Sunday, September 11, 2011

In which I meet the Avatar and almost drown.

Ok, so first, I had to find my parents. They were participating in some contest that involved hang-gliding and finding objects caught in a giant net. I was mad at my father for some reason. I found my mother, then together we hunted down my father. We all went to a house next to the beach. Everyone was doing what they usually do at the beach, getting drunk. Katie Ballard approached me and complained that the wine wasn't doing anything for her and asked for a shot of vodka. I told her to ask my parents, who of course said no. Satisfied that Katie wouldn't get drunk on our liquor, I went out to the beach.
Outside it was nighttime, and there was a full moon. I met 3 friends who were never named, but could only have been Aang, Sokka and Katara. Aang and Katara worked out some way for us non-benders to walk on water with them. It was really pretty cool. I got to climb over waves and everything, but the ocean was strangely still for the most part. I was wearing a bathing suit, so I was fine with falling in, which I did somewhat often. Sokka began to worry that if we got too far out we wouldn't be able to get back, so we went back to the shore. He then worked with Aang to devise a way for us to find our way back. They found a rope, a ridiculously long rope, and put a cushion of air about it. Using waterbending Aang sent it out into the ocean, just under the surface, stretching it straight from the beach out as far as the horizon. Then he set it on fire so there was a glowing orange line under the water stretching as far as the eye can see. We started walking along the water again.
Suddenly a giant wave comes toward us. Larger than any wave I've ever seen. I dive under it to avoid having it crash on my head. The other three do the same, two having apparently forgotten their waterbending abilities. Huge waves started coming from every direction, I kept diving and getting buffeted about. Suddenly everything was calm again. We'd lost our light. I lost the magic waterbent shoes or whatever that let me walk on water, out in the ocean where it was too deep to swim. I found Katara, who helped me out, and we went searching the dark ocean for Aang and Sokka. We deliberated about what had caused those giant waves. Eventually we decided it was a waterbender using the full moon to enhance his power. Or else it was the moon itself. Someone was upset that we'd used fire underwater. I had the brilliant idea of using the stars to find out which way to get back to the shore. The problem was we weren't really sure which ocean this was, whether to go west or east. I figured we must have been at Corolla, because that's where the beach always is, and this is my dream...
Upon thinking of that, I woke up.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

You can tell I went to sleep hungry.

It was the middle of the night, and I'd just come home from work starving. So I ordered Chinese. I was surprised Hunan Manor was open, but it was, and I ordered some dumplings. While waiting 15 minutes, I inquired to Madeline where Mom and Dad were. Madeline said they'd gone out to some restaurant in Baltimore. I was annoyed at this because I had a very important question that needed answering right away. I called both of their cell phones and found both of them in the house. I got in the car and drove all the way to the restaurant. I got something to eat, and while I ate I lectured Mom and Dad about not taking their cell phones anywhere. Halfway through the meal I realized that it had been more than 15 minutes. In my dream Hunan Manor delivers, so I rushed back home to meet the delivery man if he was indeed there. He'd already been there, Madeline had paid for my food. I told her that I'd pay her back when I got my paycheck, she said too bad and took money right out of my savings account. More than the amount needed to pay her back.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Photography class. With wizarding. And tea. And then Cribbage.

So, in this dream I was a wizard, but I'd gotten in trouble for using my magic so Erin made me promise to stop. This was hard for me because I was used to doing so many daily tasks with magic. I was kind of annoyed, but I didn't want Erin mad at me so I stopped.
I had to take this class with Ballard. It was a photography class, and I needed to bring my own camera. My camera is lame so I asked dad if I could borrow his new camera and he said yes. I met Ballard at the classroom. There were 2 boys in the class, the rest were all girls. None of them had cameras, so the professor wouldn't teach us anything. The girls sat at the other end of the table and started conversing about bra sizes. Andrew and I got bored, so we left. My camera was completely empty of pictures.
We exited the classroom and found ourselves in the mall. I wanted a warm drink, and we were closer to Teavana than Starbucks. I ordered some kind of coconut chai latte from the guy behind the counter. He was totally sketchy, he had a face you couldn't trust. A goatee and everything. I got my drink. While I was advising Andrew to try the free samples before deciding what to order, the guy asked me about my photography class. I asked him how he knew that's what we were doing in the mall. He pointed at the camera hanging around my neck. I told him it had no pictures in it. He said "Good" and snatched it off of my neck and ran for the door. Andrew tried to stop him leaving, but he froze Andrew with a weird purple magic, and shot some kind of spell at me. I jumped behind the counter to dodge. I wanted to use magic to attack him back, but I had promised Erin. But then the guy set the store on fire and I had to use magic to escape. I set Andrew free, then we ran back to my apartment.
I told Erin and Meredith about the guy. Erin was irritated with me for using magic. Mer pointed out that I'd lost my father's camera, and he was not going to be happy. I knew I was going to have to find this guy, and despite Erin's protests I was going to have to use magic. I teleported all 4 of us to old town. There was a version of Diagon Alley in old town, and I figured the guy would go there to sell my camera. Andrew said he'd probably sell it online. After walking for a while, I noticed that we were being followed by something dangerous. We had to run.

