Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More than a little Twin Peaks.

Soooo many doppelgangers.
I was in a building with Erin and Meredith and Matt. I think it was Dupont. There was some sort of social gathering. In the middle of it, there appeared in the hallway a rift. Meredith went through, and I followed.
We were in a small kitchen. There was a short, skinny, dark-haired man, balding with a hooked nose. Also a kind of heavy girl wearing leather pants and a tank top with a tattoo on her shoulder. She also had dark hair, tied back in a ponytail. Meredith knew these two people from the before times, and started chatting with them. I sort of participated in the discussion. I noticed that Mer had a similar tattoo on her shoulder, and started thinking about what I would get if I got a tattoo. The man went to get us drinks. He brought us glasses of water, and the girl a shotglass filled with a bright red liquid. I leaned over to Meredith and was "What's that?" She said "Nothing." I kept asking, Meredith kept not answering. We took our leave shortly.
Back in the hallway of Dupont we met Matt and Erin. I continued bothering Mer about what was in that shotglass,. I asked if it was human blood, she got angry and told me that I didn't need to know everything. She didn't have to tell me about her past if she didn't want to. There was a quake that shook the entire building, and when I turned around the tattooed girl was right behind us. She was smiling a little too emptily. She handed me a yellow box with some sort of foreign writing on it. "You left this in our kitchen." I opened the box and found that it was full of papers, some peices of looseleaf with doodles on them, my flight itinerary from the trip I took over spring break, some old receipts. At the bottom there were some documents that I didn't recognize. One of them was stained with something bright red and kind of lumpy.
I turned to Meredith to ask what was up with this, because it might be kind of important. She ignored me and kept staring ahead with a strange look on her face. She and the tattooed girl started walking down the hallway and we followed. Erin and Matt were on my other side, chatting about something. They fell quiet too. Everyone kept moving forward. I heard doors opening behind me. When I turned around the hallway behind us was filling with people, all with the same expression. Some I recognized from classes, some were professors. Some of them appeared more than once in the crowd. They were all blankly moving in our direction. Erin turned to me and asked to see the box I'd received from the tattooed girl. I clutched the box and started running.
I ran down the hallway and up the stairs to Jim Groom's office. There was another man at an opposing desk. I ran over to Jim and asked if he had any matches or a lighter or something. I wanted to burn the box and its contents. Jim Groom wasn't acting like the horde of people downstairs, but he didn't have any matches. Something about "why would they allow me to have those in an academic building?" I went to the desk with the other man and asked if he had any. He looked at me for a few seconds and started laughing. A deep laugh, not the kind of laugh you use when someone asks you something stupid. It started sounding evil. Just then the doors opened, and the doppelgangers of Erin, Matt, Meredith and the tattooed girl came through. They were completely silent, but the halls behind them were filled with the others, and now they were making sounds. Sort of an echoey roar. Some of them had really evil smiles on their faces. The guy at the desk just kept laughing. They converged on me. Jim told me to go out the window. I was afraid, so I did.
Well, I didn't actually go out the window, but it was understood that I did. I appeared to be in this floating bouncy castle, above the campus. I had no way of controlling it, and no way of getting down. I looked at the sky, which was kind of cloudy, and it started pouring rain. The balloon castle started filling with water. I asked God why he would do this to me. He laughed and gave me an umbrella. The water filled up the balloon to my neck before it reached the meshy windows on the sides of this castle and it started emptying. I still had the yellow box of papers with me, but the box's colors had faded from the water, and most of the papers had disintegrated.
Then I woke up.

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