Sunday, August 7, 2011

I'm sure this was cribbed from something.

In the prologue to this dream, my family has to act in a variety show so I'm searching for a play to put on. All of the plays I have are in German. My father tells me to try something Shakespearean. I didn't want to, so I just start making one up in my head.
So the time period is sort of Shakespearean. I'm the main character, who is male in this "play", and I'm in the army. The monarch is an evil queen who picks up husbands at the drop of a hat, and beheads them when she is disappointed. I'm required to be at the ceremony when she announces who she is going to marry. The army is in uniform, assembled at the front of this large hall, in front of a dais on which the queen is sitting. The families of the soldiers are standing rows behind us. There are no chairs to sit on. The queen presents her newest suitor, who is handsome but clearly a jerk. I think to myself, he's not going to last long.
Sure enough, while the queen eats her dinner and we watch, he's back behind us flirting with the members of our families. I sneak out of line to make sure he doesn't do anything to get himself beheaded, but when I get back there he's trying to convince my wife to cheat on me. She doesn't want to, but he eventually coerces her. They sneak off. I turn around to find the queen right behind me, furious at her fiancee but even more furious at me and my wife. She starts shouting about how we're all traitors and we're going to be executed. I turn tail and run out of the hall, and keep running til the palace is no longer in view. The queen chases me for a while, but I crest a hill at one point and she's as fat as a stereotypical monarch. None of the soldiers chase me, probably because I'm one of them.
I get out of sight of the palace and into a forest. I run into a band of men, all played by members of my family. These men are also escaping the wrath of the queen. They're ex-suitors, or men in the same pickle I was in. I tell them that the queen is going to execute my wife and I have to rescue her. Some of the men are sympathetic, but no one wants to do anything. "She's already cheated on you," they say. "She's not worth the danger." After a week of staying with these guys, I manage to convince a few to help me. We have to hurry, it's been a week, executions happen on Saturdays.
We sneak into the city, then into the palace. We run into a problem when I have to use the restroom (a sure sign that I'm about to wake up). I sneak into a movie theater to find one. Then I go into one of the theaters and run into Andrew Ballard. I sit down to watch the film he's watching. Ballard points at a Wanted poster on the wall with my face on it. He tells me to run, hurry because there's a beheading today. I run, but I get spotted by some palace guards. I head to the sewers and try to get into the prison unseen. I'm followed by some guards into the sewer, there's a bit of a chase. I wind up in the right place eventually, I pop right out of the floor of my wife's prison cell.
Then I wake up.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Nap dream

Intense naptime. This whole dream took place in 3 minutes.
I was visiting a government location in a different city. I think it was Baltimore, because Madeline lived there, but it looked like downtown Charlottesville. I'd been briefed on how to get past security before I got there, but I was really nervous about something, and I completely forgot. I needed a passcode. I talked to a security guard about Harry Potter and the weather, eventually he trusted me enough to let me use his passcode. But then I got a text from Judi, it was time to meet her for lunch. I saw a security camera tape of her trying to find the entrance to this building. I asked her if it was raining, she said no.
I exited the building again, using the code the dude gave me. Outside I met Adrienne and Stephanie, and we went to a pub. While we were in the pub, it began to snow. I wondered if I had work off. The conversation got onto the topic of Reece's impending visit. We started talking about airlines, I learned that there was one called "I'm Sorry You Had To Use This Airline" that was super-cheap.
Outside we met Madeline and Will. It was still snowing. They asked me to make a decision about what to do next. I couldn't decide if we should stay in Baltimore or go back to EC. Madeline got on the phone with someone, probably one of our parents, to rant about how I can't decide where we're going next. I explained that I didn't know the way around town, and that all I knew is I wanted to hang out with my friends. A pub was all we could think of.