Monday, December 27, 2010

UMW: a seedier place than you thought. (I think there's some Die Hard in here)

We were back at school for the 2nd semester. I got a job cooking for children at this orphanage that looked straight out of Dickens. They were completely ungrateful, as I didn't make them macaroni and cheese for every meal. I wasn't just there to keep them fed, though, I had to keep them protected from some bad guys. I made some friends among the other workers there, one of them was a guy who always wore a trench coat and a fedora. One of my best friends there was dating this guy too. He broke some rules, and made himself an enemy of the place's management, who made some deals with the aforementioned bad guys with guns who were always milling about. This guy with the fedora was to be shot on sight. So we all started wearing fedoras.
I had to go to classes too. My gym class was in the individual exercise rooms, not the tennis courts. We had to work on our upper body strength.
These thugs started following me and my friends to my classes.
German literature promised to be very interesting, we were going to be reading science fiction, and we had a field trip planned. For Buddhism, I was supposed to have done this workbook, but I hadn't. It was the first day of classes, so I didn't even have the workbook.
I'd started carrying a gun. One day I was eating in Seacobeck and noticed the bad guys at the door. I snuck out ahead of them, wearing my fedora, and ended up in a room filled with people I didn't know. The room looked like the Combs lobby. Half of the people in there were wearing fedoras. I supposed more people had heard of whatever-his-name-was than I thought. I sat in the corner with my back to the entrance. I pulled my hat down over my face. I heard the guys enter, and turned around to notice one of them pointing a gun at me. He was the only one armed. I took out my own weapon and pointed it at them. His 2 friends seemed a little alarmed, and they told me that I wasn't allowed to have a gun on campus. I looked around at the room and snorted. "How many of you people are carrying guns?" All of those wearing fedoras, and some who weren't, took weapons of various shapes and sizes out of their pockets. I made a mental note to tell Reece about this. The bad guys were outnumbered significantly, so they left.
After class I exited out the back of Combs. College avenue was a snowy street lined with brick buildings, it also looked like something out of Dickens. There was an old-fashioned movie theater across the street a few buildings down playing Scott Pilgrim. I thought to myself, I should buy that movie using my gift card. Then I woke up.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Next semester instead of last

It was the morning of the first day of classes. I didn't have class til 11, so I got up at 8:30. I spent an hour or so talking to Matt about Spongebob before deciding to get ready for class. The shower was unavailable, so I still had to wait. I waited and waited. We weren't in our same apartment by the way, we were in the same old building that looked vaguely like Taunusstrasse 8a, except my room was much bigger and had more impressive windows. We had a patio in almost the same place as the UMW apartment, so while I was waiting I took a walk. The door didn't lead to a parking lot, but instead to a huge expanse of grass and a forest. I was certain I was alone, but I didn't realize I wasn't wearing anything but my underwear until a bunch of girls came over the hill to yell at me. "This is the last time we let you get away with such indecency!" I didn't recall ever doing this sort of thing before. The one who accused me clarified that she was talking about the time I wore a short skirt outside. I was still in my underwear, and I excused myself to go inside. One of the girls mentioned to me that it was after 11:00, and I was going to miss class.
I went inside, and was able to get dressed and 20 minutes of class left. I wasn't able to shower. But this building was further from Combs than the usual apartment. By the time I got there I had indeed missed class. So I went to Herr Rotter's office to apologize and ask what I missed. He wasn't in his office, a woman was. She told me to go through the double doors at the end of the hallway and then go left. This part of Combs didn't exist before winter break. I went through and found the office she spoke of. It was barely bigger than a closet (figures they'd do that to Herr Rotter). Rotter wasn't in there either, but there was a girl about my age sitting at the desk with her back to the door. She identified herself as his assistant, and said she'd give me the work I missed. First I had to take the quick quiz Herr Rotter had given, it was a single question about the dative case and the subjunctive. I got it right. Then I received the syllabus, a leather-bound notebook with a picture of an owl and my name on it, and a pile of scantrons an inch thick that I was to work through over the course of the semester.
After this I walked back through the building, thinking I'd go to the book store for a binder to put these scantrons in, then get lunch at the nest. As I walked through the hallway-that-does-not-exist, which was now full of students, I noticed there were little divots in the walls. I asked a student what these were for, but he ignored me. Then the door I was heading towards started moving forward. The hallway got shorter and shorter very quickly, I was going to get crushed against the opposing wall if I didn't get out of the way. I ducked into a classroom, one that had been on the other side of the double doors when I first went down this hallway. I noticed others ducking into those divots. My question answered, I woke up.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Obviously inspired by The Magicians.

I got a letter. But I hadn't picked up the mail, Madeline had, and she'd thrown the letter away thinking it was somehow related to me getting bad grades, or a terrorist attack, I can't remember. But she thought the letter was somehow bad. I yelled at her, saying that it might have been my paper graded by Niebuhr. Mom took Madeline's side, saying that I should've checked the mail if I thought I was getting something.
The next day I checked the mail myself, and found a hand-written envelope for me. The letter inside invited me to this creepy house for an interesting academic opportunity. I went to check it out. There were a lot of other people my age there. As you might have guessed, this was a school for magic, and I was to be a magician. I made a bunch of friends, but I don't remember what magic I learned.
I still talked to Reece online often. I wanted to go to the playgrounder meetup. I told my sister that I wanted to go to this sushi place in order to trick her into taking me there. I told her I wanted to take some of my new friends from the magic school along as well. Reece was pretty ok with it, Madeline agreed to it. After the meetup, Reece was going to come back with me to visit my new apartment. One of my almost-friend-acquaintances named Tom asked to go with us. I apologized and said that there was no room in the car.
We stopped at a hotel on the way to the meetup. It was also an old, creepy house. It kind of looked like Taunusstrasse 8a, but bigger. Once I settled into my room with my roommate from magic school, I called my parents. They were kind of annoyed that I was taking this trip, but I reassured them that everything was fine. It barely had an affect.
After I hung up on my parents, I went downstairs to party with my friends. It was around 3 in the morning when I got to bed. My phone buzzed again. I looked at the caller ID and saw that it was Tom. I answered the phone, and told him I was trying to sleep. He didn't say anything for about 10 seconds, then he said "HA! You are a grey magician now!" and hung up, leaving me very confused.
The next morning I asked my friends what Tom might have meant by "grey magician." They all had shocked looks on their faces, except my roommate/best friend, who looked unsurprised. They told me that a grey magician couldn't use magic without corrupting their soul and bringing bad luck. Tom must have worked a spell over the phone. I was angry and scared, and decided I needed to get back at Tom somehow. But Madeline refused to deviate from the plan to go to the meetup. Before I could argue my case for vengeance, I woke up.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

All these dreams about exams.

It was the night before my Relgions exam, and I fell asleep while studying. The exam was at 7 AM, so I had to get up at 5. I got up at 4 to study more, I had to memorize a list of 5 rules for a nonexistent religion. One of the rules was to only wear sparkly clothes.
I left at 6 without eating breakfast. My mother caught me and forced me to eat a peach before going to the exam.
The actual test wasn't in the dream, but the aftermath was. I didn't fail the exam, but I don't think I passed it either.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Memories fading... curses.

First dream, I was challenged to a duel. The weapon was quarterstaves, and Madeline had to teach me to use one.
Second dream, there was some kind of criminal investigation, and I had to cooperate with this PI. Puppies were involved. That is all I remember. If I remember more, I will edit it in.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Not failing German, no worries.

I was late for German Civilization. I had to be on time, or I would fail that class. So I caught the bus to get from the top of College Avenue to the bottom. College Avenue was much longer than it actually is, so it made sense. It also ran parallel to a river and some train tracks. The bus only had one stop on College Avenue, and it was closer to the top than I wanted. I met my mother there and told her I was going to be late, hoping she would drive me there. But Mom didn't have a car. She started walking with me down the street, practically dragging me. We got on a train and went a little ways. Ahead of our train we saw a bright flash. It was a little confusing.
Then we were kicked off for not having tickets, and started walking again. A bus was stopped perpendicular to the sidewalk, we didn't try to go around it and just walked in one door and out the driver's side door. Well, my Mom managed to. I couldn't cross the bus before the driver came back and started the bus. The bus was a school bus, and it was filled with high schoolers. It began driving in the opposite direction that I wanted to go. I noticed a rocket on the train tracks, and thought oh, that's what the flash of light was. Then I talked to the bus driver. He laughed at me, but then helpfully drove in the correct direction and dropped me off at Combs.
I was 5 minutes late to class, but Niebuhr listened to my story and didn't fail me. I went back to the table I sat at. The arrangement of this classroom was like an elementary school, there were small tables instead of desks, and they each sat four people. Erin, Meredith and some chick from my digital storytelling class were sitting at mine. The girl with no name asked me if I was nervous about the online test I was supposed to do for today. I was surprised that this had been an assignment and started freaking out. Mer asked me if I'd brought all of the pop quizzes we'd been given. Erin asked me if I'd done the workbook. I started panicking, and said that I just need a B in this class oh crap. Erin looked at me and said that if I'd done the work I'd get a B but she didn't know if I qualified for one anymore. I was like I KNOW, then I woke up.
This post took about 40 minutes to write because I'm typing it on my father's goddamned Mac. It is worse than my Windows Vista computer when it comes to the internet. I can't tell him this though.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


I was using a computer on a space ship to have an argument with some internet people, and then some robots that looked like my family members told me I had to translate everything I'd written for classes this week into Arabic. Also I baked cookies.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Man, history class really worries me.

First dream, I got my paper back in History with a B+. But still with comments that a bunch of my content was superfluous, my title was stupid, and he didn't like the pictures I added. I woke up and was relieved I hadn't received my paper yet.
Second dream, Adrienne and Erin and Meredith decided we needed to go on a trip, so they bought plane tickets for all of us, plus Stephanie. I didn't know where we were going, but I suspected Berlin. While we were pressing through the airport (a very strange-looking airport, all of the hallways were made of twigs and all of the windows overlooked a river) I realized that I had to go to history today to turn in the book assignment. Erin told me I had to call Ross, and she handed me the phone. I asked Ross to break into our apartment, grab my paper off the printer to hand it in, and see if he can grab my research paper for me as well. Ross gave me a brief lecture about missing class before saying he would do it.
Third dream was Gunnerkrigg Court. Because of the current fight they're having, Reynard has the power to leave his doll body. He takes over the body of a strange man in a black hat adorned with a feather.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Aladdin with ninjas.

