Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I've only been on this diet one day. Bad sign.

I was tired of dieting, so I got a bunch of friends to break into a grocery store at night with me and steal a bunch of candy. It was ok, the manager was fine with it. Except he'd switched up everything in the aisles and poisoned some of the bags of candy. He was standing there cackling evilly when we entered.
In one of the aisles I found a baby snake. I picked him up to take him back to his home. It was a car ride to a lake, and in the middle of the lake was a house where the snake lived. I remembered a story that said a snake would refuse to go home if you took him there in a boat. So I got an inflatable raft instead.
On the drive back I asked my parents if we could get fast food. They said no because we were on a diet.

Then my father woke me up to check if my windows were closed because he had to turn the AC on. They were. I went back to sleep.

There was some sort of Halloween celebration at centennial. There were shows, and everyone was in costumes. I forgot to wear one, so I picked up some fake vampire fangs. I was introduced to some people. My antisocial behavior started to tick them off. Then I found out they were the children of the guys in the band that was playing. In an attempt to get me to participate I was invited to go on stage and sing songs by The Offspring, and I did. Then I left.
I had to walk home, but it was Centennial, so it was no big deal. Just a few minutes into the walk, a Mexican guy in a convertible drove by and offered me a ride. I said no thanks. He asked me to call 9-1-1 because he'd broken his arm and needed an ambulance. I did. I told the operator where I was. I told her I was on century drive by Centennial High School, but she said they could tell from my cellphone that I was somewhere else. I looked around and noticed I was on a dirt path at the top of a hill. The guy in his car was nowhere in sight. A wooden sign at the side of the road said I was on the street she said I was on (I don't remember the name). It was still a close enough walk to my house from there. The woman pointed that out and reprimanded me for not starting from farther away, because I could use the exercise. She ignored my explanation that I was walking from Centennial High School and told me to use a more roundabout route next time to get more distance.
THEN, I walked down this dirt path and found myself near a pool. I went into the locker room, which was all wood paneling like a sauna. I started looking for a bathing suit to wear and found some of Madeline's, and some that came nowhere near fitting me. Then my mother came in with the kids I'd met at the concert and yelled at me for being antisocial AND for not having a bathing suit when I knew I'd be going to the pool (I didn't, btw).

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