Saturday, December 5, 2009

I'd love to see Dr. Parker get attacked by a tiger.

I got off a bus at a resort of some kind, looked kind of like a ski place. I saw a sign in the lobby of this cabin that said "To judge wind speed, count how many owls you see." I went upstairs and sat on my room's balcony, looking over the backyard, then over a forest to a mountain in the distance. I looked down and saw a bunch of little wind mills and those kite things, and they were all turning. So I looked around to see if I could see any owls. I found two in the trees surrounding the yard, and one on the roof. I regretted not charging my camera battery.
I went downstairs to find my mother in the gift shop. I wanted to tell her about the owls. She was buying a matching fleece and vest for herself. They were turquoise. I reminded her that I owned clothes exactly like those. She was like "So?" I looked around the shop some more. There was a second level that was an open balcony around the edge of the shop. It was all books and maps and manuals and stuff. I was standing in the clothing section on the bottom level, looking up at this floor. I noticed Dr. Parker, my linguistics professor, sitting hunched up in a corner underneath a black cloak. Out of nowhere came this random guy in a suit who was being attacked by a tiger. I took pictures of the fight that ensued between the man, Dr. Parker and the tiger. They all turned into line drawings.
Then I was next to a river, and we had to cross it before a group on the other side crossed it. Of course the only way to cross was to pile everyone onto a giant shark. So we did.
Then I went back to the room and played a study game version of Apples to Apples with Erin and Mary Katy.

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