Saturday, August 6, 2011

Nap dream

Intense naptime. This whole dream took place in 3 minutes.
I was visiting a government location in a different city. I think it was Baltimore, because Madeline lived there, but it looked like downtown Charlottesville. I'd been briefed on how to get past security before I got there, but I was really nervous about something, and I completely forgot. I needed a passcode. I talked to a security guard about Harry Potter and the weather, eventually he trusted me enough to let me use his passcode. But then I got a text from Judi, it was time to meet her for lunch. I saw a security camera tape of her trying to find the entrance to this building. I asked her if it was raining, she said no.
I exited the building again, using the code the dude gave me. Outside I met Adrienne and Stephanie, and we went to a pub. While we were in the pub, it began to snow. I wondered if I had work off. The conversation got onto the topic of Reece's impending visit. We started talking about airlines, I learned that there was one called "I'm Sorry You Had To Use This Airline" that was super-cheap.
Outside we met Madeline and Will. It was still snowing. They asked me to make a decision about what to do next. I couldn't decide if we should stay in Baltimore or go back to EC. Madeline got on the phone with someone, probably one of our parents, to rant about how I can't decide where we're going next. I explained that I didn't know the way around town, and that all I knew is I wanted to hang out with my friends. A pub was all we could think of.

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