Friday, February 19, 2010

A beach store in Arlington TX.

Ok, we were hanging out in Ashland with those guys, and my mother and I were sent to go fetch food from a restaurant. We'd decided on chicken wings. We had no car, so we took a taxi, driven by this guy who didn't speak any English at all. He had his teenage son with him in the front seat. We pointed at a map to get where we wanted to go. The place where we ended up didn't look like a restaurant at all, it looked like a fancy clothing store, like one of the ones in downtown F-burg. My mother and I sat down in these white wicker chairs next to the "wait to be seated" sign. Mom got a phone call, and her phone went off really loudly and obnoxiously, which was my fault for some reason. I sat down in her chair and started texting Reece. Mom got off the phone with my father, who'd told her they didn't want the food anymore. She was still angry at me, and yelled at me for texting Reece and stealing her chair. She stormed out of the restaurant and left in her car, which she had now. A waiter came by and handed me this bag of frozen chicken wings.
I went out to find our foreign arab taxi driver and son waiting for me. I told them to drive me to Texas to see Reece.
They dropped me off at the very edge of Arlington. I'm not sure where Arlington starts exactly, but I know it's a big and unruly place with lots of highways. I was dropped where a long highway began, with the stores and restaurants on the side, it looked like good ol' East Division Street. I started walking.
I met Reece outside a store that seemed to be beach-themed. It was a cross between a beach souvenir store and a Bed Bath & Beyond. It was really more like a holiday store, actually, because there were a bunch of Christmas decorations up front. I wanted to buy some new pajamas, so I went in. Reece abandoned me, not wanting to go clothes shopping, and I was sad. I started looking at guy clothes anyway, thinking about what would look good on Reece.
I tried to walk to Reece's house after browsing this store, but I got lost, wound up going in circles. I passed the stadium, and then ended up right next to the same store. I went in again, expecting it to have changed. Surprise surprise, it had not changed.
Then, through some transition I don't remember, I was watching a youtube video featuring a woman eating a baby, trying to top a video in which they microwaved kittens. It was awful.
THEN the dream went back to that same store, and looking for Reece, but my alarm went off and I woke up.

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