Monday, February 22, 2010

Fairly certain digital storytelling is one class I'm not failing.

I was taking my German test, but instead of Herr Rotter, Dr. Naylor was there. And it was the middle of the night. And it wasn't in Combs, it was in the painting studio, and we had easels instead of desks. I looked at the page and realized I'd left my dictionary back at the dorm, and I was screwed without it. Naylor had left the room, so I sneaked out, hoping to grab my dictionary and get back in time to finish the test. But of course my dictionary was across campus in Bushnell, so I had to rush. But on the way back I ran into Reece, and of course this trumps the silly German test (it doesn't, btw) and I go to the Nest with him because we're out of money. Then who should show up but Jim Groom, to tell me that I'm now failing digital storytelling, and shouldn't I get back to my German exam lest I screw up entirely this semester?

Then, I was in a train station with Reece, and there was some crazy guy messing with machinery that was going to kill us all, and his wife was trying to stop him. And I got to introduce Reece to Andrew and Mel and Colleen at one point after that.

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