I was fighting ninjas with a team of people. Because I don't know who they were, I'll codename them Meredith, Erin, and Matt. These ninjas were trying to steal something precious from us, I think it was a DVD of some Disney movie. Matt had a dart gun, Meredith and Erin and I only had our wits and our amazing parkour skills. We chased them over the roofs of buildings, up and down, through courtyards. I began to recognize scenery from Disney movies. We ended up in a place that looked like Agrabah, except with some buildings from Mulan thrown in. We still had to fight the ninjas. I was momentarily distracted by a band randomly placed in a corner of this yard. Suddenly the ninjas turned into genies, and I was killed and turned into a ghost. I was completely invisible to my friends, but I managed to communicate by stealing one of the instruments from the band. They had to find and defeat the ninja/genie/whatever who killed me so I could return to life.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

History Exam.

I was taking my history exam. The short answers were really easy, so I finished them in about 5 minutes. But then the professor told me that if I handed in my work on looseleaf it wouldn't count, and I had to have a blue book. I dug around in my backpack and found a rather beat up one. I copied my short answer questions, then started on the IDs. They weren't IDs anymore, they were matching, but they were still really hard. I looked at the clock and realized I only had 20 minutes to do the essay portion of the test, which is half of the test grade. I looked at the essay question, and was completely bamboozled. It was about one of the books, which I hadn't read for some reason.
Then I "woke up", remembered that the test was a take-home test and that it was due TODAY, and I still hadn't done the essay. I had an hour. I forced myself not to used the internet to find the answers to everything.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I've been considering updating all day.

And just now I get the chance to. So I don't remember too much. =(

I was hanging around my house on a Saturday. Both of my parents were there, and everything was quiet. I said "We should go to Berlin." My mom said "Ok!" like I'd just suggested we go see a movie. We got on a plane for a quick daytrip to Berlin. I wondered why we hadn't done this earler and my mom said "I have no idea!"
Berlin underground for some reason. We had to go down several flights of stairs from the airport, into a place that looked sort of like a subway station. We went to a pizza place for lunch. Then I woke up.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dresden again.

I was at a mall, in a clothing shop, with my mother, my sister and Meredith. Somehow by looking at the jewelry we determined that this clothing shop was run by criminals, and the entire mall was owned by the mob. Then we learned from my mother that Marcone had infiltrated the government and was really behind the vampire war and the end of Changes.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gah, don't remember any more.

I was at a thrift store with my parents and Reece, and I wanted to try on some clothes. It was a skirt and a top. They had no changing rooms, so I went into the ladies' room to try them on.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I hate being sick SO MUCH.

There was a playgrounder meetup going on, and I really wanted to go but I was still sick. So I'm in my room, hacking coughing and wheezing (even in my dreams it won't stop!) talking to Reece on IM since he was also unable to go. It wasn't my room though, it was a bright room with yellow walls, and a window that looked out on a green field and mountains. I was pretty high up, the people outside looked very small. Across the field were some trees, mountains in the distance, and to the left of my window was a cliff.
Then skype opens up and I get a call from the meetup. Sort of. There wasn't any video, but someone had a phone and they'd called me. The phone, I was told, was attached to someone's backpack and that's why the voices were faint. They were in the middle of rock climbing, up the face of a cliff. The playgrounders tell me that they're coming to visit me. I look out my window, and see tiny people pop up onto the field from the left of my window. They went toward a small fest tent that appeared in the middle of the field. There were already people in the tent. I went outside to meet them.
Right outside the house, there were some people I didn't know, walking their dogs. There were 2 Irish Wolfhounds, the size of llamas, with spotless white coats. I hugged one of them and said that I wanted this type of dog when I got one, and Reece could have his Yorktese.
I went around the house (I'd exited on the other side) to the tent, and sat down with people. The Orells and the Hensons were there too, as well as everyone who'd been at the MD meetup last October. Including the small children. I wondered how they'd gotten safely up the side of the very high, very steep cliff.
Then I woke up.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Doing fun stuff in the middle of the night.

It was the middle of the night. Adrienne and I went somewhere, to the playground or something, and we were discussing Doctor Who and how happy we are that 10 is gone. We came back a weird way that led us through several buildings and across a large grassy space, to end up behind the apartments. As we headed towards our buildings, it started to rain. This stressed me out. I ran over to my building, cried out to Adrienne dramatically as we separated, and instead of fishing my key out I swiped my card to get into the laundry room.
Meredith was there. I decided to do some laundry too, and loaded my clothes into a machine (without having to go back into the apartment to get them.) Meredith got upset, because apparently she was washing all of the clothes in the world, and needed the entire roomful of machines. I apologized.
Then I woke up.

Friday, November 5, 2010

High school?! Standardized tests?! NOOOOOO!!

I was in Trinkle 204, for some reason, chilling with my roomies. Suddenly I remember that I have to go take a standardized test! Erin and Meredith both go "Emily, you should leave NOW! We all have classes to go to." I'm like "Who will look after my laptop while I'm gone?" A blind guy with a puppy comes in and says that he'll do it.
I leave Trinkle and end up in the science hallway of Centennial. I go into the room where I used to take Chemistry, and I ask the person there if this is where I take the test. He looks very confused, but he says yes and hands me a sheet of paper. The paper says "Draw a fish." and has a bunch of different drawings of fish on it. I leave the room.
Erin is out there with Sunshine. She says "Emily, that's not the room where you're taking the test! How on earth did you get lost?!" I'm like "I know, I know!" I go from the science hallway to the English one, into the room that was Wright's room. There's my chem teacher, passing out the standardized test. She glares at me for being late. I give her a paper slip with my name, my year and my major. The room looks almost exactly like the room where I took English, except the wall on the far side of the room that had a wall of boxes that looked like the mailroom. The teacher looks at me like I'm crazy for not knowing this, and tells me to go put this slip in my box, though the slip is supposed to be an index card. I do this.
I look at the other desks in the room, and see that they're all freshmen (in college). This test is taken by freshmen and seniors, I was the only senior who'd signed up for this time. The other students look like they're much younger than college students, maybe freshmen in high school. I'm then told that I need to keep this class occupied while the teacher steps out. I go up to the front of the classroom, the other students look really young now, middle school aged. So I start to tell jokes about the first time I took this test, and quickly run out of material.
Then I woke up.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

She uses Vaseline. Also Farscape?

Merin (Mer and Erin) and I were getting ready to go somewhere, some kind of carnival I think. I was singing "She Don't Use Jelly" by the Flaming Lips. I told Erin that I like the Ben Folds cover of the song better, and she told me she liked the original. Meredith complained that the lyrics make no sense.

Then I texted Reece and told him that we were going to this carnival, and that I wish he was here. Suddenly he appeared next to me, in the doorway of the kitchen. He gave me a big hug.
But then I received a text from Reece that read ":( I wish I was too." I kept receiving texts from him. I showed the texts to the Reece that was here, and he was also confused. At least, his face said so. He hadn't actually spoken since arriving, and I hadn't noticed 'til now that that was strange. We determined that this guy was a doppelganger and should not be. I didn't want to destroy him though. I was deciding what to do when I woke up.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I was complaining through IMs that no one commented on either of my blogs. Then a dragon commented on one of my posts. Another dragon commented on the same post, and there was a flame war between these two. Turned into a literal flame war when they decided to meet in Ball Circle to settle their differences.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Another tiny one.

Me and Reece were at some kind of harbor markety place, waiting for someone to get off of a cruise ship she'd been on. Reece started smoking, which startled me, and I was like "Dude, you're putting poison into your body." He glared at me and put out the cigarette, then we went to meet whoever we were meeting. I think it was Nicole, actually. When we found her, we discussed the Harry Potter movies. Then Erin came and told me to do the Wii fit.
Then Erin banged on my window 'cause she'd been locked out. I responded by turning over and ignoring it, then getting up again when I heard Chibi answer the door.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Too much Brawl, I think.

Herr Rotter was teaching a class about anime. I was the only one taking it, but I had Alice help me with my homework. She was jealous of me for being in this class. She kept sending Rotter emails telling him he was doing it wrong, under the pseudonym "Pikachu". After a while Rotter figured out it was Alice.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Escape from what?

I was taking a trip down to see my grandfather along with the rest of the family. Through a series of confusing cell phone calls we all ended up at this hotel for the night. The hotel looked more like a ski lodge, and had no rooms left, so we were stuck sleeping in the dining room. Madeline wasn't with us, so we texted her and asked her where she was. She said she was busy saving whales with Will and couldn't help us escape.
Freaking alarm went off before it got really interesting.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The theme is "Magic"

I can't remember much, but I had drawn an entry for Iron Avatarist that featured Vaarsuvius magically creating a hat for Haley to wear. Also there were dancing penguins.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Tests aaaaaagh

So I "woke up" and I went to German History, which instead of in Dupont was taking place in a room not unlike the lecture hall in Monroe, but much smaller. I was sitting on the right side of the room, and Jenn was sitting next to me. So it was kind of similar to Anthro in sophomore year.
It turns out there was some homework that I'd missed. I was supposed to do a reading, and answer some questions. The questions were to be answered in one word. And there was a test on the homework worth 50% of my grade. He went over the homework after checking to see if we'd done it, like we were in high school. Also like in high school, I hadn't done my homework and was ashamed. I listened closely as he went over it, and copied down the answers discreetly. He handed out the test, and I forgot everything he just told us.
So like Arabic.

Friday, September 24, 2010

I probably got a better grade.

I got a C+ on the test I took yesterday, and everyone else did equally poorly. So instead of having class, Niebuhr asked me to bring the Wii to class and any games I could think of. I brought the Wii, but didn't want to embarrass myself playing DDR, and didn't want to take Erin's games without asking (though it's her Wii, and I didn't ask about it.) We played Super Mario.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Can't sleep.

