Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Picasso Code

I downloaded Google Chrome. An error window popped up saying that my hardware couldn't handle Google Chrome and instructed me to go to my nearest computer supplier. I did, it looked like the Apple store but it wasn't. There was a meeting of some kind going on, a guy in a suit was introducing Google's new line of computers. They were about the size of a 4x6 card. None of them had mouses, all of them had little joysticks. Otherwise they looked like Macs with the apple logo replaced with the Google logo. I said I'd stick with firefox and walked out. Some old guy in scruffy clothing walked up to me outside the store and said "Google is trying to take over the world. We can't rely on modern technology." He handed me a cassette tape and instructed me to listen to it when I get home. I did. It told me to find prints of several paintings of Picasso, who predicted that Google would be the downfall of humanity and left clues in his paintings. The only prints in town were hanging in the office of the guy from the Google store. So I snuck in, and stole them all, removing them from their frames and putting them in a binder with plastic sheet covers. I refilled their frames with copies of the paintings I'd made myself, but with hidden obscene images because I'm mature. The Google guy noticed about a day later and showed up at my house, but I'd already deciphered the code and had gone to lunch with Alice and Jenn. I tried to convince them that I was serious, Google was trying to take over the world, but they didn't believe me, even with all of my proof.

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