," says the guy with the gun. "We need to keep running."
I hear through a door some screeching, and I suddenly remember. "Will somebody PLEASE rescue the birds?!" My parents and the Ballards run past me, past the window, turn a corner around onto another platform. A different Mexican follows my orders and works on saving the birds.
Then I wake up.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Again with the city.

Erin and I walked through this town, the tan and white city, except this time it was surrounded by jungle and at the foot of a mountain. There was still the ocean. We were in this farmer's market, and we had a guide, who told us that we should only eat sticky food. We repeated this in silly voices. "Sticky foooood." So I got a muffin, and Erin got honey sticks. The guide bought a bag, more like a pillow, filled with a sticky purple liquid. She placed it on her head.
These people we were following were part of this subculture that wears ordinary household objects as hats. We saw at least one guy wearing a toaster.
There was a murder of some kind, and we had to find the suspect. Ballard and Mike Downey showed up to help us with this task.
We were seated around a table in my living room. This turned into the red hotel lobby from a few dreams ago. But this time it had a fireplace. Jenn was there too. And this guy with a mustache who we all knew was the guy who committed the murders, but he was important so we couldn't say anything. There was another guy too, a tall wizard. The guy with the mustache was trying to fit a CD into a CD player, but couldn't, because it was covered in gold. This was significant for some reason.
The robots came, and 3 of us lost our heads, but they grew back.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hobo club?

Erin and I decided to visit Ballard. We get on a bus, and somehow we drive to Pittsburgh in 2 hours. We pass the Golden Gate Bridge on the way, which is on fire, and we also go through the tan and white city that is in a lot of my dreams. We finally reach the campus. Carnegie Melon's campus looks a lot like ours, except everything is HUGE, and all of the buildings are made of white marble, glass and metal. The gates we have to go through are about as tall as my dorm building. Right in front of us as we head through the gates is the sculpture that everyone hates, "Walking to the sky", except instead of just a pole it's twisted around like a roller coaster. Some of the mannequins have fallen over, and are hanging on by just a foot.
After a brief tour of campus, Ballard tells us about his latest plan to join CMU's hobo club. In order to qualify, he has to dress up like a hobo and convince some family to let him sleep in their house. His hobo name uses the KOL formula, he is Captain Ballard "Blinky" Stevenson, the Third. The family he chooses turn him away, his disguise is just too creepy, but Hobo Ballard wants to get into this club, so he decides to sneak in.
This part of the dream is very odd. It's sort of like a video game. We're all about three inches tall. We have to go through tunnels, and climb on platforms, and kill things by hitting them on the head with an umbrella. At one point we ride a boat, which then is catapulted into the sky, and we fly over their backyard and into another tunnel in another house.
Eventually we're caught and kicked out of the house, but Ballard uses "his father's influence" to get into the club anyway. We call Mr. Ballard, who is drinking with my father so they put us on speakerphone. Dad's far more interested in why I'm in Pittsburgh and how I got there. I tell him we took a bus, and he's like "How long did that take? When did you leave?" I answer him "Two hours." and he is all "WTF? You drove to Pittsburgh from Mary Wash?"
Then, anticlimactically, I wake up.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

So want to visit the Jungfraujoch again.

I'm completely missing the front of this dream...but here's what I have.
I'm leading a group of kids up a mountain, alternating between on foot and in a wagon. We're carrying an important MacGuffin with us, but I can't remember what it was. There's some guy my age helping me, we're guarding the object and the kids at the same time. We reach the top, I've joined up with a few of my friends, and we find a shower station and stop there. After a quick shower, I walk over to meet Meredith by this little gazebo thing, where there's a plaque declaring that we've reached the top of the Jungfraujoch, the highest point in Europe. Of course this makes no sense, because the top of the Jungfraujoch is covered with ice and the area where we were was wooded. But I was all excited, because we'd hiked to the top of the Jungfraujoch, I mean how exciting is that.
We go back down to the nearest town, and I'm told we're somewhere near the black forest. The kids are buying souvenirs, I see that one girl has bought the same doll that I bought when I went on a field trip with my third-grade class to a little town somewhere in Germany. I go into a house and find Mel and Colleen. I'm like "Guys we should totally go climb the mountain again!" but they're too lazy. I go into the next room and find my sister and 12 of her friends, and they're more excited to get to the top, but instead of climbing they want to take cars. I go into the room where I was before and ask if anyone has a car. Mel and Colleen have been joined by a few of my college friends. Everyone says no. Adrienne suggests we steal a car, Colleen says her mother could drive us. We eventually decide to hike instead of driving up the mountain.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Girl Genius is my favorite comic

