Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Die Toten Hosen

I was at a Die Toten Hosen concert with Meredith and Erin. The band was backed by an entire orchestra and they started mockingly singing songs from Oklahoma! We went over to look at the orchestra players, but they were visibly unhappy. We noticed they were playing until their hands bled, and they seemed to be shackled to their seats. No sooner had we noticed this then we were shackled to chairs. We had to write an essay on the concert. I was dismayed to notice that the outfit I'd worn became baggier and tattered and turned into the shirt I wore for my zombie costume. We finished our essays in 10 minutes, then I was given a keyboard, Mer was given a drum and Erin was given a guitar and we had to play. This was simultaneously awesome, I mean we were playing with Die Toten Hosen and I miraculously knew exactly what I was playing without music or anything, and distressing, we were kind of imprisoned, wearing bloody clothing, it seemed like a bad plan. We started discussing with the other orchestra players a method to escape when the band started playing Alles Aus Liebe and I got distracted singing along.

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