Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Argh, missing classes.

There was more, but this is what I recall.
I slept in through the start of Literature, but only by 3 minutes or so. At first I thought "eh, I'll skip it." But then I started feeling guilty, and I quickly pulled my stuff together and ran to Combs. The class wasn't in the room. They were meeting in another room in a different building. I was like "Yes, I can use this as an excuse as to why I wasn't able to make it on time." But by the time I found the classroom they were in, it was noon and class had ended. Business German was taking place in a different room too, and I missed that as well. I finally found someone from my class in Combs, and asked them what happened. They told me to go see Herr Rotter in his office. I did, he told me how awful my participation grade is. Then he told me that we'd watched a movie in class and I'd have to rent it from Netflix. "But I have 6 movies in my queue already!" I complained.

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