I begin all of these with "so", don't I?
Anyway, it begins with another moving-in dream. A bunch of us are waiting outside in a hallway, a sort of waiting room place, in a bunch of black plastic seats. Erin, Adrienne, Ann, Meredith, and Alice are there. Ann, my roommate from last semester, enters our room. It's at that point about the size of our 2-person quad, but there's construction being done on the side of the room where the bathroom is. They're knocking down the existing wall, and moving it inwards, so our room is the size of a double. Also they're installing a sea-foam green carpet.
We exit the room, the waiting space is a lot darker. It's outside, in a stereotypical dark forest with twisting roots and moonlight and a creepy black hill. Two people have joined us, Two-Face from the Dark Knight movie, and Agatha Heterodyne from Girl Genius. Two-Face is, um, perfecting his creepy look by picking skin off the normal side of his face. Adrienne is talking at him about how annoyingly brief his backstory was, and how he barely had any badass moments as a villain. Ann and Erin continue to move things into the room.
Suddenly the bridgemonsters/revenants from one of the Girl Genius arcs are coming at us out of the woods. Everyone stops doing what they're doing, most people stand up in shock and get ready to run. We're suddenly split up, some of us go around one corner and the others go off in another direction. I'm still a character in this dream, but for this one split-up section I gain a bit of omnipotence. Each group ends up at the dead end of a stone hallway. We've entered a labyrinth. I have Agatha Heterodyne in my group, which also has Erin and Meredith in it. I yell at Agatha to fix up her big gun into a bomb, like she did in that arc. She yells at me about not having the tools for that. She needs at least a piece of wire. I grab a bobby pin from Erin and pass it over to her, and she begins fiddling. I'm thinking in my head Master Payne's lines about the Baron cleaning up the town, could you kill men women and children, etc.
Meanwhile, on the other side of the waiting area, Two-Face is with Ann and Alice and Adrienne. He's yelling about how they'll never get out of this and clawing at the stone wall trying to climb over it. The other two are shooting the bridgemonsters with nerf guns, barely holding them at bay. Who should come striding out of the forest but Gilgamesh Wulfenbach, Agatha's love interest. He has his lightening machine. He of course goes over to Agatha's side, and zaps the monsters. She finishes her bomb and hurls is across the walls and the open space to where the other group is struggling. The bomb and the lightening machine scare all of the bridgemonsters back into the forest.
Both groups come back to the middle area. It's eerily quiet. The chairs are all broken. There's no sign of the door to our smaller and now green room. Two-Face drops to the ground and sits there cross-legged, moping. I'm watching Agatha and Gil, curious to see how she'd react, since there's a lot of tension going on between them in the actual comic right now. I'm somewhat surprised when she hugs him and starts exclaiming about how amazing that was. They then start nerding out about the lightening generator. They're both totally adorable.

If anyone actually reads this, I order you to go read Girl Genius if you don't already. ;) My real question is, this whole dream was basically all Girl Genius, what was Two-Face doing there?! XD There was hardly any batman at all!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dumbledore and captain kirk.

So, we were on the enterprise, and all of the air was running out, and in order to save them I had to go back down to earth and burn some particular documents that were located inside a tall building with square windows. Dumbledore was there and helped me climb the building.
Then my parents were having a backyard party, and Ralph found a weasel and chased it around the yard. We got it on video tape. Then I had to go back to searching for the documents in the tall building with square windows, but now the windows were really close together, so climbing it was more like climbing a rock wall.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Except I'm pretty sure Canadian money isn't bright and sparkly gold paper.

Ok, so, here's the earth.

Meredith, Mike and I were in this building. It had marble walls and staircases, with a floor like a bouncy castle. We are standing on a ledge around the rubber floor, in a line to get tickets for the waterslide. I get to the counter and the guy prints out my tickets. But the entire contents of my wallet had been stolen, and the money in my pocket is Canadian. I burst into tears and bound across the bouncy castle floor. Mike chases after me and asks what's the big deal, it's just a bunch of money, and I'm yelling NO, IT WAS ALSO MY DRIVER'S LICENSE, SOCIAL SECURITY CARD , STUDENT ID AND INSURANCE CARD! I grab a hang glider that is conveniently placed right there, and jump off the building. I land and enter another building. I run up a flight of stairs and run into this guy. I feel like I know him, but he doesn't look familiar or sound familiar. He explains that he'd taken the stuff in my wallet and he was very sorry. He then gives me tickets to the waterslide, and Meredith meanwhile wins 3 giant stuffed animals.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Homeless people and an ex-boyfriend!

