Thursday, October 30, 2008

I do want some bread.

We were on a road trip of some sort. I was with my mother and my sister, and we were at a hotel. My mother had decided to divorce my father, who has been sneaking around suspiciously. I'm showering, and my mom is outside the bathroom being angry. My friends from here show up, and I decide to have a powerpoint presentation in my mom's hotel room. The room looks a lot like the master bedroom at my aunt Judy's house, but one wall is wider and there is a pull down screen. Meredith works on the projector while I pull down the screen and succeed at breaking it. We all skidaddle before my mom comes back.
We end up at a grocery store, buying supplies, because we're going to spend the next few days holed up in a secret lair in the ground. It's actually a place more like BJ's warehouse, except it has high-quality food. We're all starving, so we go get some free samples. I remember that I really want some good bread, so I go to get it.
I can't remember the rest....

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'm a violent person!

Don't remember too much of this one...
There was this boy, probably like 15 years old. I was helping him escape from prison. We escaped, but ended up in this store run by cops that sells handcuffs. (kinky!) I grabbed a pair and handcuffed the boy to this big iron gate in the stone wall that surrounds the city. Then I was on a beach. My parents were there, and my family from Ashland. The kid takes a gun out and shoots some family members. This infuriates my cousin and me, so we run up to the guy and take the gun away from him. Now we have two guns and he has one, because the one gun sort of turned into three. Reilly's is a shotgun with no cartridges, and mine is a pistol. Neither of them work. Reilly's obviously has no ammo. Mine has bullets, I can see them, but it doesn't shoot. I try to shoot the kid in the back several times, he's running around, having escaped his handcuffs. But it doesn't shoot anything but coffee. He grabs it from me and tosses it in the ocean. So then it won't work at all. Then a woman and her daughter walk by, with tools for fixing and cleaning guns. I fix the gun so that it works, but then it turns into plastic. It still has real bullets in it, but they won't shoot, because the thing is acting like a toy gun. I still reeeeally want to shoot this guy, but I can't.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


This dream was like X-Men meets holocaust.
There was this big mutant registration event, and I was standing in line. I had superpowers! We learn that we're not actually being registered, we're lining up to be executed, with an electric chair. I sneak off, Mel is there for some reason. I go into this office to talk to the guy in charge. I start bawling, acting much younger than I am, and tell him "My mutant powers just manifested last week, PLEASE can I at least be executed in a less painful way than the electric chair?" (I don't care how painful the chair actually is, it was a dream.) The guy says "Um...' know, we don't need to kill this one." Suddenly I'm talking to my Biology professor, and she tells me "You can stay alive as long as you hide your mutant powers, forget they're even there. Also, do NOT make a webcomic." Of course, my friend and I are planning on making a webcomic, so we're disappointed about that.
It turns out there are these 3 people after me. 2 of them were guys, one was Brad Pitt and the other...was somebody in a red shirt. They wanted to help me. The third was a girl, who absolutely HATED me, and was trying to get evidence that my mutant powers had manifested long ago, I'd been using them for years and I'm still using them. She really wanted me to be killed!
I'm running around with the guys, some of my friends have shown up. This madman has decided that systematically executing the mutants isn't enough, and he wants to blow up the whole island. Did I mention we're on an island? He's using this explosive made from orange juice. We are trying to stop him, obviously. I end up knocking the explosive potion out of his hands, off of the edge of a balcony, and it splashes onto the people on the ground below. He tries to light those people on fire, but Brad Pitt stops him. It culminates into this battle in the center of the island. The chick who is after me has found my flip-flops, which are for some reason proof that I have mutant powers. I start beating her up, flinging her against a tree, punching and twisting her breasts until her arms can't move.
Then I wake up!
Throughout this dream I'm talking to friends about how similar to X-men this is.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Coin collections

I only remember a few pieces of this dream.
I learn that the government professor at UMW is the same guy who taught AP government at my high school. He was fired for being a douche.
I tell my sister about this, and she says something along the lines of "But he's still working at Centennial...I think this was a dream." I respond with "Yeah, you're right, it was a dream."
But then I'm talking to my mom about it. She says "Yes, he quit his job at Centennial." We're sitting in a restaurant, and I'm trying to decide what I want. I'm thinking a sandwich, but then I decide on a cup of soup and a salad. So we go to the salad bar to get the soup. My family from Ashland is there too. We're walking around this round table that has 3 or 4 different pots of soup, and we're tasting each of them to decide which one we want. There's some discussion about the tastiness of soup, and we leave the room without our bowls. We exit the house entirely, because it turns out we weren't in a restaurant, we were at a party at my aunt Judy's house. But it's not Judy's house, because her house is in a field with no surrounding houses. There are lines of houses here, and in the middle of the sidewalk is a junk sale. I follow a trail of dimes and pennies down the front stairs, pocketing the money as my father wonders "How come you always find this stuff? Now, that right there is probably valuable!" I pick up the coin and it says it's from 1822. I pick up another from the 1600s, and then one from the 900s, and I find a box filled with coins from hundreds of years ago. It costs $22, and I'm like "But I'm saving my money for renfest!" but my dad's like "These coins are worth hundreds of dollars!"

