Saturday, December 13, 2008

One piece of tacky jewelry to rule them all.

In this dream, I found out my grade on the anthropology final. The entire class (which is like 100 some people, but in this dream it was around 20 or so) was standing around the podium, and professor Gable was looking through this big book that had all of our names listed. They were projected up onto this screen, but no one was looking at it. He comes across my name, and I got....
I was shocked and outraged and on the verge of tears. But then Gable said "Yeah, but that's passing." I burst into tears and gave him a hug. He was like "This happens like once a year."
I walked up the stairs to the exit. Erin O'Neal was sitting in the second-to-last row, and next to her was a piece of jewelry. It looked like costume jewelry, a big clunky gold chain with a celtic cross on the end, the cross had rubies in each corner. I put it on, and we went to to the Eagle's Nest. We went a roundabout way though, instead of right down campus walk we went up the hill to Seacobeck, and then down the side path to the outdoor seating area. I could feel this cross on my chest, it was really really heavy, and I was suddenly very very depressed. I felt like the chain around my neck was digging into my shoulders, like I was carrying a literal yoke. I sat down at one of the tables outside the nest, Adrienne was there, because we hadn't left Monroe, we'd left the science building. I'd just received a 26% on the biology test that determined if I passed or failed. I was still crying. Then I started feeling physically ill. Adrienne was like "It's going to be alright." Erin looked like she was deep in thought. She looked at me, tears rolling down my face and hunched over the table as if in pain, and she reached for the necklace. She grabbed it by the cross, and it burned her. She went around behind me and pulled the chain over my head. I was able to sit up straight, but the cross was still stuck against my chest. Erin gave it a tug and it fell off. I sat up straight, stopped crying, felt like a million dollars except for the anthropology test I'd just failed (back to that.) But Gable said I passed, and I'd gotten all Bs in that class so far. Everything was going to be fine.
Adrienne looked at me. Erin looked at the necklace, then tossed it behind her into the trees. It missed the trees, and instead went for the path to Seaco, where it hit a young man on the head and knocked him unconscious.

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