Saturday, December 11, 2010

Not failing German, no worries.

I was late for German Civilization. I had to be on time, or I would fail that class. So I caught the bus to get from the top of College Avenue to the bottom. College Avenue was much longer than it actually is, so it made sense. It also ran parallel to a river and some train tracks. The bus only had one stop on College Avenue, and it was closer to the top than I wanted. I met my mother there and told her I was going to be late, hoping she would drive me there. But Mom didn't have a car. She started walking with me down the street, practically dragging me. We got on a train and went a little ways. Ahead of our train we saw a bright flash. It was a little confusing.
Then we were kicked off for not having tickets, and started walking again. A bus was stopped perpendicular to the sidewalk, we didn't try to go around it and just walked in one door and out the driver's side door. Well, my Mom managed to. I couldn't cross the bus before the driver came back and started the bus. The bus was a school bus, and it was filled with high schoolers. It began driving in the opposite direction that I wanted to go. I noticed a rocket on the train tracks, and thought oh, that's what the flash of light was. Then I talked to the bus driver. He laughed at me, but then helpfully drove in the correct direction and dropped me off at Combs.
I was 5 minutes late to class, but Niebuhr listened to my story and didn't fail me. I went back to the table I sat at. The arrangement of this classroom was like an elementary school, there were small tables instead of desks, and they each sat four people. Erin, Meredith and some chick from my digital storytelling class were sitting at mine. The girl with no name asked me if I was nervous about the online test I was supposed to do for today. I was surprised that this had been an assignment and started freaking out. Mer asked me if I'd brought all of the pop quizzes we'd been given. Erin asked me if I'd done the workbook. I started panicking, and said that I just need a B in this class oh crap. Erin looked at me and said that if I'd done the work I'd get a B but she didn't know if I qualified for one anymore. I was like I KNOW, then I woke up.
This post took about 40 minutes to write because I'm typing it on my father's goddamned Mac. It is worse than my Windows Vista computer when it comes to the internet. I can't tell him this though.

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