Thursday, November 20, 2008

On one side of the cafeteria, I'm on a boat. On the other is a parking lot.

Gah, I don't remember too much of this one.
We were packing for some trip, we had this gigantic truck/van thing. Ralph, my dog, was helping, or rather he was running around getting in our way. We were near the beach, and it was blazing hot out. There was a cooler filled with water outside the van, and Ralph jumped out,picked up a bottle of water and tried to open it. My father and, I think it was either my cousin Harry or my sister's boyfriend Will, were amazing and amused by this. They set up sprinklers outside the van to spray water on us as we walked back and forth getting bags. But there were trillions of bags to put in this van!
I had a book I wanted to read, so after I gush over Ralph's genius, I go into a nearby cafeteria and sit at a small round table that's really far off the ground on one of those tall chairs, like in Seacobeck dining hall. Suddenly I do not have a book anymore, I'm reading this online 2 page story thing. I think it's tremendously important and incredibly funny, so as usual when I read something I like, I recommend it to all of the people around me. At the moment this was my mother and Ben Marschner. Ben got a paragraph down before he decided he was bored. My mother took the laptop over to a couch nearby, and started reading the story out loud to a girl she was babysitting. The girl fell asleep, and my mother promised me a share of the money. Meanwhile Ben went over to my piano. He looked at the music I had up, which was some Vince Guaraldi Christmas music, and he flipped a few pages until he got to Linus and Lucy. He started plunking around. I was in the other room, but I could hear him, and I shouted at him "It's A flat!"
I walked out of the cafeteria. We were now on a boat. I entered a room a cabin down and found my living room, with my piano in it, and Ben trying to play it. I show him the necessary notes and chords, he thanks me and goes back to not-quite-playing. I go back to the cafeteria table. My mother starts telling me to stop advertising this web story, and go back out into the parking lot to help my father and Will and Madeline.
My first statement in this post is actually pretty inaccurate.

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