Saturday, March 19, 2011

And now I want eggs.

Mer and I decided to sell some art and send half of the money to Japan. We tried selling our wares to people in real life, but most of our success came from the playground. Meredith came to me and was stressed. "No one is buying my art!" I told her that tons of internet people were buying her art, and tried to go to giantitp to check my inbox messages and show her. I couldn't log in from that computer, so I went to find another one. The one I found was in an office in Goolrick, above the pool. I logged in, and had 10 or so messages. One person had bought me an ipod instead of giving me money, which defeated the point but I accepted it.
Then I went grocery shopping for breakfast. Some pirates arrived and ordered me to make them an omelet, so I did.

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