Ok, Erin and I were in Central Park, the big shopping center in Fburg. We were shopping for our dorm room. But then the stores and parking lots turned into this alley of cardboard and chicken wire houses, with a bunch of homeless people in them. We went into one, the inside was much larger than the outside. We were in our dorm room, and my parents and grandmother were unpacking my stuff. They didn't pay any attention to me, it was like they were snubbing me. Also, my parents were arguing with each other while they were moving boxes and stuff around. I asked my grandmother what was up, and she said "We're too busy, we'll talk about it later." I left the room, confused. I met Erin outside. We went into another cardboard house, and it opened into a room with red wallpaper and carpet, with a big bed. It was like a hotel room. There was a guy sitting on the bed reading. He looked up at me and said "Get out of my house!" Apparently he was an ex boyfriend of mine, though I've never had a boyfriend before.
He reminded me of Mark.
I went back outside and met Andrew Ballard. Andrew and Erin declared that we needed to go to Walmart, so we began to trek across Central park to the Walmart. We got there and tried on some shoes, though I don't need any. While we were doing that, a very homeless-looking guy came and stole my Ugg sandals. I was sad, and after buying a T shirt from Walmart we went back to the cardboard huts and back to our dorm room. My parents had started moving in boxes of food, though I hadn't asked for any. Mom asked why my shoes were missing, and I told her they'd been stolen by a bum. Dad was cooking something, in the kitchen that was suddenly in our room. Actually, it had changed shape into something more like my grandmother's apartment, but we were still moving into my dorm room. Everyone was still bustling about, my sister had showed up, and so did Ex-who-looked-like-Mark. I was pushed out of the room by all of the busy people. The bum was there with my shoes, but he'd replaced the sheepskin lining with what looked like Barbie hair. I took them back into the room, and complained about them. My mom got angry at me for some reason and send something along the lines of "If you're going to make fun of the homeless, I'm going to kick you out and you can see for yourself what it's like!" So she did. I went back into the room where we'd found Ex-who-looked-like-Mark, but he snubbed me again, and laughed in my face because I was homeless now. So was he, I guess.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Derek and a sousaphone.

First part of the dream, there were big spider robots behind the house. Derek, from The Sarah Connor Chronicles, was there. He was very disappointed at me that I hadn't brought a gun. I went back into the house, which was filled with glass objects and rocks, like the shiny-stuff store. I found a little handgun and went back out. The bullets had no effect, and Derek was still peeved at me.
Second part, escaping from a boarding school. It was a Christian boarding school, and the chapel looked like St. Peter's. The pulpit had turned into what looked like a conch shell, or a sousaphone. We had to climb through it to get to our secret tunnel we'd dug to escape.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Almost a chase dream.

The first dream I can't remember well, except for the last part. I ran down the steps of my house and found like 5 spooky clown ghosts in my living room. They approached me and I was thinking "this is just a dream, just a dream, when a person has a lucid dream they're not afraid of what's in the dream" but I was afraid. Then I woke up, but in the dream. In the second dream I was doing laundry in the laundry room we had in our Eltville house. Then I turned around, went through a door. I sat at this wide table. My father, mother and sister were there, also the Ballards. They were talking about politics and what countries we were having trouble with. I was horrified at them. I spoke about how we're already in Iraq and having middle east trouble and such, but my father goes on. "We need to bomb those Egyptian bastards." Everyone around the table is nodding with approval. We talk some more about such subjects, and everyone tries to explain to me why we need to bomb Egypt. We go home, but it's not home. It's actually the Ballard's house. I'm in Andrew's old room, what is now Katie's room, on the top bunk of the bunk beds he hasn't had since we were in second grade. My father comes in and again tries to explain his problem with Egypt. I try not to listen. Then all 7 of them, the 3 others from my family and the 4 Ballards, are looking at me, I back out of the door and run away.

And then I wake up for real.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

If only they served bratwurst at movie theaters.