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Super-Secret Awesome Agency of Awesome

So, there was this evil corporation thingything, and they were killing everyone who got in their way. Our detective super-secret awesome agency of awesome had figured this out, and things got really bad when one of our own was found in a crater in the desert near our super-secret desert hideaway, he was all exploded and stuff, and there was an oven next to his charred corpse. They were trying to make it look like an accident, see.
Turns out trying to open an interdimensional portal to evil in the old falling-apart amphitheater at the University of Mary Washington. Two of us went to investigate, and found three old dudes standing on the stage, muttering things about evil plans. One of them let out an evil laugh. I found a pamphlet for a Bruce Springsteen concert on the ground, and my partner was like "OH NOES! SUCH DEVILRY!" I was wearing my Bruce Springsteen band T-shirt, so I was like, "I'm pretty sure that's not their ultimate evil plan."
After the dudes left, we went down and found all kinds of evil symbols and shit written all over the stage and the columns and stuff.
So, we figure that we're next, and we go back to our super-secret hideaway in the desert. Our super-secret hideaway looks like a normal little house, it's just in the middle of a desert. We're in there with the rest of the good folks at the SSAAOA, some of them equipping weaponry reserved for shadow people and vampires and stuff. All of the lights are off, we're just waiting for them to show up, and our base is attacked.
6 or 7 of us run to the amphitheater, where some of the evil dudes are beginning the ritual to open the interdimensional portal to evil. We get between them and the back of the stage, you know, to keep them out of the rift, and then one of our guys turns out to be this invincible "angel" thing. He can regrow any body parts that he loses, and he's blue, and looks kind of like Gumby but with wings. His only weak point is his head. If you cut it off, he can't regrow anything and he's much less invincible. I look around and find out that some others of our group have joined the side of evil and are plotting to cut his head off, with a shiny knife. I alert him about this, and we leave the area to the rest of them. Or at least, I try to get him to leave, but he's like NOOOOOO WE HAVE TO HELP THE OTHERS STOP THE EVIL.
And then I wake up.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Space drama

I take Meredith home for fall break as is planned. We go to my house, and I take her on a short tour. I notice that Cyrus, my African Grey, is missing from his perch. I ask my parents where he is, and they lead me down a hallway and into this room about the size of a walk-in closet. This room is filled with birds in cages. There's a macaw, a conure, several parakeets, and at the other side of the room is a cage filled with African Greys. 4 of them. "They all just sort of showed up one day. Cyrus met a female and well, they got busy." my parents explained.
"That's just silly. We're selling them, right? I like having just one parrot."
My parents don't respond. I take that as a yes. "Good!" I reach into the cage and only one of the parrots doesn't shy away from my hand. I pick Cyrus up and put him on my shoulder.

Then I notice a light coming from the other end of this small room. I investigate, and discover that there is a secret door. Meredith and I go through it, followed by my parents, and end up in a parking lot. A futuristic, bizarre parking lot. My sister (who has shown up out of the blue) tells me that they're planning on knocking down all the restaurants and the fountain to make more space for parking. I realize that we're at the Columbia mall. Or a Columbia mall, anyway. We meet up with the Ballards.
Suddenly, we're no longer in a parking lot, we're inside a building, on a platform with a large window overlooking a courtyard. Everything looks like the inside of a space ship, except the courtyard, which has a few trees. The door to the parrot room is still there. It's so completely different, I decide that we should follow a tour group. It's being led by a woman in a business suit, and a robot. The robot is reminiscent of the Van Rijn muses, the clanks from Girl Genius. We're following this group when lights start flashing and alarms sound. The woman leading the tour leans over to us and yells over the alarms "This is very very bad! None of the visitors will take this seriously, they'll think this is another drill! It's not, this is very very bad!" And she starts running.
All of us, my parents, my sister, Meredith, and 3 of the Ballards (Katie is not here) run off in different directions. I have Mer and Andrew with me, and we run back through more metal hallways and spaceship-esque scenery. We don't know what we're running from, just that it's really bad. We go down some stairs, and into a really dark room, where we're joined by some redshirts, I think they were just some Mexican guys who worked there. They seemed to know more about what we were doing. I look around, and realize we're back on the platform where we started. Suddenly 2 or 3 robots come into the room and start to attack us. We fight them, somehow, and one of the Mexicans takes out an EMP device and blasts all of them. The alarms are still sounding, the only light is the red lights from the alarms and now this eerie glow coming from the dead robots. "More of them will come," says the guy with the gun. "We need to keep running."
I hear through a door some screeching, and I suddenly remember. "Will somebody PLEASE rescue the birds?!" My parents and the Ballards run past me, past the window, turn a corner around onto another platform. A different Mexican follows my orders and works on saving the birds.
Then I wake up.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Again with the city.

Erin and I walked through this town, the tan and white city, except this time it was surrounded by jungle and at the foot of a mountain. There was still the ocean. We were in this farmer's market, and we had a guide, who told us that we should only eat sticky food. We repeated this in silly voices. "Sticky foooood." So I got a muffin, and Erin got honey sticks. The guide bought a bag, more like a pillow, filled with a sticky purple liquid. She placed it on her head.
These people we were following were part of this subculture that wears ordinary household objects as hats. We saw at least one guy wearing a toaster.
There was a murder of some kind, and we had to find the suspect. Ballard and Mike Downey showed up to help us with this task.
We were seated around a table in my living room. This turned into the red hotel lobby from a few dreams ago. But this time it had a fireplace. Jenn was there too. And this guy with a mustache who we all knew was the guy who committed the murders, but he was important so we couldn't say anything. There was another guy too, a tall wizard. The guy with the mustache was trying to fit a CD into a CD player, but couldn't, because it was covered in gold. This was significant for some reason.
The robots came, and 3 of us lost our heads, but they grew back.