Saturday, August 23, 2008

Except I'm pretty sure Canadian money isn't bright and sparkly gold paper.

Ok, so, here's the earth.

Meredith, Mike and I were in this building. It had marble walls and staircases, with a floor like a bouncy castle. We are standing on a ledge around the rubber floor, in a line to get tickets for the waterslide. I get to the counter and the guy prints out my tickets. But the entire contents of my wallet had been stolen, and the money in my pocket is Canadian. I burst into tears and bound across the bouncy castle floor. Mike chases after me and asks what's the big deal, it's just a bunch of money, and I'm yelling NO, IT WAS ALSO MY DRIVER'S LICENSE, SOCIAL SECURITY CARD , STUDENT ID AND INSURANCE CARD! I grab a hang glider that is conveniently placed right there, and jump off the building. I land and enter another building. I run up a flight of stairs and run into this guy. I feel like I know him, but he doesn't look familiar or sound familiar. He explains that he'd taken the stuff in my wallet and he was very sorry. He then gives me tickets to the waterslide, and Meredith meanwhile wins 3 giant stuffed animals.

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