There was this contest to design an outfit for someone. You could choose a black chick or a white dude. I chose the white dude because I could just give him shorts and a polo shirt. I drew this outfit while I was babysitting, then I hired the kids to help me steal the results. They were in the office of my music theory teacher from fall semester. Then Sam called me and reminded me that I'd promised to go see Little Miss Sunshine in theaters with him. I told him that I didn't want to go see that movie, because it wasn't in theaters and because I wanted to go see Dark Knight. But I'd promised, so I went. We found Mike Downey at the movie theater, and went to the refreshment counter, where I ordered a bratwurst served on a hard roll with hot mustard, like in Germany. And some rice with mushrooms.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'm still curious about the brain pictures.

I was at Champs with Rachael, and we had a sort of fight, I started yelling at her. The waiter alerted the police when I threw a glass at his head. Rachael and I ran out of the restaurant without paying, and Rachael advises me to get out of the country to avoid trouble. I call my parents and tell them I’m staying over at Rachael’s for a few days, and then I get on a plane to Germany. I start thinking about accommodations, deciding that I can’t stay at the American base because then the police could find me.

This isn’t an ordinary plane; it actually looks more like a movie theater. The seats are arranged diagonally upward, away from the cockpit and the giant screen in the front. Almost every seat has its own little TV screen on the seat in front of it. I take an aisle seat by the window, next to this little old lady who looks like my grandmother. She talks to me about how she’s going on a trip to Georgia with a few of her bridge friends. I’m like “Georgia? Doesn’t this plane go to Germany?”

The plane lands in the airport in Georgia, and I skip the luggage nonsense and go down an escalator to leave. I didn’t have any suitcases to get, though I remember having to fight with a security person about my carryon, the green bag containing my needlepoint and my DS. I pass windows, and through them I see 2 huge skyscrapers, a glass building and a parking garage. At the bottom of the escalator, I meet Katie Ballard, who tells me she needs a ride to the hospital for a CAT scan or a heart problem or something. We get on a train and ride to the hospital. I decide to get an MRI. The dream skips the whole MRI scene and I’m standing at a counter to get my prints. It looks more like I’m getting photo prints from a drugstore than a hospital, but whatever. This fat guy with a mustache behind the counter hands me a few 2”x4” scans, not of my brain but of my whole body. Curiously enough though, the head is the only see-through part, and you can see that the parts they took out are missing. The guy looks at me suspiciously and asks if I really am getting this scan on my doctor’s orders. I of course tell him yes. He tells me that I should take those to my doctor, and I only need to pay for them if they’re any good. I leave without paying, since I was given the option of thinking they weren’t good. I find Katie again and we get on a train to go back to Ellicott City, stopping at Union Station in DC to change trains.

I get back to my house to find Rachael there. The cops are holding her and my grandmother hostage unless my parents make me come out of the house. My parents tell them I’m not there, but the cops don’t believe it until I walk up to their car and tell them to go away. They do eventually leave, after my parents come out and confront me about running away using very expensive transportation, and not paying for anything.

Another chase dream. With lots of lying, stealing and sneaking. Hm.

Friday, July 18, 2008


At the start of the dream, I was letting Ralph out in the evening, and into my house came the usual cloud of bugs. Along with the blue heron who lives in Centennial Park, and an ermine. Both animals run, for some reason, into the hall bathroom, which is bigger than it actually is. I open the door, the heron is up against the wall (possibly has to do with the painting of a heron that's been sitting against the wall in that room for eons) and the rodent is in the sink. Dad comes down the stairs and begins to yell at me for opening the door and letting these animals in, and I defend myself by pointing out that I needed to let Ralph out.Then, I open the door to the bathroom, and the hallway has turned into the lobby of a huge hotel. I go down a curvy flight of stairs, and wind up in this big hall, with a red carpet and a glass ceiling. There's a fountain, a few tables, and a big round stage. On the stage, Reilly and John are playing rock band. I beg to join in and they allow me to and it is fun. Meanwhile, at one of the tables, a group of people is talking about some bizarre prophecy. Apparently to achieve ultimate cosmic powers, three circles need to be stacked in the center of the hallway during a storm. I build a sandcastle that consists of three circles, and then I dump water on it. Instead of just becoming a shapeless blob like sand usually does, the castle caves in, and there's this echo in the hall. We decided that the prophecy wanted the table, fountain and stage, all of which were circular, to be stacked on top of each other. But there was no rain. So we decided instead that we wanted breakfast.Downstairs, just off the lobby of this hotel, was the brunch buffet of the American Arms Hotel in Wiesbaden, Germany. Upstairs is Seacobeck. My parents, who are there, want to go to seacobeck. We go to the American Arms brunch.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Terminator.