I had trouble sleeping last night, so when I finally dozed off 5 minutes after my alarm rang, my dream was about that.
In the dream, I stopped trying to sleep and went out into the kitchen to get a cup of water. When I turned on the faucet, the fire sprinkler on the kitchen ceiling (that is not actually there) went off. My cup was suddenly on the floor directly under the sprinkler, where the heaviest stream was.
I was trapped at the sink, so I yelled to Matt to fix this problem. He groaned from the hallway that he'd shown me how to use the faucet last week, but he wasn't expecting that the sprinkler had turned on. He started grumbling about how his fellow students ruin everything when suddenly the fire alarm was activated and we all had to leave.
My alarm rang, I turned over and continued dozing.
Once again I left my room and went to the kitchen, but there was a sign blocking my way. The sign looked like the ones from Seacobeck, and it warned me to stay out of the kitchen. One of the sodexho people stepped out of the kitchen to explain to me that the pinhole in our kitchen wall was a doorway to another dimension, and they had to fix it or the people over there would keep spying on us. I should explain here that in the apartment during summer school there was a tack in the kitchen wall plugging up a tiny hole that Mer and I joked was a camera. It is not in this apartment.

Then I put on my roller blades and went to class. As I was skating home from class I ran into Adrienne and Stephanie. It suddenly started pouring, so we took refuge under the bell tower until it stopped, and discussed our classes. Once it stopped I kept skating back to the apartment, but when I entered the complex I noticed that it was full of horse trailers. My apartment had turned into Moonie's barn, and my mother was there brushing him. She asked me how I got there. I explained that this was where I live, and she explained that the UMW apartments were moved 2 blocks down the street.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Prison seems like an overreaction.

Allison and I were grocery shopping at Wegmans and talking about classes. I made a bad joke about one of my teachers, and Allison laughed. I turned around and saw that the teacher was in line behind me. She gave me a look, then pressed a button on her cell phone. Police officers came and arrested me and Allison. We were taken to a judge and sentenced to a month in prison. The prison happened to be just around the corner from Wegmans.
The prison hallway basically looked like the basement of Randolph, except with doors on both sides and everything was made of concrete. My cell was the last door on the right, Allison's was the first on the left.
I went into my cell and was quite surprised to find that it was about as big as my apartment. The walls and floor were the same grimy concrete as the hallway, but I had a queen-sized bed up on a platform, a television, a bookshelf, and a minibar. There was art on the walls. A barred window on the far side of the room led outside, and another on the back wall led to another person's cell. I looked through the window and saw that my neighbor was a dude. His cell was much more standard, 9x9 with a toilet and a bed. He was on a cell phone and wouldn't stop laughing. I asked him why my cell was so fancy, he shrugged his shoulders and ignored me.
I looked underneath my bed and saw an ant the size of my big toe. I kept myself from yelling and found something to squish it with. When I did, I heard a loud growling shriek like a jaguar and woke up.
Fell back asleep and in the next dream I'd been let out of prison, sort of. I was taken to school in a prisoner carriage pulled by black horses. I had bright red shackles around my wrists. I met Reece at my apartment and he was disappointed because I'd missed most of the time he had to visit me.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hey look, I remembered one!

Sort of!
First, I was walking around campus with Erin. We'd just been at seacobeck and had to-go boxes. Campus was greener and had more hills than it does. It was sort of raining, which was putting me in a bad mood. I told Erin we had to go grocery shopping. Erin said that we didn't, because she went and bought new food yesterday. I threw a fit like a five-year-old, whined that I didn't like any of the food she got, and kicked my to-go box of seaco food off a nearby cliff.
I apologized to Erin and went back to my room, which looked a lot like the room I sleep in at Grandpa's house. I sat on the bed, grabbed a random book and read it. I noticed that the clock said 10:45, and it was time to leave and go to World Religions, but I didn't care and continued reading. I didn't check the time again until 11:15. Around :45 I got kind of worried, 'cause I remembered that this was the second day in a row that I'd skipped RELG101 (not really, but in the dream.) I decided to use the Epilepsy excuse, and headed over to Trinkle to catch the professor. Trinkle was different than it usually is, but I didn't notice it. The ceilings were higher, the walls were whiter and clear of bulletin boards, and the huge windows were trimmed in gold. A large spiral staircase with a blue carpet let straight up to the door to room 204. I vaguely noticed that there usually wasn't a staircase there.
The professor was talking to a bunch of other students. I apologized for skipping, and asked for a summary of what I missed. He gave me a little slip of paper that had all of the readings I was to do on it, and told me to read the syllabus. He asked why I didn't come to class twice, and I said that my Epilepsy was acting up, and I'd had seizures on both days. He didn't buy it.
I woke up before I had to think of a different excuse.

Next dream, the actor who played Chewbacca had been murdered, and we had to follow clues hidden in the Expanded Universe books to find his body. It was in George Lucas's basement.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

A second cyrus. THE HORROR!

A second African Grey snuck into our house like a deck toad. He started stomping around the floor while I was at the computer, and I got annoyed because I thought it was Cyrus. Then I realized that another parrot was stomping around in the living room. Since they were both African Greys, which all look exactly alike, I was confused about which was which. I spoke to the one in the kitchen, and he started spouting intelligible English. I spoke to the one in the living room and he went "Ooo! 4, 5, sssss" so I took that one and put him in his cage. The other one I had to find the owner for. I found its owner, but they were an evil cult that wanted to use the parrot in a ritual sacrifice. I had to save it, so I did. I didn't know what to do with him though. I'm pretty sure Erin O'Neal was involved in the solution.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


First dream, I was outside the L.L. Bean side of the Columbia mall, except instead of restaurants and Macys and a parking garage on the one side there was this river. And where the parking lot begins was the shore of a large body of water. And where the fountain is was instead a small wooden building that looked like an information stand but was in fact a pizza place. Reece and Meredith and Erin were in there.
I was walking along the outside of the building, looking at the water, when someone grabbed my wrist and pulled me into the mall. I shouted, nobody noticed. He went through a door I didn't know existed and up a staircase and into a small room that looked sort of like the reception area of an office. Except instead of chairs and a desk there were 2 rows of little cots. To each cot was handcuffed a child, their ages ranged between 8 and 13. Some of them had been visibly beaten. The man, who identified himself as "Chester" (of course), handcuffed me to a larger bed. I said to him "I think I'm a little old for you." He sneered and left.
I talked to one of the kids, who basically told me the obvious, that this guy was horrible to them. I gained super strength or something, because suddenly handcuffs weren't a problem. I escaped from the room and ran down the hallway. I must have passed Chester, because he started chasing me and yelling at and threatening me with a gun. I ignored the weapon and called 911. I was having trouble with my phone, it kept autodialing the numbers in my phone that began with 9 before I could press the other two digits. I ran out of the mall and around to the pizza place, with the guy right behind me. I finally reached the police and told them a kidnapper/sex offender was imprisoning kids in an office above the mall, oh and he's threatening me with a gun, could you please come out here. They said they'd be out there as soon as possible, and if I stopped being in danger could I please meet an officer at the front door of the mall at 4:00? I said yes and hung up.
During the call I'd been running around the pizza place in circles, and as I finished I ran inside and barricaded the door. It was ok, a friend owned the place. Chester couldn't get in. I went over to the table where my friends sat, and they understandably freaked out. I also told GITP chat, earning me worried emoticons from Trog.
As we sat there it started pouring out. Chester had left the premises, but I knew he'd gone back inside to his room. I looked outside to the door of the mall, and when 4:00 rolled around a female police officer wearing a raincoat appeared. Meredith and Erin prodded me into going out there, but the only clothes I had were not rain appropriate, and I had to change my shoes to something more waterproof before I could go out. Erin looked outside and told me that if I didn't hurry the police would leave and think I'd pranked them. So I braved the storm for 10 feet and met with the officer. She was older than I thought, her hair was grey. I took her to the secret door and she took some spontaneously-appearing minion cops up, arrested Chester, and freed all of the kids.

Next dream.

Erin and Meredith and I were trapped in our dorm rooms at the bottom of the ocean, so we had a conversation about music we used to like as children while drawing on t-shirts from the craft store with glitter pens. Erin was drawing these magnificent pictures of mermaids and submarines, I was drawing things I'd doodle during class. She drew a complicated underwater scene that turned out to be the key to our escape from this place, but I didn't stay asleep long enough to find out how.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

School is on my mind, I think.

It was exam day, and I was doing a lot of running in the hallways to get to my classes. The classrooms looked like the rooms in Centennial, but the hallways looked more like the basement of Chandler.
I had a two part exam to turn in to Alan Rickman (who made it clear to us that he was NOT professor Snape, when I pointed out that the name on his office door was Snape he gave me detention), the first part of which was due at 8:00 AM. It was a multiple choice exam. When we were done we were to tack the scantrons to the corkboard on the left side of the room, then return at noon to turn in the essay portion of this exam.
The "essay" part was 2 questions. The first task was to write down everything I knew about Satyrs. I wrote that they were half-goat half-men, but that was all I could remember. I went down the hall to the library. The library was huge, like one you'd see in a cartoon, with bookshelves going up to the extremely high ceiling. I went to the mythology section. The librarian who was helping people was the alien scientist guy from Titan A.E. He was very eager to help, and got me a book about Satyrs. It was a children's encyclopedia. I revised my essay to note that they were depicted with wreaths of ivy around their heads, and that they were companions of Pan and Dionysus. Also that they were half-goats in Roman tradition, but in the Greek tradition they had horse tails.
The second question was an arithmetic exercise. I had to add together a pageful of numbers and divide them by 153. I don't remember the answer.
I had another exam with a different teacher between Rickman's first and second exams. This exam took place in the bio 101 lab in Jepson. I had to write a brief essay about a music video that was playing on a loop at the front of the classroom. It was a Die Aerzte song I'd never heard, and I found that exciting. Also for some reason Hugh Laurie was in the video. I noticed that the lyrics were clues to a mystery that I had to solve in order to save my family. But first I had to run over to Chandler to give Snape his essay. But Rickman was busy with other students, and wouldn't accept my paper. I was running out of time to help my family, so I tacked it on top of my multiple choice exam and left, hoping it counted.
Then I woke up before the mystery could be solved.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Me?? Unreasonable? Gluttonous? That's pretty far-fetched!

