Sunday, September 7, 2008

Girl Genius is my favorite comic

I begin all of these with "so", don't I?
Anyway, it begins with another moving-in dream. A bunch of us are waiting outside in a hallway, a sort of waiting room place, in a bunch of black plastic seats. Erin, Adrienne, Ann, Meredith, and Alice are there. Ann, my roommate from last semester, enters our room. It's at that point about the size of our 2-person quad, but there's construction being done on the side of the room where the bathroom is. They're knocking down the existing wall, and moving it inwards, so our room is the size of a double. Also they're installing a sea-foam green carpet.
We exit the room, the waiting space is a lot darker. It's outside, in a stereotypical dark forest with twisting roots and moonlight and a creepy black hill. Two people have joined us, Two-Face from the Dark Knight movie, and Agatha Heterodyne from Girl Genius. Two-Face is, um, perfecting his creepy look by picking skin off the normal side of his face. Adrienne is talking at him about how annoyingly brief his backstory was, and how he barely had any badass moments as a villain. Ann and Erin continue to move things into the room.
Suddenly the bridgemonsters/revenants from one of the Girl Genius arcs are coming at us out of the woods. Everyone stops doing what they're doing, most people stand up in shock and get ready to run. We're suddenly split up, some of us go around one corner and the others go off in another direction. I'm still a character in this dream, but for this one split-up section I gain a bit of omnipotence. Each group ends up at the dead end of a stone hallway. We've entered a labyrinth. I have Agatha Heterodyne in my group, which also has Erin and Meredith in it. I yell at Agatha to fix up her big gun into a bomb, like she did in that arc. She yells at me about not having the tools for that. She needs at least a piece of wire. I grab a bobby pin from Erin and pass it over to her, and she begins fiddling. I'm thinking in my head Master Payne's lines about the Baron cleaning up the town, could you kill men women and children, etc.
Meanwhile, on the other side of the waiting area, Two-Face is with Ann and Alice and Adrienne. He's yelling about how they'll never get out of this and clawing at the stone wall trying to climb over it. The other two are shooting the bridgemonsters with nerf guns, barely holding them at bay. Who should come striding out of the forest but Gilgamesh Wulfenbach, Agatha's love interest. He has his lightening machine. He of course goes over to Agatha's side, and zaps the monsters. She finishes her bomb and hurls is across the walls and the open space to where the other group is struggling. The bomb and the lightening machine scare all of the bridgemonsters back into the forest.
Both groups come back to the middle area. It's eerily quiet. The chairs are all broken. There's no sign of the door to our smaller and now green room. Two-Face drops to the ground and sits there cross-legged, moping. I'm watching Agatha and Gil, curious to see how she'd react, since there's a lot of tension going on between them in the actual comic right now. I'm somewhat surprised when she hugs him and starts exclaiming about how amazing that was. They then start nerding out about the lightening generator. They're both totally adorable.

If anyone actually reads this, I order you to go read Girl Genius if you don't already. ;) My real question is, this whole dream was basically all Girl Genius, what was Two-Face doing there?! XD There was hardly any batman at all!

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