Tuesday, March 31, 2009


There was some kind of disaster, I don't remember what it was. Might've been aliens taking over the world. Anyway, we had to hide in a room with no windows, so of course we ended up in the basement hallway. I had to choose 3 things to take with me, so I took my computer, Gregory, and something else. Ralph was around.
Disappointingly, that is all I remember.

Monday, March 30, 2009

That seems like something Erin would do.

I was memorizing diagrams for biology and statistics by needlepointing them. Ballard was there. Erin too. She was sculpting the diagrams out of plasticine, neon-colored plasticine.
I was alerted by someone that I needed to be upstairs, so I wandered around in this building that was a hybrid of Marshall and Trinkle. I left my cell phone downstairs with Erin, she called it like 20 times wondering where I was.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Throw my body off a building

I met someone at a dog show. He was holding my left arm, but everyone was acting normal so I tried to look nonchalant. We both said "I really love you." Some Shriners loaned us cars, and we raced up and down the sidewalk twenty-thousand-million times.
>.> Well, that's what I woke up with anyway.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mister talking bee's on my shoulder, zip a dee doo dah

There was a bee.
It was really really really windy. There was a bee hovering around my shoulder/ear trying to keep out of the wind. He could talk, and said "Please keep me out of the wind! My children need me! Alucard needs me!" Alucard is a character from something... but I know the name more from a playgrounder. So I let the bee hover around my ear to keep him out of the wind. I was walking on campus walk, back towards Randolph. There was snow on the grass between Randolph and Mason, but nowhere else. Snowmen would pop out of the ground at random intervals and fire their stick arms at me. I caught one of them and started twirling it around.
I entered Randolph and got a call from my mother saying that I had to go to a party. I turned into the hallway, which changed into the hallway from heading to my garage in my house, and got in the car. We drove for a long time. I took out my phone to play Mario, but found that I had saved over my level and had to start at the beginning. The bee on my shoulder (still there) said "Now the world will never be saved!"
We arrived at a very large house. On Marsh Hawk Way, the street where Ballard lives, in Columbia about 15 minutes away. There is a party inside, my family is in there. I don't remember what comes next.

Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm sure if it had really been Matt, he'd have never heard of Cap'n Crunch.

It was Matt and Erin and I. We were sitting on the edge of the top bunk, looking at my desk, playing a video game similar to Smash Brothers but everything was made of legos. We didn't want to play it, but we had to in order to escape this castle. It was the same castle as the dream with the bug and the picnic tables. The evil leader of this castle looked something like Ryuk and sounded like Cap'n Crunch. A spiderweb like the Other Mother's from Coraline appeared just between the bunk beds and my desk. Except it was blue. Suddenly we were outside on the beach, backs to the ocean, facing the castle, still sitting on the bunk beds. I got off and walked along the edge of the castle wall, Matt and Erin following me. As we walked along Matt started bothering me about whether he could date Erin. She was wearing her beige coat and a black dress. She sat down on a bench and the coat flared out a little. Matt kept asking me "She's really hot, can I date her?" Everytime I was like "NO! SHE'S NOT INTERESTED!" I leaned over to pick up some money that had fallen. Matt said "It's just a few pennies, why are you bothering?" (a question I'm sick of) and Erin said "It's illegal to pick up money in this castle!" The people standing around us ('cause suddenly there were people standing around us) were shocked. We quickly ran back to our bunk beds, which rose into the air. The beds landed on a platform that looked straight out of Super Smash Brothers. Cap'n Ryuk was there. And the Sultan from Aladdin. There was some running around. The platform turned into this bouncy-castle type surface.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I went to the gym, but I didn't wear a sports bra so I couldn't exercise.
Then I stopped by the mail room. I got a thick envelope, with my grandmother's address on it. I carried it back to the basement of randolph, except instead of our room I was in one of the party rooms at Shadowland, a lasertag place near where I live. Inside was a letter from her, a bunch of business cards, and a heavy folder containing information about a scholarship. "Just sign here and we'll pay for your schooling AND the start of your needlework business!" I thought it looked sketch. Meredith tried to convince me to sign it.
That's all I remember.

Monday, March 23, 2009

A life of crime!

I broke into someone's house to help them with their homework. Their father came home, I hid on the roof and witnessed a television being stolen from the house across the street. The kid I was helping came out to the roof with me and began telling me the best place for them to park their car and hide in order to keep the police from finding the correct truck in the parking lot. The police drove up and had trouble finding the car. I told them which truck had the TV in it and they arrested me for breaking in to someone's house.
In order to escape from prison, I had to give a presentation on why I should be set free, and for some reason my math professor was judging. I had nothing prepared, but the other people in the room were just saying 1 or 2 sentences, so I decided to wing it. When I got up to the front I turned around so my back was to the group and told a joke about a priest, a rabbi and a buddhist monk in a bar. This was so funny that I was able to escape.

Friday, March 20, 2009

I need to check the status of my laundry.