So, Erin and Meredith and I had finished moving into our rooms. I invited Sunshine over, and Matt, and we were going to order pizza. Meredith insisted on inviting Titus, who brought over 7 of his closest friends. This of course annoyed me to no end, and I told Meredith that I wasn't going to pay for the pizza they ordered. Meredith got mad at me and asked me why I wouldn't be social. I explained that not only did I not invite them, I'd invited Titus, but also that my money wouldn't go that far. In a cartoonish display of childish petulance, we each crossed our arms and sat at opposite ends of the room (for we were living in the same room) facing the wall, with >8( looks on our faces.
Then Reece shows up, and we have to go grocery shopping because we had nothing for breakfast! So we walked up to the Giant. I went to the bread section for bagels, but stopped at the cheap-baked-goods cart to see if they had any muffins. Reece said "Why are you looking for muffins? That is why you hate yourself." I said "I thought you might like some, silly!" But they only had chocolate chip muffins, so we dismissed them.
We went around the corner, where the shelves of bread are in the F-burg Giant, and found instead the kitchen in Bushnell. Reece disappeared to go somewhere. Erin said she was making pancakes. I asked her if she could leave the stuff out so I could make some when she was finished. She refused, because apparently I'm super-unreasonable and picky when it comes to pancakes. I shrugged and glanced at the recipe, thinking I would make them anyway, even if she washed all the dishes first. Erin got annoyed with me and ordered me out of the kitchen.
Around the corner I was back in the Giant. I ran into Meredith, and asked her if it was true that I was unreasonable about pancakes. She said it was, but wouldn't explain how so. I was confused. Erin appeared again and explained that I can't have pancakes because I haven't finished my muffin. I looked at my hand and realized it had a half-eaten muffin in it, but I hadn't bought one, and I didn't remember eating half of it, but Erin and Meredith objected to my apparent gluttony and wouldn't let me have pancakes.
I turned around and suddenly we were in the apartment and not the Giant. I was still hungry because I hadn't had a muffin, dangit, so I put on my robe (for I was still in my PJs) and went to Seaco for breakfast. They had pancakes there. Then I left and went to my first class, in Goolrick. I don't remember the class itself, but I had a class right after it in the sub-basement of Dupont. The opposite end of campus from the apartment. I had 10 minutes to get there, and I had to run, but I suddenly noticed that I was still wearing my pajamas! I couldn't go to class like that! So I ran back to the apartment. I passed Meredith while waiting for the William Street light to turn green, and she laughed at my situation.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Part Lucifer, part Lasciel. And a grave made of candy.

First dream, I woke up, went downstairs and got online, much as I have done this morning. I started getting messages from these people who said they were angels. One was trying to convince me to be evil, one was trying to convince me to be good, and one was just trying to help me do whatever. I couldn't tell which was which. I blocked them all and got off the computer. As I was watering the plants and doing other morning chores, I started to hear voices and laughter in my head. They were bickering. I rolled my eyes and ignored all of them. I went inside and started making a sandwich for breakfast, when the bad guy from last night's episode of Psych starts talking to me. I can't hear him, because the "angels" in my head were trying to instruct me on how to make a sandwich according to Good, Evil and True Neutral instructions. All of them involved bloodshed somehow.
Next dream. I had to research a person for a class. His name was... Anthony something, and he was Jewish, but that's all I knew about him before I started researching. I went to the UMW library, which had changed a little. The computers by the reference area had been moved so that instead of the wall protecting the staircase, there were more bookshelves. I walked past the first bookshelf and found myself in a graveyard. I began looking for Anthony's grave. I figured that it would have a star of David on it, so I was looking for that. I saw a classmate looking for her person's grave. She picked one up that was shaped like the Star of David and lugged it back to the computers, which I could see from the graveyard. I gave up and went back to the computers to try Googling the guy. A search on Anthony brought me absolutely nothing. I did some skillful searching on the library website and found one book featuring the guy's name. I got the book from the shelves and looked through it. I couldn't find his name in the book until the last few pages. There was a page of Garfield comics, and the last comic on the page had Garfield talking about Anthony and his pet fish. I went back to Google and searched for that, and found that Anthony was not at all noteworthy for being Jewish during the second world war, as I'd supposed, but for a highly publicized incident involving his pet goldfish that would have won him a Darwin-award. I went back to the graveyard to find his tombstone, and just a few rows up from the computers I found his name on a grave made of candy. I brought it back to present to the class. We were all very confused.
Then I went back to the apartment and woke Erin up, because she'd been asleep. I told her I'd used one of my meals at Seacobeck. She was happy because she could make a sandwich for breakfast.

Monday, August 9, 2010

My feet got pretty dusty at the fair yesterday.

I had to go to the Giant to get cake mix. I had to take off my shoes to go into the store or I'd wake up the puppies. See, the store was filled with sleeping puppies instead of groceries. So I traversed the Giant shoelessly and got some chocolate cake mix. My father had driven me there in his volvo, but he had to leave. He left the car right outside the door of the giant so I'd have it. I got in the car, but I'd never driven a stick before. The seat was too low and too close to the wheel, and the pedals were about the size of piano keys. There were cars behind me honking. I tried to adjust my seat and remove my shoes so I could hit the pedals with my toes. My feet were covered in dust from the store and kept sliding off the pedals anyway. An old woman came up to the window of my car and asked me if I needed help. I said I didn't, though at this point there were tears in my eyes.

Friday, August 6, 2010


The school decided that instead of apartments they were going to move us all into treehouses. To get to one house to the other we had to swing on ropes. We were distressed because we couldn't play DDR in these houses because the floor was too delicate. I swung over to Alice's room to discuss this. On the way back to our room I found a metal door. I thought this was odd, and went through. There was this huge, dark room filled with computers. And it was AIR CONDITIONED. I thought this was just spectacular. I went up to the only people in the room. They were all mad scientists, and they asked me if I wanted to help them create devices that would allow one to control objects with one's mind. In return I would be allowed to have AC in my treehouse room. But I couldn't tell anyone about it.
This of course caused everyone to hate my secretiveness and envy my air conditioning. I told Erin and Meredith about it, and they were both unimpressed.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

As I type this, my desire for breakfast increases.

There was a girl haunting a park I was at. The playground equipment was incredibly high up, and she'd fallen to her death. The girl's voice taunted me until I saved a bunch of people from the same fate. I went to talk to her. I was the only one who could hear her, so my family thought I was crazy. I missed breakfast with my family because I was talking to her, but then I went out to lunch with friends.
It was Mel, David, Sheckells and I at the Spotsylvania mall. We wanted to get lunch. Sheckells insisted on ordering pizzas, 4 of them. I pointed out that there was a pizza hut right there in the mall, so there was no reason to call them, but Sheckells did anyway. We waited at the counter for our pizzas, but they were taking too long, so we jumped over the counter and went back into the kitchen. The kitchen looked kind of like the bio labs in Jepson, except there was an oven, and every table had at least 5 pre-made pizzas on it. These pizzas were all square and flat crusted, not what we wanted. The people in the kitchen were pretty mad at us for being back there, but since we'd called ahead they couldn't kick us out. I complained at them until they made us some proper round pizzas like the ones on the sign outside.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Pirates of the Caribbean meets... I dunno.

I was walking from Seacobeck to my last class with Meredith and Sunshine. None of us were wearing shoes, which I found strange. I got to Combs, and had to use the restroom, but instead of the restroom there were a bunch of hospital rooms with toilets and beds in them and no doors. I walked through a maze of them until I found an empty one.
I checked my watch. I was afraid that I was late to class, but then I remembered that it didn't start until 10:15. The class that was being taught in there right now seemed to be an art class.
I got a phone call from my sister. I had to go grocery shopping. I told her I had a final exam, but she said that this was more important and I should meet her at the Giant (the one in EC, not in F-burg). I did. The aisles seemed impossibly huge, and filled will all kinds of stuff I'd never heard of.
We came across my father playing some kind of cornhole-type game, but with large golden chess pieces. Apparently he was on a business trip that turned out to be the best business trip ever.
Then we went to the park. Well, a park anyway, it didn't look much like Centennial park except there was a lake. We met Kenan Thompson there. I fell into the water. I got too far underwater to get back out but I could breathe just fine. I found out that I had to stay in the lake for the next 10 years. I could come out of the water once a year, but I wouldn't be free unless during that time I pulled someone else into the water.
When a year passed and I could come out again, I noticed that my belongings would wash up onto the shore before I could get out. When I finally climbed out of the water onto a bank, I found some UMW freshmen messing with my wallet. Meredith was there, and I told her what happened. I pushed one of the freshmen into the water so I'd be free. A year later I went back to that spot, which was on the UMW campus, you know, the part where there's a lake. The chick I'd pushed in came out of the water, I found her UMW ID card. She'd apparently gone a little loopy while alone under there, because she stared at everyone for the first 5 minutes of her hour-long stay on shore, and then she started threatening everyone. I rolled my eyes at her and muttered to Meredith that I'd managed it so much better than she had. Kenan Thompson reappeared when she was being pulled back in, and the girl pulled him under the water to take her place.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I'm sure there was more to it than this. I was on a field trip to a hardware store. I had to buy a flashlight.
Then I had to do an assignment for linguistics, I had to read an article about language and report on it. There were 2 choices, one about how eating curry results in better language skills, and one about how building architecture is related to body language. I was partnered with this fellow who was way too chipper.
Then the phone freaking rang and I woke up.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I've only been on this diet one day. Bad sign.

I was tired of dieting, so I got a bunch of friends to break into a grocery store at night with me and steal a bunch of candy. It was ok, the manager was fine with it. Except he'd switched up everything in the aisles and poisoned some of the bags of candy. He was standing there cackling evilly when we entered.
In one of the aisles I found a baby snake. I picked him up to take him back to his home. It was a car ride to a lake, and in the middle of the lake was a house where the snake lived. I remembered a story that said a snake would refuse to go home if you took him there in a boat. So I got an inflatable raft instead.
On the drive back I asked my parents if we could get fast food. They said no because we were on a diet.

Then my father woke me up to check if my windows were closed because he had to turn the AC on. They were. I went back to sleep.

