Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I need new hair ties.

I was in a gift shop looking for some hair ties. The only ones I could find were are glittery, or had skulls on them. I picked some glittery ones, but before I could buy them my mother came in and told me it was time to go. Outside the shop was a cobblestoned street, it looked kind of like the Fussgangerzone. We went across the street to a restaurant to meet my dad and sister. Then we got in the car and went on a trip somewhere, we passed a large lake but that's all I remember. I was texting Reece as we drove, and Mom got really angry at me. My sister told me not to stress out about it, but Mom was pregnant. Then I was freaked out. First I thought "That's impossible." Then I though "Wait, why is she keeping it a secret?" Eventually I found out Madeline was yanking my chain, and I was so annoyed that I woke up.

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