Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dollhouse and Tintin.

I was with my mother and Erin in a strange country, some random middle-eastern-esque country out of a Tintin comic. So much that I took out such a comic when we stopped for lunch and started picking out characters to play the plot. Some guys approached me and told me they needed our help with the resistance. Erin and I followed them to a room with a bunch of seemingly random objects in them, except they all had this sort of aura about them that said "evil". These guys were stealing these items from an evil corporation of some sort. There was a chair that looked like The Chair from Dollhouse, but after saying as much I was assured it was just a normal dentist chair and I should put such thoughts out of my mind.
I was given a list of instructions and told to steal something, a wheel, from these big bad evil guys. This involved following them to a movie theater. I did, I watched a film that I don't remember. It was really bad. Then I wandered the corridors of this theater before exiting to see what kind of movies were about and to try to theater hop. I didn't recognize any of the titles playing. Then I ran into the evil guys, who looked just like the bad guys from the Tintin comic. They looked at me for a while like they suspected something. I said hi sort of nervously and went passed them. As I did, I felt and saw the evil aura of the wheel in one of the guys' pockets. I stealthily grabbed it without anyone noticing.
I took it back to the room filled with objects. I don't remember the people on my side's names, but one was this old businessman, another looked like the German language coordinator, short and bespectacled with a hint of an accent, but she wasn't, and a few of the middle-eastern guys who had picked me up from before. And of course Erin and my mother. The businessman pushed me into the chair, and I was right about it being a Dollhouse-style chair because when I got out I had all of this knowledge that I wished I'd had before. I accused the guy of being evil anyway, because the Dollhouse is evil, and he burst into a sad/bad guy song. Then he left the room, which was attached to a hotel/mall/theater thing, and jumped off the second floor balcony. I was like "Whatthehell." Suddenly the bespectacled woman shouted at me that I had to run or I'd be caught. Everyone in the room disappeared. I climbed out the window and ran through the streets. I was caught by the bad guys though. I fought them off using recently-acquired combat skills, but eventually I was subdued. They forced me to take them back to the room. As they packed up some of their stolen junk I noticed the woman and a few of the guys hiding behind a door. I didn't say anything.
There was more to this dream, I escaped a few times and angered the bad guys more, but I only remember the end.
I was in hiding for the third time after running across the country from these guys. We're sitting at this rather sketchy bus stop/train station. Mom and Erin were there, also on the run, but I'd done more against these guys than they did, so I was in even more trouble. When a train pulled up that would take me out of the country, I pulled out a ticket and offered it to one of them but they declined. I got on and the train left. It had to go through the city, so I ducked my head down, and when I lifted it again the buildings outside looked like those in Old Town Ellicott City. Then my alarm went off.

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