There was some sort of Halloween celebration at centennial. There were shows, and everyone was in costumes. I forgot to wear one, so I picked up some fake vampire fangs. I was introduced to some people. My antisocial behavior started to tick them off. Then I found out they were the children of the guys in the band that was playing. In an attempt to get me to participate I was invited to go on stage and sing songs by The Offspring, and I did. Then I left.
I had to walk home, but it was Centennial, so it was no big deal. Just a few minutes into the walk, a Mexican guy in a convertible drove by and offered me a ride. I said no thanks. He asked me to call 9-1-1 because he'd broken his arm and needed an ambulance. I did. I told the operator where I was. I told her I was on century drive by Centennial High School, but she said they could tell from my cellphone that I was somewhere else. I looked around and noticed I was on a dirt path at the top of a hill. The guy in his car was nowhere in sight. A wooden sign at the side of the road said I was on the street she said I was on (I don't remember the name). It was still a close enough walk to my house from there. The woman pointed that out and reprimanded me for not starting from farther away, because I could use the exercise. She ignored my explanation that I was walking from Centennial High School and told me to use a more roundabout route next time to get more distance.
THEN, I walked down this dirt path and found myself near a pool. I went into the locker room, which was all wood paneling like a sauna. I started looking for a bathing suit to wear and found some of Madeline's, and some that came nowhere near fitting me. Then my mother came in with the kids I'd met at the concert and yelled at me for being antisocial AND for not having a bathing suit when I knew I'd be going to the pool (I didn't, btw).

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Once again, bits and pieces.

There was some kind of cookout going on. It was a huge party, there were 5 grills going at once. I was hanging around, listening to my ipod, when I accidentally tripped over the wrong cord or something. A sprinkler turned on, a giant one that went up about 20 feet, and it doused my father's grill. He got really mad, so I made myself scarce.
Then I had a choice between hiding in my room and playing my gameboy, or going to a children's talent show. The talent show featured a bunch of kids from St. Peter's, so Kirk and MM were there. It also had the advantage of being right before a screening of the latest Pixar movie. However, I didn't want to sit through it, so I asked MM to call me before the Pixar movie began. My mother, and Meredith, who was suddenly there, got mad at me for being antisocial.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I was competing in some sort of contest with some kids who were younger than me. Oh right, it was a race through an obstacle course. We had to dive off of one precipice into the ocean, swim to a pirate ship, sail the ship over to a different cliff, climb it, and finally fight a lightsaber battle. I won.
Then I went on a cruise ship with Mer, Erin and Reece. While on this ship I had to give my final presentation with visual aids. I hadn't prepared a powerpoint, so I grabbed Meredith's purse, rifled through it and found some nailpolish and nailpolish remover. I did my presentation on how to polish one's nails. My audience was bored out of their skulls, so after I was done I went to the computer and through together a quick powerpoint about the Dresden Files, and gave that as a presentation instead.
Then I went back to the cruise part and hung out with Reece next to a pool.
Then I woke up.

Friday, July 16, 2010

I'm such a responsible babysitter.

I was on a walk, and I passed a shrubbery. On top of the bush was a baby bird who was crying. I took it home and nursed it to health and put it in a jeweled cage locked with a teeny tiny key that I kept on a rainbow keyring the size of my pinky nail. A bit passed and the bird wanted out, so I gave it the key and it unlocked the door and went out.
Then I was babysitting at this house, and I took the kids out to go shopping, and there was a shop full of pillows and I went in to take a nap. The kids went to the toy store across the way. When I woke up, I had no idea where they'd gone. So I went looking for them, and came across my parents who told me that the bird had escaped and I was like "No, I let it go" and they were like "WHAT?!" They demanded that I give them the keyring, so I did. Then I continued looking for the children. I ran across the plot of Toy Story 3, and learned about Lotso's past. Moving on, I found a sandwich shop and ordered a BLT. I was followed shortly by my parents who mentioned that they'd been here earlier and never received their order. The chick behind the counter explained that that was because they ordered something not on the menu.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I need new hair ties.

I was in a gift shop looking for some hair ties. The only ones I could find were are glittery, or had skulls on them. I picked some glittery ones, but before I could buy them my mother came in and told me it was time to go. Outside the shop was a cobblestoned street, it looked kind of like the Fussgangerzone. We went across the street to a restaurant to meet my dad and sister. Then we got in the car and went on a trip somewhere, we passed a large lake but that's all I remember. I was texting Reece as we drove, and Mom got really angry at me. My sister told me not to stress out about it, but Mom was pregnant. Then I was freaked out. First I thought "That's impossible." Then I though "Wait, why is she keeping it a secret?" Eventually I found out Madeline was yanking my chain, and I was so annoyed that I woke up.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

A vampiric statue.

I missed giving my presentation today because not only did I find myself turning to stone like Amy in that Doctor Who episode, but I'd also been bitten by a Red Court Vampire. I was also visiting with family, who seemed to not really care about my condition. The Ballards were there, too. We went out for pizza.
I got on a train to Fredericksburg. There I coincidentally met my public speaking professor. I explained to him what was happening to me, showed him my stone arm and the cut on my finger where the Rampire had bit me (which was somehow able to half-turn me?). He was not at all sympathetic to my plight, and told me I could not make up the speech. I went and visited other public speaking classes and asked those teachers whether they would have let me make up the speech. Some said yes, some said no. In one class, a girl ran from the sight of me. In another, a boy had a cut on his leg and I was unpleasantly overcome with a desire to bite him.
I went back on the train to talk to my professor. He then said I could make up the speech if I could get off the train. The train was going really slowly, he jumped off and started walking beside it. But I was already half-way turned to stone and couldn't jump off the train.
I think I don't want to give this speech.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Public speaking.

First, in the dream, I almost slept through my public speaking class. I only woke up when someone banged on my door, a guy who I knew in the dream but I don't think exists in real life. He was short, and had black hair. I panicked and texted my professor. He didn't have my number, so didn't know who I was, and I forgot to sign the text message. He addressed me by a few playgrounder names that weren't mine. I told him I was sorry for sleeping through class yesterday and that it wouldn't happen again. He reminded me that I didn't have class yesterday.
It was raining heavily outside, and I didn't think I had time to walk to class. The guy who'd woken me up gave me one of those candles from the movie Stardust, and I wished myself into Combs. I landed in the stairwell between the first floor and the basement. It was as black as night outside.
I went up the stairs to the classroom. I went in, and asked the professor whether I had a good topic for the persuasive speech. He just looked at me and told me I couldn't use visual aids. Then he started writing anagrams on the whiteboard, and I left the room.
Then I was playing soccer with some African guys, except instead of a soccer ball we were using 3 pingpong balls, so the only resemblance between the game and soccer was that there were two goals, and only the goalie could us their hands.
Then I went to dinner at Seacobeck with my family from this past weekend.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Have I had this dream before? It seemed familiar at the time.

So, I was trapped in this room with my family. We and some other people had been imprisoned by a mobster. A mob boss, actually, and my brain kept calling him Johnny Marcone, but his disregard for civilian life made me think otherwise. No one ever referred to him by name. So we had to escape. The room we were in had these big display windows, and smaller windows along the bottom of the wall. The big windows had alarms on them, but the smaller ones didn't. There was a table pushed up against the wall in a corner, so I went underneath it and broke one of the small windows so that the glass would be hidden by the tablecloth. The window opened onto a small grassy space which sloped down into to a forest. I snuck around the building and started running through the streets of this random town. The building my family was trapped in was tall, and castle-like. The streets of this town were cobblestoned.
I ran into some guys I thought were cops, but they were security guards, and they worked for the mob. They took me back to the castle, and not-Marcone gave me a lecture about sneaking out, said something like he was keeping us there for our own safety. Then he locked us in a different room. This room had a blue, plasticky carpet, like the kind used in classrooms. There was a clock in the corner, a standard wall clock leaning up against the wall, ticking loudly. My mom was acting like it was a big deal that we kept this clock unbroken. There were windows on one wall, this time high up and unreachable, and perpendicular to that wall was a door on rails, like my closet door at home. I tried to open the door, but there was someone outside, a woman wearing sunglasses and a blond ponytail, and she started shooting at me. The bullets went past me and hit the clock my mother'd been trying to keep whole. Not-Marcone came in again and said he'd kill one of us if we broke something else.
He left, and I suddenly noticed that on one table there was a bunch of craft supplies. I started drawing with glitter pens. Then I looked up and saw that one of the corners of the room wasn't actually a corner, and that behind a section of the wall there was an elevator. I smacked my palm to my forehead, and felt silly for not realizing that we'd been in Melchers this whole time. Of course! I went to the elevator and found Meredith in there. I said "Thank goodness, you can lead us out of this confusing place!" Meredith took the elevator up to the painting studio at the top of the building, but opened it on the 2nd floor where the drawing studio is first, and pushed me out. There were a few bodyguards of not-Marcone in the hallway. Not-Marcone appeared behind them. I cursed Meredith for betraying me. Not-Marcone locked me in a tiny, windowless room by myself and warned that if I tried to escape he'd shoot Gregory. Madeline appeared out of the ceiling and told me that that was the lamest threat ever.
Then I woke up.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Video game-ish