Then the dream changed and I was playing Cribbage with Meema. I got so many points on this one hand that I had to keep counting, and I found myself unable to wake up. I was on 163 when I woke up enough to check the clock and pull myself out of bed.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

I'm sure this was cribbed from something.

In the prologue to this dream, my family has to act in a variety show so I'm searching for a play to put on. All of the plays I have are in German. My father tells me to try something Shakespearean. I didn't want to, so I just start making one up in my head.
So the time period is sort of Shakespearean. I'm the main character, who is male in this "play", and I'm in the army. The monarch is an evil queen who picks up husbands at the drop of a hat, and beheads them when she is disappointed. I'm required to be at the ceremony when she announces who she is going to marry. The army is in uniform, assembled at the front of this large hall, in front of a dais on which the queen is sitting. The families of the soldiers are standing rows behind us. There are no chairs to sit on. The queen presents her newest suitor, who is handsome but clearly a jerk. I think to myself, he's not going to last long.
Sure enough, while the queen eats her dinner and we watch, he's back behind us flirting with the members of our families. I sneak out of line to make sure he doesn't do anything to get himself beheaded, but when I get back there he's trying to convince my wife to cheat on me. She doesn't want to, but he eventually coerces her. They sneak off. I turn around to find the queen right behind me, furious at her fiancee but even more furious at me and my wife. She starts shouting about how we're all traitors and we're going to be executed. I turn tail and run out of the hall, and keep running til the palace is no longer in view. The queen chases me for a while, but I crest a hill at one point and she's as fat as a stereotypical monarch. None of the soldiers chase me, probably because I'm one of them.
I get out of sight of the palace and into a forest. I run into a band of men, all played by members of my family. These men are also escaping the wrath of the queen. They're ex-suitors, or men in the same pickle I was in. I tell them that the queen is going to execute my wife and I have to rescue her. Some of the men are sympathetic, but no one wants to do anything. "She's already cheated on you," they say. "She's not worth the danger." After a week of staying with these guys, I manage to convince a few to help me. We have to hurry, it's been a week, executions happen on Saturdays.
We sneak into the city, then into the palace. We run into a problem when I have to use the restroom (a sure sign that I'm about to wake up). I sneak into a movie theater to find one. Then I go into one of the theaters and run into Andrew Ballard. I sit down to watch the film he's watching. Ballard points at a Wanted poster on the wall with my face on it. He tells me to run, hurry because there's a beheading today. I run, but I get spotted by some palace guards. I head to the sewers and try to get into the prison unseen. I'm followed by some guards into the sewer, there's a bit of a chase. I wind up in the right place eventually, I pop right out of the floor of my wife's prison cell.
Then I wake up.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Nap dream

Intense naptime. This whole dream took place in 3 minutes.
I was visiting a government location in a different city. I think it was Baltimore, because Madeline lived there, but it looked like downtown Charlottesville. I'd been briefed on how to get past security before I got there, but I was really nervous about something, and I completely forgot. I needed a passcode. I talked to a security guard about Harry Potter and the weather, eventually he trusted me enough to let me use his passcode. But then I got a text from Judi, it was time to meet her for lunch. I saw a security camera tape of her trying to find the entrance to this building. I asked her if it was raining, she said no.
I exited the building again, using the code the dude gave me. Outside I met Adrienne and Stephanie, and we went to a pub. While we were in the pub, it began to snow. I wondered if I had work off. The conversation got onto the topic of Reece's impending visit. We started talking about airlines, I learned that there was one called "I'm Sorry You Had To Use This Airline" that was super-cheap.
Outside we met Madeline and Will. It was still snowing. They asked me to make a decision about what to do next. I couldn't decide if we should stay in Baltimore or go back to EC. Madeline got on the phone with someone, probably one of our parents, to rant about how I can't decide where we're going next. I explained that I didn't know the way around town, and that all I knew is I wanted to hang out with my friends. A pub was all we could think of.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mixing up my wizards.

