Saturday, December 18, 2010

Obviously inspired by The Magicians.

I got a letter. But I hadn't picked up the mail, Madeline had, and she'd thrown the letter away thinking it was somehow related to me getting bad grades, or a terrorist attack, I can't remember. But she thought the letter was somehow bad. I yelled at her, saying that it might have been my paper graded by Niebuhr. Mom took Madeline's side, saying that I should've checked the mail if I thought I was getting something.
The next day I checked the mail myself, and found a hand-written envelope for me. The letter inside invited me to this creepy house for an interesting academic opportunity. I went to check it out. There were a lot of other people my age there. As you might have guessed, this was a school for magic, and I was to be a magician. I made a bunch of friends, but I don't remember what magic I learned.
I still talked to Reece online often. I wanted to go to the playgrounder meetup. I told my sister that I wanted to go to this sushi place in order to trick her into taking me there. I told her I wanted to take some of my new friends from the magic school along as well. Reece was pretty ok with it, Madeline agreed to it. After the meetup, Reece was going to come back with me to visit my new apartment. One of my almost-friend-acquaintances named Tom asked to go with us. I apologized and said that there was no room in the car.
We stopped at a hotel on the way to the meetup. It was also an old, creepy house. It kind of looked like Taunusstrasse 8a, but bigger. Once I settled into my room with my roommate from magic school, I called my parents. They were kind of annoyed that I was taking this trip, but I reassured them that everything was fine. It barely had an affect.
After I hung up on my parents, I went downstairs to party with my friends. It was around 3 in the morning when I got to bed. My phone buzzed again. I looked at the caller ID and saw that it was Tom. I answered the phone, and told him I was trying to sleep. He didn't say anything for about 10 seconds, then he said "HA! You are a grey magician now!" and hung up, leaving me very confused.
The next morning I asked my friends what Tom might have meant by "grey magician." They all had shocked looks on their faces, except my roommate/best friend, who looked unsurprised. They told me that a grey magician couldn't use magic without corrupting their soul and bringing bad luck. Tom must have worked a spell over the phone. I was angry and scared, and decided I needed to get back at Tom somehow. But Madeline refused to deviate from the plan to go to the meetup. Before I could argue my case for vengeance, I woke up.

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