I was walking Ralph around the neighborhood. I walked him up Century Drive to Centennial Lane without realizing that he didn't even have his leash on him. There was no sidewalk, and Centennial Lane looked like Jefferson Davis Highway, so we were going to have to be super careful. On the corner of Century and Centennial, instead of that large wooden sign with Century on it, there was a really steep grassy hill, with a house on top of it. "Mound" would be a better word than "hill". It was very smooth and round, and the grass on it was very green. Some guy, an old man, came down the hill holding a yellow leash with black and white paw prints on it and offered it to me. I accepted, and he walked with me some of the way, asking me if I was back from school, what my major was, etc. We had to walk single file next to the road, there was no sidewalk and the ground on the other side of the curb was outrageously steep. I was walking faster than he was, and was a few feet ahead of him. He said something about the road we were walking on. I didn't hear him because of the traffic, so I asked him to repeat. He said something like "you young people never listen!" and disappeared. I was concerned because I still had the leash he had lent me.
The hill on the side of the road suddenly turned flat, and the houses were now on level with the street. I turned onto a little road to get off of the highway. There was a blue fence with a hole in it next to the first part of this path, and Ralph went right through the hole in the fence. I followed him into a backyard that looked similar to ours, but the house was very different. Ralph bounded right up the deck and went inside. I was slightly horrified and went after him.
The room we went into looked like the front room of our house, with all of the old lady furniture. There were some ladies in there with other dogs. Ralph greeted the dogs, the women offered me tea. I noticed that all of the other dogs had eyepatches. Ralph had an eyepatch too. He was also limping a little, so I looked at his feet. One of them had a ridiculously huge splinter in it, probably from bounding up the deck, so I removed it.
Then the world sort of reset, like this was a game and someone had turned the console off and on again without saving.
I was back at my house, and decided to walk the dog. Mom went with me this time. The first part of the dream, up to the old man's disappearance, happened again in fast forward, because I knew what I was doing this time. Like it was a game. I listened to what the man said about the road this time, but I can't remember what he said now. But then the road turned into a tube, a tube with an open top like a halfpipe. It was on an incline, and it twisted and turned like a waterslide. Instead of water, it was filled with mud, and it was about as wide as Centennial Lane. We all slid down this thing on our feet, we had to take our shoes off. Ralph was ok, amazingly, but Madeline (who was there now) fell down several times. At the end of the pipe, it turned into a video game. This time I was playing it.
There were train tracks, and I had to line them up correctly, and fit cars together, as they sped by. And if I pressed the wrong combination of buttons the tracks would fall away completely and there would be a horrible crash. All of this was happening in front of me, with real trains, but I was controlling it. Certain cars would win you points and such. Then a little while later, instead of a car I got an L-shaped tetris piece, and was very confused. The track fell away, and then I woke up.

Monday, June 21, 2010

A trippy dream while napping.

I took an afternoon nap from 1:00 to 3:00. I woke up around 2:25 and tried to force myself back awake, but I decided I could sleep the full two hours, because after all, Meredith wouldn't come back til 3 anyway. So I fell back asleep, like a log. I hadn't slept well the night before.
Then I had a funky dream. You can tell, because I'm here.
In my dream, I forced myself up, and walked groggily to the kitchen for something cold and caffeinated to wake me up. In the hallway, I began to fall asleep again, and fell to the floor. I couldn't get myself back up. I tried to move, and found it impossible. I thought it might be some kind of weird seizure.
But then I "woke up" again. Once again, I forced myself up, this time heading over to my computer. I stopped at the desk chair, and had to hold it to keep from falling to the floor again. Then suddenly I was standing next to my bed, looking at the space between my bedside table and my bed, wondering why it didn't look like the floor. It turned sideways, the room sort of melted and I realized I was still lying down on my bed, and the reason the floor hadn't looked like the floor was because I'd actually been awake for a while and was looking at the wall on the opposite side of the room. This revelation caused me to wake up for real, and get myself out of bed.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Not as friendly as Kevin.

First, Meredith had befriended this giant Kevin-like bird. He was frightened of me, and convinced that I would hurt Meredith, so he attacked me every chance he got. Luckily for me he couldn't fly, so I was able to save myself by sitting at the top of a pit while he ran around at the bottom.
I was preparing to go to the party today, but suddenly there was a scheduling conflict, as Meredith was performing in a play at 1:00. So I got excited about that, I'd get to put on a dress and everything, but then I told my mother about that and she was very frustrated, because I would have no way to get to the party. Something was arranged so that Madeline would pick me up when the play was completed, oder was, and I went to see Meredith. But the entire performance was just this one guy sitting on a stool with a guitar. He wasn't playing the guitar or anything, he was just talking to the audience. He started talking to me about my epilepsy. I noticed that he was missing half of his face. I felt incredibly awkward, and overdressed for this occasion.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Art class on my mind.

So, I was on a field trip with Di Bella and my art class. We were going to New Jersey. Or so I was told, we didn't actually go to New Jersey, we went to a theme park, and rode on a roller coaster. Then we went back to the bus. We started driving through this city, we were stopped by slow traffic. I saw Mel outside, and she saw me, and waved frantically to get me to come outside. Luckily the bus stopped shortly, and I walked over to where I saw Mel, outside this spooky old house. Mel was trying to find some people, and some other people were after her, but she didn't know who. We were looking through the house, and we passed a rack of clothing. I started looking through the clothes and found a key in the pocket of a shirt. There was a guy who'd been helping us, but he just laughed and told me the key was poisoned and I was going to die a slow and painful death just by touching it. He opened a door behind him and let in some bad guys. I grabbed Mel and we ran towards the other side of the room we were in. The only other exit was a window. The window had a lock on it that the key probably fit. My steps started faltering before I could get to the window as the poison started working. Then this random dog that had been helping us took the key in its mouth and unlocked the window for us. Then the dog disappeared. Mel was also nowhere to be found.
I jumped out the window, expecting to fall at least a story, but I landed on my feet in a sort of dingy basement room. The rest of my art class was there, at long tables like the ones in Melchers, and they were drawing. I started drawing what had happened to me, and Di Bella came over and told me that it wasn't 3D enough and I could fix it by doing X, Y, and Z.
THEN, Meredith came by and we left together. My parents were going to take us out to dinner at Chipotle. I dragged Meredith to Joann's Crafts so we could apply for jobs. I talked to a few employees until I found the hiring manager and asked her whether they'd seen my previous application. They said they'd be happy to hire me, but they didn't have a position for two people. Meredith said she didn't need a job. She was kind of angry at me for dragging her, because she didn't live here anyway, of course she couldn't work here.

At some point Mer and I got back on the bus with Di Bella, and we ran over Sarah Palin.

Monday, June 14, 2010


So, I was talking to my parents about how I wanted a new phone. My mother had gotten a droid, and she said she'd trade phones with me. They didn't want to pay the Verizon people any fees to transfer my numbers and pictures and such over to Mom's phone, so I had to email all 180 of my pictures and copy all 26 of my contacts manually. What a pain.
Then in the evening was a dance. It was a "big deal" dance, in the way that prom is a "big deal", so Meredith convinced me to go. I used my new phone to take a picture of my dress, which was this heavy red velvet thing that looked like it came from the Society for Creative Anachronism. Because it had. Mer and I both borrowed dresses from the SCA and we didn't have to pay for them. Erin, meanwhile, did not want to go to the dance. She had read about a different activity happening at the same time in Randolph, one that involved babysitting puppies. So she and Matt went to that.
The "dance" took place in the room in Melchers where I'm taking my design principles class. It seemed much more like the Elizabethan feast, as we were all seated, but Mer and I were the only ones dressed appropriately for the Elizabethan feast. And the lights were down, and dance music was playing.
As we were sitting there, we were attacked by vampires. And werewolves. Sadly, Robert Pattinson was there, and a throng of girls ran at him and practically begged him to bite them. There were frightening Dracula-type vampires too. The werewolves were much more typical, but small. Meredith and I just walked out of the room in disgust, mostly unharmed, but I got nipped in the elbow by a wimp of a werewolf. Mer told me to wash out the bite or I'd become a werewolf, so I did. In the bathroom I met Erin Kenderish (she's in my art class) who informed me that the bites from the monsters weren't at all contagious or dangerous, not even the vampire bites.
Upon leaving the bathroom, I found myself not in Melchers, but in the basement of Randolph. I looked around for our Erin, but didn't find her. Outside in the parking lot behind Randolph, I met Sunshine, who said I should check her room. I checked our room in Randolph and our room in Bushnell before I remembered that we live in the apartments now. Erin and Matt were in our apartment, playing with puppies.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I've been sleeping late.

First, I was attending a family dinner. It wasn't my real family, it was a bunch of people who according to dream logic were my family. A few of my uncles were plotting to kill me and my parents and a few other relatives for some monetary reason. So we had to run. There was a chase scene through a train station. We fooled the bad guys into going on a train in the opposite direction of the train we were on, but we abandoned one of my cousins (or half cousin twice removed or something, I kept calling her my cousin and being corrected) at the train station. I was very worried about her. The train we were on looked like the metro. The entire family (which was a huge amount of people) was bunched into 4 seats at the end of the train. Yet there was enough room, it was kind of like Mr. Weasley's car.

Then I woke up, looked at my clock, and found it was only 10:20 AM.

Next dream. My parents weren't willing to drive me back to school, so I had to take a bike. But first I had to pick up a bunch of neighborhood kids and take them to their schools, on my bike. My bike had a sidecar, so it was ok. But the first kid I had to pick up was an hour and a half late. I spent the whole time sitting in front of his house. I considered riding around the neighborhood for a bit, but then I didn't. Finally we left. We passed a lake and a few high schools before I realized I was completely lost and didn't know how to get to this guy's school. Then we met some other dude who offered us a ride in his car. We took it. My bike broke as we put it in the back seat.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Die Toten Hosen and Castle.

The dream started with me sorting through my clothing, and finding that I had 2 Die Toten Hosen t-shirts. I was surprised and a little annoyed, as I had just bought some t-shirts online the day before. I put one on and went downstairs (despite the fact that I was in my room in the apartment, there was a downstairs). I had just met my parents at this fancy place, to prepare for a party-type thing. We were in a garden, and in this garden was a large pool with a fountain in it. It was covered in ants. I had to take a can of Raid and get rid of them all. When I was done, the pool smelled like ant poison and it was disgusting. Without transition I was inside, in a kitchen similar to Erin's in Yorktown, and spraying the kitchen counters. My mother was in the other room, talking to someone I didn't recognize about how I couldn't do anything right. I got really annoyed and punched a hole in the wall. Mom yelled angrily that she of course was joking. I went to play the piano to let off some steam. I found some sheet music for "Hier Kommt Alex" and decided to learn it, since it matched my t-shirt. My sister came in (we were in my living room at home now) and started lecturing me on how to deal with the parents.
There were other bits about the FBI lady from the episode of Castle I watched last night, but I don't remember them.

Monday, June 7, 2010

This probably has something to do with William Street.