I was at the house to get some good summer clothes, because it was gorgeous and warm out (sadly not the truth for today.) I was out of underwear, so I took a basket downstairs to this laundry room. The machines were arranged like a typical laundromat, 4 machines by 4 machines back to back in the middle with machines on the walls around them. Except those machines faded and were replaced by walls padded with blue rubber, that extended as high as a gymnasium ceiling. I opened a machine, the last machine on the left of a row of four, but it was filled. I emptied it and saw that it was my mom's laundry. I looked in my own basket, but could not find any underwear, just my pair of white capris. Then I looked again and found the fancy underwear MK got me. My father was in the room, but I unabashedly undressed and put the fancy underwear on, bra and panties. Then I looked in my mom's laundry again and discovered ALL of my other underwear.
Then my parents were hosting a party. My father was making some good food. I was surprised when my father gave me an xbox, a television and smash bros. brawl (yes I know that's for the wii.) I took them up to my room, put the TV on my desk, sat my laptop on the floor next to my bed. After some attempts to get the TV and the xbox to cooperate, I went downstairs. I took my laptop with me, and sat it on a TV tray next to the leather chair in the corner of the living room, where I usually do my computing. I had my itunes on shuffle, but since the party had the Hensons and the Orells, I figured they wouldn't appreciate my music and asked my mother if I should turn it off. She said yes. The song playing was Das Maedchen Aus Rottweil by Die Toten Hosen. I went back upstairs with my laptop and put on some new pants.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another Girl Genius dream

Gil, Agatha and the Jaegermonsters were protecting this parking lot from zombies. Gil was being all protective of Agatha, and the Jaegers were being suspicious of Gil. Gil gave Agatha a gun that would turn the zombies into cute fuzzy animals. Agatha tried to fix it so it made things explode, but Gil was like "No killing them!" which is very out of character.
Then I was in my kitchen, talking to my father, I was doing a crossword puzzle sort of thing except the answers were invisible. To make them visible I just had to erase over the blank squares. I knew the answer to one, it was Doctor Worm by TMBG, and I then woke up with that song stuck in my head.
The next bit of sleep had a dream that put Reckless Abandon by Blink182 in my head, but I don't remember it.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

He is no one from Real Life

Another dream that started with taking classes. In one class I had to play basketball with a bunch of faceless people, and was actually pretty good at it, but then the ball turned into a sock and it did not fit through the ring, which had shrunken to about the size of my fist (which is not very big at all.) I walked up to the ring, everyone stepped back, I unfolded the sock and tried to stuff it through the ring, but it didn't fit. I finally got it through, after several tries (twss?) and strolled to the back of the court, because the points I got from that won my team the game. Once I was away from my team, this old guy who looked like Sgt Scorp from Girl Genius told me that what I did was cheating and nullified, and everyone on my team wanted me off. So I left.
I skulked out of the building, down a path that looked similar to the path on campus that runs from Seacobeck to the Nest. Next to the wall beside the courtyard I meet this dude, and I recognize him as a guy that everyone knows. He is a friend of mine, but he is no one from RL. He asked me what was up, I told him that I'd just failed a test, he said he could help me study. So we went over to his dorm room, we pass a bunch of people I know who also know this guy, including his sister, and Meredith. I go there, study for a bit, then fall asleep. When I wake up, the dude tells me I slept through my first class, I'm horrified and leave. Word spreads around campus that I spent the night in this dude's room, and it's a big scandal.
Then I woke up for real. Missing an hour. Booooo.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Can I go to Eltville for some pastries?

I was in a building that looked and acted like my high school, except all of the walls and floors were made of red brick, and all of the furniture was made of wood. The cafeteria looked like a 711, but it was lit like a bakery, and it sold delicious pastries, alongside those horrifyingly disgusting Eagle's Nest calzones. I met up with Professor Schrass, to discuss the new Windows Live eaglemail system and how I would rather use my nonexistent website email, eroberts@oderetwas.ucoz.com. I exited the building, and followed Erin to a large RV in the parking lot. This turned out to be our "dorm room", with 2 bunks stacked against 1 wall and another 2 bunk pairing lengthwise behind the driver's seat. All of these beds were taken by, Mary Katy was in the top bunk. I asked if I could stack another bunk on top of it. At first she had no problem with this, but then Adrienne's friend Virginia poked her head out from the bottom bunk and complained about the noise. Mary Katy started complaining as well. Understandably. Because of the lack of room, I'd given up trying to stack a bunk and was now attempting to hang the mattress from the ceiling like a hammock. This RV-sized room had turned from a literal RV into a small, brick, cell-like room. When the mattress failed, I tried to use an ordinary blanket as a hammock. There was not enough room to accomplish either of these things, and Mary Katy was getting rather annoyed. It was decided that we would share her bunk.
I brought my laptop up to the top bunk and started messing around with Ucoz. I mentioned to Mary Katy how I'd like to hear about her trip to Europe. She said "I'm sure you would." and went back to computing.
There was more, I think involving Meredith, but I can't remember it.