Friday, July 30, 2010

Pirates of the Caribbean meets... I dunno.

I was walking from Seacobeck to my last class with Meredith and Sunshine. None of us were wearing shoes, which I found strange. I got to Combs, and had to use the restroom, but instead of the restroom there were a bunch of hospital rooms with toilets and beds in them and no doors. I walked through a maze of them until I found an empty one.
I checked my watch. I was afraid that I was late to class, but then I remembered that it didn't start until 10:15. The class that was being taught in there right now seemed to be an art class.
I got a phone call from my sister. I had to go grocery shopping. I told her I had a final exam, but she said that this was more important and I should meet her at the Giant (the one in EC, not in F-burg). I did. The aisles seemed impossibly huge, and filled will all kinds of stuff I'd never heard of.
We came across my father playing some kind of cornhole-type game, but with large golden chess pieces. Apparently he was on a business trip that turned out to be the best business trip ever.
Then we went to the park. Well, a park anyway, it didn't look much like Centennial park except there was a lake. We met Kenan Thompson there. I fell into the water. I got too far underwater to get back out but I could breathe just fine. I found out that I had to stay in the lake for the next 10 years. I could come out of the water once a year, but I wouldn't be free unless during that time I pulled someone else into the water.
When a year passed and I could come out again, I noticed that my belongings would wash up onto the shore before I could get out. When I finally climbed out of the water onto a bank, I found some UMW freshmen messing with my wallet. Meredith was there, and I told her what happened. I pushed one of the freshmen into the water so I'd be free. A year later I went back to that spot, which was on the UMW campus, you know, the part where there's a lake. The chick I'd pushed in came out of the water, I found her UMW ID card. She'd apparently gone a little loopy while alone under there, because she stared at everyone for the first 5 minutes of her hour-long stay on shore, and then she started threatening everyone. I rolled my eyes at her and muttered to Meredith that I'd managed it so much better than she had. Kenan Thompson reappeared when she was being pulled back in, and the girl pulled him under the water to take her place.

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