I was with this big group of people, all my friends from both college and high school, and we'd gone to see Spamalot. We were sitting in an auditorium and being lectured on how the play is incorrect both historically and in terms of literature. Meanwhile, me and Adrienne are being chased by the Terminator. I see Mel and Sheckells in the crowd, talking to each other. They wave at me. Suddenly the seats in the auditorium turn into bleachers, and we're outside. Adrienne leads me through this line of trees and down a stone staircase into a workshop. My high school art teacher is instructing us on how to make teddy bears and other stuffed animals. I'm building a water pistol under the table, because the Terminators are allergic to water. I give it a bayonet for some reason. I have to look like I'm making an animal or the teacher will fail me, so I have an unfinished dog on my table. A talking cat shows up, a cat who we learn is a very advanced robot made of the same material as the Terminator, but he's a good guy. Then we're confronted by a bad robot wielding a super soaker. He's shorter than me, around 4'9'', and he's wearing a felt fedora with a red feather and a bright orange shirt. I shoot him with my water pistol and he runs away.All through this dream my head is playing "The Song That Goes Like This" and "Find Your Grail." I wake up with "His Name Is Lancelot" in my head.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


First part, I was in the same classroom that my sociology class was in, the big table was still in the middle but we were sitting at desks places around the table, facing the whiteboard instead of the table. I'm in the very back, center of the table. Ben was there, on the side, and directly across from him on the other side was a girl who decided in the middle of class to start singing show tunes. The professor just allowed this. Ben decided he wanted to sing too, he was singing blues in a gravelly voice, but the professor got angry with him. I remember thinking "Why do I defend this guy, he's such a pain in the neck." just before I stand up and yell at the professor about allowing the girl to sing, but not Ben. This is a sociology class, so she gives a lecture on feminism. Then the dream changes.
My family and I are wandering around the streets of Fredericksburg, looking for some magical drama center (probably has something to do with the search for a magic box for the buffy musical). We're walking through a building, a very narrow old building. We walk around a corner into this really small cramped hallway. Madeline's opening little secret compartments and peering inside them about every 3 feet. We enter one of them and look around. There are people inside sitting in a circle and reading books. They look at us and are like "What?" So we leave and go back to the hallway. Madeline stops looking through secret compartments, so I start doing so. Opening the doors is surprisingly difficult, so they slow me down and the rest of my family gets ahead of me. They reach the end of the hallway and turn right. I eventually reach the end, look to my right and see a short staircase, with a door on top and 3 really dusty smaller doors, similar to the secret doors, but now we're in full light so they're not really secret. I start opening them anyway, and this random guy comes around the corner and says with a smirk on his face "Hey Emily, you know that the drama room is through the door at the top, right?" Turns out we were in Dupont the whole time. I look around, suddenly realize that we're outside, and I can see Pollard, Melchers and the library right there. >=/ Falsehoods!I go inside. I'm greeted by this Asian chick and a nondescript skinny guy. They lead me through another door into this GINORMOUS hall, like the size of the Great Hall in the HP books. But it looks just like the staff dining room at Seaco. The food they're serving is infinitely better, and wider in variety. I see my family at a table, grab food and eat it.
THEN (I slept in, this dream is long.) the Asian chick decides we should go exploring. We go into this other room. It's large and painted a weird pink/orange color with yellow trim. The ceiling is lined with spiky things that look like needles, and the skinny boy tells me that the drama room we're looking for is through this trapdoor by the ceiling (WHAT'S WITH ALL THE DOORS?!) that none of us can get to. A ladder appears and I climb up to it, pull a needle out of the ceiling and try to pick the lock. The same guy before who pointed out the door says "This is easier." and hands me the key. I though "Who is this guy? He must be Obvious Solution Man."I open the trapdoor and finally reach the room. I go back, tell my family, they're overjoyed. I grab a cookie from the table and then I wake up.GEEZ.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Indiana Jones!

