Monday, December 27, 2010

UMW: a seedier place than you thought. (I think there's some Die Hard in here)

We were back at school for the 2nd semester. I got a job cooking for children at this orphanage that looked straight out of Dickens. They were completely ungrateful, as I didn't make them macaroni and cheese for every meal. I wasn't just there to keep them fed, though, I had to keep them protected from some bad guys. I made some friends among the other workers there, one of them was a guy who always wore a trench coat and a fedora. One of my best friends there was dating this guy too. He broke some rules, and made himself an enemy of the place's management, who made some deals with the aforementioned bad guys with guns who were always milling about. This guy with the fedora was to be shot on sight. So we all started wearing fedoras.
I had to go to classes too. My gym class was in the individual exercise rooms, not the tennis courts. We had to work on our upper body strength.
These thugs started following me and my friends to my classes.
German literature promised to be very interesting, we were going to be reading science fiction, and we had a field trip planned. For Buddhism, I was supposed to have done this workbook, but I hadn't. It was the first day of classes, so I didn't even have the workbook.
I'd started carrying a gun. One day I was eating in Seacobeck and noticed the bad guys at the door. I snuck out ahead of them, wearing my fedora, and ended up in a room filled with people I didn't know. The room looked like the Combs lobby. Half of the people in there were wearing fedoras. I supposed more people had heard of whatever-his-name-was than I thought. I sat in the corner with my back to the entrance. I pulled my hat down over my face. I heard the guys enter, and turned around to notice one of them pointing a gun at me. He was the only one armed. I took out my own weapon and pointed it at them. His 2 friends seemed a little alarmed, and they told me that I wasn't allowed to have a gun on campus. I looked around at the room and snorted. "How many of you people are carrying guns?" All of those wearing fedoras, and some who weren't, took weapons of various shapes and sizes out of their pockets. I made a mental note to tell Reece about this. The bad guys were outnumbered significantly, so they left.
After class I exited out the back of Combs. College avenue was a snowy street lined with brick buildings, it also looked like something out of Dickens. There was an old-fashioned movie theater across the street a few buildings down playing Scott Pilgrim. I thought to myself, I should buy that movie using my gift card. Then I woke up.

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