Thursday, October 30, 2008

I do want some bread.

We were on a road trip of some sort. I was with my mother and my sister, and we were at a hotel. My mother had decided to divorce my father, who has been sneaking around suspiciously. I'm showering, and my mom is outside the bathroom being angry. My friends from here show up, and I decide to have a powerpoint presentation in my mom's hotel room. The room looks a lot like the master bedroom at my aunt Judy's house, but one wall is wider and there is a pull down screen. Meredith works on the projector while I pull down the screen and succeed at breaking it. We all skidaddle before my mom comes back.
We end up at a grocery store, buying supplies, because we're going to spend the next few days holed up in a secret lair in the ground. It's actually a place more like BJ's warehouse, except it has high-quality food. We're all starving, so we go get some free samples. I remember that I really want some good bread, so I go to get it.
I can't remember the rest....

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EvilElitest said...

a far more realistically dream than i've had for a while, most of mine are just plain silly or weird