Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Almost a chase dream.

The first dream I can't remember well, except for the last part. I ran down the steps of my house and found like 5 spooky clown ghosts in my living room. They approached me and I was thinking "this is just a dream, just a dream, when a person has a lucid dream they're not afraid of what's in the dream" but I was afraid. Then I woke up, but in the dream. In the second dream I was doing laundry in the laundry room we had in our Eltville house. Then I turned around, went through a door. I sat at this wide table. My father, mother and sister were there, also the Ballards. They were talking about politics and what countries we were having trouble with. I was horrified at them. I spoke about how we're already in Iraq and having middle east trouble and such, but my father goes on. "We need to bomb those Egyptian bastards." Everyone around the table is nodding with approval. We talk some more about such subjects, and everyone tries to explain to me why we need to bomb Egypt. We go home, but it's not home. It's actually the Ballard's house. I'm in Andrew's old room, what is now Katie's room, on the top bunk of the bunk beds he hasn't had since we were in second grade. My father comes in and again tries to explain his problem with Egypt. I try not to listen. Then all 7 of them, the 3 others from my family and the 4 Ballards, are looking at me, I back out of the door and run away.

And then I wake up for real.

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