So, I was in a lecture class, and I was warned that aliens could possess anyone, and one of my friends might even be possessed. After the lecture I needed to head to Niebuhr's German Civ class. But then I looked in the mirror and found I had grown a mustache and I needed to shave it off before anyone I knew saw it. o_O The buildings were ridiculously far apart in this dream. I had to get on a bus to get to Combs from Monroe. The bus dropped me off at the Fred stop on double drive, which was inconvenient for me since double drive in this dream was an incredibly busy street, and there was no crosswalk. Also, while Combs was only a half-mile walk away, Bushnell was 2 miles from both Combs and the bus stop, and I lived there. I also had to be at class in 3 minutes. I was kind of stressed, and complained about this to some girls on my bus, who turned out to be possessed by aliens and attacked me. While I was fighting them off, a crowd gathered around and laughed at my handlebar mustache.

Monday, May 31, 2010

This one inspired by Moon.

Andrew Ballard and I were taking a trip to the moon. He had to build the moon base, and I had to build the vehicles, entirely out of legos and glow sticks. My moon buggy had a functional microwave and minifridge, and guns that shot lasers and fire. So of course I used it to attack Andrew's moon base. With the help of the armies of Halloween.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Castle inspired.

There was a murder. A girl had been killed, and Mer, Reece and I had to find out what was up. We went to this big party at a hotel, and there were all of these rich people that we talked to. Sadly, I don't remember much of this part except that most of these interviews took place in a teeny-tiny cramped diner attached to the hotel. We eventually ended up getting a confession out of one of the old rich dudes.
Now for the parts I remember. The hotel had 3 floors, and my family had a room on the middle floor. Madeline and I wanted to go swimming, but were prevented from doing so, because the rich guy's family inhabited the entire bottom floor of this hotel and they were pretty angry at me. So I went up to the third floor, but the grieving family of the girl were on that floor, and I didn't want to talk to them. So our only option was to take Ralph for a walk and go swimming in the lake. We didn't want to go all the way around the lake, so we instead took Ralph around to wear the campfire is. The little pond in that area was completely clear, and they allowed swimming there. But there was a party going on, and a band next to the water. I'd let Ralph off the leash as I usually do, and he joyfully ran up to the band members and knocked them all in the water. I decided to avoid this confrontation by going up the little path at the side of the campsite, that leads to a neighborhood. But the forest was filled with people shooting off fireworks, and that was pretty dangerous. Ralph didn't like that at all.
Then I woke up.

Friday, May 28, 2010

I spent yesterday evening catching up on Sluggy Freelance.

Readers of my dream log, I would like to show you, a new blog of mine. I will continue to update this of course. Starting now.
First part of the dream, I made my facebook relationship status "married", and didn't specify who. My mother left an angry comment asking when this happened, and why didn't I have a ceremony because I have some relatives who would have liked to attend such a thing.
Second and far more interesting part of the dream. Mom, Dad and I were on our way to Fredericksburg, but instead of using a car we were using a time travelling device similar to Captain Jack's in series 3. There were goons chasing us, Hereti-Corp-looking-goons, but not Hereti Corp. I'm pretty sure they were actually Cyberdyne, but it was never specified. We stopped on an outcropping of rock outside of a cave in this huge canyon filled with waterfalls. It was a man-made platform, we could tell because there was a metal door in the back of the cave, and windows in the rock.
We went inside and sat down next to a window. We could still see the waterfalls, and the sun came through the window even though we couldn't see it through the top of the canyon. My mother found a book of piano songs, and started complaining at me about how she never hears me practice because the volume is always down too low. Also, this book was all arrangements of pop songs and no pretty music. I pointed out some songs that were pretty. The book also had an arrangement of "American Idiot" in it.
I went back outside and looked off the edge of the cliff. I looked to my right and saw 3 Evil Corp goons riding on the back of giant flying insects, heading straight for the platform on which I stood. They landed, and one of them took off her sunglasses, revealing her identity as none other than Meredith Roane! The other two were Erin and her sister. Mer pulled a gun on me and said something along the lines of "TIME TRAVELLING IS AN ILLEGAL USE OF EVIL CORP TECHNOLOGY!" I ran back inside to hide with my parents. My father stalled a different group of Evil Corp goons by telling them we hadn't been time travelling. I complained that it's never easy to get down to Fredericksburg.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ghouls and NCIS

There was a small closet located where Cyrus' cage is in the computer room. Well, it was the computer room, except instead of a computer and Ralph's crate there was my bed. And instead of Cyrus' cage, there was the small closet. It had a light shining through the crack in the door, but it had always been there, and I had never opened it. Then Meredith came over, and asked what was in the closet. I was a little puzzled, and said that I didn't know. So she climbed over the mound of junk that was in the way, and opened the closet door.
There was a little tunnel, like the one in the Coraline film but less well-lit. As we peered through the tunnel, a door on the other end opened, and a ghoul appeared. Now I don't know what a ghoul really looks like, but this was definitely a ghoul. It had a stretched-out elasticky face, like that in Munch's "The Scream", with sharp teeth and spiky hair on it's head and on the back of it's hands, which looked like rubber except for the rather horrifyingly sharp claws. It didn't look very threatening at the moment, though, it just looked at us, blinked and shut the door. We shut ours, and a second later we heard loud cries, a lot of them, from the other side. I'd never heard sounds coming from the closet before, but now I could. There was a "thunk" sound, and we heard one of them running down the tunnel toward our door. Meredith and I scotch-taped it shut. The light on the other side was brighter than it ever had been, so we covered the crack in printer paper to dull the light.
I called Dad and told him we had ghouls in our house. He sounded more frustrated than scared, and asked us what we'd done about it. I told him we'd taped the door shut, and he said that he'd look into it when he had time.
I had to sleep in the little room that night, and I really didn't want to. My father told me to suck it up, nothing would come through the door. I lay on my bed for a while, the light was very distracting. I was suddenly overcome by a feeling of dizziness, and I sat up. Meredith was sitting there, looking at me. After a few seconds of her looking at me in a kind of creepy way, I remembered that in the Dresdenverse ghouls could take human form. I asked Meredith to prick her finger so I could check that her blood was red. She did, and she was genuine. She told me that my father had given her a number to call.
In the morning, there were a bunch of guys in uniforms out in the backyard, doing what guys in uniforms do when they are in your backyard, talking into walky-talkies and looking at blades of grass and stuff. Also, Gibbs from NCIS was there. He gave a little speech about how to deal with ghouls, I don't remember it, but it amounted to arming ourselves to the teeth and charging through the tunnel.
We came out on the other side into a square concrete room, with a large pit in the center and a door on the other side. And the pit was filled with ghouls, who began to scramble out and charge at us. The pit must have been bottomless, because they kept coming. We were able to keep them back with gunfire, though.
Then I woke up as the battle really began.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fairy tale meets Dollhouse.

There was a prince who was about 10 years old. To prove him a worthy heir to the throne, the king would erase part of his memory once a week, and he would have to use hints provided by his mother and sister to figure out what he can't remember. If he didn't remember, he would be put to death. His sister would always mislead him, but his mother always helped him. His mother had magic powers and a spellbook.
That is all I remember.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Surely epilepsy is useful somehow.

I finally got Giant to hire me, because for some reason they wanted to hire someone with epilepsy. After announcing that I had a job, the Ballards and my parents came to the Giant and started celebrating by drinking champagne.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Urgh. Don't remember much.

So, first of all, Reece came to visit me at school. So all of us and our boys were hanging out, and Mary Katy. We decided to go get some fast food. We ended up at a MacDo. They were only selling large fries, nothing else, and we didn't know why. But we ordered some.
As we were hanging about in the parking lot as us sketchy college students are wont to do, when we were attacked by some random people. We later learned that they had eaten food from the MCD that wasn't fries, and had been possessed by aliens. We had to stop the aliens by building a space ship out of the VA hall fountain.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

So no LIBS101 dream.

There was a flood on campus. The water was a little over 5 feet high I think, about as high as the windows of bushnell. Erin and Matt and I had a rowboat, and we were floating outside Meredith's window yelling at her to hurry up. But she had 30 minutes to go, because she and Titus were in the middle of making brownies. We were all like "BROWNIES?! BUT IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD!" But they had to finish. Then I realized that I hadn't unmade my bed, or packed any of my stuff. So I climbed through the window and started doing those things. Then I remembered that I'd taken a picture of our empty room, so why wasn't all of my stuff packed? I decided it didn't matter and kept packing.
Then I woke up.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Clearly Death Class had an effect.

Herr Rotter wanted to take Death Class on an excursion to this giant cemetery in California. I was late coming out of my classes, and missed our ride to the airport. I called one of the girls in the class and she said she had my tickets, I needed to get to the airport before 4 though. I called a few people, asking for a ride, but they all said no so I had to walk. There was an airport in College Park, so it would be no problem. I started the walk along college avenue, which was a straight shot, but really really long, and it passed some sketchy areas. It got dark when I was only halfway there. I got a call from the girl who had my tickets, she said I'd missed the plane and I'll have to make it up over the weekend. Disappointed with myself, I turned back.
My phone started buzzing in my pocket. I looked at the caller ID and of all people it was Faith Zhang, from high school. I answered it, but got no response so I hung up.
I was walking on College Avenue, but the graveyard from William Street was on my left, where the school should have been. I looked across the street and saw Meredith and Erin and Matt, (Matterinedith?) and ran over to meet them. They took me to this building I didn't recognize. We went inside it, and Erin led us to this one room. Behind the door was a lever, which would cause some of the ceiling tiles to come down and form a door in the wall. Outside the door was a beach.
We lifted the lever and closed the door to the beach. Then we turned around and found a dragon sitting on the opposite end of the room. It was large and green and sitting in that way that dragons do. It told us we had a job to do, and we had to go back out to the beach.
We went through the door. I looked around and found that I recognized this spot, and it wasn't far from the beach entrance to the house we usually rent. The sky was gray, it looked like the sun might be coming up but it was difficult to tell because it was cloudy. I found my family, the whole beach crowd, wandering around on the beach looking for something. My father told me and my friends to pick up driftwood, because we were building a fence. I asked where and why, and he pointed out at the ocean. It looked like the ocean, and acted like the ocean, but it was a field, covered in skeletal ghosts. Only some of them looked like pirates. They had a leader who wore a black cloak and had a sword (not a scythe!). We were building a fence along the shore to keep them away, and we seemed to have their approval. It was pretty easy work, though the skeleton in the cloak kept glaring at us, and wouldn't let us stop. There was a line of smaller ghosts directly on the border, keeping us working. The sun didn't rise, and no one else came out of the beach.
Matterinedith and I were building toward the door where we'd come in, hoping to escape. The guy in the cloak told us to stop building right across from that door. That seemed suspicious. I'd called my cousin Reilly over at some point. We bolted for the room on the other side.
Of course, there was a dragon on the other side. He was red now, instead of green. He looked at us with a bored expression on his face, and set the lever on fire before we could close the portal. The skeleton in the cloak glared through the portal at us with red eyes, and a few of the smaller skeletons rushed at the door, and then I woke up.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Irgendwo in Afrika

I was in German Film class, and we were watching Nirgendwo in Afrika again. Except the main character had an obnoxious comedy-relief sister. And the quiz we took afterward was in Swahili, and was about pirates.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

If you combined Hogwarts with one of those TV government buildings.