First dream, Reece texts me and is like "I'm sick and unhappy", so I decide to buy tickets to take a plane to TX, visit for a few hours and then come back in time for work. I have enough graduation money left to do this. I buy the tickets, get on the plane and it takes me about 5 minutes to get there. I'm surprised by how short the plane trip was, so I determine that I must have fallen asleep.
Now I'm at DFW. Reece doesn't know that I'm in Texas, and I want to surprise him. So I ask a nearby person with a laptop how far it is to his house. The guy uses Google Maps, I look at the distance and decide that it's not too far to walk. I'm unable to print the directions out, though, so I get horribly lost. I end up at a bus stop, talking to the people there, trying to find directions. One of them suggests I just get a taxi, I decide that that's the best idea because I have to be at work in 4 hours and if I want to see Reece at all before I have to get on the plane home I can't waste my time walking. I ask anyone if they have the number for the taxi service, no one does. One guy tells me to press #4 to call the information line. I try to, but my phone is out of battery and can't handle calls. I decide to suck it up and text Reece and try to get a ride. I send him a "Guess where I am!"
Then I wake up, thinking "I'm at home in my bed because of course taking a day trip to Texas makes no sense and I was dreaming."

Next dream, Harry Potter has died and is running around as a ghost. He visits the Dursley's, but only Petunia can see him. He talks to her about Godric's Hollow. She says she's never visited Godric's Hollow because she's worried her sister's ghost will appear around there and bother her. She waves at Harry and says "Of course it doesn't matter, because you've shown up at my house. If she'd left a ghost she would have visited a long time ago." Harry leaves and goes to his parents' old house, sees the memorial that's there but does not see any other ghosts. He is disappointed.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The first part comes from what will happen Wednesday. The rest just took off.

I was in a building, some sort of school with a lot of rooms. I was there to take some tests. They told me I'd signed up to have the muscles in my right hand tested by this expert. But first they decided I was too short. I was worried I'd have to get surgery for leg extensions, but instead they fitted me for these stilts that screwed into the bottom of my feet. Other people were getting this done as well. The procedure was taking place behind the building, in someone's van. I was disturbed by the amount of rusty saws in the back of the van, but the person (I think it was a woman) laughed when I asked if my foot had to be cut off for this to work. It didn't, and I didn't feel pain at all, but I had these stilts sticking out of the bottoms of my feet. I had to wear special shoes to stabilize myself. These "shoes" were planks of wood with ropes on them, tying my false leg down, like a tent pole.
I was like "That's great." and took the things off immediately. I went back into the building, and found myself in a large hallway with windows on one side that took up most of the wall. It still looked kind of like the hallway of a school, the floors and wall and ceiling were all the sort of tile that they use, but it was massive. There was a line of people there to have their blood taken, I guess for donation. I stood in line and got my blood drawn. After they'd taken a few tubes of the stuff, I told them that it probably shouldn't be donated because of the medication I'm on.
I then went to have my hand tested on, what I was there for in the first place. The test was held in this small room with red carpet and beigey-yellow walls. A large square wooden conference table took up most of one side of the room. The other side had a projector and a screen. Some people sat at that end of the table and watched what was on the screen. I went to the other end to sit with this "expert" (a guy in a lab coat with crazy goggles, naturally) and one of my coworkers, also there for the test.
I watched him perform the test on my coworker first. I doodled. "You're Gonna Go Far Kid" by The Offspring was playing on the radio. The test seemed to involve a lot of needles and a sledgehammer. I was relieved when suddenly Erin appeared and told me we had to go. There was someone we had to catch. He'd stolen a bunch of scientific data from the experiment Erin had been doing, and he'd just driven off in a van. We took an RV from the parking lot and gave chase.
On the way we met this guy with a mustache and a foreign accent who had a vendetta against the guy we were chasing. Our thief had also stolen all of this guy's gold. I told him we'd help, and he joined our party. Turns out this guy had done some research, and knew that the thief was heading for the shore, and his big fancy boat. After looking at a map and discussing things (someone else was driving the vehicle) I asked Erin what data the guy had stolen. She told me it was classified.
We reached his boat, which was huge, it had 3 floors. I decided to search for the gold instead of for the data. I followed Mustache Guy down to the lowest level, which looked like the lobby of a fancy hotel. There was a waterfall fountain near the stairs, and hanging behind the waterfall were a bunch of garlands made of gold coins. I said "That must be your treasure! We've found it!" Mustache guy looked sad and said "Don't touch it. It's a trap. He knew I was coming and he laid a trap on my gold. If I take it, I will be stuck on this ship forever, as its captain, with no use for my gold, and he will be free to go."
Then music started playing, a song I didn't recognize. The lyrics were relevant to the end of this guy's story, but now I've forgotten them. I remember the song was in C# major.