Ok, so these evil people are chasing us, I think it was me and my cousin. We go into this hotel, and get a room in the basement. Our room has a secret compartment that leads down to this dungeon sort of thing with a big stone statue in it, and this giant stone coffin in the middle. We open the coffin, and it has a wooden bottom. We think that's weird, but then we find a keyhole, and it's another secret compartment. We have to go back to the front desk to get the key, a little gold key. We open it, and it's completely empty. My cousin is like "Haha, those evil people chasing us won't get the treasure." We exit that room of the dungeon and go down this hallway, all dingy and old, like the church basement in the 3rd Indiana Jones movie except without the rats and the sewage. We find another room, and while it's still part of the dungeon it's filled with office furniture, and my aunt is there sitting at her computer. I use her computer to check my email, yahoo answers and GITP and my aunt tells me "You're going to have to leave, or those evil people will catch you!" We never learn anything about the evil people, but they were probably the nazis from the third Indiana Jones movie. Suddenly there's this creepy little girl, dressed in a white gown, who can't talk but knows where we're supposed to go. She guides us down the passageway, jerking her head and pointing, all of this is in complete silence. We reach a room that has another big stone statue in it, and we have to somehow crack the statue open. We keep trying to accomplish this, when the evil people catch us and are like "We'll let your family go, but you, we're gonna kill you." So I'm tied to the statue and they're shooting at me, but none of the bullets are hitting me, they all keep bouncing off the statue. Suddenly my father is there, with my uncle, and they're all trying to free me. The little ghost girl has vanished.Then I wake up, exactly an hour before my alarm goes off, and I was sleeping in the same position I was in tied to the statue.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Of all people, Hugh Jackman?

The first part had a dystopian future setting and a flying car, but I don't remember the rest.The second part Hugh Jackman (why?) had given me a book with a red leather cover and it was a book that had all these spells in it, and I would wave my hand over something and say a word and whatever the spell was for would happen. And for some reason I was the only one that could do this. I used healing spell on this cut that I got during the first part, and then I used a spell that made this tiny spot appear on my palm, and whenever I put my hand under a light source the spot would turn into this big burning hole and I had to remove it from the light before my hand disappeared completely. Someone I know, I think it was a teacher of mine, came and lectured me about using a spell I didn't recognize. I was like "But I don't recognize any of these!" and then I woke up.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Mel and Colleen are coming to visit!

I was hiking with my father and sister to this cabin. When we got to the cabin, there was an avalanche, of course, and we were trapped in the snow. Then this wizard guy appears in the cabin and turns all our hiking supplies into a comfy chair, which my dad sits in.Then I wake up, but not really, I wake up in the dream.I'm at my house, and I've slept through Mel and Colleen's visit, and I am saddened. Then the doorbell rings, and I go downstairs in my pajamas and Mel and Colleen are there and are all like "Geez, Emily!" And I apologize, and ask them how they found my apartment, 'cause suddenly we're in my apartment here. That question is never answered, and we decide to walk downtown. Then I'm like "Fburg is boring, let's go to downtown Eltville instead!" So we get into Mel's car and drive to Eltville, park in front of our old house and walk to the Fussganger Zone. I'm telling them about the ice cream place there and how delicious German ice cream is, and I tell Colleen how to order ice cream in German. Then Mel says "How did I drive here?" and I wake up. Actually wake up.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

I can't remember the rest.

I was at my house, and it was all decorated for a party, I guess it was Christmas because my sister was singing "The Night Santa Went Crazy" by Weird Al. Then Santa shows up, and he has indeed gone crazy and wants to destroy the world, but my sister and I keep telling him no, he CAN'T destroy the world. It's impossible stuffed animal. And then we have to hide the stuffed animal, and I'm communicating with my sister and father about how to do this, via AIM and text messaging so Santa can't detect us. The government is involved somehow.
Then the dream changes, and I'm water skiing with someone, probably my sister again, using those foam noodles. Then the boat stops and I fall forward and land in it, and my sister's like "It's just like an Indiana Jones movie!" and my mom's like "I told you not to water ski in those flip flops!" and I'm like "But they're the best shoes EVER!" and then I wake up.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A really short one.

Mom was encouraging me to skip sociology.

Monday, May 26, 2008

I hate packing.