I was in the business classroom. We'd had homework to record a dream, if we'd had one about the Dresden Files. I hadn't printed one out. I went up to professor Cunningham and asked if I could print it out and give it to him later. He said "Has there ever been a time when I've let anyone do that?" I told him that I had logged my dreams, they were just online. He relented and said I could email him a link to one of my posts.
I left the room and found myself in a series of plain white hallways arranged in an incomprehensible maze. Like Melchers, except more sterile. I had to find a computer so I could email my dream log to the professor.
I wandered through the halls, and passed a few classrooms. Then I came to a big wooden archway, with some ornate carvings. Through it I saw a huge room with a red carpet, and chandeliers and what looked like stage props scattered around. Some hamlet-lookalikes were fencing with sharp rapiers, rather intensely, while a director-looking-guy said "Hey, you're not supposed to actually kill each other!" In other parts of the room there were other drama students acting, and on a stage at one end were some inexplicable gymnasts (now a band name.)Directly across from the archway in which I stood was another door-less wooden archway. I started walking across the room to get there. The director guy yelled at me to get out of the way, drama students only, and the guys with the swords looked pretty angry, so I ran across.
The room on the other side was an immense hallway. The ceilings were incredibly high, like in the red-carpeted room, and I couldn't see either end of the room. The hallway was lit only by large, cathedral-style windows on the wall across from me. The light rather dim despite their hugeness, I suppose it was late evening.
I was still looking for a computer. The only piece of furniture in this huge room was a fest table. Some girls were sitting on the table. They looked like athletes, and one girl was on the floor next to the table stretching. One of them looked at me and told me I couldn't wear shoes in here. I took off my sandals and put them next to the table. I asked them if they could tell me where I could find a computer, because I needed to email my professor. The same girl nodded at a door to the left of the archway. I hadn't noticed it, or probably hadn't even been there. I opened the door and found nothing but a broom closet. When I closed the door again, I found that a computer had appeared behind it while it was open. It was one of those crappy XP computers you find in the Washroom, but I wasn't too picky. I navigated to my dream log, found one of my better Dresden Files dreams, and sent it to my professor.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dammit, Jim

So I was still at school. And I had a huge test for DS106. I hadn't studied for it, and it included such topics as feudal Japan and the linguistics of the German and Danish languages. And this was exceptionally bad, because I got an F on the first DS106 exam, and a D on the second. The class had a blackboard now, and I checked the grades section. The entire blackboard page seemed to be hand-written on the screen, and I had Fs in all of the assignments. I was very confused, as I'd been told I had at least an A-.

Digital Storytelling keeps showing up in my dreams! I blame the fact that this dream log was mentioned in that class. And the blackboard bit is because I've been checking it hourly for my German grades.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


I "woke up" cuddling Reece. He was looking at my wall and examining my posters with interest. I gave him a kiss and went back to sleep.
Then I "woke up" again, looked at the clock and saw that we were late for our big important meeting! I didn't know what the big important meeting was about, but it sure was big and important. I met up with my cousin Reilly and her mother to go there, and Erin and Meredith of course came with me. Madeline too, I think.
We wandered through the halls of this hotel, looking for the conference room. It looked like Dodd auditorium. As we got there, some old guys were leaving. We'd missed the meeting entirely. We went to the post-meeting reception dealie and got some food. We listened to the people talking, trying to figure out what we missed. Everyone seemed to agree that whatever the main speaker guy had to say, he was completely nuts and this would destroy us all.
We found out that the guy was giving a second presentation in about 5 minutes, so we rushed over to catch that one. The guy it turns out was a completely mad scientist, probably based on The Merlin from TDF. He wanted to create lightening from the moon to destroy every volcano on earth, and this would somehow destroy all of the vampires.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

[title here]

I was out at lunch with Erin and Meredith and Matt. There was a woman at the next table over, she kind of looked like my science professor from fall 2008. She was arguing something loudly and obnoxiously, and she was very wrong. I stood up and proved that she was wrong.
Then Erin, Mer, Matt and I left. We were in some sort of market place. Sheckells approached me later and told me that I'd incurred her wrath and that she was going to try to destroy everyone I hold dear. I laughed an said that would never happen. Sheckells looked at me seriously, removed his cell phone from his pocket, pressed a few of the keys, and suddenly I had an aura. It was in the dream, though it almost woke me up.
There was more involving the woman trying to trap me and failing.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dang it, there's a whole middle part missing.

There was some kind of holocaust thing going on, death camps and genocide, whether it was Hitler's or not I dunno. But it was up to me, Erin, Reece and 5 other guys who weren't from real life to stop it. So we did. And a bunch of dudes who worked at the death camps and the guys who made the deadly gas were all mad at us. ('_('
Then we were on a train. This year's theme seems to be modes of transport, rather than a city or a path lined with trees.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Both wizard Harrys? Gosh, I might be a nerd.

I was in Seacobeck, with Erin and Meredith and Matt, and some doofuses at a table near us were mocking me for some reason. Now, we were all wizards. I tried to prove my magical skill by producing a Patronus without using a wand. Harry Dresden could do it! It was really hard though, even with my most potent happy memories.

Outside there was a second multicultural fair going on. It was reminiscent of that dream with the fest tents on the path lined with trees next to a river, except it was on campus walk. There was a stand selling little statuettes and figurines from Germany. And Erin wanted Chinese food, but the line was too long, and I found a stand that sold bratwurst with German mustard so I bought one of those.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Some dreams

Ok, so.
First dream, I was with my classmates (I don't know what class, but it was a school trip) on a train. Actually it wasn't a train so much as a trolley, a street car. It was raining outside. I was sitting down when suddenly I thought I felt something in my back pocket. I reached behind me and pulled out just less than a handful of live worms. I was absolutely disgusted, and I through them out the window of the trolley. But these worms kept coming out of my pockets. I was stuffing them in the can where I keep my loose change. My class was watching this. Once I had a full can I tossed it out the window. I asked the driver to stop so I could solve this problem. I ran down a staircase that appeared randomly.
Second dream. I went with my cousin to this zoo/aquarium. There was this black and white seal that I wanted to take a picture of but Reece kept sending me text messages so I couldn't use my phone's camera. And I'd left my real camera at home.
Third dream. I was chilling with Erin and Meredith and Mary-Katy and Matt and Titus and Reece. We were walking along next to a lake. We grabbed some sticks, made fishing poles and started fishing. I caught some shrimp-like-things, and a plastic mermaid. Everything we caught melted into goo as soon as it hit the dry ground.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

He took forty cakes. 40. That's as many as four tens. And that's terrible.

I know what inspired this one.
It started off in a convent. Meredith was a brand new mother of sextuplets. Some bond villains and Lex Luthor were after her children. Their evil plan involved printing pictures of us off of facebook and writing nasty notes on them. And they talked like the turtles from Finding Nemo. We had to find safe places for her children to go so we could fight the villains. There was a lot of drama and crying.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The heat must have something to do with this.

In my dream, I'd slept through Erin's science experiment. I'd woken up to my alarm, but fallen immediately back asleep. And then I'd sleep-walked into the other room and spoken to my uncle about the Ninja Turtles, all in my sleep. Erin called me, I didn't answer. And when she came by looking for me, I was on my feet, nodding off and on. She laughed and told me that I looked very silly. Then the rest of my family came in. My sister had gotten me sleepwalking on video. They watched it, and they were all laughing hysterically. I didn't watch the video, but I heard myself repeating the word "Michelangelo". My sister put the video on youtube. Later, Collegehumor linked to it and I became the laughing stock of the internet. Or I would have, if I hadn't woken up for reals.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


So it was advising time. In this universe Herr Rotter was Meredith's adviser, because they were assigned alphabetically rather than by department. I was confused because Mer has said that she's never seen Herr Rotter before, yet he's her academic adviser, who she's had to meet with once a semester for 6 semesters.
Mer, Erin and I were hanging in my basement, which was also a craft store. Mer had to meet Herr Rotter upstairs. During their meeting I eavesdropped, and something was hilarious because I couldn't stop laughing. Erin was waiting to pick up someone from the airport. My parents were going to take us to the airport to pick this person up, and we were going to drop Anuan off at the airport at the same time. In the car, I couldn't stop reading the new Dresden Files book, but I got out of the car to give Anuan a hug. The person we were picking up was Erin's brother. We then went to a waterpark.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I wonder what THIS means.

My best friend of years (according to dream logic; It was no one recognizable) was leaving to go somewhere I couldn't, and I was sad. He kept saying bye to my other, more composed friends, but I was on the verge of tears and he obviously was trying to avoid that.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Harry Dresden and Gunnerkrigg Court

I was being framed for stealing a bunch of money from the government and giving it to Russian terrorists. I'd also "stolen" money from various celebrities as well, since I kept getting calls from them. The only one I remember is Lady Gaga. Some of them offered jobs so I could work off my debt. I had to prove myself innocent and catch the bad guy, so I got the help of Antimony from Gunnerkrigg Court, and Harry Dresden and his apprentice Molly from The Dresden Files.
I can't remember too many details, but I had a blinker stone that I couldn't remember how to use, I borrowed Molly's protective jewelry, and I wanted a magic staff so I made one out of a hockey stick. Similarly to the TV show, I suppose. My mother was trying to help me make a deal with the government. Oh, and Prof Merrill was one of the evil govt agents out to get me.