Ok, so I didn't bring a lamp with me when I came here for summer school. My parents came down to bring me a desk lamp, but then when they got here it turned out I had a bedside lamp that had never been there before. Except we weren't here in my apartment, we were in my bedroom at home. So we already HAD lights. But we needed to find a light bulb for this lamp. We looked all around for a box of light bulbs, which I had brought with me to college. But since we were in my room, we couldn't find it, and we were confused because we thought we WERE here. Then we found a box of christmas lights on my dresser, and I started rummaging through there trying to find something that would fit this lamp. I couldn't find anything. Finally we gave up, and I went shopping with my sister. And we met Jaydeb at the store. Then there was a discussion about something, and the dream changed. Matt Baker found my parents' email somehow and sent them an email about how I had a new address and email address so they should send everything there. And that's why I haven't been getting mail/email from them.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Fucking Mesprit

Last time I play Pokemon Diamond before bed.I've reached the part where you have to catch Mesprit and it's super irritating. In my dream I was actually chasing something and I had to catch it. Then I got to a gym, one of the courts here at Mary Washington, and I got it to stand still by using mean look on it. Then 7 other people came in to try at catch mesprit, but it evolved into something like a dragonite, which meant a massive HP boost and no moves could hurt it at all. So we all started throwing pokeballs at it until eventually we gave up. And the dragonite was like HAHA you can't catch me and it "fled"

Friday, May 23, 2008

It was a really interesting movie

I was watching a movie with my family, my parents, sister and grandmother. It involved a woman who was a recovering alcoholic, and she was getting married, but she got incredibly drunk and her fiance left her at the rehearsal dinner. Then, still in the movie, playing cards started raining from the sky, and they turned into $10 bills, and she wound up with a million dollars. And a pirate, who was her unrecognizable childhood friend, also drunk, started giving her relationship advice and she eventually got her fiance back and they got married. Everything was made of legos. That was the movie. The rest of the dream involved video games.I'd gone shopping earlier that day, and I'd gotten "Dance Dance Revolution, Extreme 2". I really wanted to play it, but my sister was playing something that seemed like a cross between The Sims (except her Sim was the dancing monkey from DDR), Mario kart and Pokemon, and since it's her PS2 she wouldn't let me play. But we'd had a big dinner, so my mother insisted that I play DDR for exercise. My father started playing Madeline's game on the PSP, and I played DDR, and then I woke up.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Giant mosquitoes

I was having an argument with my parents over something trivial, so trivial it never came up in the dream, and my sister instructed me to just drop it and told my parents to chill. Then I had to go across the street to babysit the family I usually sit for. Aaaand....they invited my family and I out for dinner... then something happened involving killer mosquitoes. It really didn't become a wierd dream until then. After a chase scene involving bugs and a police car, we went out for ice cream.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I wish I had $500,000

I was running errands with my parents in Columbia, Mel asked me to drive out to this one store to pick up something she'd left there. St. Johns Lane goes all the way to Columbia Crossing, apparently. So I did. My mom had given me $500,000 for some reason, but I wasn't complaining. The shop I was going to was an antique store. I picked up the item Mel wanted, and I had to pay for it for some reason. This old crone behind the counter demanded a dollar bill with my name written on it and knocked me over, I said no because she'd use it to curse me and my family. Then something happened that I can no longer remember, I think it was a brief chase scene. Then the shop turned into a GameStop, and I was shopping with Andrew Ballard. I had $500,000, so I was going to buy a nice expensive gaming console. But then we found a Wii on sale for $50! So I bought that. Then we bought Guitar Hero for the Wii. I think the old woman from the antique shop was there again, but then I woke up.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Like if Mary Poppins had an Iphone

I was packing up my college stuff and preparing to leave the dorm, while at the same time touring this other was like, my mom and sister were deciding what should be thrown away etc. and packing my stuff while my father and I were looking at this crazy house. This house was in a computer or something, it was on a screen, you would scroll through it with a stylus to find the room you wanted to see, and then it would just materialize around you. Except it wouldn't, because then you had to put the room together like it was a jigsaw puzzle, based on the picture you'd seen on the computer screen. In some rooms it was just objects out of place, and in others you had to put it together like it was a picture, with a wall and a shelf with stuff on it all being one piece. We went and did a few rooms like this, I ran into a few of my college friends. My mom and sister would occasionally interrupt and ask me if I needed X to be packed. At one point we couldn't find the floor to one of the rooms and we had to jump through the floor to the next room, onto a convenient trampoline. The ceilings were very high in this building.And then we went to a restaurant, and I ordered a piece of pie. The waitress told me that by ordering pie I'd won a gift certificate for a free $400 crabcake at this restaurant. Then I found out that the pie cost $300....then I woke up 'cause a gnat flew into my eye.